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Southampton v Burnley Your Report added at 14:58:14
Same old disappointing performance and result at home.
Freak goal that Ings should have cleared but made amends with style and a quality finish.
I thought and hoped we would then go on to win it, but again we are let down by poor defending, poor decisions in front of goal and a real lack of urgency when trailing and trying to get something out of the game.
All too similar a story to the rest of our home games this season.
We had 3 things to defend in 2nd half - the goal where we stood off, let him turn, avoid a challenge and shoot, the ball across our 6 yard box with our defence at 6's and 7's and JRod shot where we stood off and allowed him to shoot.
With Wood off, Ralf should have changed it.
We were bullied but didn't get help from the ref again. How did Cork not get booked for his scissors tackle, or the foul on Armstrong in the corner not even get given ?
Still, we didn't do enough in front of goal either and paid the price at the other end. These rain loving sods have done the double over us !! Not even Leicester, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd can boast that !!
Southampton v Wolverhampton Wanderers Your Report added at 21:41:28
Sandy - Armstrong was taken off because he was so ineffective in the 2nd half. He wasn't involved as much and much of the play bypassed him.
Process could also have been subbed - particularly as he was on a yellow.
The problem was that none of the subs had any sort of impact on the game. We just hoofed it up top and hoped. Djenepo ran about a bit, pulled people back and decided to go on the same wing as Boufal. Boufal himself slipped over a bit and missed a great chance to nick a point at the end.
Southampton v Wolverhampton Wanderers Your Report added at 19:06:13
Game of 2 halves. For all that was good in the first half, it was a complete reversal in the 2nd.

A great battling and competitive performance in the first half, with some well taken goals and some decent, calm, non-panic passing.

2nd half we were just so complacent and thought we had already won it. Time and time again, we let Wolves into the game with stupid errors and ultimately gave them the momentum to go on and win it.

The team is too flat, one dimensional and predictable. By simply putting Traore up top with Jiminez, Wolves created panic. Cedric and Bert had done well to stop him, but as soon as he had to be picked up by Bed and Stephens, he had freedom, or we put 2 on him and left Jiminez unmarked. (Just like West Ham and Antonio !!)

Don't know why Stephens dived in and I though it was prob a pen.

For the last goal, we tried a silly flick on the edge of their box, lost possession, 2 passes later they had broke away, crossed and scored !! Then it was hoof it to the unimpacting subs - but we did create 1 chance in 6 minutes of injury time - but Hour blazed high and wifr

The ref was a Prem Virgin though - 1st Prem game today and it showed. Doherty should have got a yellow for handball, Long got pushed all day, they gained at least 10 yards every throw on, but reprimanded Bert and their keeper must have had 5 or 6 warning about time wasting but no card.
Perhaps VAR should have backed the ref for the pen, as he gave a corner ? VAR backed the ref with Alderweirald's hand ball after all !!

Still we didn't deserve anything and I hope it is back to business away from home on Tuesday. It had better be, as that was all PEH was saying on Solent on the way back. Good that we have a chance so soon to show what we can do and make amends. Let's see then!!
Leicester City v Southampton Your Report added at 18:31:59
Quality performance from the start to the finish. Everyone really put a shift in and did fantastically well to restrict the current 2nd best team in the country to only 5 shots all game.
With a bit more luck, we could have had 4 or 5. OK Armstrong's goal had a deflection, but Ings was so unlucky to hit the bar twice in a minute at the end of the first half. That 2nd shot was a real belter. He should have also had another after putting us in front, but Schmichael saved well.
VAR did it's best to spoil the game, but I guess if Long was marginally offside, then Evans was too and Ihianacho was miles off.
Great to keep that VARdy quiet and Ings outgunned him - but Maddison still up for continued diving.
There were a few wayward passes - hopefully MOTD2 will show Bednarek on 2Good 2Bad tomorrow night, it was THAT BAD !! :-)
Superb result though - everyone deserves high praise.
Here's hoping for a similar result next week, then the week after as well, as we become the first team to beat the Scousers this season ? (they are winning at Spurs as I write this)

Fulham v Southampton Your Report added at 11:00:06
Truly awful 1st half against Fulham Reserves, with no pressing, ball retention, possession or decent passing.

