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Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis 11:28 - May 27 with 4565 viewsBFC_Tim

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Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 11:34 - May 27 with 4554 viewswespens

When are England, France, Germany, Spain etc going to leave FIFA and set up a rival World Cup? The money will follow the biggest teams.

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Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 11:59 - May 27 with 4548 viewsrigabeliever

I'd love them to nail Blatter and be forced to cancel Russia and Qatar - they make the O's seem like the Chuckle Brothers compared to their scandalous behaviour!

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Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 12:14 - May 27 with 4540 viewsBringBackTheRedRoom

The FIFA press conference that's just been held really was from another planet. Always wondered what happened to Comical Ali after the gulf war.

‘Where there is harmony, may we bring discord. Where there is truth, may we bring error. Where there is faith, may we bring doubt. And where there is hope, may we bring despair’


Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 13:02 - May 27 with 4535 viewsthebigone

Fair to say they aren't great at damage limitation are they? Who would welcome a report that say your organisation is corrupt and those who run it are like lemmings forming an orderly queue to admit their guilt. If Blatter is elected again the FA has to set a lead.

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Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 13:50 - May 27 with 4522 viewswizard_wes

Rip up the whole football handbook and start again - corruption, greed and odious characters are rife in what was once a great game - take away FIFA, Sky, stupid player wages and greedy owners and let's get back to basics.

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Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 13:58 - May 27 with 4520 viewsPoolman

I don't know if I watched that press conference today with rage or disbelief! The spokesperson was everything that is wrong with the world. He's the sort of person who would have been Hitler's spokesperson and would've said shelling Hitler's bunker was a good idea, a great day for the Nazi's and it shows they are heading in the right direction.

Well time someone bombed Blatter's bunker and smoked the little weasel out. A fish rots from the head down and Blatter has stunk football out for way too long. I hope his prison cell doesn't get Sky Sports!!

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Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 14:59 - May 28 with 4488 viewsSouthPier

Advice everyone to sign the petition and get rid of the odious little man ...

Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 15:18 - May 28 with 4486 viewsCurryman

Just posted that to facebook, over 5,000, worldwide, signed in a matter of minutes whilst I was watching

Love Blackpool, not the O's
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Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 17:58 - May 28 with 4465 viewsSTHolder

Dedicated to Mr Blatter


Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis on 16:59 - May 29 with 4414 viewssteve_g

Looks like the creepy little turd is about to get re-elected for another 4 years

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