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Louise Speed
at 10:25 17 Sep 2018

She has a book out about Gary Speed, I won't be reading it but it tells us enough to read about his letter home aged 16/17. Speed obviously had a long history of mentall illness. If anyone has thoughts of not wanting to carry on, or go to sleep and not wake up then talk to someone you trust for gawds sake. I've suffered depression and get the odd relapse, don't keep it to yourself, it will only get worse.
at 09:35 10 Sep 2018

Stephen Dobbie showing more desire at 35 than many younger players,
Car tax/VED
at 14:04 6 Sep 2018

Are we going to be hit by another tax rise?
Chemnitz versus the truth
at 21:29 1 Sep 2018

Take a real crime, throw in some fake social media news, add the far right and chaos ensues. This though, is what happens when politicians ignore large swathes of the electorate and a large driver for brexit.
Women's football
at 08:53 30 Aug 2018

Good luck to the Welsh women against England, c'mon you Dragonesses.

A stat read out on the Welsh news today, apparently 88% of women footballers in England earn less than 80k per year.
Now I've watched womens games and the quality is really poor by comparison but, you can't fault their heart, desire and determination. Even better they don't roll around like a bunch of wimps when fouled, they don't go down (like a sniper got them) at the merest touch and some of the tackling is vicious.
My point is, at 50-80k per year, are they underpaid or paid just about right? When you look at people like Ronaldo and Messi, they get about that much per day, which is ridiculous, right?
Just say no!!
at 12:51 21 Aug 2018

I can't believe a football team would be given an honour tens of thousands (who died defending freedom and democracy) didn't get. They won a game of football, they made no real sacrifice.
The only part of the Mayors argument I disagree with is when he describes a hero as "someone who risked their life and had no choice" because, to me anyway, a hero is someone who had a choice and chose to fight rather than turn away. Not that those who had no choice weren't heroes too.
Another political stitch up
at 10:17 21 Aug 2018

It seems the WAG, or at least Carwyn Jones and his cronies don't want the Carl Sargeant Inquiry to be very enquiring! They don't want it being public, the Sargeant family to be there or their lawyer to question witnesses either.
Jack Whitehall
at 21:48 19 Aug 2018

There's been quite a fuss about a straight man playing a homosexual role. Many complainst are that a gay man should be played by a gay man.
I thought anti discrimination laws would render that argument null and void? When you're casting a role, you choose who you think is the best person for the job.
If the PC gob jockeys are going to moan at everything, maybe they should also be saying a black woman shouldn't play Emmeline Pankhurst?
Jamie Vardy on this morning
at 11:47 4 Oct 2016

Did anyone see this interview?

At one point he said when he came home the kids wanted to play football with him, even though he'd been training all morning!!!

The poor dear, it must be hard working part time hours to get paid twice the annual wage in one week. Fancy his kid wanting to play with dad.
Maybe he should count himself lucky, there are plenty of parents who'd love to have more time to spend with their kids, and plenty of parents who physically can't play football with their kids too.
More tax avoidance
at 23:40 30 Sep 2016

Yes it's the Daily Mail, but if true it's another shocking episode in the ongoing saga of the rich avoiding tax. Of course this is entirely legal and we'd all do the same, being human.
But the tax system is broken and completely unfair.
[Post edited 30 Sep 2016 23:41]
at 10:51 28 Sep 2016

Having recently ditched Sky tv, we took up netflix and have been searching through for worthy box sets.
We watched the first episode of Dexter and while I quite enjoyed it, my wife wasn't so bothered.
So, can anyone tell me, is it worth persevering with. Does it get better or worse, or stay roughly the same?
Michael C Hall is a fairly convincing nutter!!
The Presidential debate
at 12:01 27 Sep 2016

Well I sat and wstvhed it and now I'm worried. Clinton is way too shady to be POTUS. Trump on the other hand is mad as a box of frogs.
Under Clinton government would maybe become more corrupt (if possible) but under Trump it would only be a matter of time until a major military action, even a war broke out. Trump is way too gung ho, he calls himself a fightèr but inthink he's close to being a suicide bomber.
Either way we have a problem.

[Post edited 27 Sep 2016 12:11]
Armchair sport
at 10:31 18 Sep 2016

Now I went out and got a fully loaded android box. I can't get to away games and miss far too many home games.
This android box is brilliant. We ditched Sky tv, just kept broadband. Result!! I don't miss a game, we save nearly £80 a month and there's all those films and tv series on the various apps.
An unintentional consequence is, we don't automatically turn the tv on now. The three of us have been down for 2 hours and the gogglebox is still off.
But at 2.15 today I (like many others I suppose) will be tuned in to the relevant stream, watching the mighty Swans thrash Southampton. Isn't technology great, why didn't I do it earlier?

