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Thank You
at 19:44 27 Nov 2021

Following on from Robbie Stockdale's interview after the Exeter City match (where he references the fact we have defeated multiple takeover attempts, and next weekend's FA Cup tie is an opportunity to reflect & celebrate where we are as a club), it feels like the right time to draw a line under the ongoing saga, thank a few people and reset ahead of 2022 and beyond.

To Andrew Kelly - thank you for making the right (but difficult) decision not to sell out to Morton House. We know that decision has come at great expense (financial, health and physical) but without your decision on that fateful Sunday, who knows where we would be now? Thank you.

To Col - we know you won't enjoy being singled out for a name check, but without your 'Open letter to AK' thread and the countless hours you have spent spearheading the campaign to save Dale (including having to have actual conversations with the likes of Andy Curran and Matt Southall), as well as your fantastic leadership of the Trust, we firmly believe we may still not have the club in safe hands today. Thank you.

To Cloughie (& the executors of the will), your legacy will live long in the folklore of the football club. The estate you left enabled the Trust to become the single biggest shareholder in the club, and on behalf of the fan base they will continue to work in the best interests of Dale. Thank you.

To Simon Gauge, and the new Board of Directors, thank you for stepping up to take over the reigns of a sinking ship, steadying it and setting it back on the right course. We wouldn't want to have to deal with the stuff you have (including threats and intimidation from certain parties, the rotting remains of a previous dictatorship, and a club that was being run into the ground) since taking over - rest assured you have the backing of the fanbase and we look forward to seeing the club flourish under your leadership. Special mention too to Graham Morris, Trevor Butterworth & John Smallwood who set the wheels in motion for you to take over the club. It would be amiss at this point to not mention the late, great David Kilpatrick. Alongside Mr Morris, one of the original ‘Overcoat Men’ – a role model of what custodianship of Dale looks like, and a true example for Simon Gauge et al to follow. Thank you.

To RochdaleAFC.com thank you for providing a platform for the brilliant work referenced elsewhere in this post. Despite repeated legal threats from various parties, you moderated the discussion diligently to ensure that all relevant information was, and still is, able to be viewed by any member of the public who is interested to know what has gone on, and just how close we came. Thank you.

To our shareholders – thank you to our original shareholders for fighting the proposals of the previous board to allow them carte blanche to sell the club to the highest bidder without (by their own admission) due diligence, and for supporting our new board in their determination to hold a new share issue, safeguarding the future of the club. & to our new shareholders – welcome to the club… your support (both financial and moral) means that our club is now owned by more than 500 individual fans, and means it will be substantially more difficult for any future people to try and gain a majority shareholding in Dale. Thank you.

To RAFCBLUE (plus Judd and all the others on here and across the internet) who spent hours and hours digging up information on anybody who was showing an interest in getting their hands on Dale - the information you provided has helped prevent a disaster - just as importantly, you've demonstrated to any future wannabes just what lengths Dale fans will go to in order to protect this club. Thank you.

To Fitzochris, a real fan of the club and fantastic journalist – thank you for continuing to report on matters of importance to Dale fans, for holding individuals within the club to account, and for your honesty and integrity with matters related to the previous board. Thank you.

To The Trust (board, members and supporters), under Col's leadership you have role modelled what a supporters' trust can do... we bought our 'This Is My Club' scarves today and wore them with pride. Thank you.

To Alexander Jarvis - thank you for essentially not being a great broker of football club sales. Without your intervention, it would've been a lot easier for Morton House / Matt Southall to take over this club. For the absolute comedy of errors - thank you.

To Tony Lloyd MP, Nancy Frostick and Matt Slater of the Athletic, Ian King of Football 365, the Price of Football podcast, and various other publications thank you for continuing to spread the word of our plight over the Summer. Thank you for giving a balanced view to the wider football family, and for helping to keep the spotlight on the aggressors of the hostile takeover who, before this Summer, were suspiciously absent from any online footprint. Thank you.