Much improved 2nd half, but still need to take out chances - should have scored 5.

Hope Redmond is ok for Saturday.
Southampton v Liverpool Your Report added at 20:10:21
Micky Evans ?

Remember him well - helped keep us up in 97
Southampton v Huddersfield Town Your Report added at 22:15:58
Promised an attacking performance from a team wanting to win the game, but RH didn't sufficiently motivate his team and we got a typical end of season nothing performance.
Far too pedestrian like all our performances since we have been virtually safe, only this time we didn't concede the usual 3 goals !!
Had some good chances but were frustrating in front of goal. Ings wants too many touches instead of shooting first time, JWP too scared to shoot and has to get everything into his right foot all the time, Redmond although prepared to run at them, needs to know when to pass or shoot. He got a super goal, but unfortunately after that, the team thought they had done enough and went back to slow mode.
With 20 mins left in front of over 30k fans, you would think they would want to win the game and put in a performance for the fans, but no. Players became lazy and didn't seem to want to amend Gunn's error.
The game was summer up as we approached injury time. The fans wanted us to press forward and get a winner, but Stephens was content with passing it back to the keeper on at least 3 occasions.

Not much to cheer about, so further proof that RH has a massive rebuilding job ahead of him. Need to get rid of at least 10 or 12 and sign 4 or 5.

Finally well done to Iron Fran.
Southampton v AFC Bournemouth Your Report added at 00:24:39
Blitzed them from the off and should really have been 3 up before Bourn scored with their first attack. How we missed so many early chances is beyond me, especially Long hitting the post from 6 yards.

Brave of Howe to change things after 20 odd mins and after that they were in the ascendency.

More awful defending again let them get in front and later draw level and then nearly win it. So many frustrating miss-placed passes, ball watching, letting the ball bounce then not winning the header etc. We do so well to get in front, only to see stupid mistakes punished, where as we don't punish their many errors.

With the chances created, we still did enough to easily draw and probably win it, so with a clear out of 10+, buy 4 or 5 and a good preseason, we should be fine for next term.
Southampton v Wolverhampton Wanderers Your Report added at 19:25:57
Scored too early, so naturally sat back and played into their hands with their possession game. Too much panic and poor passing gifted Wolves good chances, but at least we showed spirit and got straight back into the lead once Wolves drew level.
Despite Wolves dominance, we still created great chances and Sims gave me nightmares with that miss !! Left foot shot first time, or go round the keeper FFS. Ings was quite instrumental in creating our chances, including the assist for Redmond's 2nd, but he seemed off the pace. Likewise Valery seemed jaded and JWP shoes us he is not a holding midfielder.
The 2nd half subs changed the game for us. Rom immediately bossed the centre of the park and this allowed Hoj to have a bit more freedom and JWP look much more comfortable in a more attacking role (he covered an impressive match high 7.8 miles). Long put in a great shift and harassed the wolves defence for half an hour and was rewarded with his goal - which looked off side but TV showed he was on - so he is now in the prolific category !! :-)

Just a shame we couldn't add to the goal tally and how Yoshi's close range effort was saved, was unbelievable. I fancied a hatrick from Redmond too !! Never mind, we held out even with some indifferent defending, especially in the 1st half, but 3 points thank you and now we're virtually safe.

Maybe the board knew we would win and were justified in issuing the season ticket renewal details early ? Hopefully they will allow Ralf a major overhaul in the summer and we can avoid a 3rd straight relegation fight.
Southampton v Liverpool Your Report added at 01:20:30
Hi Messy
Thanks for your reply.

