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Bristol City Cup 22:36 - Aug 10 with 3608 viewsE17hoop

Change the team much?

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
Poll: Which position should be our priority to bring in during the transfer window?


Bristol City Cup on 22:42 - Aug 10 with 2723 viewsoldmisery

Be interesting to see Warburton's approach, don't believe he will make wholesale changes
a la many of our previous Managers but can see starts for Kelly, Kane, Smith, Pugh and Ball.

Bristol City Cup on 00:10 - Aug 11 with 2564 viewstoboboly

Maybe change them to Reading?

Sexy Asian dwarves wanted.


Bristol City Cup on 00:23 - Aug 11 with 2538 viewsBenny_the_Ball

I'd be tempted to alter the team for 2 reasons:
(1) Certain players like Kane, Pugh, Chair, Ball, Wells, Kelly and Wallace need game time
(2) We play Bristol City again 4 days later in the league so the changes will keep them guessing.
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Bristol City Cup on 01:35 - Aug 11 with 2454 viewstimcocking

So many new players to try to bed in, i think he's got little alternative but to try to see how a few more do. It's the only opportunity.

Bristol City Cup on 02:48 - Aug 11 with 2443 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Totally change for me.

The starting XI have started to set a standard we’ve not seen round there here parts since the days of Warnock, the Lord, Hill st al. Only two games of course, but not only is a rest always handy, but giving the others a chance keeps them fresh and an opportunity to not only remind Warburton they’re there, but also telling the Starting XI as well.

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Bristol City Cup on 07:17 - Aug 11 with 2283 viewsplasmahoop

Definitely rest cameron

Bristol City Cup on 07:24 - Aug 11 with 2275 viewsdavman

We need to manage Cameron and Rangel all the way through the season, so Ball and Kane in. Kelly will be given a chance as will Mlaker and Chair. Wallace in if fit.

So, yeah, that's sweeping changes.

Can we go out yet?
Poll: One more incoming according to Warburton, but what position?


Bristol City Cup on 07:33 - Aug 11 with 2267 viewsHAYESBOY

Would go with:

Kane Leistner Masterson Wallace
Scowen Ball
Chair Pugh Shodipo
Wells or Jans(/)

Smells like a trout farm in here


Bristol City Cup on 07:41 - Aug 11 with 2253 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Even that team could make the playoffs!

It’s embarrassing the depth at our disposal, no wonder Furlong, Freeman and Luongo left before they were pushed.

'Always In Motion' by John Honney available on We are QataRs!


Bristol City Cup on 08:04 - Aug 11 with 2217 viewssmegma

Don't let Barbet take any more free kicks.

Bristol City Cup on 08:32 - Aug 11 with 2160 viewsjohnhoop

Would go for this with the exception of Matt Smith the younger in for Scowen.

Bristol City Cup on 08:40 - Aug 11 with 2142 viewsenfieldargh


captains fantastic
Poll: tonights result


Bristol City Cup on 09:15 - Aug 11 with 2047 viewsgazza1

I believe that Warbuton will change the GK, RB, CB, LB, Midfield and forwards......wholesale changes. We dont want to show our cards before the league match at Ashton Gate on Saturday.

Bristol City Cup on 10:11 - Aug 11 with 1977 viewsfrancisbowles

Lots of players needing games, so lots of changes.

Kane, Masterson, Leistner, Wallace (probably not fit so Hamalainen
Ball, Smith (if fit) or Chair
Chair or Wells, Shodipo, Pugill
Wells or Malaker

Bristol City Cup on 11:32 - Aug 11 with 1866 viewsHAYESBOY

Me too......forgot we still had a Matt Smith.

Smells like a trout farm in here


Bristol City Cup on 12:32 - Aug 11 with 1750 viewsDavieQPR

For once we could change virtually any position and not make the team weaker.

Bristol City Cup on 12:41 - Aug 11 with 1733 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

Playing players just because they haven’t had minutes doesn’t sit right with me.

If players are injured, tired, or out of form then yeah but I’d rather play the strongest team and further build on Momentum I’m sure the last two fixtures have brung .

Getting minutes is what the U23s and friendlies are for. Playing in a competition we are half hearted about in front of 5,000 people isn’t really exposure to the first team is it?

Hope he only makes changes that he feels will win the match. For me that is Kane for Rangel and Chair for Scowen.
[Post edited 11 Aug 2019 12:44]

Bristol City Cup on 13:09 - Aug 11 with 1695 viewsCiderwithRsie

I've always thought the point of rotation is to have a clear system of play (albeit with plans B and C up your sleeve) and alternative players of the right quality to slip in if there's injury, loss of form, over-tiredness etc.

Cups are a good chance to get fringe players inducted in the system so I'm happy with changes so long as
(a) we still play the same formation and style as in the League
(b) keep a core of players so the newbies can fit in around them
(c) prioritise players you expect to get league starts at some point - Kane'd be an obvious case, maybe Wells. Others can be on the bench. But make sure the player they interact with the most (e.g. winger if you're changing the full-back, other CB if you're changing one of them) stays the same, partly to reduce risk and partly because you want the new guy to build a rapport for the time he might need to start in the League.

One position I'd not change (but everyone usually does) is the GK - the guy's not tired out, you don't expect to replace him in the League short of injury or serious loss of form and you're just introducing an element of uncertainty into the defence. It's an unnecessary banana skin and the replacement GK is on a hiding to nothing.

Bristol City Cup on 13:09 - Aug 11 with 1693 viewsterryb

I'm not going on Tuesday, so perhaps I've no right to say it, but I would like him to change all eleven.

Hopefully the new players will then give Warburton problems on selecting the team for next Saturday!

Bristol City Cup on 13:30 - Aug 11 with 1659 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

Inducting players into a system can be done at U23 level or friendlies though surely?

Why does it have to be done in a worthwhile (sort of) competition?

Bristol City Cup on 14:21 - Aug 11 with 1586 viewsPinnerPaul

Interesting opinions (mainly) in favour of change.

That has to be the new strength of our squad as others have said.

You could make a case for changing nearly every player and not making the team that much weaker and in some cases better.

Bristol City Cup on 14:57 - Aug 11 with 1543 viewsDavieQPR

You can only play 3 outfield players over the age of 23 in a U23 game.

Bristol City Cup on 14:59 - Aug 11 with 1541 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

I think 3 slots is all we need! I think the rest of the non starters would all be under 23?

Bristol City Cup on 19:00 - Aug 11 with 1400 viewsCiderwithRsie

Your first sentence: yes, and should be.

But suppose we play BOS on the wing with Hugill at CF most weeks, and they build a good understanding of how each other plays. Meanwhile, Shodipo and Oteh (say) are doing the same in the U23s. The wingers get a feel for when the striker's going to make his run, the strikers start making runs knowing the cross is going to come. Great.

But in each pairing, there'll be slight differences in style between the players. I can see the point of mixing them up a bit so that Shodipo gets used to Hugill's style and vice versa, and same with BOS and Oteh (or whoever).

I'm not saying you're wrong, just that I can see the point of making those sort of changes more than I can changing half the team.

Bristol City Cup on 19:07 - Aug 11 with 1378 viewsdaveB

I'd make quite a few changes to give players a chance and to add a bit of competition.
Would personally go with the following on tuesday which I don't think is a weak side

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