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If there is to be a re-vote 19:23 - Nov 14 with 429 viewsNeathJack

After the ballot date is announced there should be a window of opportunity for anyone who is not currently a member to sign up (for free imho) and be included in the vote, and for every member on their database to receive a mailshot with an encouragement to rejoin and be a part of the vote.

It should not be a closed shop to just those who renewed say, before today as this will skew he results even further in the favour of accepting the deal due to the number of fans who did not renew as a result of the last vote.

If the Trust really want to be representative of the fanbase then the vote needs to be opened up to as many fans as possible.

If there is to be a re-vote on 19:38 - Nov 14 with 393 viewsGaryjack

This. with......


If there is to be a re-vote on 19:47 - Nov 14 with 377 viewsItchySphincter

If you can't be arsed to sign up why should you get a free vote?

Pay like everyone else has.

If it's free membership everyone else should be refunded.

Poll: This Sanches fella. Anyone think we'll actually sign him then?

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