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Dublin 11:03 - Jul 31 with 4612 viewsPigbag

Hi all,

Taking the missus to Dublin in October. Any tips on pubs, restaurants, things to do & see etc etc etc?

Dublin on 15:40 - Jul 31 with 4549 viewsDorse

My passport says I went to Dublin. I can't remember.

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Dublin on 15:46 - Jul 31 with 4538 viewsmarky67

last time i went there i found a good chinese restaurant on dame st, can`t remember it`s name but close to temple bar.

Dublin on 15:50 - Jul 31 with 4533 viewsDorse

Seamus O'Finnigan's Good Time Lucky Chinese Family Eatery and Grill?

'What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!'


Dublin on 16:11 - Jul 31 with 4502 viewsqpr1976

No shortage of pubs, Temple Bar is busy but pricey.
The Lotts Bar is good for QPR fans, we a met there before Shamrock Rovers friendly last year.

Best place we found to eat was called The Bank in financial area, opp Bank of Ireland near Trinity college.

Take 90 minute hopper bus tour to get your bearings and see some of the sights.

Enjoy it, great place.

Dublin on 17:42 - Jul 31 with 4434 viewscyprusmel

Plenty of bars and restaurants but our favorite was Goggarty's plenty of good food and live Irish music. Take the Red bus for a tour around the City (hop on hop off style) and visit the Guinness brewery.
Just out of town (get there by train about 45 mimutes) is the beautiful fishing harbour of Howth well worth a visit.
Safe to walk about in the evening.
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Dublin on 18:53 - Jul 31 with 4385 viewsWilloW4

I've had a few trips to Dublin... Never liked it much, a trip to norm iron is well worth it.. The craic in Belfast is wonderful... Do you're homework mate, but well worth a visit.

Dublin on 21:29 - Jul 31 with 4324 viewsPlumsteadQPR

Avoid TempleBar like the plague is yer first piece of advice for a trip to Dublin.

The city has no shortage of good pubs but particularly worth bothering with are:

Kehoe's - South Anne Street . My personal favourite. Bags of character and lots of nooks and corners.
O'Donoghue's - Merrion Row. If you want lashings of authentic diddle dee music.
Doherty & Nesbitt - Baggot Street Lower. Superb example of Victorian pub decor.

And avoid TempleBar like the plague.

Dublin on 23:36 - Jul 31 with 4262 viewsQPRMUSO

Funny enough I was in Dublin this week for the first time in years and agree Temple bar has had its day apart from two restaurants on Crow St, a small Italian called Il Vitocello and a steak house on the same street called FX Buckley. Where are you staying?

Dublin on 09:05 - Aug 1 with 4160 viewsqprmeath

Book a table at Avenue in Crow Street Temple Bar if you want a very good meal that won't cost the earth. Tell them I sent you. If you're wife likes cocktails bring her to the Vintage Cocktail Club round the corner first for a cocktail. Mulligans in Tara Street be my choice for a traditional Irish pub. Do the Croke Park Stadium tour which is well worth a look.
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Dublin on 10:15 - Aug 1 with 4131 viewsrobith

Gonma echo Plumstead don't get anywhere near temple bar, its terrible

O Donaghues is great but bedlam on a Friday. D&N possibly my favourite pub in the entire world. Also enjoy the hairy lemon. Bruxelles is also great if you like a bit of metal. Sinnots is great for sport watching. Bit more alternative but the bleeding horse in Camden and the bar at whelans during the day are fun.

If you like ales the Galway Bay brewery are producing some of the best craft beers in the world right now and they have a couple of pubs in Dublin that just sell their stuff.

Food wise - BEAR on south William Street. Can't recommend highly enough. They do less common cuts of steak like onglet - its the bees. Worth going just for the sides - the million dollar fries. Basically a giant chip made of potato dauphinase deep fried in beef dripping *dribbles*

Bewleys is fun for breakfast - you can pretend you're living in the 20s

Tourism wise I always recommend Kilmainham gaol - its like 3 euro for the tour and basicslly every major event in Ireland 1848 to 1922 is connected to it in some way. And they filmed the Italian job there. Next door is also the muesum of modern art which has beautiful grounds (old military hospital) and the war memorial to those who died in WW1.

The Dublin castle tour is pretty good too. Wife has said to mention book of kells but I could take or leave that tbh

You could also pop to dun lagohaire to walk the pier - parts of Dublin bay are absolutely stunning - dalkey is lush and had good pubs.

The south side is a lot nicer but has gotten a bit east London hipster last couple of years (which as an east London hipster I welcome but strokes for folk), which isn't to day the north side is without merit but last time I was there the second I crossed the bridge to the north I saw a kid throw a bike in the Liffey :D

Also traffic is terrible as public transport is poor - but city centre is pretty compact

Dublin on 11:25 - Aug 1 with 4097 viewsToast_R

Take plenty of Euro's as Dublin is obscenely expensive. 7 Euro's for a Guinness takes the piss!

