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The great reset 2040
at 20:28 15 Mar 2022

Here we go look, 18 years,
The Rotten state of football
at 13:37 13 Mar 2022

The bit at the end might strike a chord with some of us!
The new future
at 18:54 12 Mar 2022

Well then, Putin has done it, united the EU into increasing defence spending and quite possibly, after reading this,

into having an EU army. If they decide the autonomy they mention means separating from the USA's influence too, it's the end of NATO.

The word is changing again, it always does, lets hope it's a change for the better.

Given the state of the USA's politics, separating from them makes sense now. Having a strong united Europe makes sense. Given the sea change in the way Europe is going to go, the road they are on, it makes more sense for any independent European country to want to be a member of a European defence organisation.

I'm still not a fan of the EU and the way they have behaved but it might now turn out to be a club we NEED to be a member of.
I didn't need cheering up
at 12:54 12 Mar 2022

Thanks anyway Keith but, BET365 gave me a £5 free bet which I put on Huddersfield to beat WBA at 15/4. They keep on throwing these fivers at me but I never change my somewhat tiny betting habits. Most of my winnings come from the free bets and I have 2 more free fivers on today, Everton to draw with Wolves at 11/5 and "Our Jet" 5/1 at Sandown.

Isn't it shocking though, they are obviously trying to get me hooked on betting more. They're not giving me free bets out of kindness! I'm still a purely for fun gambler though, I'll put 20p on a silly bet like 4/5 or 6 correct scores at thousands to one. I'll take every free bet they give me and use it to build up my balance, I haven't put money into my account for nearly a year, I've topped up off free bet winnings but not everyone can manage that, some people get sucked in and spend more than they can afford so the question is, should gambling sites be allowed to do these things?
Lyse Doucet
at 18:10 9 Mar 2022

We'll sing the praises of those who stay to fight, those brave Ukrainian soldiers on that island, the sports stars and models who picked up guns and went to war but I think we forget other brave people, the reporters who bring us the stories from the danger zones. Some BBC reporters left Kyiv because it was too dangerous but Lyse Doucet stayed put, Kate Adie was just as stubborn, making sure the stores got out.

Brave people.
E bikes
at 17:23 9 Mar 2022

Ok, anybody on here in the know about electric bicycles?

I am seriously considering buying one to commute on. It usually takes me 20 mins to drive to work from here but Fabian Way can be unpredictable. Lats saturday it took me 45 minutes, queueing from not far past Amazon all the way to the junction by the Cape Horner.

Given the rising cost of petrol and that it's nearly all flat once I get down past Coed Darcy a bike seems a good idea, it could save me £150 per month.

I've seen one called a Z6 zipper that's 800 quid and I wondered if anyone knew if it was good or bad or had any suggestions?

At 800 quid it'd pay for itself in 6 months.
Bored now
at 10:52 9 Mar 2022

It's my third day at home and I am going up the wall. I can't return to work until Saturday at the earliest and even then only if I have tested negative twice, god it's boring.

I don't know how I managed this for 5 years.

Thing is, the vaccine really has worked for me, my boss is quite rough with it but all I have is a few aches, a sore throat and a metallic taste in my throat, otherwise I feel fine and much better than I felt a year ago.
We have been rubbish at isolating me too. My son and wife both come to see me and spend to long at close quarters without masks, I'm sure my son is trying to catch it so he can skip school! Apparently I would have been infectious since last Friday but neither of them has it, according to these LFT's but I think they are rubbish tests, far too unreliable to be used like this.

Roll on Saturday.
Oh balderdash
at 23:35 6 Mar 2022

Well I have just done my first week in my new job, my boss text me to say he'd tested positive for covid, hed been feeling rough this morning (was on a day off anyway) started coughing so did a test. I finished my shift and tested when I got home and yes, I'm positive too.

I have no symptoms at all and feel fine, double jabbed and boosted but still I have to isolate now for 5 days.

