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Oops... unintended consequences.....
at 12:21 6 Jun 2024

Premiership money to the EFL in jeopardy?

NFR Queensway closed both ways...
at 17:45 5 Mar 2024

Anyone know whats happening? Lots of police positioned along the road....? Traffic nearby is horrendous..
Mane having trials at Southampton
at 21:12 19 Feb 2024

Didn't take them long to figure out we have another promising youngster did it ? No doubt we will end up with £20 quid and a length of drainpipe for the Main Stand....and it will be an excellent deal for him and us!

Accrington for sale
at 09:30 19 Jan 2024

Andy Holt on "X " sounds frustrated with the FA , EFL and the Premiership... put simply, his business is propping up the football club and he is worried it may damage his business. He is keen to get a football regulator in place...

Easy fundraising, New Years Resolution
at 16:21 4 Jan 2024

We have 356 members and have now raised over £8k so,far.
At the moment, Just Eat is paying up to 13%... if you are booking holidays, changing your broadband / TV supplier, doing the weekly shop online, etc etc. sign up using the link below, send it to your friends and family, workmates etc.. Cheaper than buying shares or raffle tickets and the money soon adds up ....2000 users adding just 30p a week ( ie. A Just Eat order or a Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Iceland, etc. delivery) would add over £30k a year into the Trusts coffers, over 10,000 more shares! Its free, easy and costs you nowt!... Do it now!

Sign up here:

Buying more shares?
at 17:16 3 Jan 2024

Since the BoD is notoriously backwards at coming forwards in terms of actually attempting to sell shares in the club to mere supporters, is it time to nail our colours to the mast and declare our intentions to buy (or perhaps reasons for not buying other than the obvious lack of brass) some of the 50,000 shares recently made available?
Personally I suppose I am going to have to tell SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) that I intend to get another 100.. not a big dent in the total but at least a small effort....and perhaps making a difference when the bills have to be paid

Anyone else?

McNulty on this afternoon
at 20:09 1 Jan 2024

The guy looks shattered. Football is a cruel game at times

Moulden Assists... 5!
at 16:05 28 Dec 2023

Just hear the interview with Louie apparently he now has 5 assists...
This propelled me to Google.. and from the Liverpool website...

"Since the founding of the current English top flight in 1992, only eight goalkeepers have laid on three or more goals for their team-mates.

In the past 30 years, only three – Paul Robinson (five), Pepe Reina (four) and David Seaman (four) – have assisted more times than Alisson, who is level with Mark Crossley, Tim Howard, Jussi Jaaskelainen and Peter Schmeichel".
1. Paul Robinson – 5*
=2. Pepe Reina – 4
=2. David Seaman – 4
=3. Alisson – 3*
=3. Mark Crossley – 3
=3. Tim Howard – 3*
* denotes scoring a goal
Electricity bill....
at 12:42 22 Nov 2023

Whilst waiting for KO last night, I wondered if the club might not be better off buying a generator.. As I am not an electrician, the complexities escape me but there are some fairly big diesel generators selling as new,for £10-15k . And as our main sponsor Crown Oil now sells " green diesel" might it be possible to lower our energy bill fairly substantially by bringing in a generator and running it with Green Diesel with Crown Oil's help? You would imagine the opportunities for Crown oil to promote their product would be useful and the reduction in bills at the club would be more than welcome and on-going.
Accrington up for sale
at 22:57 21 Oct 2023

Andy Holt has had enough......

Easy fundraising
at 21:15 16 Aug 2023

I just thought I would bump this again.... Please remember to use easyfundraising every time you shop online. Over 7,000 brands will donate to us, including all the big names like eBay, John Lewis & Partners, Argos, ASOS, Expedia, M&S, Just Eat, Uswitch and many more! This means you can raise FREE donations for us no matter what you’re buying. If you haven’t signed up to support us yet, it’s easy and completely FREE. These donations really help us, so it would be great if you could take a moment to get started! You can find our easyfundraising page here:

Check out your online retailers here

I know there must be dozens using Just Eat and not bothering to claim a donation.. Its stupidly easy and it adds up , 15p here 50p there and much bigger amounts if you are switching your Broadband or TV or going on holidays ... Every little helps! Especially if you get a Tesco delivery!

Use it 5 times and they give an extra £2 to the Trust.. its money for very little effort.