It would be wrong at this point to not highlight the challenges we faced from biased and inaccurate reporting, disappointingly in the main from the BBC, which could’ve done real damage to our attempts to protect the club, as well as reputational and financial damage to the club on a longer term basis. As much as we will forever remember the amazing work done by countless people, we will also not forget the lack of support from publications and politicians who sadly did not match their public values and commitments with actions and support. We won’t call them out here, but they know who they are and they can expect to be challenged in future when they claim to care about sports, and the lower leagues, in the North West.

To supporters up and down the land, but particularly Southend United, Charlton Athletic, Oldham Athletic and Swindon Town trusts who gave immeasurable amounts of support to our campaign, alongside information and contacts, without which we would’ve struggled to gain the traction that we did on social media and in the press. We are aware of the ongoing situation at Oldham, too, and will continue to support them however we can. If this Summer taught us one thing, it would be that when the chips are down the wider football family will come together to support one of our own.

& to the countless fans who supported in whatever way they could - be it expertise to the new board, expertise to the Up The Dale Not For Sale campaign, sharing social media content, contributing to share issues, driving around the NW finding existing shareholders, spreading the word at Dale games, chanting 'Up The Dale Not For Sale' at matches - anything at all over the past 7 or 8 months... Thank You

The problem with a post like this is that we always run the risk of missing key people out... obviously that is not our intention and we'll say again, to anybody who helped keep the wolves from the door - thank you.

Clearly Morton House are not going away forever - with a rumoured £1.2 million investment they will want to get that back. A c.23% share in Rochdale AFC is never going to be worth that, so there could always be an undercurrent of wondering what they will do to get that money back. The positive is that, following the brilliant recent share issue, their influence in Dale is severely diluted, and any attempt to get to 50+1% would be nigh on impossible. As a fanbase, we will continue to remain vigilant to safeguard our football club as a fan owned, sustainable community asset both now and in the future.

Now we have an opportunity to move forward with OUR club - a new, professional and committed board, young exciting manager, youthful and talented squad, and a fan base more united than at any other time in recent memory. Stockdale said next Sunday should be a celebration, and we agree.

Up The Dale - Not For Sale
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Update from Simon Gauge
at 09:10 19 Nov 2021

Share Issue
at 13:49 18 Nov 2021

We'd expect further movement on this (& maybe a statement from the club) very soon.
Matt Southall - Sports Media Consultancy Ltd
at 07:22 17 Nov 2021

is no more.... struck off at Companies House.

Granada Reports
at 21:46 5 Nov 2021

If ever you were to appear on Granada reports, would you publish it online on IMDB as publicity experience?


We might think about it if we wanted to appear credible as a 'professional director' or 'consultant'.

All information and links are freely available online
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Trust Update - 1st November
at 20:34 1 Nov 2021

Another brilliant update from the Trust tonight on all things shares / 'investors' / club.

We're excited to hear the shares news, as well as the outcome of the ongoing share issue. We're also curious to know if Southall's PA charges £1000 to read an email, or if that is just to the man himself...
Football 365...
at 10:00 8 Oct 2021

... have published another article today (written again by Ian King) which does a really good job of keeping our fight visible, and also summing up the whole summer saga so far.

Ian carried another story earlier in the year too linking people directly to 'The Hostile Takeover' thread on here, and he seems keen to keep telling our side of this until its all resolved.
The Charlton Dossier
at 07:37 7 Oct 2021

The release of a new website built by Charlton fans has been brought forward, with the intention of helping us fight off Southall and his cronies.

Its a fantastic piece of work and gives real detail into what Southall & co got up to there, and also has a long list of names for us to watch out for (take a look at the 'minor characters' tab for example).

They've been fantastically supportive of us on social media, in private, & we believe with the trust too.

