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General election looming?
at 19:49 22 Oct 2019

Who would people vote in in Rochdale?

Lab? A bloke who has voted against every single attempt to deliver Brexit?
Lib: A bloke or woman who would do the same?
Tory? In Rochdale?

I reckon this town could actually vote in a Farage candidate if a general election was called.
It’s not every day you get to play Manchester United
at 00:23 25 Sep 2019

I hope everyone involved with RAFC enjoys tonight, can’t wait myself.

Chairman’s boardroom, directors seats, changing room, plush dugouts, manager shaking hands with Mr Turban and settling back into a seat that even the most avid gamer would fancy.

For the players it should be memorable for the rest of their life, irrelevant of result or opposition. If you think of a world star of football, he has most likely played at that Stadium.

Older fans will remember the other time we played there, i can still visualise it and hopefully some of the younger fans will be able to say the same in 30 years.

Jay Lynch
at 19:08 19 Aug 2019

New signing

26 year old keeper, 2 year deal
[Post edited 19 Aug 2019 19:09]
Scunthorpe goal today
at 21:56 4 May 2019

There is tons of condemnation of Scunny for the goal and not allowing Plymouth walk a goal into their net as Leeds did but.....

When he went to roll out the ball he did so very comfortably
When the lob came back he was able to step back four times and leap to try to save it
After the goal went in he was able to walk around complaining

3 minutes later, he had to be carried off with a man either side of him as he couldn't put any weight on his left foot.

I think the truth is more like he got a slight knock, as his team were winning but a bit under the cosh he went to take a tactical injury, got called out and then faked the extent of his injury to illicit sympathy/prove the point to Scunny that he was genuinely injured and it was a despicable act.

Not doubting that he went to roll the ball out, but doubting whether this was for a genuine reason of a tactical one.

Made no difference in the end of course.
Word of mouth
at 10:09 23 Dec 2018

I have it on good authority from a very reliable source that today there is a small degree of happiness amongst a select few Rochdale fans.

These fans, known as ‘realists’ are reported to be over the moon that Rochdale not only won, but also away, a long long way away, where we normally get nowt, on a cold December saturday. It is rumoured that some of these were even happy for Calum Camps and even more remarkably, Jordan Williams.

This sweeping mood of bon homie has been put down to The Magic of Christmas. It’s even rubbing of on others, with a decrease in ‘our manager is a clueless meglomaniac’ posts and questioning of individual players.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa bringing bagfuls of transfer rumours and in the know posts, but they can all wait for the new year, that is of course if we still have a club in January given us being less financially stable than an umployed gamblaholic and the four horsemen may ride out if we lose to Blackpool on Boxing Day.

Deck the Hill with loads of money
Fa la la la la, buy a strika
We should soon see old Joe Bunney
Fa la la la la, lanky winga

Another one gone
at 09:52 18 Dec 2018

Adios, José.

Not wholey unsurprising.
at 22:54 23 Sep 2018

Tiger about to win
Rose wins $10M

Cracking Fedex finish
The Beardy Trophy
at 23:08 18 Aug 2018

Any of our lot got it?

I’ve been politely asked by a lady.
Last call to register for ticket ballot for ICC World Cup 2019
at 09:04 30 May 2018

Non footy but i know there are a few cricket fans out there.

Closing date for applications for tickets is tomorrow i think.

Rochdale Release List 2018
at 14:34 15 May 2018
[Post edited 15 May 2018 14:36]
The Pitch
at 19:33 7 May 2018

Paid for entirely by RAFC, as confirmed by our Chairman today in his end of season wrap up.

Just in case anybody still thinks it was paid by Tottenham or Talk Sport or Alan Shearer or BBC or the fairy god mother.

