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The House of Lies
at 11:40 23 Jul 2021

You can lie, cheat and steal and get away with it but don't ever stand up and speak the truth.


Rescuing a dog
at 09:29 21 Jul 2021

Just try it, there are so many rules these days it's blooming nearly impossible. Adult only homes, rural location, and saying large enclosed garden is fair enough but there was a Jack Russell with the instruction "enclosed garden with minimum 6ft fence", has he got a kangaroos hind legs?

With ours turning 12 next week we've been looking. We have a large garden, we live close to a large park, very close. We've always had dogs from back before we even met yet we can't find a dog we can give a good home to.

There's a lovely looking Weimeraner on Dogstrust but he's a sensitive soul so a home where he won't come into contact with any children. There was another one where it said no dogs in neighbouring gardens!

What are people supposed to do?
The Keir Starmer effect
at 09:38 16 Jul 2021

Just what is it? I saw him on BBC this morning and there seemed to be 3 issues for ex Labour voters, trust, people have lost trust in Labour. Corbyn, 18 months on and the shadow of Jezza is still a toxic presence and last, what do Labour really stand for now?


I'm not worried about Corbyn himself but his supporters who still infest the party, that's different. Starmer was dismayed he couldn't get out more to meet voters, the pandemic effect, none of us escaped it and Starmer says neither did he but Bojo was very visible, maybe too visible in fact...unless he was hiding in fridges!

Labour has changed a bit but now people don't know them. The same tired old faces are mostly gone from the front bench but these new faces, who are they, what do they really stand for and believe?
Labour, in my opinion, need a big media drive, they need to get their front benches out in front of the public at every opportunity so we can see them and judge them. Will we ever trust them unless we get to know them? I'd still like to see Thornberry ditched, I don't like Lammy but I quite like Nandy and Jess Smith. Angela Rayner was just too gobby and got what she deserved, I'm not sold on Jon Ashworth but the rest of them are largely unknown quantities, we need to know them, we need to be able to trust them.

I've saved the Shadow Weslh Secretary for last, Nia Griffith, why did she get the gig? To me she's one of the tired old faces that needed ditching. For me Labour need to find someone younger, more dynamic, someone the young people of Wales can relate to.

Drakeford tried to engage the youth, he gave them the vote but what happened? Senedd elections have never made 50%, have never matched Westminster elections,


This Welsh government actually only got 20% of the electorate to vote for it. We ned them to be better. Maybe in Westminster they think they can do away with the Senedd or just go around them because there is so little support for the Senedd at the ballot box. Maybe Bojo is sitting there saying less than half the electorate bother to vote so maybe most Welsh people don't really want it? Look at the Senedd, as guilty of being full of tired old faces as Westminster. maybe the problem there is, who chooses the candidates? Is there too much nepotism, too much cronyism in the selection processes? We need frsh faces who get out there and grab our attention, not nuggets like RT Davies or half soaked people who claim they dont even want the job, like Drakeford.

Will we ever get better if the people choosing the next candidates are the very people we need to be rid of?
Saturday morning tv
at 12:04 10 Jul 2021

Why is it over run with cookery programs? You just cannot get away from them. At one point there was a James Martin programme on BBC AND ITV at the sme time. Now today there's another one with some woman I've never heard of, Michela Chiappa, can't we have something else to watch?

Having all these extra tv channels hasn't given us more choice it's just seen us have endless dross foisted upon us. I didn't used to mind a bit of Nigella or Lorraine Pascale but when you have the aforementioned Michela which finishes to be followed by "The best dishes ever, then the Pizza boys on BBC and on ITV it's James Martin followed by Raymond Blanc then more James Martin it's just AAAARGGGHHHHH time. A show about train spotting would be preferable right now.
Crime and punishment
at 10:45 8 Jul 2021

She committed the crime but did she get punished?


Do we need to make it illegal for a banned driver to own a car? Should we have a database available so we can check if a person is banned before selling them a car? What is the point in banning a driver who just ignores the ban and drink drives, without a license too? Isn't fining this person £153 really pitiful?

No wonder people ignore the law. She wouldn't have had insurance so she saved more than the £153 anyway. A previously banned drivers insurance is going to be quite high.

I'd like to know the sentencing guidleines for this crime, why isn't this plank in prison?
Utter scumbags
at 10:36 8 Jul 2021

And then there were 8.
at 10:33 7 Jul 2021

My ignore list has, I believe, topped out at 8 and only one is a Cardiff fan (NEATHCCFC) the others are the lunatic fringe on here. The Trumpettes and their backing singers the "Covidian denial choir"

Sits back and enjoys the peace...and longs for the footballseason to start.
Bale decides
at 19:01 6 Jul 2021

And it's retirement,


So he plans to see out his Madrid contract and quit football though he still wants to lead Wales to the next World Cup!
That's a blow for Cardiff fans though plenty on here did warn them.

