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at 19:07 27 Nov 2021


Swimming against the tide is a graft, an art, a gift.

Some of us grafters are also are gifted with the ability to SEE things differently form the masses. This ability sparks the delta for change, time immemorial.

On this forum (or any) forum there is only ever a handful of posters that have this ability. To SEE. The masses will LOOK, but very rarely SEE.

OHL is one of the few on here that SEE. And isn't ever afraid of expressing what he SEES.

This forum is unrivalled and applauded for giving the headroom to allow many posters to express. And to express without the constant threat of being ousted, ridiculed or even banned for expressing an opinion or two against the masses.

Bravo to this forum for creating this pretty unique environment for fair and open dialogue.

Long live OHL, and the strong that are never, ever afraid or bullied to say what they think.


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Downes, and out
at 16:58 27 Nov 2021

A waste of a midfield slot behind Grimes

We are so too defensive with Downes anchoring Grimes.

In the 94rd minute today he was our last man defender, wtf.

He had moments previously flunked his lines in a 'Back 4 ', gifting Reading a corner in the dying minutes.

Yet some on here have wanted him to replace our very Best player, captain and leader. Grimesy. Twp as.



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A breath of fresh air
at 23:22 29 Oct 2021


The Cleansing seems to have worked. Well done to the team for ridding this exemplar forum of the school playground antics of the bully boys n girls.

The tongue tied absentees are conspicuous in their joyous absence. Now hamstrung from venting, abusing and lashing out. Their silence is golden.

The abusive name calling and trolling was ruining this forum. This, the last bastion of Forum civility was creaking under the hefty weight of the usual trolls and gang members.

So uplifting to log in and see proper grown up dialogue again. Like the old days, much like our football is becoming.

In fact I see many more posters now contributing again.

Let's hope this new normal new world on here, is here to stay. Thanks to the mods.


Concept vs Reality: brand Martin
at 22:42 27 Oct 2021


This is the question, right now. All Concept and no real substance ? One of the hottest topics in the corridors of power.

The ayes have it, I say. All concept and no real, proper substance.

Martin's brand shouts all Concept, and no Reality. He's like an interior Designer positioning partitions, shaping style, colour swatches and cushions. Whereas in reality the senior players, the Chief Architects for making things happen on the pitch, as we build and find a way of winning with Plan B, deliver as best as they can - despite, not because of the flamboyant Design Concepts (Plan A).

So far in his managerial career Martin is clearly all Concept with mediocre results. The harsh Reality right now is all about winning. Flamboyant design concepts need to be consigned to the managerial filing cabinet, under M for....Martin, mediocre. 16th in the table, unheard of, in yonks.

The investors are all about a winning Reality, not Conceptual design. There's much at stake, especially right now.

It's time to deliver Reality with a proper Plan B, where Designer, Chief Architects and the entire team are fully aligned and delivering.



Jamie Paterson our very own Bergkamp
at 14:23 17 Oct 2021


Despite being nigh on 30, plays with the zip and zest of a very very clever 19 year old.

Is totally everything that typifies a Russell Martin team player. And has become the focal point for our cutting edge in the final third. Fit as a butcher's dog.

His clever, fast, deft footwork at the final whistle was so apt.



Effective and Efficient Football = Winning
at 00:27 6 Oct 2021


Effective and Efficient Football = Winning. It's our business, to Win.

Effective = Doing the Right Things
Efficient = Doing The Right Things Well

Our US investors will be constantly monitoring our business model performance to gauge how we are doing against our competitors.

This year - we don't do the Right Things, to Win. Our manager seems unable to focus on doing the Right Things to Win a football match.

Last 2 years we were Highly Effective and Efficient, hence our massive relative achievements. Up there, nigh on Best In Class in this league.

This year we have spent unprecedented amounts. And yet we continue to be languishing with not very clever, highly ineffective, bottom quartile efficient. Hence we are hovering perilously just above the drop zone, by a thread. It ain't no coincidence.

This really ain't difficult.

Any organisation that wants to succeed, be up there as the Best In Class, needs to be the most Effective and the most Efficient.

Martine needs some help, he lacks focus. Lacks focus on winning. Lacks the ability to recognise Highly effective and Efficient football. Something the US Owners will be well versed in - Best In Class Investment.

(PS - global Advisory firms make billions from the advice above - let's hope Martin (and some of our twper followers) pay heed from this free advice - (though I know how far it will wash over the heads of the many)).


Overwhelming verdict on Cooper's future
at 20:08 15 Jun 2021


Very surprised this article and Poll hasn't had a mention on here as yet.

' Out of 1,902 responses, 74 per cent said yes, they wanted the 41-year-old to continue in his role at the Liberty, testament to the job he has done in SA1.'

No doubt Coops is off to one of his many suitors in the Premier league, however should he decide to stay (on improved terms) he knows he can count on at least 3 out of 4 fans at the Liberty, most especially when he reaches out for that rousing fist-pumping support.