You have based your whole arguement against my views on JWP's performance, on the assumption that I actually rated Redmond. The fact is I never actually compared JWP to anyone else in our team and the reality is, I didn't give Redmond a very good mark.

All I said was that in my opinion, JWP didn't have a very good game, by his recent standards - that have earned him an international call up - and demonstrated where I believe he could have done better, without comparing him to any other player including Redmond. (They are players with differing styles anyway).

I accept he put in some crosses (he takes our corners and free kicks) and did some lay offs, through balls and good passes, but as I said, his performance was not up to recent high standards.

I also said that I hope his form improves for the Wolves game this weekend - and as an added extra, that all the other players' form improves too . I just feel that PEH has earned and deserved the MOTM award for the last 2 games. Perhaps Ings or Long will be awarded it this weekend with a hatrick ? Let's hope so.
Southampton v Liverpool Your Report added at 13:51:19

Just my opinion, but JWP was poor last night - by his recent standards

I appreciate he was playing more defensively due to the threat from Mane, but with a back 5, there should have been enough cover defensively.

When he did get forward he had plenty of chances to cross but usually passed it back. Sure he created a few chances from corners or dead balls, but he was always going to, as he took every corner and free kick where there was an opportunity to deliver a ball into the box.

What was frustrating was the fact that he ruined a promising attack by being given off side (a basic error from him), not once, but TWICE !!

Then there as his blocked shot that led to the 2nd goal and he didn't track back his man Henderson - allowing him an easy tap in for their 3rd.

For an England International, he had a poor game.

OK so Redmond didn't create any chances, but looked a far more dangerous player, was more of a goal threat and had a far better game.

Hopefully JWP will be back to his best for Wolves next week and help us to those 2 more wins we possibly need.
Southampton v Liverpool Your Report added at 02:09:58
Own worst enemies again.
Good goal, poor finishing should have put us 2 up.
Offside equaliser - crap officials
Too much needless giving the ball away and panic
Long did well to last an hour after injury, but total change of shape and tactics once he was binned.
They score from our corner - same old this season. Had to be Salah
Sims messed around with it on the edge of their box, when it fell to JWP, his shot got block and the fast counter was on !! Why commit so many at 1-1 for a corner FFS ?
That was game over but at least we tried to be more positive with some subs.
60 yard ball and Beds didn't even attempt to head it, then got outskilled on the deck and JWP failed to track back, leaving them with a tap in.

Expected to lose in reality, but the nature of the defeat left a bitter taste in the mouth, with no doubt a full on media w@nkfest to follow.
DM was quite complimentary whilst driving home listening to Solemt, however some utter bell piece phoned in to TalkSport and said that they have won it already and what with Carragher, is it any wonder they are hater as a ream
Southampton v Fulham Your Report added at 00:51:22
A good win against a poor team.

Where has the press gone ? In such a game of high consequence, it was strange for us to be so pedestrian in large stages of the first half, especially when we saw what could be achieved with the pressing just after the goal.
It was as if we were dropping to their level, or certain players were too scared of making errors, so preferred to play it safe.
It was certainly a deserved win and we looked a little more organised at the back, despite still letting Mitrovic in a couple of times. 3 defenders to mark 1 striker - someone please take the responsibility and mark him !! Yoshi was definitely an improvement on Stephens tonight.
Would have liked a bit more attack at the end to improve the goal difference on Brighton, instead we dropped so deep and resorted to hoofing it and hoping it would go to Red or Long.
Who cares though, we won and are now out of the bottom 3.
Great showings from Yoshi, JWP and Hojbjerg and even better to have a clean sheet !!
We need to play better than this on Saturday, but hopefully United picked up a few more injuries or suspensions tonight and we can battle it out for a draw. Maybe Ings will be back too - and even Lemina, as he had Pogba in his pocket in the game at St Marys and a repeat at Old Trafford would really give us a chance. Onwards and Upwards.
Southampton v Cardiff City Your Report added at 19:24:48
Back to the Puelesque displays again. Pedestrian, no urgency, no real threat up top.

