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It's been said numerous times, but something to remember... 11:51 - Jan 23 with 390 viewscaerleon_jack

An article about Steve Bruce and Hull, but it applies nicely to our own situation.

Taken from here:

And, five and finally! While they're doing well, and doing better than anybody expected, this is a weird Premier League. It's far too early to call anything. This time last season, the team in 11th were 12 points from the bottom; this season, Hull are a mere five. What feels like a good season - in terms of the sense of many of Hull's performances, and in terms of their actual position in the table - is still a hugely precarious thing. The shape of the pear still looms large on the horizon.

But as for one, so for all. When it comes to places 10 through 20 of the Premier League: things literally could not be closer. (Except if there was a five-point gap (Or four (Or three (Or two (Or one (Of if everybody had the same number of points.).).).).).) Rene Meulensteen and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still have a roughly even chance of ending the season as either inspired appointments or gargantuan follies; Paul Lambert's Aston Villa could still finish top half or 20th; and if anybody knows what the hell to make of League Cup finalists and 19th place Sunderland, then please share your insight with the group.

All of which means that Bruce is caught in the unenviable position of being entirely unable to relax, even for a moment. He could well exceed expectations for almost the entire season, then lose three games on the spin and plummet all the way down into ignominy. And if that happens? Well, presumably the doomsayers who predicted the relegation will acknowledge the peculiar circumstances, and pay due regard to the early promise and encouraging performances, and...nah. We'll nod, and smile, and say we were right all along. We knew, Brucie. Oh, we knew.

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It's been said numerous times, but something to remember... on 12:02 - Jan 23 with 366 viewsCatullus

Good find mate, it does apply. Any of the bottom ten could go down, as it stands right now.
But if we get off our bums and get behind the team and then the team start busting their guts to get results we could easily find that, in 6 weeks, we look comfortable again.
Right now we look anything but. That can change but we all have to fight for it.

Just my opinion, but WTF do I know anyway?
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It's been said numerous times, but something to remember... on 12:51 - Jan 23 with 319 viewscaerleon_jack

"we all have to fight for it"...problem is we're all too busy fighting each other on here.

I'm not niaive enough to think we can't go down, but I can't believe the amount on here that are talking as if it's a foregone conclusion.

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