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Imagine if we won - Report
at 23:27:29

Weekend complete now
Now I can go to sleep
Smart Stoke set up slays R’s scoring sequence – Report
at 17:27:51

Thanks Clive. I found it staggering that having played 20 games so far this season with such attractive football at times, grinding out wins or draws when we have been behind and prior to this weekend's game we were sitting in 3rd (Third!) place in the table, that a bad performance, where it was blatantly obvious that we could be in trouble when the teams were released at 1:30, still met with such utter disgust by a vocal cohort from around 60mins plus.

There seems to be a perhaps not so significant sized cohort that I would call "spoilt" and are all nice and content as long as we look like we are going to get something out of the game. Vitriolic screams of "Warbuton, sort it artttttt, they're f@@kin' shxt", do these people even look at the sub's bench when the team is read out.

The silver lining is that the timing of this, and the comments from MW and LF at the forum might mean there is recognition that a bolstering of the side might be needed in Jan for the 2nd half of the season push as it is proving that some of the recent additions in the last 12mths are having too many breakdowns.

Just a shame that they can't bring in any new improved fans who won't think the world is ended - I get it might just be localised to me up at the back of the SAR stand, but it's not one or two who need to appreciate where we are compared to a couple of seasons ago
Swung by the subs, QPR maintain unbeaten start - Report
at 16:34:57

I just cannot stop watching Barbet's volley that led to his goal. I have never seen such an exocet missile from him, which travelled at 1 foot above the ground until the keeper got his hand to it on his goal line. It was probably his forward momentum from the strike that propelled him straight in to the 6 yard box within 2 seconds later and it was justice that such a volley ended up with a goal from his own foot soon after.
QPR have their Field day – Signing
at 16:22:46

Been hoping this one came off - liked the look of him after a couple of games and whilst perhaps there was less demands on social media for his signing, that might have been just an assumption that he was likely to become ours, rather than Austin and JoJo who would come with a heavier price tag. Fingers crossed he stays injury free and he could become a mainstay next term in the midfield.
QPR toast first cup final success since 67 – Report
at 23:32:30

"C**t Wanted small ad"
I had to compose myself before I could read on any further

Routledge helps 10-man Rangers on way to title - History
at 23:58:20

Thanks Clive. The minute I saw that picture I raised a smile and said Friday 4th Feb 2011. That day I arrived back in to LHR from Hong Kong after 4 nights away for work at 24hrs notice, furthest I had been away from home by a long stretch. Picked the girls up from school in the afternoon and having to face a family gathering at ours that night for dads birthday when I was already semi delirious with jet lag. Half way through dinner I had to put my hands over my ears as the raucous din was too much for my fried brain to cope with. I made my apologies went to bed, flicked the tv on just to doze off to kill the noise from coming up downstairs, hit Sky Sports and realised I had forgotten we were on that week and we were only 10mins in. Managed to last until the final whistle. Jet lag can have its uses on the odd occasion!
Runners and riders for QPR’s annual manager hunt, 2016 edition – Column
at 14:11:43

Question to TF....... Ok, so you have sacked JFH a third of the way in to his first complete season, why?

Is it purely because the football was dull and boring and thus far consistently inconsistent?

............. or Is it because the football was dull and boring BUT more importantly QPR were not consistently parked in the play off positions and near enough to the top two and that was interpreted as an early indicator that the club risked not getting back in to the Premier League this season and we would face another year with depleted income and FFP scrutiny restricting our spending and thwarted ambitions for the owners grand schemes? Because despite what you say Tony, you still need to get QPR promoted don't you. I say need, not want.

Because we have to be honest here and ask if the owners are being actually honest with the club. As Norf stated in an article, they have sacked a manager of a mid-table championship club for being mid-table in the championship after 16 games - ok so technically we are 17th as of this week, but we are 5 or 6 points off of the top 6 and similar to the bottom three and we certainly are not Rotherham style fooked at this stage of the season and have been up and down the leader board over a short period of weeks.

I thought the reason for appointing someone like JFH when we did and recruiting the likes of lower Championship and League One talents for this season was to help bring back stability to the club over a period of years, not weeks - and that we had to learn to take our medicine for a few years to prove to the FFP authorities and the football world that we are repentant for our previous greedy ambitions on the top flight. So why the sudden panic to have to change now? Why not give the guy the full season to prove he can operate at this level and accept mid table mediocrity for a few seasons - yes the football IS crap this season so is the medicine actually harder to swallow for both owners and supporters and neither want to swallow it any longer. We want attractive football, Tony needs promotion.

So what is stability Tony? Is stability actually nothing unless it involves being back in the Premier League and therefore bringing in the financial benefits and kudos of a top flight London Club that will allow the wider investment and redevelopment projects to move forward that deliver his bigger ambitions for "the club". Is it actually a case of publicly say one thing and then another to Les and LH behind the scenes. "Yeah, Yeah, Les, stability, living within our means, cutting our cloth....yeah........yeah.......all that yeah...........but I want us back in the Premier League next season so make sure you appoint someone this time who will deliver promotion this time. It's like Lynn at our office who was hired as a "Relationship Manager" not a "Sales Manager" and told at interview that her remit was to long term manage the client relationship and build over the medium term and then 6 months later was sacked for not hitting revenue targets she never knew she had been given or never agreed to.