There are 1000 Trust members and only 347 registered for this easy fundraising idea. £1 a month each would raise £12k a year I only use it for my groceries but I raised £25 in a year easily £12,000 is 5000 shares a year!
New Academy Boss Announced
at 18:57 11 Jul 2023

Have to admit I wasn't sure if they would bother ....
[Post edited 11 Jul 2023 18:58]
NFR The Royal Mail
at 12:03 9 Jun 2023

I have just sent this to the CEO and the Complaints Dept. Is anyone else having problems?
Dear Sir/ Madam
On Monday a white van stopped outside my home, a man in a Hi-Viz got out and dropped a parcel in front of my garage in plain view of the road, jumped back into his van and drove off
I was expecting a 1m Spirit Level, inside the small box he left was a silver trinket box!
It was addressed to a house half a mile away.
I decided to deliver the parcel myself.
On arriving at the address, there was no one home so I left a message on their digital doorbell.
The parcel I was expecting to be delivered was marked as “delivered” on your tracking system.
I tried to call you but apparently no one works on Monday afternoons...

On Tuesday the correct owners of the trinket box turned up and collected their parcel with grateful thanks.

The next day, Wednesday, a neighbour contacted me. A woman about half a mile away in the opposite direction had received a parcel meant for me and had posted a request on Facebook for anyone who knew me to get in touch as she was disabled and couldn’t deliver it herself.

I went round and found my Spirit Level at her house , it had been shoved through her letter box! She had not been expecting a parcel!

So now after a game of “pass the parcel”, and thanks to the honesty of the people involved everyone had the parcel they were expecting.

Today, Friday, I get a call from The Royal Mail, unfortunately I didn’t get to the phone on time and it went to answer phone and switched off, I rang back and found myself in a Byzantine Labyrinth of button pressing and questions, none of which I could answer as you rang me!

If this is an example of how the Royal Mail treats is customers and their parcels, it is a very poor one, Fortunately for you, honesty and ingenuity has overcome your ineptness and and frankly appalling, delivery system. Do you actually employ people who can’t read? It seems like it!

My previous experience of a Royal Mail delivery involved some live plants, well, they were alive when they left the Nursery, they arrived 12 days later, having been delivered to the wrong address and eventually that person walked up the street with them.

I note you charged the sender of the parcel you dropped outside my Garage nearly £5 to have the parcel “signed for”
Clearly if you are charging for this service and just dropping parcels off in front of peoples houses in plain view, you are participating in a fraud. What is to stop someone simply following your vans and picking up the parcels?

Frankly, I don’t expect to hear your apologies or explanations for this embarrassing episode. But I shall be posting this letter on my social media channels far and wide, and as you should know, a dissatisfied customer will tell everyone about their poor service. I understand the The Royal Mail is close to going bust, perhaps you will remember this incident when you are in the queue at the job centre? Its all a bit shit isn’t it?
Median incomes for Towns in the NL next season
at 19:27 7 Jun 2023

I looked up the 2022 figures for Median gross weekly earnings for full-time employees in all the towns whose clubs we will be playing against in the coming season
It doesn't look as if anything got easier:
The figures are from ONS ASHE 2022

It sort of explains the prices some clubs are able to charge based on the greater amounts of disposable income in the South of the country.

Solihull £776
Woking £767
Maidenhead £735
Borehamwood £728
Oxford £718
Bromley £717
Fylde £697
Dorking £687
Wealdstone £661
Eastleigh £660
Northfleet £652
Aldershot £649
Barnet £626
York £622
Altrincham £621
Dagenham £616
Hartlepool £612
Southend-on-Sea £601
Oldham £578
Gateshead £577
Halifax £575
Chesterfield £554
Kidderminster £549
Rochdale £537

Oldham away on Boxing Day?
at 13:02 6 Jun 2023

Reverse fixtures on New Years Day?

Seem to be some debate about if GMP will "allow" such a fixture .....
Matheson released by Wolves
at 14:15 3 Jun 2023

We need a couple of fullbacks.....

"six members of the under-21s squad will depart Wolves during the summer, including Taylor Perry, who joined as a seven-year-old and Luke Matheson who signed for Wolves in January 2020, with fresh challenges hopefully awaiting all".
RMBC ... Parking restrictions on match days and nights around Spotland?
at 12:00 31 May 2023

The fightback starts here
at 14:43 24 Apr 2023

OK Ladies and Gentlemen. What has happened has happened and we have arrived at a new reality. we have a choice to make, either we continue to search for scapegoats and apportion blame or we accept that financially we are in no fit condition to play competitive football in the EFL with crowds of 2000 home supporters and and that we need to start the long march to put the club in a financially self-sustaining position. Whatever your thoughts are about a new investor, the key to all our problems is cash, we have to sweat the assets and make more money!

