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Saints To Lauch New Ticketing Website
at 17:38 26 May 2020

Got an email from Saints asking if my details were correct, in preparation of them launching a new ticket website.

Not sure how this will affect us all exactly, as the current site is not too bad when picking / purchasing seats for away games - I have a ST, so don't need to select seats for League games at St Marys.

Hopefully the new site will be able to monitor purchase patterns etc and assist the club with the allocations it takes for certain away games - which has so far let the fans down with the only option considered for many games, being the smallest one.

What I don't want is for the club to use this as an excuse to raise the admin fees. They are already too high and it somewhat takes the piss to charge fees on a per ticket basis, when it should really be per transaction - and only then if the tickets are being posted out. Simply loading a purchase onto a ST or Membership card should definitely be for free).

I know other clubs charge sometimes twice as much as us, but it is ridiculous and I know it gripes with others on here. The way we are going, it will soon be like buying a plane ticket or ticketmaster type of ticket, where so many extra charges can potentially be added on. (different levels of postage, security, insurance etc etc).
Harry's Heroes
at 13:30 22 May 2020

Apologies if there has already been a thread on this, but I've not been on here for a while.

Have just finished watching the 3rd and final episode of the 2nd series and wondered what others thought of it.

Quite good from a Saints perspective (love em or hate em) - Redknapp, Le Tiss, Ruddock, Wright and cameos from Beasant and Phillips.

Without spoiling anything for people who want to, but haven't watched it yet, I personally didn't enjoy it as much as the first Series, apart from the actual games. There was too much emphasis on the one idiot in the group, players initially showing potential but then having to leave, too many injuries and too much emphasis on the culture of the places they visited, rather than the training and the actual football.

It was great to see Le Tiss introducing Merson (after all his troubles) to golf, but unfortunately he is no longer the goalkeeper he once was in that Testimonial at the Dell !!

19/20 Season Saints Kit Going Cheap
at 12:48 15 May 2020

Got an email from the club today, stating that all kit from the 19/20 season is going for half price.

Tempted to get a shirt with Covid and the number 19 on it, just for a little keepsake and reminder from this season !!
Football's Back
at 12:33 15 May 2020

This fvcking lockdown is really getting to me now.
When I see a Nurse in a porno, I stand up and clap before I have a w@nk !!
Hojbjerg Gives Indication Of His Intent
at 13:39 14 May 2020

Probably was a fake if it got deleted Pat.

A mate text me this morning about it, as PEH is one of his favourite players and we talk at length about him - including performances and contracts !!
Hojbjerg Gives Indication Of His Intent
at 13:30 14 May 2020

We've been through all this before on here with Hojbjerg.

He is good enough for us and he has pretty much found his level. He is our Captain and should focus on doing an excellent job for us, before talking about ambitions to play in and win the Champions League, but I guess that is what it is all about nowadays - trying to instigate a big move.

His supposed Bayern pedigree doesn't show that often. There are too many errors and faults in his game and a massive lack of goals to be able to make it at a top 6 club at the moment, but perhaps a new manager, or a new challenge would get that out of him ?

Anyway, I heard that he put on Twitter that he had signed a new 4 year deal with us, but later deleted it. Anyone else see or hear this ?
Che Adams for sale £10 million
at 13:03 14 May 2020

He had his best chance to score, just 2 mins into his debut at Burnley. Had he scored that, he would have been a totally different player than the one that lacks any sort of confidence today.

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise for us that he did not score, as it meant that Ings then got the starting berth up front and has gone on to be not only our top scorer, but at one stage was top English scorer in the Prem.

I'd definitely keep Adams and give him some opportunities in the coming season though. I'm sure Ralph will manage to get something out of him eventually.
Saints greatest ever escape
at 01:19 11 May 2020

Football Fans To Return To The Stadiums In October
at 14:38 7 May 2020

I get the odd ST Newsletter Email and the As One emails, but specifically regarding tickets etc.....

From the Saints Official

Southampton Football Club recognises that this is a difficult period for everyone, with our priority at this time being the health and well-being of fans, staff and our local communities.

We appreciate that you may have questions you would like to ask and so to help try and answer some of those we have created an FAQs page.