Spent virtually the whole game trying to break a team down, but still have far too many defensively minded players on the pitch. Cardiff were obviously going to defend deeply, so why not play 442, or have more creative forward players ?

Cardiff frustrated and time wasted for 70 mins and then decided to venture into out box. A stupidly conceded corner and Vest gifted Cardiff another goal allowing them to take the lead. Still no urgency, yet when we drove in their box we looked like scoring. (Red / Valery etc) Most players still either want to walk it in, or pass when it is better to shoot or vice versa, or don't want the responsibility of shooting.

After equalising at the start of injury time, I actually thought we may go on to win it, but for the 2nd week running in injury time, a Stephens error has cost us valuable points.

I could go on about other individuals, but what is the point. Complacency, team selection, poor tactics, individual errors and poor finishing has cost us again.

Enjoy Tenerife and make sure you get us a surprise result at Arsenal.

.....we need it as Burnley are currently 3-1 up at Brighton and we are 3rd bottom !!
Southampton v Everton Your Report added at 21:29:10
Great win today and good that it was despite going 2 up again - but hey we did that at Leicester too.

Everton offered little to be fair and we had the best of the chances throughout the game, including a couple of chances from Ings that were well saved, a Redmond why that hit the post and an interception that also hit the post.

We eventually took the lead early in the 2nd half. Great work from JWP to win the ball in the middle of the park and he then used strength I didn't know he had, to shrug off a challenge, take the ball on and then lash it into the top left corner from 22 yards.

The 2nd arrived courtesy of another interception / tackle that went towards goal. This time it went in instead of hitting the post. I thought Redmond got it initially, but the shrugging celebration kind of gave it away !!

Surprised at how poor Everton were, or how poor we made them look. Their 2 x £40+m superstars were totally ineffective (despite Sigurdsson tap in) and as for Richarlison, he was the worst player on the pitch and was rightly subbed.

Everton changed things towards the end and threatened a little and eventually pulled one back as we went into injury time when a ball into the box wasn't cleared and it fell to Sigurdsson. It wouldn't have mattered as much if Long hadn't seen his close range volley well saved, but we held on again for not only a win, but a home win !!

Good to have PEH back, who made a difference in the middle. Most of the team did well though, especially as some had played for 2 hours on Wednesday.

I don't know what the ref was doing near the end - not only going to collect the ball for Everton, but then allowing them to take a free kick from the wrong place in injury time (we've got previous after all).

Nice break now to rest and work on Ralfesque tactics. Some key games coming up and we can into them with confidence.
Southampton v Derby County Your Report added at 00:19:06
So so many out of their depth tonight, in a jaded, static display that looked more like a Puel / Pell / Hughes team than a Ralf.

Some were too scared to express themselves and others showed they don't have the ability to perform, even against Championship opposition.

Annoyingly, we started so well too, but soon became pedestrian with a lack of pentration and drive.

Even so, we still did enough to win it in normal and extra time - but hey ho, didn't fancy driving to Acc so early on a Saturday anyway.

Poor miss from Redmond and hoped Gunn would have got a little closer to perhaps 1 of the 5 he faced, but so be it. Focus on the league and staying in the Prem now - but at least tonight shows we need shot of lots, some aren't ready and probably won't ever be and we need to buy experience in this window !!
Huddersfield Town v Southampton Your Report added at 17:40:49
Another good performance, at em from the off and I felt there was only going to be one winner once we were in front.
Well taken goal, but perhaps the through ball from PEH should have been cut out.
Could have had another couple before the penalty, but how good was that to go in at Half Time 2 up.
2nd half couldn't even had another before we conceded.
Don't know what the hell McCarthy was doing though - switched off ? A good save before their goal and a couple after, as we sat back and invited pressure.
Then we were a bit more organised on the break and Obafemi should have scored but put it wide, then scored after Redmond robbed their defender and then could have had another.
At 3-1 all Hudd did was put balls into our box and we dealt with these quite well. Just 1 scare with a ball along the 6 yard line that missed everyone.
Only moan was PEH getting booked so misses the next game and Mbenza standing on Armstrong's tummy - got a yellow but if the ref saw the tread, then it should have been a red.
Bring on West Ham and then it is a couple of easy ones !!
Safe journey back lads, Merry Christmas and see you all at SMS on Thurs
Southampton v Arsenal Your Report added at 10:57:33
Oh what difference a week makes !!

