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That first half is why we go to football
at 19:08 14 Sep 2019

Crackling atmosphere, full ground, needle all round Shepherd’s Bush beforehand, loads of faces in the ground I haven’t seen for years, glorious weather, and then we turn up and play like that. Best first half from us in many years.

It’s no exaggeration to say we could have been 6 or 7 up at half time. Eze was absolutely imperious could and should have had 3 or 4 goals, and at one point did a double drag back the equal of anything Adel pulled off. Luton were totally blown away and out on their feet until Lumley’s brain fart.

Yeah yeah the second half was a bit different. But this team have got something about them and when they’re on song it’s something to watch.

A happy hoop tonight

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Goals from tonight
at 00:00 6 Feb 2019

Wasn’t there tonight but looks like we got a lot of free-kicks!
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Those "100 years of Loftus Road" kits
at 15:39 10 May 2018

Just been wondering, did anyone else order one of these, and have they received it?

I ordered a couple back in February for presents but they haven't turned up almost three months later, is it time to start moaning to the club?
Matt Smith’s drag back and turn
at 19:25 2 Apr 2018

Possibly my favourite moment at Loftus Road for many years

The big man was immense today. Great fun that second half, nice to see some smiles around the place again. Feels like this team is coming together now, hope we can keep the departures to a minimum and look forward to next season
QPR vs John Terry
at 22:51 13 Mar 2018

I wonder what the head to head stats are?

Nine points to us (the racist c—t game, SWP winner game, tonight). How many has that Tw-t clocked up? Has to be close

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Is the QPR Plus stream actually going to work tonight?
at 17:11 20 Feb 2018

It's been broken for me for the last three games now, has anyone else who had problems heard anything back from them about actually fixing it?

If it's broken again going to be demanding my money back in full
QPR Plus live stream is a broken pisstake
at 15:12 10 Feb 2018

It hasn't worked at all on any browser apart from Chrome for weeks, for the Barnsley game it didn't even work on that until 80 mins, and now this week once again log in and get the familiar "the license has expired blah blah" error.

I'm not an idiot on computers so have tried all sorts of workarounds but none of them work.

for the money they're charging they're having a laugh.

Atmosphere for the Wolves game tomorrow
at 11:04 27 Oct 2017

Going to be a weird one.

What do we reckon? Muted and depressed? Angry and hurling abuse? A show of backs to the wall togetherness? I'm currently swinging between all three, going to have to get to the pub earlier than normal...
U23s against Coventry live on the official site
at 13:35 9 Oct 2017

Starts in a bit. Grant Hall's playing, which is f--king good news.

Just a PSA in case anyone's having a "quiet day at work" like me...
Just when Bolton thought it couldn’t get worse
at 22:34 25 Sep 2017

They’ve just signed Karl Henry.
Not as upset as I thought I would be
at 23:09 22 Aug 2017

A 4-1 doing at home to Brentford is never good, Caulker looks a long way from ever playing in a decent team again, and that first half an hour was some historically woeful defending, but came away from tonight (OK I walked out at 4-1) not feeling too bad for some reason.

We played a complete second XI tonight against a half decent team, and predictably for 30 minutes we had no f--king idea what we were doing and we were 3-0 down. Caulker completely to blame for the first, terrible defending from a corner for the second, keeper should easily have snaffled the third by steaming off htis line.

But after that, we got into the game, we showed spirit, heads didn't go down, and until they got the fourth we looked dangerous. We really should have got back to one goal difference, and if we had Brentford looked fragile as f--k and I reckon we would have got a result.

Chair looked really useful, Sylla played well, Pav did his usual, we were piling in crosses, Freeman did his usual thing when he came on, there was plenty there to show there's some depth in this squad, and I reckon our first team would have won that game easily. Can't wait for the league game.

Really surprising crowd and atmosphere as well, shame the team couldn't live up to it.

I dunno, maybe I'm just so used to us being s--t in the cup, but I always thought we'd lose this game anyway so for our reserve team (which it is), then there's enough in that squad (Chair/Furlong/Sylla/Ariel) and way more character than we had 12 months ago.