We're in regular communication with the Premier League regarding the situation, and will prioritise keeping you up to date with information when we have news to share.


How can I contact the Ticket Office?
The Ticket Office is currently closed. We’re receiving a high volume of emails but will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. Please direct any questions to:

Can I get a refund for matches already postponed?
While the Club will not make any formal announcements until any proposals from the Premiere League relating to the remainder of the current campaign are confirmed and made public, we can assure fans that plans are being put in place to deal with a range of issues, including any effect on Season Ticket holders, individual match ticket holders and hospitality guests.

This is also the case in relation to ticket and hospitality sales for the 20/21 season.

Staff are putting in a great deal of work behind the scenes to ensure all of these processes will work as smoothly as possible, and we will advise supporters immediately once we are in a position to publish details. In the meantime, we would politely ask fans to avoid contacting the Ticket Office directly about refunds unless absolutely necessary. The Club understands that supporters who currently hold tickets may have existing questions, and we would, therefore, like to advice the following:

- All match tickets purchases remain valid for any potential rearranged dates, should the games proceed as normal. They are not yet eligible for refunds. Should this situation change, we will communicate it to supporters immediately. This covers both general admission and hospitality purchases.

- In the event it is either not possible to play certain matches or for them to go ahead in front of supporters, we will communicate directly to all Season Ticket holders and seasonal hospitality guests the next steps.

So basically once there is a decision, they will let us know.
Honestly though, this season is finished in terms of watching Saints live, so should be refunded asap.
As for fans returning to stadiums, did they mean October 2021 or 2022 ?
Saints Programmes
at 17:58 4 May 2020

The Saints Programme Shop on Old Northam Road was still open on match days, prior to lockdown. May be worth a look.

Failing that, listing your collection on e-Bay or other Saints Forums may generate you some sales.
May The Fourth Be With You
at 16:19 4 May 2020


Having asked the missus, she got it for a year for £50, otherwise it is £6 a month.

Perhaps if they allow it, get it for a month and have a binge on anything Star Wars or Marvel related.
May The Fourth Be With You
at 16:10 4 May 2020

The StarWars films and The Mandalorian are all showing on Disney+. It helps if you have a missus that loves Disney, or perhaps a teenage daughter, or like me - you have both !! Then you suddenly gain access without your knowledge !! Either that or like with Netflix, you can share your sign ons or borrow someone's !!

I'm sure the Mandalorian will be available for free somewhere, if you search hard enough :-)
May The Fourth Be With You
at 15:41 4 May 2020

So as it is Star Wars day today, is anyone 'celebrating' in any way ?

Apparently you can just about watch all 11 films in one day, if you miss out the masses of credits at the end of each film.

I am planning to watch The Rise of Skywalker tonight, but may whizz through a couple of others before hand, whilst the missus is out for her run.

Will also give The Mandalorian a go, now that all 8 episodes are available from the first series. What are people's opinions on this ? A few mates really love it and another said it was like the makers were asking each other what they should do with all the old Star Wars sets, creatures and vehicles - and decided to create a lower budget spin off. I'll reserve judgement.
No relegation?
at 15:16 4 May 2020

With certain teams saying they would be more willing to complete the season, should there be no relegation, it shows that the whole thing has become a farce.
Either we complete the season with a Champion and relegations, or we scrap the whole season and start a new one once we are able.
I'm not interested in seeing teams complete their fixtures with nothing to play for and nothing at stake - other than for TV money and to crown Liverpool as Champions.
My Dad, a saint forever
at 15:10 4 May 2020

My condolences Darren.

My Dad was working most Saturdays, so rarely took me to Saints, so instead, I used to go with my Grandad. Going to football together gave us a real bond (more so than he had with my brother) and even when I was a bit older and went with mates, he often used to drive us all and meet up with us after the game. Then once we are all able to drive, we always used to ensure he got a lift to all the home games and some of the aways too. He was taken far too soon, but at least he was able to see us at Wembley quite a few times, win the FA Cup and move to a brand new stadium.
He was given a lovely send off which referred to football and Saints many times and it is so pleasing to see that you have gone a step further with your Dad - really touching.
Stay safe and keep remembering the fantastic Saints experiences you shared together.
Basingstoke Pubs
at 15:25 1 May 2020

I'm guessing that was the Feathers ?
It got changed to Laarsen I believe - anagram of Arsenal that I'm guessing the Landlord or owner supported.

