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at 18:38 12 Feb 2020

Signs first por contract until summer 2021 ... official site.
Photographs from last night
at 11:18 26 Sep 2019

And Luke interview
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Pink (raspberry really )
at 21:56 6 Aug 2019

I have no evidence for this whatsoever, but it seems to me that our results better wearing the pink strip than the blue one. Are results better in Pink? Anyone?
Manchester Airport
at 19:27 25 May 2019

I arrived back in the UK yesterday afternoon with my wife (a wheelchair user), my sister-in-law and my 90-year-old mother in-in-law to be greeted by utter chaos.
Having eventually negotiated the "assistance lane" (there was none) at passport control and found our suitcases, we exited terminal 2 to be greeted by a 300-yard walk to a car park to find our taxi, apparently, they can no longer pick up outside the arrivals hall. It took us over 30 minutes to walk along a roughly tar-macadamed path into the West car park which was a scene of total chaos and find our taxi. Our taxi had been waiting over half an hour and couldn't get to the disabled pickup point inside the car park and even when we eventually persuaded an attendant to let him into a quiet area, we were boxed in by selfish people simply stopping anywhere to pick up their relatives and then finding they could not operate the exit barriers.

If you are planning to use Manchester this summer and are disabled or have a disabled person in your party, I strongly recommend that you do not. The place is a shambles.
at 12:59 18 Mar 2019

Of all the things the pitch needs, more use over the Summer is probably not one of them.

We’re pleased to announce a pitch-hire period at the end of the 2018/19 season, perfect for corporate clients or fans who want to get together with family & friends.<br><br>Follow this link for more details 👉 #RAFC

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Worn shirts on Ebay:
at 17:06 17 Feb 2019

Had to laugh, Logans is XXXL and Perkins are XS
£25 -£40 + £5 P&P each
We must be getting desperate for cash!
Dear Marketing Dept.
at 21:39 22 Jan 2019

Do you think perhaps someone could nip over to your Youtube channel and swap the main picture for a more up-to-date one? I realise its probably a somewhat bigger faff than having to change the fixture board every week but look on the bright side, at least no one needs to go outside in the cold to do it.

at 21:56 3 Nov 2018

I am impressed, great touch, quick feet, vision, looks to get the ball forwards, tricky and has clearly got a good engine. His arrival in the side has coincided with an upturn in the standard of football and results. ... now if only we had a couple of goal scorers!
Played 5 won3 Lost 1 Drawn 1
January Window
at 19:57 15 Oct 2018

Am I right in thinking that someone said that KH mentioned post match that there will be 1, maybe 2 players moving on in January and that they would be replaced from within?
Any thoughts on who he was referring to? Sales or contract maneuvers? Was it a general threat or a simple statement of fact as in "a deal has been done"?
Danes field team of amateurs
at 22:15 5 Sep 2018

From the Sun (sorry, the first report I could find)
Slovakia vs Denmark LIVE SCORE: Slovakia 3 Denmark 0
Danes field team of amateur footballers and futsal players
Denmark field team devoid of their stars such as Christian Eriksen and Kasper Schmeichel with a sponsorship disagreement rendering the regular squad unavailable

Wonder who picked the team? It doesn't say much for these overpaid prima donnas that they can't even agree to pull their national shirt on over a little thing like money. To be honest I don't know why they expect to be paid to play for their country anyway.

Sunderland off to a good start?
at 12:46 14 Jul 2018

Lost 1-0 at Darlington in friendly. Oh dear, never mind, we have all been there.
Footage from League Cup final 1962
at 23:49 27 Nov 2017

I don't think I have seen this before, I recognise Stan Milburn and Ted Burgin, Ray Aspden and Jimmy Thompson.
Rafferty signs new contract
at 14:56 19 May 2017

at 20:31 18 Apr 2017

Yesterday we played Coventry City off the pitch and so far 6 of the 7 teams above us have failed to beat us at the COA. We play on equal terms against the likes of Bolton, Millwall and Sheffield United. Teams that in the past would have brushed us aside without a thought now have to stand toe to toe with us and often come unstuck. Best of all no one thinks we are a laughing stock anymore, no pushover, no easy 3 points, no opportunity to play a few kids or borderline squad members. Best of all we can all go to matches expecting that we will get a result.
We have 20, 21, 22-year-old kids playing like seasoned Professionals (which they are).
Kids from Premiership clubs actually want to come and play for us.
And we play an exciting brand of football previously only seen in visiting teams.
We own the stadium and are at the start of the biggest ticket-selling promotion in living memory.
Am I the only one who thinks this is nothing less than amazing?
Let's test the ST pricing theory:
at 18:02 20 Mar 2017

I normally buy 1 season ticket and my son gets to about 10 or 12 games a season at £170-- £204 so I will commit to:

1 Usual plus 1 Extra

Add your intentions onto this thread as a running total and let's see if the statistics support the idea as far as this forum is concerned.
Redshaw: post operation
at 14:49 2 Mar 2017

No wonder he is a footballer, look at the size of his feet!

Pitch ready for football
at 19:53 16 Feb 2017

Met Jack the Kitman in Tesco this afternoon and apparently, the team is training on the new pitch tomorrow!
Hogan - £15m or no deal?
at 21:13 10 Jan 2017

The Hammers have had a £12.5m bid rejected. Brentford apparently holding out for the full £15m valuation they have set.

Will Hogan ever join the pantheon of former Rochdale strikers* to grace the Claret and Blue of West Ham?
* David Cross and Alan Taylor
at 21:07 13 Nov 2016

Just been looking at yesterday's ref (Ross Joyce)and comparing his penchant for chucking cards about compared to his peers:
Keith Stroud tops the list for yellows at 87 in 19 (4.57)games and reds- 8 in 19 games ( 2.37 games per red)
Ross Joyce has refereed 19 games and given out 85 Y (4.47 per game) and 5R cards ( a Red every 3.8 games
Charles Breakspear has the highest average yellows per game at 81Y (4.8 per game) and 4 red in 17 games - (1 every 4.25 games)

The next 7 referees in terms of games played have averaged just over 3Y per game and a red every 7.4 games

Clearly, there is a very marked difference in the way that 3 of these 10 referees go about their business. You would imagine that as the season progresses the stats would even out but what seems clear at this stage is that there are some referees who are interpreting the rules in a very different way or who have a different attitude to their job when compared to their peers.

Incidentally, 64% of the yellow cards handed out by Ross Joyce have been to the visiting team as have 100% of his 5 Red cards.
Notts County Checkatrade match £5
at 16:52 19 Sep 2016

Well done the club for continuing the low pricing. There is time before this match to get some basic market survey questionnaires ready to at least find out if the price really is a major factor and if the low pricing is attracting people who would not normally attend.
[Post edited 19 Sep 2016 16:53]
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