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Rochdale Football Club 2023/24 - Tough Love - Positivity Thread 13:56 - Mar 27 with 2540 viewsDale_4_Life

This is not a wind up thread the slide down the pole of negativity has to be addressed and quickly. Winning games aside how do we all move forward from here together?.

Can Simon and the board of directors create some togetherness and harmony in what on the face of it is a pretty tough task. 2500 with a shared interest and a common goal can be quite a force should they all stick together regardless of how bad the short term future looks.

I dont think the gates will drop as far as some fear. The 5th tier is not a complete graveyard or it need not be.
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Rochdale Football Club 2023/24 - Tough Love - Positivity Thread on 14:03 - Mar 27 with 2479 views442Dale

By returning to the ethos of it being a ‘fan led’ club. This is not a discussion about investors or the requirement for them, but until that’s sorted then there needs to be a clear direction where the fans can play a part.

That needs to come from the club, and it should have been communicated today after Saturday. Maybe it will, maybe it will come by the end of the week. Maybe we’ll learn more in the Trust newsletter at weekend.

It’s clear supporters are looking for routes forward, for the moment that is merely shouting into a room where nobody appears to want to listen.

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Rochdale Football Club 2023/24 - Tough Love - Positivity Thread on 14:40 - Mar 27 with 2379 viewsToffeemanc

The current silence and lack of any meaningful communication from the boardroom makes moving forward difficult for all parties.
To me it currently feels like everything currently associated with the club is very negative and the board seem to have become entrenched in a negative mindset and an almost "them and us" mentality where fans are concerned, which is strange seeing as they are all fans themselves.

I'm sure they will be very quick to communicate with fans when they need money from season tickets sales for next season in the national league, but until then I'm not expecting to hear anything meaningful from them. They certainly don't appear to have any desire to relieve the manager of his duties and that alone raises a lot of questions regarding next season in the fans minds. I also think the lack of communication and constant delaying (volunteer fan army) or changing of things (fan owned club) is definitely going to have a really negative impact on next years season ticket sales which is only likely to make the whole situation worse than it already is.
Whilst the fans and maybe even the trust can try different things to try to bring everyone together with a shared interest, until the club and board are open, honest and pulling in the same direction there isn't much that can really be achieved.

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Rochdale Football Club 2023/24 - Tough Love - Positivity Thread on 14:52 - Mar 27 with 2354 viewsKnavesmireBob

Pleased to see a thread like this being created after a difficult weekend for us all.

I bang on a lot about the parallels with England cricket and how positive change can manifest quite quickly, and I still feel that's entirely possible with us right now.

Their situation this time last year - beleaguered CEO coming in for lots of criticism. Appoints the right MD in Rob Key. Who appoints the right coach in McCullum. And appoints the right on field captain in Stokes. All completely aligned on need for culture change and focus on meeting the needs/wants of their customer, the fans. Positive transformation quickly follows. CEO no longer comes in for criticism and adopts a more lower profile back seat role.

I'm convinced the same can happen with us if we follow the same process and make the same three appointments, albeit with football-oriented titles. A new CEO with proven football leadership experience, fully focused on us the fans and aligned to our Rochdale values. Appoints the right new manager. Who in turn appoints the right captain. Enabling Simon and the board to go back to being the custodians, and hopefully in time they again become more appreciated for what they've given to us rather than what they lack.

Talking of a new rule by committee, DofFs and recruitment managers is over complication where it's not needed and addressing the symptoms of recent mistakes rather than root causes of why we are where we are.

I also think if we get these right, there's every possibility within a season or two we might not take as read the assumption of the need for external investment.

And for what it's worth, I think the Trust are doing an excellent job in an impossibly difficult situation and I have complete gratitude for everything they do as volunteers on our behalf. I know no one's suggesting anything different, but I just want them to know that at a time when there's not a lot of love and happiness being shared.
Rochdale Football Club 2023/24 - Tough Love - Positivity Thread on 15:07 - Mar 27 with 2313 viewsDale_4_Life

Just to add Fan led is not something i would be in favour of but Fan engaged is a must.

The board will still have the vast majority of fans onside I suspect IF they can start the above. Simon 100% wants the best for Dale as we all do so there is common ground.

It will not change my Saturday much, Couple of pints on the way to Spotland have a pie and watch some football 3-5pm. Its noticable that we do have families coming and some of the kids absolutley love comng to Spotland despite this season being poor on the pitch. Speaking to a semi regular (Full time United fan) at the weekend and his two sons love it that much that he will buy 3 season cards next year.

This is not the end of the world the level we are heading. Tier 5 still has BT sport and tabloid coverage and a winning run could see an increase in crowds from this season like Wrexham and Notts County.

Its how we respond and bounce back now. Over to the board lets get behind them when we hear what they need from us as supporters.
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