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Millwall may be forced out of Lewisham
at 22:57 5 Jan 2017

I know we've had our run-ins over the years, but this is a disgusting story of council corruption and the modern world in which we unfortunately live. More power to their struggle. Could well happen to us
Marland Yarde
at 10:42 12 Nov 2016

Turned down a chance to join us as a youth and is playing for England in the egg-chasing later

Just heard on the radio his Dad's name is Scotland. Well played
Just back
at 22:26 18 Oct 2016

I quite enjoyed that, although every single person I usually go with didn't turn up and it was f--king freezing by the end. Looking round the ground seems quite a few did the same. With all the locals giving it a miss you really noticed how many Scandis we've got in our crowd these days, every other bloke in the Ellerslie sounded Swedish/Norwegian.

Anyway, we actually changed our system and played 4-3-3/4-5-1 with Chery-Sylla-Washington up front and went for it, in an understated JFH kind of way. I hope we stick with it at home: we had plenty of width, put in a lot of dangerous crosses, and with three in midfield we were picking up a lot of the second balls which we haven't done for months. Chery's not a winger, but the whole team had a lot more shape and cutting edge with him out there and Washington put in his usual 100% effort huff-n-puff Mackie style performance.

Ned had a great game marking their number nine who looked a real handful, but didn't really get a sniff. Luongo fired into a load of tackles and set up the goal with a brilliant cross, good finish by Cilla as well. Smithies pulled off another couple of superb saves, the one from a one-on-one was world-class.

The young Finnish Yank lad at left back looks decent, Fat Lee Tomlin was targetting him all second half but he put in some good tackles and got forward well. Just as well, as our other three left backs are all injured now, Lynch looked gutted when he went off and hope it isn't a bad one. Cousins was pretty anonymous and collapsed in the second half as well, so Henry will be back again soon.

It wasn't blood-pumping stuff, but Bristol City have been dangerous this season and that's a good win for me. Plus proves that we don't have to play 4-2-3-1 all the bloody time.

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An historic day
at 22:44 9 Oct 2016

For the first time, AFC Wimbledon are above MK Dons in the league.

Superb achievement

Highlights from WIgan
at 00:46 28 Aug 2016

Didm't sound pretty, but a lovely little touch back from Polter for Ned's goal
What a great day out at the football
at 19:42 7 Aug 2016

They don't come along too often these days, so let's make sure we enjoy the good ones when we can...

Beautiful weather, decent atmosphere for a f--king Sunday morning, a Rangers team looking fit and sharp and together for the first time in years, Polter looks like he's really developing into a right royal pain in the arse for any defence (my Leeds mate was well impressed with him), Luongo was like an Aussie Kante in the effort and yards covered, we actually passed it inside to a central midfielder in dangerous positions every now and then (again for the first time in years), Caulker and Hall looked composed, Chery looked a proper number 10, and one of our youth team made a decent debut and got deservedly clapped off.

Still a long way to go, and Leeds were pretty sh*te, but really enjoyed today and can see some cautious hope for the future. Haven't said that for a while!
Always liked Richard Keys
at 09:05 14 Apr 2016
Another good deed done by the club
at 21:38 17 Mar 2016

Two seasons ago my family and mates were unceremoniously turfed out of the seats we'd had season tickets for for decades - in my Dad and his brothers' case, almost 40 years. We were told it was to build a press box at the back of the Ellerslie stand to comply with Premier League regulations.

As it turned out our old seats weren't knocked down at all, but had been reserved for "media guests". So for the last two years we've had to watch a load of disinterested tourists, or, more often, nobody at all, sit in our old seats while we got shoved into new ones nearer Q Block.

Anyway yesterday got a call from the club saying we can move back next season, which has made for some very happy Rangers fans. Whoever made that decision, good on you
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The Fulham pendulum
at 22:16 8 Mar 2016

Life hangs on the thinnest of margins... If we had beat Fulham twice this season instead of rolling over, we'd now be three points off the play-offs with all to play for, and they'd be in the bottom three and the table would have looked so much nicer.

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