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Euros football violence
at 09:44 4 Jul 2024

Or lack of it, more relaxed policing, idiots being priced out and the Euro's being a lot more cuddly ?

What has massively changed from the last couple of Euros when in the UK you see reports & videos nearly every week. Germany in central Europe would be bang on the money for the chair throwers.
Next Tory leader
at 11:41 2 Jul 2024

Cameron 26/1 Lump on
COV away
at 18:37 26 Jun 2024

Who's been what's the craic?

We are looking at staying over the night and going to the 2Tone village aswell
B@stard Weather
at 10:47 13 Jun 2024

WTF is going on ? we had the CH on again last night!
Where the fluck is the sun?
We are packing for the Isle of Wight festival and putting in fleeces,North Face jackets and walking boots TOP temperatures over there for the festival are 17
[Post edited 13 Jun 10:49]
What a beautiful thing to do
at 12:03 17 May 2024

Could easily have gone so wrong but thankfully not and what a powerful 10 minutes I was in tears within a minute. Well done young man 👍
The Coopers Arms
at 17:22 16 Mar 2024

Fairplay what a turn out some old school faces there.
Sorry I didn't see you Keith like looking for a needle in a haystack talking to a copper outside and he said all the police that surrounded that pub were from cardiff.
Bennytheburk & his bullies
at 17:15 16 Mar 2024

Where are you my old fruit?

So funny to see some of your bullies fuming on the final whistle about something they don't really care about, shout out to that baldy scummer with the purple face and the nasty fake S I jacket WTF 😂 🤔
at 10:54 7 Mar 2024

Very sad, met him twice randomly
Once he was waiting for someone and was hiding behind a car acting all very paranoid the next time drunk as a lord coming back from his nephews funeral bumming fags off taxi drivers
FC Den Haag fans
at 09:00 3 Mar 2024

Is that still a thing with them and our fans or has it died its death now?
Charlie Morgan
at 15:01 1 Feb 2024

Just listened to him on the AIC podcast and he comes across really well a level headed bright kid fairplay to him
at 12:12 16 Dec 2023

The old man died way too young because he was an alcoholic and we also lost our house because of this, a man who I adored as a child and hated as an adult.

Now we are watching our good friends going through the same thing, he is a very smart man, not short of a few bob, a great wife, nice kids finically sorted for life and as straight as they come and most probably never even had a parking ticket in his life but now he's destroying it all and will down a bottle of wine in seconds and doesn't give two flucks for anyone so very sad!
Places and things you miss from Swansea past?
at 11:52 5 Nov 2023

Obviously the Vetch Field and everything that went with it..the north bank, pubs, mates etc
Weaver Building
Mumbles road bridge
Open top bus to Caswell Beach
Pub Disco's
Cockle man in the pubs selling cockles & crab sticks
The Sporting Post
[Post edited 5 Nov 2023 12:07]
Donald Trump
at 18:10 2 Nov 2023

Odds on favourite to be next President ?
Just when you thought the world couldn't get any madder
I'll just leave this here
at 11:26 31 Oct 2023 They announce this today to try and win votes on the same day the Covid injury is going to blow up! The Tories are deluded just like watching an episode of Spitting Image
[Post edited 31 Oct 2023 14:07]
Cardiff podcast FAO Keith
at 11:08 29 Oct 2023

Just seen this

Do you know Simon cardiff fan in Neath from your punk days?
Iwan Roberts
at 10:24 23 Oct 2023

Seen him on Saturday representing the BBC what a mess looked like he was on a tip run,a lavender coloured fleece about 4 times to big
for him pair of weird looking 1990's cargo trousers and cr@p white trainers.
[Post edited 23 Oct 2023 12:00]
Train strikes Brizzle City game
at 11:02 18 Aug 2023

ASLEF Striking 1st September
RMT Striking 2nd September
ASLEF Overtime ban 2nd September

Won't effect Transport for Wales but if you are travelling on GWR and XC trains forget it

South America
at 07:16 16 Aug 2023

Anyone been to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil?

Looking at taking in all 3 countries in February starting at Buenos Aires making our way up to Brazil
One upon a time in Northern Ireland
at 08:16 21 Jun 2023

Just finished watching this history lesson where fellow country people butchered each other on the streets, my brother and my brother in law both done tours of NI in the mid 80's I was just a kid in my early teens and would often see and hear my mother getting upset but not really understanding, what a mental situation to be in I can sympathise with both arguments but those killings were brutal and horrific, what a way to live your life!
at 08:44 16 Jun 2023

Out in the Isle of Wight festival, seen plenty of Jacks but bumped into this giant of a man who plays rugby for Dunvant he is 7ft tall with long hair and hands like shovels anyoneon here know him?
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