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The Swansea City v Cardiff City story
at 09:44 22 Oct 2021

What a contrast.....

Interviewing a passionate Swansea City fan Jay Harris in the gym a good looking young very talented excellent boxer who loves the derby game and everything that comes with it.

Interviewing a Cardiff City fan some scruffy bitter clown with some awful bum fluff on his face in some pub that is stuck in the 1970's totally contradicting everything single thing he says.

And Whats happened to Andy Legg ?
4 hours at the Capitol
at 14:00 21 Oct 2021

Anyone else see this?

For a straight off Americans are bonkers and I'm not a conspiracy theorist but some things don't add up from that day.

How was it possible for these protesters to gain access just like that? with from the beginning little resistance from the Police and in one of the most important buildings in the world where gun society is part of life and Police will shoot first ask questions later?

Even at the height of the poll tax riots 30 + years ago where No10 / Whitehall were targeted protesters would never have gained access.

They got in and from what I seen were just a bunch of fruit cakes and red necks without a brain cell between them my nans bingo club look and act more intimating than theses people they didn't know what to do or where to go next so just goofed about taking selfies while all the real deal protesters are outside being held back by riot police. Then this woman protester appears from nowhere in the corridors and leads them towards congress chambers there is a bit of a stand off when an arm appears from nowhere and she is shot dead just like that and was the only person shot that day. She was ex air force personnel with 16 yrs of service and that was it she was never mentioned again.

Poor old cardiff
at 15:01 25 Aug 2021

Looks like someone left the gate open on the farm again

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Uprising on BBC
at 18:56 9 Aug 2021

Anyone see this?
I was pretty young at the time when it all kicked off but I do remember it and in the long run the Metropolitan Police got what they deserved but I can't help but feel the families of the kids that died in New Cross were maybe looking for something or someone that wasn't there to blame for the kids death's
BBC Mayhill Programme
at 11:38 27 Jul 2021

Unbelievable footage from inside that poor fellas home.

I'm sure if it wasn't for his footage and the rioters footage the SWP would have said it wasn't that bad, and why were they all hiding in the Police station?

Its very telling how the older generation were surprised and shocked it happened and the younger generation were not the least bit surprised or shocked
English FA in meltdown..... just smile
at 10:23 13 Jul 2021

The Daily Mirror "The Ugly face of football returns" IT NEVER WENT AWAY these people are living in cuckoo land.

Booing their own players taking the knee
English fans of all colour fighting the Police all over London
English fans fighting English fans
English fans attacking Italian couples on the streets of London
Fans breaking into Wembley but at the time the FA said just a few but now it was 100's
3 missed penalties just happen to be black players getting abuse from their own fans

And that's what that game will be remembered for oh and in the middle of a global pandemic .......what a cock of a country eh?

Thank God I'm Welsh
Shocking scenes at Wembley
at 09:02 19 Jun 2021

10 of thousands of England & Scotland fans would have given anything to be in Wembley last night and then this pair turn up

Keith Coopers oldman on a podcast
at 13:17 16 May 2021

As everyone knows he is a paid up fully confessed cardiff fan but listening to the The Socially Distant Sports Bar Podcast with Ellis James where they pick out TV clips of sports events which quite often involve Swansea City /fans it shows Keith Cooper refereeing the Swansea V cardiff game in 1991 which was very volatile as most are anyway, would this be allowed for him to ref this game surely not but obviously it did?

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Come on City!! Good Luck Boys on SATURDAY!
at 07:48 14 May 2021

Lets see if we can get this job done

We are just 3 games from the Premiership

Again another tale in the story of Swansea City Football Club the club I love and I grew up from a gobby teenager to a grumpy oldman with my family & friends some of whom are not here anymore but I can still see them and hear them on the North Bank and in The Liberty

Good Luck boys

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Barnsley fans 50/50 on beating us
at 17:36 9 May 2021

Happy St Dai's Day
at 10:35 1 Mar 2021

Happy St David's day to all my fellow Welsh country folk

Views on this?
at 11:07 26 Jan 2021

Very sad reading on here when another Swansea Jack as been taken away from their family & friends and the love of their club for whatever reason especially more so in tragic circumstances or the younger generation.

So I was just wondering could we not have supporters day on a mid season game where we remember OUR own. Minutes applause, photos of fans who are no longer with us on the screens half time...etc? Is there anybody on here that can push this? I'm sure it would mean a lot to some families & friends
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Sex Pistols
at 15:53 12 Jan 2021

Danny Boyle doing a film series on them 👍
Just before my time but liked all the Punk, Oi, Skinhead music as well
Has anybody else read the Steve Jones lonely boy book ?
Sad Times
at 14:55 1 Jan 2021

We are 3rd in the league
The son of Swansea City has been given a MBE

And we have about 5 threads about BLM & racists
Shilly Cardiff Chity Shausage 👍😂
at 14:30 13 Dec 2020

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What Podcasts
at 06:43 10 Nov 2020

What's everyone listening to?

AIC, Ambition is critical the official unofficial Swansea City podcast with Ryan & Paddy both Swansea boys through and through and fair play the pair of them are beauties it's like listening to me sometimes. I don't think I've ever met either of them as I'm a little bit older but definitely know some of the names they mention on the podcast now and then but listening to their football trip stories, boys holidays, stag do's is like listening to me and my mates in the 1990's If your not from Swansea or support the Swans I suppose you wouldn't get it

The Social distant sports bar with Mike Bubbins Ellis James and Steff Garrero is pretty good with loads of Swansea City references. Bubbins is very funny & dry with loads of tall stories.
A non covid story.....brilliant !
at 14:45 12 Oct 2020

at 07:58 21 Sep 2020


Read the first line of that! these rail companies are all PRIVATLEY OWNED and all from countries Italy to Honk Kong. Just because the Jeremys & the Nigel's in London are too afraid to go on the train and now stay at home and do keepy uppys in the garden we have to carry on paying for this sh!t

Never mind black or white skin these are the b@stards that are screwing all of us remember that every time you drag your arse out of bed to go to work and then work extra overtime just to earn a half tidy wage.

Privatisation doesn't work and thankfully for them a global pandemic has come along to blame it on.
Gareth Bale
at 21:38 15 Sep 2020

In talks with Spurs good news for Welsh football but still has a shit hair style
Whats happened by yuh then?
at 09:45 18 Aug 2020

I left PS a few months back because of a donkey and his cronies only now to discover there are 2 boards and a lot of the d1cks seem to have gone over there.?

Can someone give me the short version of what's happened by yuh?
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