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Ralph charged for being honest about Mike Dean
at 19:17 14 Oct 2021


This rule that you can't question a ref is ridiculous. Are they Gods? So refs can make terrible decisions and no questions can be asked. They just get away with it.
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at 23:06 6 Oct 2021


We have heard this many times before, but is this takeover finally about to happen? Talk of these new owners investing huge amounts in the team. This would make it even more difficult for us.
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Ralph admits the strikers arn't good enough
at 21:02 26 Sep 2021

North car park
at 16:44 26 Sep 2021

Just got back from the game and it was ofcourse a dreadful performance. But even worse, to see stewards physically man handling Saints fans just because they dared to have a chat with visiting fans before the game in the Northam car park is just disgusting. Fans have been mingling before games for 20 years. I have never seen any issues before the game since the ground was built. Today people visiting the ticket office had to go all the way round the ground to get their ticket and then all the way round again to get to their seat. A lot of fans were getting very angry with burly stewards saying we arn't allowed to mix with the wolves fans, like we are all school kids. Not allowed to have a chat with visiting fans before the game? Pathetic treatment of the fans again from Saints.
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Ronaldo the cheat
at 15:46 19 Sep 2021

Watching the West Ham v Man U game. That's twice now Ronaldo has tried to con the ref for a penalty. Looks like we have another "hero" in the PL. Effing cheat more like.
Ralph has sorted out the defence
at 17:41 18 Sep 2021

I was at the game, on the way back and that was a fantastic performance. A team that has scored 16 goals in their last 3 games couldn't get through us.
But for football being corrupt, we would have won the game. Ralph is doing a wonderful job. Let's beat Wolves next week and these draws will be very worthwhile. Up the Saints!
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Loads of tickets left for West Ham
at 22:43 5 Sep 2021

Took one look at the online ticketing map and there are some blocks, like block 15, 3 and 19 which are 75 per cent empty. Some blocks half empty with the only areas being mostly sold is the Northam and the cheaper corner section of the ground. Since the lockdown, there has been a massive drop in supporter attendance by the looks of it.
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Racist Hungarians
at 23:38 2 Sep 2021


What is wrong with these animals? Hungarian players clapping their fans at the end too. The country must be banned for 10 years from any competition. Taking the knee is one thing, but this behaviour should be punished severely, otherwise it won't stop.
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Safe Standing
at 13:40 30 Aug 2021


This seems like a good idea. Those who want to stand can stand, those who don't can sit. It should be a cheaper section too, allowing fans in, who can't normally afford to go. Saints would surely turn the Northam home section into safe standing, next to the away fans or maybe the whole of the Chapel end.
at 20:07 28 Aug 2021

Scored a hat trick the other night and another goal today. He was excellent in Scotland last year. Perhaps he has developed into a decent player? Redmond came on too, and was instantly effective setting up the goal. A good point in the end, which will be very useful if we can beat West Ham next. Would be good to see a full house at St Mary's for hopefully our first win.
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Southampton Gay Pride on Saturday
at 22:22 26 Aug 2021

I have a close family member setting up a stall or something and trying to convince them to display some Saints stuff or do something Saints related! Not sure what the club are doing, but Southampton Football Club I hope will be represented at Southampton Pride as the city's football club supporting the gay community and football for all.
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Ralph got it right today
at 17:36 22 Aug 2021

A great point today and a relief to be honest that we didn't get thrashed and got an important point. Ralph brought on Bednerac and Diallo early on in the 2nd half to prevent the usual collapse in defence and it worked. We tightened up and bizarrely, it helped us going forward to and we nearly won it. A great feel good result after so much stress over the last few weeks.

There were still cobwebs all over the seats, the bar codes didn't work properly and many got in late but we got a good result today and played well. And I'm hearing a rumour we will be getting a refund. Rightly so, but today has been an encouraging day all round.

Angry fans demand to know what is going on
at 15:12 21 Aug 2021

So who has their season ticket for Sunday?
at 16:41 20 Aug 2021

Ours haven't arrived in the post today. So those who haven't got theirs, have to go to the ticket office Sunday to get duplicates? So thousands of fans will be queuing up for paper duplicates before the game (or not as some won't bother). Utter chaos and shambles.
Saints v Man U
at 22:00 17 Aug 2021

Do we have any chance at all? Most of us expect a possible thrashing but a win against these would change the mood wouldn't it! Hopefully they turn up in their grey shirts.

[Post edited 17 Aug 22:03]
at 15:20 16 Aug 2021

The cup game at Newport will take place next week. No news on tickets.

The PL game at Newcastle will take place in 2 weeks time. Hopefully they can get the tickets out in time.

The first game of the season at home takes place this weekend. No season tickets sent out yet.as far as I am aware? Ours haven't arrived, although surely they will be sending them out this week.

It's going to very tight to have a sales period and then get the tickets in the post before the games, especially as they also need to send out thousands of season ticket cards too.
[Post edited 16 Aug 15:24]
Leicester bid for Vestergaard
at 15:30 11 Aug 2021


So if we get 18 to 20 million, we should have the money to spend on another defender and another midfielder perhaps.
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Waiting for the right person
at 19:04 10 Aug 2021

The club are looking for investment and / or a new owner. They accept Gao can't take us to the next level, but won't just accept the first person that comes along that "we won't like"! I thought they came across well. Gao allows Semmens and Steele to have a say which is good. The situation seems clear at least.
[Post edited 10 Aug 19:06]
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