We're going to miss the Fulham game now too so 2-1 to us.
Champions league changes
at 12:57 6 Mar 2022

Is this going to become the ESL by the backdoor, changed slowly over time,

I don't watch it much anyway but it seems to me it's heading that way and still giving advantages to the bigger clubs.
at 12:19 5 Mar 2022

I have an opinion but what do others think, is he right or wrong to stay put?

My opinion, lots of other Ukrainians who have young families have sent their wives and kids away and stayed to fight. other nationalities are leaving their families to go and fight, there's a story on WOL about a Welsh former soldier who's flying out. Saying his family stopped him will be seen as cowardice by many people I have no doubt. I think he should go.

Maybe I'm just being harsh but it's easy to sit at home in a big house with a big bank account and give a heart rending interview but if he feels that strongly about it then maybe he should do something?

I'll qualify that by admitting I can't be sure what I'd do in his position. I'm a very different person now to when I was 25.
Eco breakthrough
at 17:21 24 Feb 2022
Angela Rayner
at 18:32 19 Feb 2022

Well then, it seems as if sections of Labour are turning toryesque on us.
Presidential Historians rating
at 13:37 19 Feb 2022

Well then, I guess at least there's a fair chance Biden will do worse but in at number 41 out of 44, the Donald,
The next motoring scandal
at 09:10 7 Feb 2022

It's already been said on here by some smart person (Not me, definitely not) but the drive for electric cars is an eco sham, the next diesel scandal and this news story though it is in the Daily mail seems to capture it perfectly,

Electric cars are not the future we want or need, most of us cannot afford them and anyway, they will not do anything to save the planet and the need for mining rare materials means they will cause the destruction of habitat.

Hybrid cars and then maybe hydrogen cars (when the tech gets there) are a better answer.
Damningly for any government that's pushing E cars as a policy, 90% of E car owners also own a diesel or petrol car to use for longer journeys and even with heavy subsidies still only the top earners can afford these cars without making sacrifices.

I can't afford one right now and I don't want one in 2030 either, a hybrid yes but because electric cars are so heavy they cause extra wear and tear, emitting more pollutants from tyres and brakes AND the experts think they will kill more people in any accidents because of the extra weight.
Pardons for all
at 10:44 30 Jan 2022

This is what Trump has promised if he runs and wins the next Presidential election,

It say a lot about the man that he would pardon his supporters for such an egregious breach of the law.
Rotherham in trouble...
at 16:53 29 Jan 2022

Their fans have been throwing things at officials despite them winning 2 nil. Now the lino that has been hit twice has left the stadium and the 4th official has taken over.

That's not all, there have been several incidents today including a flare being thrown onto the pitch at Millwall. WBA fans not happy, apparently they've been rubbish today again.
Strange but true
at 11:56 29 Jan 2022

VW sell more bangers than cars, literally. They sell Curryworst, a spicy sausage in huge numbers.

Why Vegans are wrong
at 11:33 28 Jan 2022

One of the biggest arguments I hear Vegans make is eating meat is cruelty to the animals but consider this, what if plants are intelligent and feel distress? Well wake up folks because they are and they do.

Just watch the Green planet, Trees communicate and some are called "Mother trees" and its been shown they recognise their offspring and send food to them,

Many people like the smell of cut grass but that smell is actually a warning that it's under attack, a distress call if you will,

So the plants all around us communicate, they give warnings of attack and they help their 'chldren' which proves a level of intelligence so eating only plant based food can be seen as cruel to.
We are all part of the food chain, like it or not.
100 seconds
at 16:53 20 Jan 2022

If Russia invades Ukraine there could be even less,
Hey Professor,
at 20:15 16 Jan 2022

The antibiotic resistance research folks may have had a breakthrough,

That would be a great thing, it'd be nice to have some good news with all this nonsense swirling around, covid, Bojo, Djokovic, Swans players leaving.
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