Bartons Mill was definitely a Business Lunch venue style pub - lovely setting apart from the noise from the railway line :o) The landlord from the Chineham Arms apparently moved to Bartons Mill about 10-12 years ago - no idea if he is still there though.

Mays Bounty cricket ground always struck me as too small a pitch and set up in general, to host a county game. There was talk of them going back to play there.
Claim To Fame - I once claimed the wicket of Hampshire cricketer Mitchell Stokes on the Castle Pitch (?) at the back of Mays Bounty. He was only young and must have been 10-15 years or so younger than me, but I won't let that get in the way of a good story !! I also played in the Basingstoke Sunday League whilst I lived there and played against Hampshire (and England) cricketer Shaun Udal - who sadly now has Parkinsons.
Basingstoke Pubs
at 12:40 1 May 2020

After the mention of certain Basingstoke pubs in the Will Smallbone thread, I decided to do a separate piece on them !!

Having previously lived and worked in Basingstoke for a few years, I'd like to think that I visited a few in my time, but I also went on a 'ShitPubCrawl' in Basingstoke, as part of a mate's stag celebrations. This was basically a little tour around the outskirts of the town centre, visiting the shall we say, less popular drinking establishments.

The Queens - by the station, popular for pre and post game meet ups
Great Western - round the back of the station
Bass House - in town, but now Tesco
Hare and Hounds - near the Tech college (once painted pink !!)
New Inn - virtually next door to the Hare and Hounds
King of Wessex
The Wheatsheaf - think it changed to Winton
The Bounty - near the cricket club
The Lamb - 5 mins from the Bounty
White Hart - opposite the old? police station
We were going to visit the Riverdene pub Skewers but ran out of time

Roughest - Probably the 9 Saxons. Only went there once with a guy I used to play football with, who lived close by. For fighting, never went there, but the Pen and Parchment in Popley was dubbed the Pen and Punch Up. The Barbican in Popley was also an absolute shithole. Lived in Chineham so went to a recommended Chinese takeaway next to the pub and popped in for a swift half whilst I waited - never again. Think this has been flattened now as last time I drove close to there, a new place had been built.

There are some nice ones as well. My in town favourite was The George at the top of town and the Chineham Arms was decent enough as a temporary local.

Germany Will Be The Guinea Pig
at 18:09 30 Apr 2020

In the mean time France have announced their current season is over and have crowned PSG as champions.

Also Netherlands, who share a border with Germany, have also cancelled their season, but I don't think they crowned anyone as champions.

Every country is different, so let's just see. I don't mind Germany being guinea pigs, but just because Germany could resume successfully, it doesn't mean that we necessarily will.

I have spoken to people in Slovakia today and they said that there was talk of them resuming their football season on 10th June. They as a country went into lock down in the middle of March and despite a population of about 5.5m, only have a reported 1,391 cases and just 22 deaths. Like the Czech Republic, they will soon be starting to open more shops (excluding the large shopping centres).
[Post edited 30 Apr 18:11]
Will Smallbone
at 17:27 30 Apr 2020

Good piece on him and hopefully he can progress and become established in the squad.

As previously stated, I have a mate from Basingstoke who's son used to play in the same Berg team as Will. He said Will was far more dedicated than most - worked hard and treated it far more than just the hobby that most of the others saw football as.

Hopefully he can be added to the list of talent to have come from Basingstoke !!

Our very own Ollie Lancashire (I played Vets football with his dad for a season), Tom Cleverley, Harlee Dean and Skates Rowan Vine and Kit Symons.

Falcon - from Gladiators used to work in the town's Sports Centre
Tanita Tikarum - went to Queen Marys College
Rodney Trotter - famously went to Basingstoke Technical College

Perhaps Cockle knows of some others ?
On This Day In History - 30th April 2011 Brentford Away
at 17:41 29 Apr 2020

Just checked and the attendance was 24,741 for the FA Cup 5th Round tie at St Marys. The replay at GP had 11,720.

Re the grudge you mentioned, it looks like Brentford belatedly requested more tickets, once they had won their 4th round replay, but by then it was all too late. See below article.
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