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The case for sticking with Russell Martin
at 17:22 30 Apr 2024

I'm a self confessed happy clapper.
I'll moan with the best of you after a crappy defeat but in general I'm a glass half full type.

60 minutes into the Cardiff game we're one nil up,
We've just won three on the trot and it's looking like we're about to face Leicester on 87 points after 43 games..

That's an average of over two points a game and in my view a decent amount that it's hard to complain about.

37 mins later.. Disaster and Auto promotion doomed.
Was this Martin's fault?
No.. If Brooks scores the open goal in the first half and or Armstrong and Adams take one of their numerous
chances we win comfortably and it's game on.

This was the opportunity for knives to come out and this was made much worse with the rubbish performances in our last two games..

The point is these two games were now basically irrelevant.
Player motivation gone.. No point getting injuries or suspension for the play off games.

I read the comments.. Martin is a clown, tippy tappy football and loads of other insults thrown his way.

He even had the cheek to play and praise Stephens which is sacrilege to the great and good on this site..
Even though we picked up as many if not more points when he featured.

I want him to be here next season regardless of the playoff outcome.
He IMO deserves till at least Xmas next season.
At his previous clubs he's improved them on the second season so maybe we'll get that here too.

. I do find it strange that the majority on here are middle aged or older yet seem the most angry and knee jerk to keep replacing managers when we hit bad form.
I thought we were a more calmer and considered generation that understood that it maybe wise to give a manager a bit more time than just one season after finishing 4th.

Not win another game and still be in the Prem next season
at 11:03 26 Apr 2024

As pointed out on TSP I watched last night.

We better be practicing penalties.
We can go up losing our next two league games.
Draw all three play off games and win the semi and final
on penalties .

Not ratings (Hating) our own players
at 14:57 5 Apr 2024

I really don't care that much what team the manager picks.
He could could play the tea lady and as long as we win I'm not too concerned.
We all have players we rate more than others but ultimately I'm a fan not a highly paid football manager.

If Manning, Mara or Bazunu plays I assume the manager feels they're best for the team as I'm sure he's had many a long discussion with the coaching staff.
If they play badly he rightly gets stick from us fans and we feel vindicated.

My issue is when a player plays well some fans will admit they got it wrong but many others have nailed their colours to a particular mast and really struggle to accept they may just be wrong.
The fine margins between success and failure
at 20:19 1 Apr 2024

To many games this season have ended up as defeats or draws because of fine margins imo.
We have a goalkeeper who is too young, too small and not a great shot stopper.

We have players that create great chances with lovely flowing football.. But then miss or get saved.

Ipswich had a goalkeeper at crucial moments who saved their bacon.

Ipswich at crucial moments found a way to get the ball in the net.

Is this the managers fault?
Or recruitment?

Do we start Mara against Ipswich?
at 14:13 31 Mar 2024

Will RM give Che a chance to redeem himself?
Does he drop him for Mara?
Armstrong A down the middle and bring in Brooks seems likely.
Che killed us on Friday...honestly if there is ever been a more clear reason why you don't win a game of football when your striker misses two golden chances when you are one nil up.
If we end up in the Playoffs and blow it, Who's at fault?
at 16:57 15 Mar 2024

Russell Martin.. For not having a plan B?
Injuries... Flynn Downs, KWP, Fraser etc?
Poor performers in the team?
Leeds and Leicester simply better than our team /squad.
Adam Armstrong.
at 10:45 10 Mar 2024

A baffling player.
Top of the charts for goals and assists.
Great workrate
Yet he seemingly cannot keep his shots from hitting row Z or scuffing them along the ground.
Funny player. Rothwell showed him how to strike a football.
R. I. P Chris Nicholl
at 16:21 25 Feb 2024

Sad to hear that Chris Nicholl has died.
Good player and a decent manager who took on the tough task of taking over after Lawrie Mac
Rest in Peace Chris.. Always a Saint.
Millwall Saturday.
at 20:18 22 Feb 2024

New manager bounce here we go!
Club striker legend Neil Harris is back at helm.
I believe he got them promoted out of League One a few years back before eventually getting the bullet.

I'm getting a little worried with our sudden fragility, and a rejuvenated big mob of Lions fans happy to see him back and Obafemi licking his lips to prove a point.

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