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If this media reporting carries on
at 23:24 27 Jun 2020

It will leave many people with no choice but to take sides. It’s shocking.
Personally, and it’s just my belief, we as a world are on the brink of total chaos.
This was 2015. But reported yesterday. What’s the real focus ?
[Post edited 27 Jun 23:29]
Can piped crowd noise be used to an advantage?
at 18:14 25 Jun 2020

I thought Middlesborough were quite good to us with the cheering when we scored.
Hilarious, defund the police, then call 911 😂
at 12:23 23 Jun 2020

This half witted pile of excrement called the mayor of Seattle DC needs removing from her Ivory tower. After supporting rioting and agreeing on a defund of the police in principle the stupid cnt has pressed the emergency button.
She has been the cause of numerous deaths in the past four weeks, she needs putting on trial for her role in the disorder and deaths.

Cardiff City
at 01:09 22 Jun 2020

I hope they keep on winning, and I hope Swansea City the most decorated and successful team in Wales in a lifetime do as well.
Because they can't live with us and they can't beat us, it's a guaranteed play off win, regardless if it is over 2 legs or one.
Keep winning boys because your mentors are waiting.
The world is laughing at us
at 10:53 14 Jun 2020

USA and UK.
Nowhere else is experiencing what we are to the levels we see of late.
Talk about entitled.
at 18:39 13 Jun 2020

Interesting concept
If it's new to you, Google it.
Another pair of morons
at 15:17 12 Jun 2020
Words being banned
at 01:42 12 Jun 2020

A short paragraph from a piece on Lady A by the BBC.

The term "urban music" has been scrapped by Republic Records, which is home to Drake and Ariana Grande, while the Grammys have announced they will stop using "urban" to describe music of black origin in their awards categories.

Bjorks record label have scrapped their name which was little Indian records.
And apparently McCartney has changed the name of his side project band, whatever that bollox was.
Mike VDH who are they kidding.
at 16:18 11 Jun 2020

Still injured get to fck.
Paul Chapman
at 11:17 10 Jun 2020

UFO guitarist, RIP.
Not a huge Cardiff fan but born there.
[Post edited 10 Jun 11:23]
The great political distraction.
at 14:00 2 Jun 2020

Campaign to re elect Donald trump has started. Nothing like a worldwide over reaction to the death of person being arrested to fan the flames of discontent and distract the whole country from a pandemic.

This could be the finest election tactic of all time.

The timeline to voting could see the govt of the USA utilise all these things to promote Trumps management of the country in a very positive way come 5 months from now.
More than an equal chance of going up.
at 17:36 1 Jun 2020

Can anyone see anything positive in Swansea City getting in to the premier league via the play offs ?
Rhian Brewster tweet
at 21:50 31 May 2020

Liverpool striker Rhian Brewster wrote a lengthy post on Twitter: "This is way deeper than just pointing out who's staying quiet and whose speaking up."

Brewster, who has previously spoken about the racist abuse he has suffered, continued: "For years and generations, we've been screaming out for change and to be heard, yet the pain continues.

"We don't want special privilege. A level playing field is all we have been crying for, forever.

"Hear us. #BlackLivesMatter."

Interesting article Championship to return.
at 13:52 29 May 2020

Albeit from the equivalent of Abbandanatos terrorists.

Can’t see the point in not starting on a different date to the premier league.
I’m still not filled with any enthusiasm mind.
[Post edited 29 May 13:52]
I thought this bloke was skint 😂
at 11:31 26 May 2020

Whattta clown.
Things you do now that you will keep on doing.
at 12:09 20 May 2020

For me now we all get together on a Saturday night, mobiles off, all make some food, usually spicy small dishes, a few bottles of wine ( I drink water as I now train for three hours on Saturday afternoons, something I intend to carry on ) and gave up all forms of consumption years ago. The chat, the togetherness as a family is an experience we had nearly lost due to the pressures of 75 hour weeks, being away etc. I’m in the middle of sorting a shorter week so I can spend Thursday to Monday morning at home or at least work from home on Thursday and preserve three days together, Friday to Monday morning. The hard graft over the past 15 years has ensured some stability. The lockdown has been a pain but we are most certainly reunited as a family, I’m just not going to give it up.
Have you stayed in throughout the lockdown ?
at 16:02 15 May 2020

My neighbour two doors down has not gone out at all since March 17th. Her husband does the outside stuff, she is terrified, Both are in their 40’s. I think it’s now a mental health thing, her personality has changed completely. Sad.
Dad's army 76
at 18:20 14 May 2020

The new down arrow professional on planet swans.
Or just Mart in disguise?
at 18:10 14 May 2020

So now they have more beds available than they have had for years...
Who gets the blame for this then?
Kyle Walker being victimised
at 14:50 8 May 2020

Ring a bell ?
Second time he’s broke lockdown rules.
Just get the fckr arrested and put the tw@t away for a bit, self entitled prick.
He must be the thickest person in football ( and by fck there’s some nominations ) or just in need of a huge slap.
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