A few slips and lots of tennis ball bounces aside, the re-laid pitch held up well this season through to the end on Sat.
Premiership Financials 2016-2017
at 01:03 20 Apr 2018

◾All 20 clubs made an operating profit
◾18 clubs made a pre-tax profit

If I was a football agent I'd be asking for a bit more for my under paid starlet!
The day that Dale died
at 21:37 18 Apr 2018

R.i.p. Dale Winton. Checked out at the young age of 62
Haters gonna hate
at 23:31 1 Apr 2018

Get in there Poults!!

Fairytale win.
24 hour turnaround
at 00:31 31 Mar 2018

No Sandpaper involved.

New Zealand 17/4. I expect to wake up to a Southee century.
Cheating Convicts
at 20:16 24 Mar 2018

Opening batsman caught red handed. Aussie Captain admits he knew about it and it was planned by the team leadership team.

Having been caught red handed, they have admitted the above. Their penitance is awesome.

Bancroft has said he will deal with the damage to his reputation. (Well, there’s nothing other thsn that that you can do)
Bancroft has said he regrets he did it (because he was caught)
He also admits to shoving the tape down his fronts (because he was caught)
Smith has said he will not stand down (because he has no honour)
Smith has said it will not ever happen again (because you got caught)

Just like Michael Atherton, down right cheating has happened and is being swerved by the perpetrators.

Hope the ICC act with some backbone.

Half school day
at 18:39 18 Feb 2018

I hope i don’t get fined.
Tottenham scouting report leaked
at 00:51 16 Feb 2018

Early warning: Broadsheets and Red Tops will print tomorrow a leaked report of scouting by RAFC of Tottenham ever since the two clubs were drawn to play each other in the FA Cup.

This behind the scenes expose of football life will shock fans to the core and leave questions unanswered about security, privacy and player safety.

I think it is only fair that this should be seen by Rochdale Fans first, before the proverbial hits the proverbial. So here it is.

Rochdale Association Football Club Scouting Report: Tottenham Hotspur
Date: 14/2/18
Signed: ********

Manager: Typical Cockney, hard to understand.

1. Hugo Lloris: Very tall
2. Kieran Trippier: Bit rough as from Burnley
3. Danny Rose: Runs a lot
4. Toby Alderwield: Foreign
5. Jan Vertonghen: Also Foreign
7: Heung-Min Son: Really Foreign
10. Kane: Shoots a lot. Watch out.
11: Erik Lamela: Named after a Terry Gilliam film.
13: Michael Vorm: Dutch: Vormsprung durch technick as they say in Rotterdam.
15: Eric Dier: Better than his name suggests
17: Moussa Sissoko: Geordie
18: Fernando Llorente: Flashy Spaniard
20: Dele Alli: Softy
22: Paul Gazzaniga: Geordie.
23: Eriksen: Tricky
24; Serge Aurier: Made in Chelsea chap
29: Harry Winks: Youth Team Player
33: Ben Davies: Notts County reject
37: Kyle Walker-Peters: Double barrelled posh boy.

Tottenham usually play a 11 player formation which can range from having 1 goalkeeper and 10 outfield players or 10 outfield players and a goalkeeper. They are prone to attack both wide and through the middle and try to shoot when they think they can score.

Player to watch out for: Ricardo Villa, tough tackling no nonsense defender

Welcome to Rochdale: Travelling Tottenham Hotspur Fans Guide
at 00:17 11 Feb 2018

Hi All (Dale Fans)

As we all know, there will be approximately 3500 Tottenham Hotspur fans making their way from Wembley up to Rochdale next Saturday.

As most of us know, the tradition of RAFC and Rochdale fans is to be as welcoming, helpful and charming as possibly possible.

I think it is important that we therefore have a thread that follows this long held belief. So here it is.

Please post tips and advice as best as you can
The magic of the cup (part 4)
at 00:42 27 Jan 2018

Never has a 4th round FA Cup match been talked about less.

Come on lads, win this one and we could get Sheff Weds in the next round.Same tactics as Donny for me.

Calvin up front, Lillis at the back, Jim in front and 8 others. Hope for a ref who doesn’t like being harrangued and you never know.
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