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PL statement
at 17:14 3 Apr 2020

Looks as if this season will resume when it's safe to do so. Resume the season in say August, have a winter break in October and begin the next season in November without any cup competitions (to finish the PL in time) so that we get back to normal in 2021 / 22.

Donating money to NHS, lower leagues and players helping is good too but probably should be more.
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Policing by consent
at 21:02 2 Apr 2020

Just watched question time. Does anybody know why we say police by consent? Surely most people are arrested, do not consent to it? The police force people to move on, get in a police van etc. They might well ask them first, but if the offender says no, they use force, so how can we call it policing by consent?
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Watch games from the past
at 20:45 27 Mar 2020
Some great clips from history on here.
Contagion film
at 22:47 26 Mar 2020

On ITV 2 now. What was viewed as science fiction, this film is real life.
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Coronavirus - conspiracy theories
at 15:25 20 Mar 2020

In times when "global warming" and pollution have dominated our news, marine life is returning to rivers, smog has disappeared from many major cities, and you can drive freely on the roads in quiet streets. Was this what environment campaigners were asking for and did one of them create this virus (no evidence to suggest this, just a mad thought)? Is this God's way of cleaning up our act?

I'm not religious nor an environmentalist but I did study philosophy! In unprecedented times, it does make me question many things. As most of us all socially isolate for a long period, do we really need to travel so much, to seek so much pleasure going to cinemas / theatres, to get so upset when Saints lose and does anything really matter at all? In the end, nature controls us all rich or poor right?
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Accounts reveal 30 million pounds loss
at 07:13 13 Mar 2020

Reading between the lines, looks as if they won't be investing in the squad in the summer. TS saying that they will need to sell the players on loan before being able to buy anyone and that the Owner is concerned about the loss, so it will need to be addressed. I cant see Ralph putting up with this.
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Nasty tackle
at 23:18 7 Mar 2020

Clumsy and very dangerous. Didn't look as bad when played on the screens at St Mary's but djenepo deserved to be sent off.
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Incredible Saints fans let down again
at 18:09 7 Mar 2020

I hope an article will appear about the outstanding support given to the players today, with non stop singing from the Saints fans in the second half. Fans were literally on their feet supporting the team.

Nothing like a good old defensive error to spoil our day as per usual. So we gave our undivided support and our reward - one terrible tackle and a Valery shocker despite the crowd loudly shouting MAN ON. So we can't blame the fans this time. Yet again, let down by the dopy defence.

I hope we will follow Liverpool's blue print and spend 80 million on a defender.
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Liverpool plastics sitting in away end
at 12:12 7 Mar 2020

As you can see, Bournemouth today have taken just over 900 tickets, less than we took. The reason given that Liverpool fans in the Bournemouth area, again taking the tickets of true Bournemouth fans, sitting in the away end.

The problem being, having spoken to a Bournemouth mate is that Liverpool plastics buy membership cards for the other team, so are on the Bournemouth system. This happened as we know when we visited Anfield. How anybody can have any like for this club with plastic fans who steal tickets as well as players is beyond me! Don't hear of this happening with other clubs - can't take full allocation at Anfield because plastics steal the tickets.
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Ralph furious
at 19:33 29 Feb 2020

Ralph rightly tearing into his pathetic defence. An absolute joke sums it up. Maybe a call to the owner - invest in some proper defenders? Or just a plea to his defenders to actually try and put a tackle in?
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Coronavirus - Panic or not?
at 22:29 27 Feb 2020

Have had a letter from kids school stating advice about coronavirus. Had an email from work stating advice. Hearing in the news that they are closing doctors, restaurants, schools and that they might play football matches behind closed doors. Is all of this really necessary? What is to stop someone infected from going to the shops or pub and infecting any of us there? What are we going to do, close everything? Will it not just do the rounds next winter anyway, like all the other colds and flu?

I am not a medic or an expert, but from what I have read, most people just get mild cold or flu. The flu kills people yet we are not closing places because someone had the flu.

Genuine concern or some rediculous panic?
Will Smallbone
at 12:15 27 Feb 2020

Seems like a grounded, decent player / attitude, who has grown up supporting the Saints. Very promising player. Whatever our valid gripes against the club, bringing through young players from the academy who love the club has to be a really good thing to do. A team full of players who support Southampton will surely mean that they will fight harder than players from elsewhere.
VAR Bournemouth
at 14:12 23 Feb 2020

So Bournemouth score and they disallow their goal to bring it back for a Burnley penalty. Saints had a clear penalty at Anfield, Liverpool score and they don't bring it back for a Saints penalty. Probably Bournemouth handball but it was definitely a foul against Ings at Anfield. Double standards and clear favouritism to Liverpool.

Wouldn't dare rule out a Liverpool goal at Anfield to give opposition penalty. But they are happy to do it against other teams.
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Man City / Arsenal swathes of empty seats
at 23:23 19 Feb 2020

Anybody saying how bad Saints fans are, take a look at the empty seats at Man City (Google it or watch the goals). It was also completely silent even after a 2 nil win. This is a team who are 2nd in the PL.

This is not a thread to down Man City at all ( I would actually prefer them to win the league above the others) , but just to point out that the PL is deteriorating at many levels and Saints fans are no different to most of the rest. Arsenal had loads of empty seats too. If a team is 2nd but the grou d is empty and silent, what hope is there for clubs like Saints?

There are wider issues - the PL will lose its fans and interest if it continues to be so uncompetitive, expensive and predictable.
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PL owners wealth Gao is rich
at 14:28 16 Feb 2020

Today's sun also quoting Gao as having 3.1 billion.
[Post edited 16 Feb 14:33]
Kyle Walker Peters
at 17:11 15 Feb 2020

He was absolutely mugged for that 2nd goal. Just seen it on TV. Terrible defending. So we get rid of Cedric to bring in Peters. Although he did the odd run, he put in a few crosses that went straight out and also defended badly I thought. Then we wonder why there so many empty seats.
Sol Campbell dreams of managing Saints
at 22:41 14 Feb 2020
Let's all take a picture
at 19:43 2 Feb 2020

The best chant of the day from the Saints fans as well as "You're just a ground full of tourists". When it is questioned as to why Liverpool sell out and we don't, well Anfield was full of tourists yesterday: Japanese, Malaysian, Easter European etc etc. Actually didn't hear many scouse accents outside the ground. They are only there because Liverpool are successful. If we were as successful as them, they would all turn up with their cameras at St Mary's.
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