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Too much room down 00:06 - Apr 3 with 458 viewsmountsaint

the left hand side. Why doesn't our full backs keep tighter rein down their flanks. We give the opposition too much room. I also think we look half a pace too slow. Stu shouldn't try to out pace the opposition he is a tad slow.
Too much room down on 15:26 - Apr 3 with 318 viewssaint901

I'm not sure I agree with the statement about the full backs, but even if it were true, it's a function of how RM wants to play.

He wants the players to keep the ball and pass it around in order to create holes or gaps in the opposition.

This requires either very fast. accurate passing between a few (three?) players in any one section of the pitch or we need to outnumber the opposition in that section of the pitch.

The team does both. When things are going well you see the fast passing. When confidence dips or tiredness sets in you see the full backs joining in to outnumber the opposition.

Given tat we're doing this in "their" third, should we lose the ball and it get played wide quickly, the full backs are out of position.

RM then wants the two CBs to hold the opposition up until reinforcements arrive. That should be the returning full backs and at least two midfield players - but is often fewer in the last few minutes of a match.

If the full backs were to confine themselves to shutting down the space or the opposition winger, it means sitting deeper - the whole team - and that makes moving the opposition around more difficult and creating fewer gaps.

The way RM plays he does not really need players to have great pace. So long as they don't stand still after passing the ball, they will create speed.

Of course players like Suleman are fast but you can see that he is deliberate used in a way to suit him for an hour. The play will be on the opposite side to his wing to pull opposition players over and then a diagonal is played into space for him. Alternatively we will try to pull the opposition onto the midfield/defence on the half way line and then try to slip the ball to him.

That sort of pace inevitably falls away after an hour or so which is why he gets taken off.

There is as much "right" about the RM way as there are risks and dangers. It does however need all the players to be on it all the time and to have faith in it. A run of poor results (esp after three weeks to practice) has dented that faith.
Too much room down on 17:06 - Apr 3 with 273 viewssaint22

not playing our best (& some would say only good) full back certainly doesn't help
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