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Saints are safe!
at 21:54 10 May 2021

Saints are safe. Let's give Ralph the summer to sort out the squad and this season can't end soon enough.
Final day in the championship
at 14:01 8 May 2021

All happening - Derby above the line, now Rotherham, many twists and turns. Will be a frantic last 30 minutes in those big games at the bottom of the championship.
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Gao bought club to help China
at 22:34 6 May 2021

Martin Semmens on Gao Jisheng: “He doesn’t communicate, he doesn’t speak English. He bought the club because he’s an investor in sport, infrastructure, he wanted to develop football in China"

So our owner bought our club, to help China and their government, nothing to do with helping our club or our fans, according to Semmens tonight. Then their government pulled the plug on developing football in China, so it didn't go anywhere. Semmens did confirm Gao wants to sell and something should happen soon, which we all know, but Semmens confirmed.

Hopefully we can find a new owner who is passionate about developing SFC and SFC only.
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Man U / Liverpool protests
at 16:08 2 May 2021

Fans blocking the hotel entrance where the players are. Fans saying they will stop games going ahead, until the glaziers are out. Well, that's one way to get rid of your owner!

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Live - Arsenal Fans massive protest
at 18:37 23 Apr 2021

Arsenal fans protesting in their numbers.
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at 20:10 18 Apr 2021


These greedy clubs will spoil football forever, if this happens. All the money will go to the super league for all the arm chair supporters, and we will be in the "reserve" league. I know some might say good riddance ( which I get) but it will take the edge of it, not ever playing the top sides. I don't think their fans will like this either, having to travel to Barcelona for an away game. All the proper football fans are disgusted by this.
at 23:32 10 Apr 2021


He seems to have really flourished in Scotland. Ok, it's a much easier league, but could he have developed into a good player and full of confidence? I assume he is due to come back to Saints in the summer. He might be worth keeping?
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David Moyes
at 22:38 5 Apr 2021

We were linked with Moyes on a few occasions. He was excellent at Everton back in the day. You can't judge him on his spell at Man U I don't think. Had he been given more time, he probably would have got it right there. We talk about "dinosaurs" as the older managers around but Moyes is excellent it seems. West Ham are in the champions league places.
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Adam's MOTM
at 16:53 6 Mar 2021

Adams is sky's man of the match. Cracking goal. He seems like a real confidence player, and I think he has potential. It's all about dynamics etc. I think Adams will enjoy being our main striker. Great win and well needed.
Ralph increasingly frustrated?
at 01:29 28 Feb 2021


The signs are there. We have heard all the hints before from previous managers about ambition, and the need for strength in depth. Before we know it, they are off: they get fed up. So Ralph confirms here that he wants a bigger squad, with a dig at the club.

The key quote being this:

'This is not what we want here. We want to be more successful and this is only possible if you have a bigger squad and better players in the width (depth) of the squad.

'This is the goal for the future I think, otherwise you will never make a step forward."

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Lee Mason Shambles
at 18:03 27 Feb 2021


Lee Mason at it again.
Players' attitude - Giving in
at 17:54 24 Feb 2021


What did Ralph mean when he said they gave up? What will be the playes' reaction to him saying publically that his team "threw in the towel"? What are the implications for saying this, going forward? Our the attitudes of our players bad? He said it, so our players don't give 100 per cent? Or are the players not playing for Ralph?
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Ralph - We gave up
at 20:27 23 Feb 2021

Ralph just been interviewed on sky. So our players give up - unacceptable. It's not bed wetting. These are players on a lot of money and many fans watching on. Our manager said it "We gave up".
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Ian Wright spot on
at 19:42 15 Feb 2021

Always liked Ian Wright as a pundit. Our referees are hopeless.
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Ings Man City
at 15:10 8 Feb 2021


These rumours are going to come in every week until the summer. Very unsettling for Ings and the squad.
Don't go Ralph - the club / VAR has let you down.
at 22:05 2 Feb 2021

A load of youngsters on the pitch, 3 players leave in the transfer window and another record defeat. VAR has spoilt the game and its terrible but don't go Ralph. If only the club could see what we knew was coming. That's why fans wanted players brought in! The reason was on the pitch.
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I want more players but we don't have money
at 22:39 30 Jan 2021

Ralph seemed very frustrated in his sky interview. To be expected, he is an emotional guy, but he gave a blunt answer when he was asked whether we would get players in because we have so many injuries "I want more players but we don't have money".

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