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at 07:58 21 Sep 2020


Read the first line of that! these rail companies are all PRIVATLEY OWNED and all from countries Italy to Honk Kong. Just because the Jeremys & the Nigel's in London are too afraid to go on the train and now stay at home and do keepy uppys in the garden we have to carry on paying for this sh!t

Never mind black or white skin these are the b@stards that are screwing all of us remember that every time you drag your arse out of bed to go to work and then work extra overtime just to earn a half tidy wage.

Privatisation doesn't work and thankfully for them a global pandemic has come along to blame it on.
Gareth Bale
at 21:38 15 Sep 2020

In talks with Spurs good news for Welsh football but still has a shit hair style
Whats happened by yuh then?
at 09:45 18 Aug 2020

I left PS a few months back because of a donkey and his cronies only now to discover there are 2 boards and a lot of the d1cks seem to have gone over there.?

Can someone give me the short version of what's happened by yuh?
Leaving Planet Swans Now Ta-ra All
at 19:18 7 Jun 2020

Been supporting the Swans since the early 1980's and posting and lurking on here for a good few years but it's time to call it a day now as it's just the same old 10 or 20 posters posting on here these days and not much really going on I'm also bored with the

"I'm so so bitter chip on my shoulder me me me show!"

Bye YJB's Stay Safe

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Sleepless nights coming up for one black rioter
at 17:51 7 Jun 2020

Some lovely clear photos of him over the net launching a bicycle into a police horse.
Only a matter of time before his front door gets launched in just like that bicycle did.
Dirty Doras
at 12:23 18 Apr 2020

First night club I went to circa 1986 and loved it

RMT Moron
at 18:29 10 Apr 2020

And a wife beater as well

Jonestown on BBC i player
at 15:37 3 Apr 2020

Anyone else seen this? brilliant documentary
Feck my eyes what a mental b@stard this dude was he made Hitler look like Mary Poppins
Some people are greedy & disgusting
at 09:24 19 Mar 2020

So my missus works for a charity where kids come to visit and stay and learn about the countryside they now have zero bookings until September. They have all been asked to cut down their hours understandably which they all have. My missus has gone down to 4 days and then will go down to 3...etc some have been asked to just come in 1 day a week so everyone is really going for it. Personally I think they are fecked but they are giving it a go.

My missus who is the office manager and has had to adjust all this has found out that
the 2 highest paid people the director and her side kick will stay on full pay!

Fecking vile b@stards basically they know it's going to the wall and are just keeping the cream for themselves until it closes.
The coming weeks & months
at 11:47 17 Mar 2020

I won't see my 84yr old mam for a few weeks now but she is safe stocked up and ready to see it through and in her words what ever happens.....happens God bless her x

We can't keep moaning and groaning sitting in the hole getting covered in sh!t at the end of the day you have got to get out of that hole and do the best you can finger pointing can wait because it won't get you anywhere soon....

I haven't got it but I'm sure as hell will get it as I'm just about to start my 10 hr shift of 7 days on the bounce working with thousands of the great unwashed public...

Just do what you can

Stop fecking panic buying
Keep your self clean
and use a bit of common sense
Very bold statement from Boris
at 17:58 16 Mar 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said everyone in the UK should now avoid "non-essential" travel and contact with others to fight coronavirus.

He said people should work from home where possible, as part of a range of stringent new measures.

Some on here will still bang on about season ticket refunds
Rhod Gilbert Book of John
at 10:36 11 Mar 2020

Anybody else seen his gig? He can be hilarious and in parts very funny and clever but found this gig a bit laboured and felt you were laughing out of respect for him, liked him more on Radio Wales on Saturday morning especially with his mate LLoyd
Good Luck Brett
at 16:27 24 Jan 2020

Get in there YJB

Joma clothing sizes
at 13:20 21 Jan 2020

Going to warmer climates soon and getting a few tops I very rarely buy Swans tops and have never bought Joma so what's the deal with t shirt sizes are they what they say they are or millennial sizes?

I'm 16 stone 6ft 1" and don't want a skin tight beer belly top
[Post edited 21 Jan 13:29]
Lovely Monday morning nice to see Wales 2020 thread back
at 09:21 16 Dec 2019

Tick tickety tick ✔️ 👍
Wales 2020 Euros Games / Tickets / Travel / Meets / Accommodation
at 14:51 26 Nov 2019

Anything to do with Wales game just leave here

Tickets, Travel, Meets out there, Accommodation
Who craves attention the most ?
at 15:11 10 Nov 2019

F.A.O Mods about the Sala thread
at 07:03 26 Oct 2019

Please can you do the gentlemanly thing and take this vile thread down now in respect of the young lad that lost his life, everyone has seen it and has got the message. Let SWP deal with it now and not give anymore time to this @rsehole who did this.

Lets get back to putting our efforts and energy into beating them up the road and get the Liberty stadium bouncing again


Thank you
Clydach Murders
at 09:21 11 Oct 2019


Anybody read this book?
Swansea City fan here
at 09:38 26 Sep 2019

Well done Rochdale and Matheson good on you
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