Right, off to Margam for a couple of hours soon. Car show, falconry, dog display team and a funfair. Keep the clan happy so I get to watch the game in peace later, and donate money to bloodwise while we're at it (leukaemia and lymphoma research) it's what the event is for, £10 for adults, free for u16. (shameless advertising for a charity!!!)
Pauline Cafferkey
at 11:58 5 Jan 2015

There's been a lot said about this, mostly in the form of questions

1, How did she contract it?
2, Why was she allowed to fly when she wasn't feeling well?
3, Where were her professional ethics in flying when she knew she wasn't well?
4, Why aren't people in quarantine for 21 days before being allowed to leave the danger zone.
I went for a haircut this morning, and it was all they were talking about (great place for a gossip is the barbershop!) Mostly (as us uninformed people tend to do) it was indignation and anger about a situation we can't control.
But there was a question raised that has to make you think, if this nurse took all the precautions possible, and did so correctly, how did she contract Ebola?
Does this mean it is more infectious than we are led to believe? Has it mutated into a form more easily caught? And, why haven't all the people on her flight been tracked down more quickly and put in quarantine? But, are we being told the whole truth?
Looking at.....
at 19:42 4 Jan 2015

.......some of the threads so far this new year, I have to ask, have some people really overdone the alcohol this last Christmas and new year?
Who's the biggest......WTF?
Education in Swansea (City and County of)
at 13:48 11 Dec 2014

Are there any other parents out there, or teachers, who are as worried about the way things are going for our schools.
I'm a governor at our kids school and I have seen the cashflow projections for the next 3 years. Our school will have a huge deficit by 2017.
This means of course, job cuts, cuts to extra curricular activities and price rises. Among the things to go will be breakfast club which in our LEA costs around £1,000,000 a year.
There is no way around it as the council has to cut 32 million off it's budget. This of course comes from the Welsh government, who in turn are facing cuts in budget from Westminster.
There are several initiatives which have proved very successful in improving standards that will also (probably) be axed, such as the RWI (reading, writing initiative.
What makes me even more anfry about this, is the promise by Westminster to give Scotland even more money. Currently, Scotland is the best funded (per head) part of the UK. To make Scotland even better off, other regions ( eg,Wales and the North of England) will suffer.
Why do our kids not deserve the same opportunities as the Jocks. My son has been doing really well in school, why should his education be put at risk?

In all honesty, I wish they'd gotten their yes vote and fecked off!! They are now screwing the rest of us over, aided and abetted by a useless Westminster coalition.

The only way to prevent these cuts is for someone to win 100 million plus on the euromillions and give most of it to the council!!
[Post edited 11 Dec 2014 13:56]
This beheading plot.....
at 11:33 21 Nov 2014

......that was foiled by the security forces and the police, is it s sign of things to come?

IS have said they will rain death and terror on our streets. So was this the first of many terror cells who will take to the streets and attack innocent people?
I really dread to think what might happen if this comes to pass. I said on another thread that I was worried the general population would turn against all Asians, Blacks and Muslims if this happened. We could see the rivers of blood that old Enoch Powell predicted, just not for the reasons he thought.
at 11:28 21 Nov 2014

I thoroughly recommend going to see this film. It is based on the true story of British para's who got caught in a minefield in Afghanistan.
The surviving guys (only one died) went to the first showing and they agreed it was a true representation of what happened, they also got a standing ovation at the end.

The film was supported through crowdfunding. A portion of the profits will be given to military charities.
It is due for release on November 28th in VUE cinemas.

at 19:07 17 Nov 2014

I have recently seen Welsh politicians defending the NHS, saying there aren't the issues with A&E that Cameron claims.
Well I was at Morriston hospital at 14.50 today, drove past A&E and there were 10 ambulances there. The bays all full, some double parked and one even had to park on the road outside.

But there's no problem with Welsh A&E, is there Carwyn?
Our "new" development centre
at 11:12 23 Sep 2014

I took my son there Saturday morning, for a fun 6 week course. He's 6 and wants to get involved (joined a team too, starts this week) but I was less than impressed.
It looks done on the cheap to me. we walked in and they haven't even given a new coat of paint in most places.
My son needed the toilet, there were paper towels all over the floor, one cubicle wasn't flushed and the other blocked (someone had shoved a whole toilet roll down it) and neither sink had a working hot water tap.
Now we were the first people through the door that morning.
It doesn't look very good does it? I can put up with it not looking soanking new, but when it's not even clean and tidy!! what example is that setting? Why isn't it better, considering all the money we now have?
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