Worth clicking on the embedded article by Guto too - smart guy is Guto.

Grimes Unchained
at 00:17 18 May 2021

A massive win and exceptionally clever performance tonight. Grimes was the epitome of everything that is good about us under Cooper. Clever, calm, assured, measured, confident, exuberant at times. A winner.

Grimes is our heartbeat, the metronome that keeps us ticking, fighting, linking. Our extra man in defence. Our conscience.

Yet I would love to see him in a more advanced role. Doing the same yet in the Red Action Zone, pressing their DCM and backline. We could raise the bar and totally smash all-comers. Our best player is now needed to orchestrate further up field in our quest for promo. He has all the leadership, respect and broad shoulders to make the difference.

He's one of the best in the league in DCM/CM and is our heartbeat when we're looking to build patiently from the back through our fulcrum.

Yet it's time to unchain him to leverage his tenacity, vision and drive to get some tempo and ZIP ZIP ZIP where it hurts. And propel us through the playoffs and beyond.

If anyone witnessed his 2nd half against Yeovil under Potter (2018) - he lit up the game in that space and scored a cracker. Potter knew then he had a gem (but oddly didn't have the know how to best utilise that latent match-winning talent).

He's the nearest we have to a Cantwell or MGW. Match winners (esp sitting behind out and out strikers). Switch Grimes and Fulton - I'm sure they will both flourish in their more naturally potent roles. Fulton has shown maturity to not hide as he once did - he can be trusted to anchor, to receive 1st phase and look ahead to Grimes, Ayew in 2nd phase.

Time for Cooper to unleash the Tarantino in himself and Unchain Grimes to make those match-winning decisions for himself., in the final third.
(ps - forget Shulz, Frank's a sideshow)

Cooperball, a winning formula
at 20:43 13 Apr 2021

Without a shadow of doubt.

3rd in the league.

Most likely another playoff at the least, yet again.

Playing a fluid frontline with frontmen that can cut in and score with aplomb, a clever hard working, skilful midfield and one of the most solid of defences in this league.

And a massive collective inner belief among the players, the management team and the ongoing strategies (rotation, subs, personnel selection) methods and matchday tactics.

That's Cooperball.

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Exceeding Expectations
at 23:23 9 Mar 2021

Despite the doom and gloom of some of our weak, entitled passive supporters we are massively exceeding expectations.

The weak willed sheeple need to take some time to think, clearly.

- joint 2nd in the league with a game in hand
- win the game in hand, 3 points clear of the chasing pack
- 2nd in games lost
- joint 2nd with leaders Norwich in # goals against
- for the run-in :
- recently beaten leaders Norwich 2-0
- beaten leading contenders Watford
- drew with main rivals Brentford
- smashed most in-form team Barnsley 2-0 twice
- 10 pts ahead of Play-off chasers ex-prem league Bournemouth, with a game in hand
- 12 pts ahead of arch rivals Crapdiff, with a game in hand
- Outfoxed the wiliest Warnock and O'Neill, and Hughton

All on a relative shoestring.

For the twps that always say "Yeah, but No, We Should OF".

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Winter of Discontent
at 23:21 7 Dec 2020

Is our CEO a malcontent like some of our fans, unhappy with Cooper's progress and modus operandi ?

Or has he seen enough in Cooper and his accomplishments to back him in the winter transfer window ?

Early season murmurings were the former with rumours and bitter forum threads (elsewhere) urging 'Cooper Out'. In the absence of fans at matches, Winter's team will be trawling the various fans' forums to gauge fans' sentiment. Cooper got resounding support on this forum.

We need an out-and-out striker to give us the chance of promotion. We need Ayew, Grimes and Connor to stay. Let's hope Winter is more than content to back Cooper.


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The Observatory
at 18:59 1 Dec 2020

How about a bit of good news in and amongst all the doom 'n gloom of retail closures and job losses in our fair City by the sea.

Murmurings that The Observatory (on the seafront near the Marina) is looking to open soon. Clever timing for a 'soft open' to avoid the drunken festive rabble. No doubt offering fine food, coffees n croissants and the like for the discerning punter, within a backdrop of music (often live)and music memorabilia. Hats off to another local successful entrepreneur bringing more jobs and giving the area another lift.

Possibly a members only venue. Rub shoulders with our local Swans football stars and their glamorous wags. The perfect place for the affluent exiled in england jacks when they pop back.

A New (re)Signing
at 20:25 9 Oct 2020

If I were Winter I would trade smartly. Good vfm, someone who could slot in seamlessly, know our dna. Help us to the next level.

Who would it be ? Who would we like to see return ?
- CH for Joe - Ashley / Wilmot / (CCV ?)
- Borini
- Pablo
- Llorente
Club Fans Forum
at 23:58 22 Aug 2020

Let's hope all the rumours are true that the Club is looking to sponsor a Fans Forum where the Club can engage with a proper, and younger fan base.

Where fans and Club officials can connect in a constructive way.

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