Dublin on 11:57 - Aug 1 with 4080 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Some great advice already, in particular from Robith. I agree that Temple Bar is boring, that Kilmainham Gaol is well worth the time and that D&N is a great pub. I would add The Long Hall on Great George's Street and the famous music venue Whelans to the list, and tell you to go to a Gaelic Football or Hurling match in Croke Park at all costs.

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Dublin on 14:44 - Aug 1 with 4022 viewsMonahoop

A good city, well parts, for a short break. Lots of historic sites and good pubs, some already mentioned. For music, suss out the smaller venues or music pubs. Whelan's already mentioned or The Academy, my favourite Dublin music venue in Dame Street which is off O'Connell Street or the Button Factory or Vicar Street Theatre. Plenty of places for nosh, but avoid most eateries in Temple Bar. Too touristy and a rip off. In fact Temple Bar, though ok during the day, should be avoided at night, to avoid hoards of Scouse/Manc/ Essex stag/hen do's and Dublin's delightful junkie fraternity. You can recognise the latter easily, They're in your face and both men and women all look like Shane McGowen! But don't let that put you off. Enjoy.

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Dublin on 15:09 - Aug 1 with 4003 viewsmcqpr10

Have always ended the night in Dublin at a place calls coppers....great craic!

Dublin on 09:08 - Aug 2 with 3868 viewsrobith

Hmm maybe 12 years ago. Average price of a pint of Guinness is 5 Euro these days, so about £3.50

Dublin is more expensive than the rest of the country though - pint of beamish in cork will set you back about 4.50

Dublin on 10:18 - Aug 2 with 3834 viewsgeorgiosfs

Whilst I agree regarding Temple Bar do pop over there for a pint (but that's about it)

Dublin on 14:39 - Aug 2 with 3783 viewsDesertBoot

There's a very smart restaurant and bar called Café En Seine on Dorset Street which is nice for an evening meal and drink.
St Stephens Green is a beautiful park and Merrion Square is worth seeing for all the famous Georgian doorways.
O'Donoghue's pub is where the The Dubliners started and is good for live music - this is on Merrion Row.
The Guinness Brewery tour is a must, ending with a pint on the rooftop bar.
The Post Office on O'Connell Street is fascinating inside and you can see the bullet holes outside from the Easter Rising.
Dublin is a small city so you can walk from attraction to attraction. Lots of pickpockets too so be wary of that.

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Dublin on 18:08 - Aug 3 with 3641 viewsderbyhoop

I spent 18 months working in Dublin.

O'Donohue's is great but could be very crowded.
I liked Malones and the Brew Dog near Connolly Station.
Watch the football at the Woolsack on Parnell Street
The Bleeding Horse on Camden Street
Whelan's for Music
Avoid Temple Bar like the plague - you'll pay double what you 'd pay elsewhere

Take the Red Bus tour to get your bearings then decide.
The Book of Keys in Trinity College is worth a visit. In fact, TC without the Book of Keys is still worth a visit.
Phoenix Park, St Stephen's Green, Croke Park for sightseeing
If you have time, head outside the city to Howth or Dun Laoghaire

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Dublin on 10:48 - Aug 5 with 3555 viewsPigbag

Thank you all so much for your tips! I'm going to look at all your suggestions instead of work, much more fun. I've done my revision with a lonely planet guide but I always think it's better to get other people's opinions as well. Thanks again.

Dublin on 12:57 - Aug 5 with 3521 viewsMonahoop

Pigbag, If you're checking out music venues, then I'll correct a mistake in my post about the Academy. It is in Middle Abbey Street which is off O'Connell Street and not Dame Street as I originally quoted. I was being distracted at the time of doing my original post, chatting about gigs at the Abbey Theatre which is in Dame Street. In fact that is not a bad venue in itself. It still has an eccentric Victorian ambiance about it.

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Dublin on 13:10 - Aug 5 with 3506 viewskingsburyR

O'Donoghues is a great night especially towards the weekend.

Heres another little nugget for you!


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Dublin on 13:49 - Aug 5 with 3484 viewsKonk

My mate spilt an entire pint over my crotch in Bruxelles, and I spent about 45 minutes in the downstairs toilet, stood on tip toes holding my soaking trousers up under the poxy two bob hand drier, whilst trying to dry my trousers. Longest 45 minutes of my life as it basically involved a never ending procession of Dubs coming into the toilets, asking me if I’d pis sed myself, some other bloke coming in, asking the same question, the two of them debating whether or not I’d pi ssed myself, a third bloke coming in and asking if I’d pi ssed myself etc etc. You have no idea just how much wet’s in a pint pot until you have one flung over you. Good times. That said, I like the place.

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Dublin on 14:19 - Aug 5 with 3463 viewsPigbag

Thanks Monahoop, sadly a few bands are like are playing just before and after we go at The Academy but I'll certainly be taking in a lot of music whilst I'm over there.

Bruxelles has been mentioned before and is definitely on my list.

Thanks all!
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