There are two more Trust meetings and I would suggest an urgent addition to the topics being discussed there might be "How to create a fan base of 5000 regular match attendees and 5000 casuals who will support the club by other means". Long winded, I accept, but you get the gist...

Put simply, without far more engagement in the community and at matches, we will never be sustainably financed, or we will become beholden to an investor who may or may not be around for the long haul.

Lets start the ball rolling...
1. how do we extract £1m+ a year from sources outside the club (off field) to replace the idea that we occasionally benefit from an FA cup run (which is now highly improbable) or a player sale which effectively reduces the on-field performance and will probably not attract the sort of money we have been accustomed to receiving.

If we accept the old adage that "by the inch its a cinch and by the yard its hard",
How many ways can we think of to raise £10,000 a year?
I have started a list of some of the ideas I have had over the last few weeks

1. Sell team shirts to local junior and senior clubs...
we have a relationship with a manufacturer now, there are probably well over 100 junior teams who all need kit, each currently buying separately. By bulk buying, we could sell shirts at cost and give a free ticket to every junior player and their mum or dad and organise trips to the ground for each junior club. maybe no profit but huge potential for getting regular supporters in the future

2. Dark Kitchen
A takeaway kitchen at COA utilising one of the 2 kitchens (but apparently we need to install Gas at a cost of £30k), potentially worth well over £2000 per week net profit. No customers, just delivery (hence dark, no shop lights etc.). there are companies to help with this. so an average order is say £20, net profit is about 15% because we already have a kitchen. so after all expenses 100 orders a night will produce £300 net profit, x 365 = £110K per year. We have 1000s of potential users we can advertise to.

3. Electronic Advertising Displays
A large electronic display on the Sandy Lane end of the Wilbutts Stand
a 15 second advert could be shown 4320 times a day(18 hours per day)at £0.2p per impression (showing) that's £86.40p per day or £31,536 a year. Imagine having 3 or 4 more around the town! Or, maybe we should lease something like this and have it running around town every day!

4. Gold Bond
Work needs to start now, if we are getting this back from the current organisers in November 100 new rounds x 25 customers x 52 weeks is £130k add in online sales of say 500 per week and you get to £150k.... less prizes and costs could clear £75k PA

5. Gold Bond advertising
Turn the results sheet into a vouchers pack for club sponsors, club events and other local companies - a win win,

6. Gold Bond Results Newsletter / club Newsletter
an electronic newsletter going to 4-5000 people each week would be worth £200-£250 in sponsorship weekly

7. Win a Car
Like you might have seem at airports or in shopping malls. We are sponsored by Kia, lets get one of their cheapest cars and sell raffle tickets for £2 each (say 15000 tickets) with a view to presenting the car to a winner at Christmas. A Kia Picanto is now just over £12,000 new so £18,000 profit less cost of sales.( could be an add on for Gold Bond sales!)

8. Sportsman's Dinners
The newly refurbished Town Hall could be the venue if the Ratcliffe etc isn't big enough. 3 a year could easily raise £10k

9. Business ticket bundles
There are over 16,000 businesses in Rochdale, 2.174 companies in Rochdale are medium sized businesses with 5 — 50 employees. There are 253 top companies in Rochdale with at least 50 employees
A bundle of 2 season tickets and 10 hospitality meals for £500 would be a great offer sell 20 to make £10,000 sell 200 to make £100,000

10. Christmas parties
At £45 per ticket for a meal a band and a DJ a table of 10 is worth £450, say £150 profit
sell 20 tables for 10 nights running up too Christmas and you make £30,000

11. Christmas Raffle
A decent Christmas Raffle should easily make £10,000 with donated prizes and a sponsor for the back of the tickets (voucher?)

12. Club shop
Restocking the club shop with the right products pre-Christmas should make another £10k example ...

13. Christmas cards
20,000 Christmas cards cost £0.12p each selling as packs of 20 for £10 = £10k

14. Dale Ale
500 dozen Bottles/ cans of specially brewed beer, lots of craft breweries offer this service. It may not make £10k, but it would be fun!