The website is well worth a visit - www.thecharltondossier.com

at 18:05 6 Oct 2021

Good Luck tonight to the new board, the trust, & everybody else connected with the club.

Hopefully the trust ballot is a good indicator of how all shareholders (who are actually fans) feel, & we get the right result to take a huge step forward from this whole situation.

Trust Email - Meeting with Matt Southall
at 19:59 30 Sep 2021

The October update has landed from the Trust this evening... its worth grabbing a brew and having a read - we did and now feel physically sick about the threat of #MattSouthall becoming involved in the club.
Matt Southall - The Rose Connection
at 08:34 30 Sep 2021

We've been doing some digging overnight (bring coffee!) and found some interesting names related to #MattSouthall.

We know that Matt Southall is heavily linked to a solicitor called Chris Farnell (he owns IPS Law based in Hale, Manchester).

Chris Farnell has a documented relationship with a guy called Fred Rose (who has an alias 'John Burke').

John Burke was a big supporter on social media of Southall & Farnell when it went west at Charlton... and it feels like the name 'Rose' being involved again is too obvious to be a coincidence. We're carrying on digging to see if there are any links to #DarrellRose & #AndyCurran
MEN Article - Matt Southall & EGM
at 16:28 29 Sep 2021


Makes it even clearer that we should be backing the club's resolution at the EGM... diluting the holding of Morton House, Andy Curran, Darrell Rose, Matt Southall OR the previous directors (depending on who legally owns the 42%).
POF Podcast - Money Laundering
at 19:09 26 Sep 2021

It looks like the POF pod this week has a detailed conversation about money laundering and how football clubs can be used as a vehicle for unscrupulous activities. It could be an interesting listen for us based on some of the allegations / theories we have had to contend with over the summer.

We'll link to it in this thread when its available.
Fast Key Services Ltd..
at 21:28 6 Sep 2021

... have shown a keen interest in our social pages over the last couple of days.

there are a couple of names within their history that have an interesting link to names seen here before. they are also from Essex.

& this is exactly why we need to be vigilant until those shares are safe.

WestRose Leisure Limited...
at 03:36 5 Sep 2021

... & Tommy Cannon. What could the 2 maybe have in common?

we wonder.

[Post edited 5 Sep 11:45]
Trust Update on Shares
at 21:21 2 Sep 2021


sounds like really positive news, & fingers crossed the AK shares are sorted soon too.

The Athletic
at 15:04 28 Aug 2021

Another article this weekend - the journo even made the trip up to watch the game last night too.


Great to see that the press are keeping on this, and also good to note from Curran / Rose a bit more detail in the letter they sent to the EFL (that was also mysteriously leaked to the press at the same time)...

"With the EFL seeking to conclude its investigation prior to providing Morton House with the assurances sought regarding its Owners and Directors’ Test, along with the precarious financial position of the club; the widespread speculation and rumours circulating across social media and the targeted harassment and abuse aimed towards directors, officers and representatives of Morton House; it is at the detriment of all parties concerned to protract the process any further, and Morton House have been left with no alternative but to withdraw from the EFL Approval process and seek to divest its Shareholding in the club.”

We'd suggest a forensic deep dive into their business practises and livelihood is anything but 'harassment', and actually would be welcomed by real businessmen as an opportunity to showcase their worthiness and credentials. They clearly don't like being in the public eye, so we need to keep them (& their associates) nice and visible over the coming weeks.
Business of Sport
at 07:38 26 Aug 2021

Simon G gave an update to The Athletic Business of Sport podcast this morning.

Really good interview, from about 30 mins onwards.


Still getting lots of press coverage,with more to come in the coming days.
Darrell Rose Resigns...
at 22:10 24 Aug 2021

... as director of #MortonHouse.

We wonder why, after such a bumper year last year.

Chairman Speaks Out
at 16:27 23 Aug 2021


anybody else waiting to see if Jarvis provides another insightful response to their request for comment?
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