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Massive evening Tuesday
at 15:51 19 Jan 2020

Burnley and Newcastle both getting unexpected wins this weekend. On Tuesday: Villa v Watford, Bournemouth v Brighton. We have a very tough game away at Palace Tuesday with Liverpool after that, then Burnley, also fighting for survival. We could be very close to the bottom 3 once again. Anyone else feeling a little uneasy?
Spurs tickets on sale tomorrow
at 23:03 14 Jan 2020

Details on the website - £10 for ST holders if you buy in the next couple of days. £20 for members and everyone buying from Friday.
Leicester fans very complimentary of Saints
at 20:35 11 Jan 2020
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Fans' Forum
at 13:51 9 Jan 2020

Not anything new to report really. Main thing for me in the discussion about tickets is the need to reward loyal fans more. They love to take our money for bar memberships, executive coaches, new years day games etc. So give us a free away game, a voucher or a free cup ticket. Fair enough to try to fill the stadium by reducing prices - fair enough. But send a voucher in the post for season ticket holders who have paid £28 for the game.
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Le Tissier Great man
at 18:08 4 Jan 2020

Le God was walking to the game today, like one of us and was happy to stop outside the Ted Bates statue for a good half an hour to sign autographs and pictures. Stewards came over to ask Matt if he wanted an escort to the ground to which he looked at his watch and said "it's fine, I can stay here with the fans for a bit". A huge queue developed, got my shirt signed, and shook his hand. Friendly, down to earth guy talking freely to all the fans and kids. What a great example of a loyal, down to earth football man. Thanks for the chat Matt.

Matt Le Tissier - Southampton Legend.
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Racism and homophobia UK in crisis
at 16:00 2 Jan 2020

So 3 people in a crowd of 30 000 arrested for homophobia and racism. Interestingly, a Brighton fan was arrested for being homophobic against a Chelsea fan. But can somebody answer a serious question: 10,000 Saints fans yesterday sang "Dele Ali, what a wan.. ker". Is that not abusive too? Or does it not warrent reporting on because it's not racist or homophobic?
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What a fu... ING result
at 16:55 26 Dec 2019

Love it. Happy Christmas
Bertrand hints that the ambition has gone
at 16:33 18 Dec 2019

So Bertrand basically saying that when Koeman and Paul Mitchell were here, the ambition was here. So there we are, under Gao, the ambition has gone.

"At the time Southampton WERE a progressive club".

A bit of detective work tells you that Gao is not very ambitious.
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Vote on Friday to leave the EU
at 18:06 16 Dec 2019

How refreshing is it that a vote to leave the EU, is happening on Friday. Labour said it is too early to have a vote as per course! But, they can't do a thing about it!! We are leaving as will be voted for a Conservative majority.

A decisive government that is going to get things done! No more dithering from the dithering left. Exciting times ahead.
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Why Gao must take ultimate responsibility
at 14:05 15 Dec 2019

Gao is not on the pitch. Gao is not picking the team. Gao is not standing there while Antonio breezes through the defence. Gao hasn't bought the useless players. All valid points.

But we are where we are. A terrible team heading down. Someone in the club has to recognise we are heading down unless things change. Naturally, the owner who will lose his investment for a start with relegation, should be acting. If it is not Gao's fault, are we saying he we should just do nothing and that's fine? Just say oh well, Gao didn't buy the players, let's just go down, not to worry as it's not his fault we bought Adams etc. That's the point, Gao isn't doing anything.

We need to spend some serious money in the January window. Will Gao authorise it, I very much doubt it. This decision from Gao will result in likely relegation. What is there to look forward to under Gao - more selling to buy? More buying a 20 year old who by some miracle might come good? It won't make too much difference who is the manager. The team will always be inferior due to the lack of investment and not just that, there is such a negative vibe around the ground, around the club. The owner is at the top. He doesn't speak, he doesn't communicate, he doesn't turn up to watch the team, he doesn't rally the fans by sying things wil get better. Even Lowe would make the odd speech. This gives the message that he doesn't care and we are seeing it on the pitch. A silent, invisible owner will not help to rally the fans regardless of anything else

We can blame the manager yes, but my view is that Ralph is losing the plot just like the previous 4 did. Desperately trying to find an impossible winning formula with a cr@p team. Only the owner can do something about that. Provide some funds, provide some ambition through a speech of hope, change the useless failing Southampton way approach and maybe treat the fans with more respect.

There were empty seats everywhere yesterday. People are voting with their feet, everyone feels that the situation is hopeless and it will only get worse. So who could take a stand in a change of direction, do something about it, cheer everyone up? Our silent owner, maybe not.
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Massive Tory Majority
at 22:02 12 Dec 2019

There we have it. The people have spoken.
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Curious case of Jan Valery
at 13:18 12 Dec 2019

Apparently he is suffering from a virus and will not be anywhere near the first team for quite a while as Ralph said "he has a virus and it takes time". No sign of him for a good few weeks now. Have they fallen out?

I wonder what type of virus he has that is keeping him out of the team for so long?
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Attacker recently released from prison for terrorism!
at 23:00 29 Nov 2019

What an earth are the authorities doing? Releasing somebody convicted of terrorism into the community. Surprise surprise, he commits terrorism and 2 people lose their lives, could have been many more had it not been for brave members of the public. A disgrace that he was released and free to do this. Where is the common sense? Just ridiculous.

The families of those innocent people killed, need to be asking some serious questions.
[Post edited 29 Nov 2019 23:03]
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