15. Advertising revenue from Website
The website is a bone of contention at the moment, I guess we will continue to use the EFL template for the time being, but we need to develop our own website with online ticket sales and the ability to buy gold bond and other raffle tickets etc. Planning for this early will create a better product capable of adding passive income.

16. Easyfunding
I have raised £24 in the last 10 months or so just from my fortnightly grocery delivery, the rewards for people switching TV and Broadband are up to £40 a go. 3 or 400 regular shoppers and switchers could easily raise £10000 a year. the |Trust already does this and even if we did it via the trust, ultimately they could buy more shares and put money into the club.

17. E Bay sales
It struck me that the club shop is probably often quiet, so there is an opportunity to be selling and despatching goods sold on Ebay , perhaps donated by fans who are having a clear out.

18. Car boot sales
10x summer Car boot sales on the car park @ £15 a car x 50 / 60 cars could raise £10k PLUS the Ratcliffe could be busier too

19. Farmers Market
Like a car boot sale but with fewer stall and charging stands more , so 25 stalls at £30 each x 10 per year - £7500

20. Summer kids camp
Norden Primary used to get 2000 kids playing football for a week . Most camps now charge £10+ per day , we would need to use Oulder Hill and maybe Redbrook too ( some goodwill will need to be built there) plus the COA but the potential over the summer using Community staff, some of the young players etc is huge , 1000 x 5days x £10 per day is £50,000 less costs.....

21. Has the Club contacted ex-Season Ticket / Card holders with a short survey as to why people are not renewing

22. Set up a desk or a stand around the district say Exchange, Riverside, Asda, Tesco, Aldi etc.etc & survey / canvas opinions of the general public during the summer months

23. Allow smoking at half time (sorry... had to put that in there)..

23. Make the prediction league a chargeable competition & profits to the Club

24. Rent the pitch out when not in use?

25. Summer BBQ's

26. Spend some time looking at what other Clubs sell in their on line Club Shops

27. I suppose this is a wider question... Family Tickets rather than age ranged

28. RAFC Scratch Cards (does that fall under our gaming license?, I recall the Supporters Coach doing one but admittedly it's a long time since I was on one)

29. Dale "Lager" - not everyone likes Real Ale

OK that's my 20 or so worth about £500K and mostly new money, we need more... any others got ideas?
I will add them below so we end up with a big list

30. Stadium Events .. noting that tickets for bands I have never heard of are costing £40-50, I imagine that there is scope for a decent profit using the stadium for a couple of concerts during the summer if the acts can be booked at sensible rates. I have seen Lisa Stansfield at a suggested price of £25k which at £40 per ticket doesn't seem impossible if you sell 1500+ tickets

31. Season ticket cashback / draw after reaching milestones for sales with vouchers and discounts from sponsors and other outlets.

32. 5 a side competition with an entry fee per team with prizes. And entry fee shared with club and other teams

33. Cheaper tickets for Low income and Benefits families ( we have done this in the past via a council leisure pass of some sort)

34. Bring catering back in house and do Christmas type parties for Fathers day, Easter carvery, etc. ...( I have a scheme for developing our own range of pies that could be sold in chip shops and frozen in Tesco etc.... How about "The Big Reg" Meat and Potato or "The Hendo 40" Cheese and Onion"???

35. Organise buses from outskirts of town to the ground and back on matchdays , picking up / dropping off in the town centre.. couple this with the reduced tickets for low income families??

36. Have tickets on sale in the town centre on matchdays... or maybe have a kiosk in the new shopping centre selling match tickets, Gold Bond and "win a car" tickets 7 days a week in exchange for some advertising at the ground or a promotional event?

37. Workplace Ambassadors
There are some 2000 local businesses big enough to warrant having a "workplace Ambassador". someone who can put up posters, fixture lists, organise workplace trips to a match and present the idea of the company buying a couple of season tickets for staff use, selling raffle tickets, GB etc. Someone to suggest holding the Christmas Party at the COA etc. If we could get to a couple of hundred Ambassadors, each one generating £500 a year in new revenue, that would be £100k ... Ambassadors could also be a vehicle for handing out flyers, news sheets etc, Sell £1000 , get your nest season ticket free! Any Volunteers?

[Post edited 27 Apr 2023 14:00]
Andrew Hilton
at 13:14 6 Apr 2023

I am saddened to report that Andrew, son of former Club Director Len Hilton passed away overnight. There are few details available at the moment but I will update as I know more.
Andrew was a staunch Dale fan and will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.
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