Much improved performance in terms of tempo, pace and passing.

Still get punished for our usual error or 2, but at least we didn't try to shut up shop once in front and it was good to see both teams going for the win.

Defence was much better and seemed to have more organisation and belief, but they still need someone to Marshall.

Passing was also improved, including some quick, short, intricate stuff. Targett needs work here, but as for Yoshi, I don't think he can be taught - many misplaced passes and those that found their man were pinged so hard !! I will let him off though, as despite letting Aubameyang in early on, he won lots of crucial headers at the end and helped us win the game.

Great to see lots of early balls into the box, instead of all this fannying around with it and passing it back, or waiting for the defence to get back. Well taken goals and believe it or not, I think they were our first headed goals of the season !!

No doubt the press will say Arsenal played badly, had an off day/injuries etc and some reports suggest they should have got a draw, but the reality is that we outplayed them, created the better chances and if it wasn't for a big deflection, would have won by a greater margin. Oh why do they dive so much, as soon as they lose the ball - in virtually every position !!

Lastly - Long"s offside goal. The keeper made a great save from Yoshi's header and having looked at it again, the parry goes out, hits the Arsenal defender's leg and Long pokes home - so goal in my book. Difficult to spot and not picked up on MOTD.
Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton Your Report added at 02:33:26
You would have thought everyone would have been up for it from the start, to do a job for Kelvin and to try to impress the new manager.

The reality was that we were slow out of the blocks, Targett not bothering to even challenge for a header that resulted in Son hitting the post after a few minutes.
Switched off for their quick corner and Yoshi ball watching as Kane had a tap in.
2nd goal - another corner not properly cleared and they score as defenders turn their backs on shots.
3rd goal - another error just like Hoedt at Fulham - Targett's clearance from the left back position gets charged down and goes to Kane who crosses for the Son tap in.

We rallied a little for the last half an hour, actually had more chances than Spurs, hit the woodwork 3 times and Loris pulled off some good saves - including getting in the way of JWP's follow up to a PEH shot, when it was easier to score !!

My issue was despite the late rally, the game was already lost by then. Spurs had done their job and took their foot off the gas. It was the first half that we needed the performance of the last half hour.

Our defenders are crap - they train with strikers like Long, Austin, Ings and Gab, who have no goals or fitness in them and are not capable of punishing the mistakes made. They are therefore made to look good, that is until they come up against someone with any real skill, pace or quality !! Roll on the January clear out and window.

What a p1ss poor attendance as well !!
Southampton v Newcastle United Your Report added at 11:46:48
KriSaint - we nearly won the league cup under Puel. It created a slight feel good factor at the time, especially after the Anfield win, plus a massive scramble for tickets. But then it was back to the boring brand of don't lose, but maybe see if we can nick it if we can be bothered football, that CP was ultimately sacked for and it was back to square one.

I don't know what the answer is, but the black box has long gone and there are a few players and board members who should have gone with it. Our scoring record must be the worst ever now, especially at home, and that is now 5 games in a row in the league without a goal. It reminds me of our time under Puel and Pell, especially when Reed took the first bid of £30m for our winger Mane, who has now scored 40 goals in 2 and a bit seasons at Liverpool - which is more than we managed in the whole league season last season !!
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