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I've seen it all now . . . . . 22:45 - Aug 28 with 1626 viewsbluenile

As I approached one of the gates to go into the East Stand, and in front of me was a family, there were two daughters, and one of them had a large toy scooter with her. The safety steward outside the gate was trying to explain to the father that she would have to radio her superiors to see if it would be allowed in. I managed to get past them to go through the turnstile. What fecking numpty thinks it's ok for a kid to take that into a football match?? . . . . . .

Open the ipod bay doors Hal


I've seen it all now . . . . . on 23:11 - Aug 28 with 1389 viewsbuilthjack

Perhaps they had walked to the game (with the one kid on a scooter).
They need to build a scooter store.

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I've seen it all now . . . . . on 23:19 - Aug 28 with 1322 viewsItchySphincter

Get a life Roger, you sad tw@t..............

Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan........................

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I've seen it all now . . . . . on 23:46 - Aug 28 with 1205 viewsSwanDownUnder

There are some stupid f*ckers about

I've seen it all now . . . . . on 00:27 - Aug 29 with 1070 viewsNotLoyal

Nobody is superior.

No I didn't invent the tit wÁnk you stupid fcking twát Oh ... Shhhhh, yes it's me, I think I really p1ssed that bloke from Aberdare off. Don't tell him.
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I've seen it all now . . . . . on 06:08 - Aug 29 with 846 viewsjackal

I fondly remember the Southampton fans who were taking the p*ss out of one of their mates because he'd brought his passport to come to the game.
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