When it comes to Wales though, isn't it a bit arrogant to say you're retiring but wil still play for your country. After these Euros, do we really want him?
The Senedd will save us
at 18:42 6 Jul 2021


They'll start off by changing all residential speed limits to 20mphand banning parking on pavements. That should cause some chaos.
The Yellow Star
at 09:12 5 Jul 2021

Are people really doing this?


It's hard to fathom how stupid people are. The Nazi's used to take away disabled people, gypsy's, political opponents and put them in death camps, if they didn't just go somewhere quiet and murder them straight away. How can people even get close to equating that with the pandemic rules? The Nazi's murdered over 6 million people but rules (even those we disagreed with) were put in place to save lives.

People are strange.
Broadcasting sexism.
at 20:04 3 Jul 2021

Watching the football and some of the rugby, the cameras home in on groups of men but they will pick out a pretty woman and do extreme close ups. They don't single out handsome blokes, you'll see a group of fat baldy blokes celebrating but then they'll show a close up of a pretty young woman, boobs bouncing.....blatant sexism by the tv companies!


at 19:44 3 Jul 2021

I used to be a very patient person. When I was tounger, much younger, for a while one of my mates used to call me "Mr emotionless" because I wouldn't let anything wind me up, I didn't often get angry and very rarely would I show any violent signs, apart from a few dodgy tackles on Sunday mornings.
As I got older my patience noticeably faded and recently I find myself very intolerant of certain posters on here. As a result my "ignored" list has grown. I never used to put anybody on ignore...well there was one but he's a special case!
I know I'm not the brightest, I know I'm not always right and far from it but there are some posters on here whose lunacy would try the patience of a saint! If I didn't ignore them (another one added tonight) I think I'd probably be driven back to drink!
Rant warning!
at 09:11 1 Jul 2021

I seem to have started the day off by having a few rants, it may well be a day of it, I apologise in advance.

Maybe I should take my book, go sit in the garden and read!
No better than Westminster
at 14:51 6 Jun 2021

Just look at the expenses, 78 quid on colouring pencils, that's Plaid Cymru's Ap Iorwerth, 542 on a gazebo, Llyr Grufydd, The Tory Miilar £975 on an Oak filing cabinet, RT Davies spent hundreds on birthday cards,


And Welsh nats say the Senedd is better than Westminster

Womens football
at 09:24 1 Jun 2021

Isn't sport supposed to be about competition, isn't merit supposed to count? How can the Welsh womens football authorities relegate teams who, on merit, look to have earned a place? Abergavenny women finished 4th yet they are demoted.


It stinks.
Covid deaths...reasons why?
at 09:34 29 May 2021

The story makes it seem very clear. It wasn't just government failings during the pandemic, the failings go back much further. Lack of ICU beds, lack of capacity....


Whoever you want to blame for it, it's government failings over many years that led us to the covid situation and the 5th highest number of deaths. It's about money but there always seems to be enough money for more politicians, forpoliticians pay rises, for new government buildings and for "fact finding trips" for the "boys and girls"; plenty of money too for something we'll hopefully never need, nuclear weapons. Then there's the absurd situation the NHS finds itself in where it costs them vastly more to buy medicines that you can buy dirt cheap in a supermarket.
It always seems to come down to the same things, useless politicians making dodgy decisions, usually out of self interest who don't give the people what we need but get everything they themselves want.

It should be a national scandal that we have the 5th highest number of deaths, largely down to decades of cutting essential services and wasting fortunes on things nobody but the politicians seems to want, like HS2 and nukes.
What are we feeding our kids?
at 21:39 27 May 2021

BBC1 now with Chris Van Tulleken, it's not a nice story.
Tax Credits
at 15:45 26 May 2021

Been here before, the tax office says we owe them money, we have proved we don't. This year the inevitable letter arrived so I phoned them up. They said the same thing as previously, all you have to do is send in the proof, which I have done before yet every year they come back demanding money. The claimed debt is fro 2009/10.

This year I had enough, I made it very plain to the woman on the phone that I wasn't doing this every year, I've had enough. She tried to repeat" all you have to do is" but I cut her off and said NO, I'm not going around in circles every year, you can take me to court and we'll settle it there.

Blooming incompetent tax office!
This is Wales
at 10:12 21 May 2021

and they don't like people turning to the right

The end of gas?
at 21:23 18 May 2021

I'm not against the idea, we need to do everything we can to protect the planet but blooming heck look at the expected prices,


£6000 to £18000.....it has to be very heavily subsidised because most of us juts couldn't afford it, surely!
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