If the truth behind the sacking is the investors fear of not getting QPR promoted this season then they won't bring in risks like Olly and Birch, i.e. a manager who has gone on a downward trajectory since he left the club and spends most of his time as a pundit - you only bring them in as Clive said because you don't trust that JFH isn't out of his depth in the Championship and don't want to risk him getting the club actually relegated instead of promoted and want someone who will bring a bounce back to the club. If you want promotion then you have to take yet another gamble on a supposed experienced campaigner who convinces you during his interview that he can get the best out of a talented bunch that are currently only under-performing, but don't worry Les I won't need to spend too much in January..... whilst all the time reminding the club that if the initial contract is to only be a short one, then that has to be counter-balanced with a decent salary - because behind it all he is currently out of work and needs a job and will say anything to Les and TF get himself a pay cheque for a few months until he gets fired for not achieving the impossible.

Is it more a case that we will eventually appoint someone who will want the job because put simply they need a job, because a number of other preferred candidates will hear stuff that they don't want to commit to and are willing to walk away from talks because they know they cannot deliver what the club needs them to achieve and know where it will eventually lead.

Tony goes quiet for a period of time on Twitter and then throws a couple of tweets out and you know where it is going. Short term. Short term and more short term.

If the rumours are that we are going after a manager currently in post at somewhere like Birmingham and in or around the play offs then to me it says that they still cannot accept life in the Championship and want us promoted and all that says to me is more short-term after short-term appointments over the coming seasons, until they get lucky or just decide to leave things alone and let someone just get on with it and develop a decent team over the next few years.
The boredom before the storm - Report
at 20:59:51

Thanks for making the effort Clive. Business as usual in trying circumstances!
Well it was never dull - Column
at 09:54:00

I wrote an entry in my diary today.
Simply says "Bugger!"
Redknapp hangs on despite United defeat - report
at 22:03:52

Worth the extra wait for this weekend report just for the Ref's Ratings alone.
Transfer Deadline Day sort of live – LFW blog
at 20:54:55

Loving the Danielle Lloyd and Premier meat gag!!
Zamora and Faurlin restore calm amidst transfer window storm – full match report
at 16:27:10

Come on Woking, give them a chance. Once Clive has finished the write up he then has to send over the draft to Neil_S1 the LFW Official Photographer (non-salaried position) who then has to read it and then scroll through 100s of photos in the dark room to provide a suitable photographic landscape to compliment the author's fine prose. Considering the amount of effort that goes into these reports, I think he has done very well!!
QPR cling on to top flight status after amazing day of reckoning – report
at 10:51:04

p.s I can change my avater now from Mr Worry to Mr Happy!
QPR cling on to top flight status after amazing day of reckoning – report
at 10:49:58


The slow mo description of JM's headed goal made me laugh outloud. A tremendous report for an emotional day. I think there was a period between the 80th-90th mins when I actually believed we were there only to revert to complete panic at 3-2 for 1min because they were slow in confirming that Stoke Bolton had actually finished.

What an end to a very trying season.

Look forward to reading the new player reviews and post match reports in a year of mid table mediocrisy and calm next term.

Athleticism, power, strength – Hughes lays cards on the table
at 10:13:26

Thanks Clive,

Only criticism is that you appear to have obtained your photograph of our new left back from a site.
The sky is blue – Gianni Paladini leaves QPR
at 13:05:56

Clive, a bit thanks for this obituary, a great read and a fantastic recap through the trials and tribulations of the dark years.

Just to say that I waited up for this piece until 11:30pm last night, like a teenager queuing up outside the Virgin Megastore to grab an early copy of a Harry Potter release but then hit the sack, as I was too tired to wait any longer - Which, on reflection, is actually an apt analogy because someone who knew nothing about Harry Potter nor QPR could read both from start to finish and summise that the LFW piece was the fantasy novel and far more unbelievable than a Harry Potter plot.

Neil said above that the torment felt longer than the 8 years he was involved - I didn't know it was actually that long and I find it staggering that he managed to hold on/grasp on to his positions in the club for such a long time.

I always try to try to keep an open mind in life and accept that there are always two sides to every story, however, and I will once again (as I did when I posted this comment originally on a post years ago) apologise for any perceived but genuinely unintended racism towards the Italian people, but from personal experience of the behaviour of certain Italian senior management people I have worked for, the way they conduct themselves in business and they way they conduct that business leaves a lot to be desired in regards openness, trust and honesty.

I imagine that whatever good intentions there may have been from GP towards improving the situation at QPR when he first bought in, those intentions would soon be sacrificed if they clashed with his personal ambitions, perhaps greed, certainly total incompetence, arrogance and suspect temperament.

I would not boo the man in the street, but I would certainly not clap him either.

To sum up my overall feelings on the man and his time though I would say that it feels like years of putting my favourite shirt in the washing machine time and again, using yet another new and improved washing powder. No matter what was used a stain persisted. Finally after using All New Fernandes for a short time, the last remaining persistant stain has finally been removed from the shirt and it now looks all shiny and clean again.

Now how long until TF screws us over anyone?
Caution, it’s being so miserable that makes me happy – guest column
at 09:17:02

I look forward to the day that I can actually "sit in my seat". So that means I either have to become a member of the "C" Club, join The Board, or hope that we do end up at The Unigate Dairy Crest Air Asia Malaysia Airlines TF Thunderdome sooner rather than later.
QPR’s Torres bid flounders as window slams shut
at 19:33:36

Clive, fully understand your frustration at all this stupidity and the list indeed does highlight the nonsense of it all. However, your inclusion of the Cahill/Bassong saga did at least have a large element of truth in it because out of the horse's mouth Harry did say live on tv that they tried their hardest to get Cahill and that he felt sorry for NW as Bassong was coming to us once Cahill was signed.

How many of the others had any truth in them and that things did "change" is obviously difficult but at the end of the day they are probably only rare shoots of wheaf amongst a great deal of chaff.

Fully agree that there is a conflict of interet if Sky are generating bets that have little or no chance of coming in for the punter because they made the story up themselves. That should be looked in to.
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