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Markle interview on ITV
at 22:06 8 Mar 2021

I glanced up at the screen briefly to identify the sudden arrival of a male participant. I had to do a double-take to check it wasn't Rochdale's very own acting left-back being interviewed.

Should have gone to SpecSavers it seems.
Ryan McLaughlin
at 17:58 16 Nov 2020

Have I missed it, or has there been a lack of excitement on here over our right back featuring in international football? Squad member of the last two NI teams. Thought it might have been mentioned.
Sentences passed today
at 20:35 8 Nov 2019

For trying to rob and assault Mesut Ozil and his team mate, the culprits got ten years.

For killing his 17 year old girlfriend in a premeditated attack, the culprit got twelve years.

Who thinks either sentence is fair or reasonable?
Dale players who made an immediate impact
at 18:17 24 Oct 2019

The arrival of Paul McShane has seen an instant upturn in results, performances and defensive stability.

This was last seen when Hendo first arrived. How many other players have made such an impact from the very start?

Three that occurred to me were all in the 80s (I think - TVOS will advise if I'm wrong):

Centre back Paul Jones arrived on loan from Counteh, secured a weak back line and chipped in with some headed goals. Probably 1988?

Winger Andy Milner destroyed Burnley's left back on his debut at Turf Moor. Either 89 or 90.

Goalkeeper Keith Welch, brought in as a 17 year old when Redfern was injured and looked the part straightaway. Probably 87.

Any others - ones whose impact was obvious in their first games?
[Post edited 24 Oct 2019 18:18]
BBC Sports Journalism - lack of prep
at 20:25 3 Sep 2019

This is becoming a crowded field of incompetence.

To accompany my favourites Dearden and Wagg, we can add Richard Askham, who, whilst describing Rochdale's multi-pass goal at Southend, opined that this level of skill was rare in League Two.
Things you dislike about the football season starting
at 12:59 3 Aug 2019

I thought I'd puncture the air of optimism, or add to the general pessimism:

1. The smirking Gary Lineker, and his taxpayer-funded salary which is obscene for what is basically a clips show, like 'You've Been Framed' only with goals.

2. Media hype which holds that the first match between any of the usual top 5 Prem clubs is 'crucial' or 'vital' - in September.

3. Five Live's Peter Crouch Podcast. The tales from the dressing-room, apparently amusing, are probably best left there.

Yours sincerely, with a dose of doom and gloom...
at 20:52 11 Apr 2019

Late to bring this up, but was both intrigued and impressed by the sight of Wilbraham, after being subbed v Sunderland, standing on the touchline urgently trying to get Bunney's positioning sorted out. He gave the impression that he really cared about the result.

What was needed was some experienced game management to hold up and run the clock down, like Davies v Charlton last season. Unfortunately the most experienced duo were no longer participating on the pitch.
Big Jim
at 17:08 30 Jan 2019

Good to see that the much-maligned Big Jim topped the ratings for the Barnsley game.

Have we unearthed a quality CB who was under our noses all along?
Bake Off - Kim Joy to win?
at 21:02 30 Oct 2018

Rahul should have been booted off two weeks ago.
When we had an embarrassment of riches at centre back....
at 20:10 23 Aug 2018

Memory fade here. Someone help me out....

A few seasons ago, we regularly bemoaned managerial reluctance to give Ashley Eastham a start at CB. I think he left COA with a splintered ar$e. Anyway, I remember Ollie Lancashire was the player usually selected ahead of him.

Who was the other centre back at the time?
Belated recognition for Cobblers
at 12:45 7 May 2018

Although they were relegated, they kept things honest on Saturday. Had they not done so, nothing Dale did against Charlton would have mattered.
Raff Non-selection Mystery
at 17:42 15 Oct 2017

Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but is it possible that the non-selection of Joe Rafferty is down to the loan conditions accompanying Daniels' loan move from Wigan?

I've heard of premier clubs setting selection conditions for allowing players out on loan - that stopper from Man Utd who came and displaced an in-form Lillis, was the worst example affecting us.

If so, it seems a bit big-time. Wigan aren't premier league any more.
[Post edited 15 Oct 2017 17:44]
Back passes and other bad habits
at 18:17 16 Mar 2017

Please can we discontinue with the nerve-shredding habit of 'the hefty backpass to the keeper' - usually speared-in from the left hand side of the defence, at pace, on a dodgy surface, to keepers who either cannot kick or who may possibly be inattentive?
I find myself holding my breath when this happens and it seems to present at least half a dozen chances of a miscue/own goal/shank per game.

It all seems so unnecessary and is very bad for my nerves.

Thanks for reading.
Audacious punditry
at 20:29 25 Oct 2016

That well-known successful manager Jamie Redknapp offered this set of delights in yesterday's Mail:
"Pep Guardiola's attitude seems to be that if Plan A isn't working, you need to make Plan A better.
The problem is this Manchester City side have become too predictable. In recent weeks when City have had a goal kick, opponents have suffocated them by stopping them playing out from the back. It means the only option is a long ball up to 5ft 8in striker Sergio Aguero. 
When City won the title in 2014, they had Edin Dzeko, who at 6ft 4in gave them an outlet to relieve pressure. I'm convinced that Pep will get it right with his Plan A but he needs to recognise that sometimes you need a Plan B."

Sums up the smug pundit industry marvellously, does that. I don't think Guardiola realised that he needed advice like this from a tried & tested supremo like Redknapp J.

"Guardiola NEEDS TO RECOGNISE....."

Quite unbelievable.

The full article is in this link, if you've nothing else to do:

Undesirable signings
at 19:13 6 May 2016

Lee Hughes and Ched Evans to fix the problem berth of centre forward.
Who else would we NOT like to see being signed by Keith?
Town Centre Redevelopment
at 21:07 7 Apr 2016

Does anyone know the latest state of play with regard to the redevelopment? A flying start appeared to take place with the new bus station, council offices and tram stop. The black box and old bus station were flattened, as were St Andrew's Church and Broadwater Hall, to be replaced with - well - pay & display parking. And plenty of it.
The river is being opened up. Telegraph House is supposedly being flattened, but I walked past it last week so it still seems to be there. There is no sign whatsoever of new building works, plans, ideas, just the odd announcement in the Ob that Next and M&S are interested.

Does anyone have any info on what we can expect?
Josh Lillis - Best Ever Performance for Dale?
at 20:45 27 Feb 2016

We could have been 4-0 down by half time if it hadn't been for Lillis.
Was this his best performance in a Dale shirt? Unbeatable. Commanding. Good distribution.

Outstanding - and a worthy MoM.
Disagreeable Aussies
at 19:32 31 Jan 2016

This morning, Radio 5 Live forced me to endure Pat Cash for longer than is tolerable. So I decided to start a list of Aussies whose self-confidence / arrogance / dismissiveness are tiresome.

Cash heads the list. Milked 1987 for all its worth. And beyond.
Rolf - after a long innings away from this category, he crashed straight in a couple of years ago.
Shane Warne - not for his cricket but for his public persona.
David Warner.
Greg Norman.

Any others?

I wonder what PNE thought....
at 20:28 29 Apr 2015

about Jones being beaten at the near post on Saturday.
Had it not been for their own man, things could have been bit different for them....
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