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Peng Shuai feared to be kidnapped by Government
at 01:28 2 Dec 2021

Haven’t seen a thread on this yet but very concerning story for anyone familiar with the game. One of the games finest doubles players is missing in China after accusing a government member of raping her.

Chinese Government immediately pulled the internet and for a long while even the word “tennis” could not be searched for.

Since then she has gone missing and strange letters clearly not written by her are appearing saying she is safe and well and not to worry about her and that the rape allegations are not true and she wants to promote Chinese tennis.

Chinese State Media then produced an image of her in a restaurant which has widely been scrutinised.

WTA has now pulled the plug on any Chinese tournaments until they provide proof of her safety and also the UN has demanded to see proof.

She was world number 1 in doubles not all that long ago and top 20 in the world in singles.

The fact Lebron and the crew advocate social justice yet protect their contracts and sponsorship with this country by the silence is sickening. If you want to see actual oppression, actual racism and actual sexism - the look no further then China.

Hope there is a good ending to this story but as time is passing it’s feeling a little ominous. She has been missing a month now since she made the accusations public on the 2nd of November.
Pure evil - SUV rams into crowd at Xmas parade
at 01:38 22 Nov 2021

16 children in hospital is the latest and multiple dead is what is being reported.

Some horrific videos showing the incident which I won’t post. Suspect in custody.

No motive released as of yet, the timing and location seem very suspicious though.

[Post edited 22 Nov 2:23]
Emma Raducanu
at 23:55 9 Nov 2021

International break so time to update this one. 3 tournaments since the US Open have looked like this:-

- Yesterday lost in her first round in the Linz Open to world number 101, Wang Xinyu. Losing first set 6-1.

- Prior to that managed to navigate 2 rounds before getting demolished to 19 year old world number 50, Marta Kostyuk. 6-2, 6-1.

- Prior to that lost in her first round against world number 100 in straight sets at Indian Wells.

As I was saying at the time. Comparisons to the Williams sisters etc has been so wildly inaccurate and incredibly unfair.

She’s an ‘average to good’ player in the professional game that had a freak tournament. Will have a lucrative career and I’m sure will kick around in the top 25 for a while which is no mean feat in itself of course.

However the hype train calling her the “next Serena”, “she will dominate the game” and such like was stunningly laughable, I can only assume it was perpetuated by people that clearly don’t understand the game and barely watch it.
The realisation and subsequent Cardiff meltdown is underway
at 04:21 5 Nov 2021


Look at the sad emoji’s after every sentence.

Cracking up reading this.
2024 Presidential race
at 22:26 4 Nov 2021

As good a time as any to start the madness and have a couple of years worth of back and forth of opinions.

My prediction last year was that Biden unfortunately will probably just win, he did. Next election I absolutely think Trump comes in for his second term, I made that clear very early on.

Not a great night for the Democrats, losing the Virginia gubernatorial election. Not great signs for them in next year's midterms or for Biden's prospects of re-election.

I also think he will be allowed to run the country free of mass interference from the media too and believe that the social warriors will be far too beaten down by 4 years of Biden/Harris to kick up much of a fuss past the initial anger that their enemy is being voted in again.

I think deep down it’s dawning on people that whether you like him as a person or not, his administration is far better than the realistic alternatives and the negatives of his Presidency (riots, violence, domestic unrest) are aspects created by the complainants and the media themselves.

The country needs economic regrowth and proper international leadership currently. It’s fair to say Biden has been a disaster on both fronts, as many assumed would be the case.

So the race for 2024 begins.

Strap in.
Would anyone still swap Piroe for Ayew?
at 00:21 3 Nov 2021

I am a massive fan of Andre, always have been. Great servant for us but always seemed to be a bit of a square peg, not a striker and not a winger.

Last year I was making the point that there is a massive difference between a natural striker and a forward.

You are now seeing why.

Prioe after 15 games: 9 goals. 3 assists (12 DGC)
Ayew after 15 games of last season: 7 goals. 2 assists. (9

DGC - direct goal contributions

There is absolutely not a chance in hell I would take that deal if it was offered from the Qatar club. Even if the salary demands were the same as Piroe.

Straight swap Ayew for Piroe -any takers?
Feminists now complain about inclusivity and equality
at 09:00 27 Oct 2021

Queensland state netball championships allowed a boys team to compete in the competition, to promote inclusivity and equality.

Due to low male numbers that play the game there isn’t a chance to showcase the game to promote it being male friendly, and not enough to create competitive competition. So they were added to the tournament.

The boys team romped home every single match and now the Queensland organisers have come under fire for allowing it, suggesting all it has done is given “men and boys another reason to feel good about themselves”.

Can’t win here can we. Are we looking for equality or are we looking for extra opportunities for girls and preferential treatment?

If we are to make male dominated sports open to female participants and promote them within that game, we have to do the same for female dominated sports don’t we? Of which netball most certainly is.

Some have called for the boys to apologise as they “should have allowed the girls to win the final”, these young boys trying to compete in a sport they love were also victim to court side abuse as parents and onlookers made awful remarks to them as they played.

As far as I’m concerned, both these boys and these girls are the victims of a minority social movement that the majority of the world feels is ludicrous but is not allowed to say aloud.

[Post edited 27 Oct 9:12]
The TRUTH behind the swim away
at 14:49 22 Oct 2021


Absolutely wetting myself here. How can such a thing have upset them so much? Grown men clearly foaming at the mouth over this, it’s like all the years of taunting has finally come to a head this week.

Just hilarious stuff.
Cardiff contact police over derby antics
at 01:06 21 Oct 2021

Looks like they have contacted the police because the Sky cameras showed the Cardiff directors looking miserable and the Swans fans mocked and laughed at them. Also complaining about the players doing the swim away.

Could they get any more embarrassing?
Long balls vs forced short passing - is plan A dead?
at 23:41 20 Oct 2021

So we finally now find ourselves in a bit of form.

But there has been a notable shift from 800 passes a game with no willingness to go long to a more mixed direct approach which many were calling for very early on.

An earlier conversation got me thinking, is plan A now dead? For me that would be extremely encouraging.

I will work out the figures now, will post them regardless. But my money is on a distinct downturn in short balls and possession in our wins compared to our ‘non wins’. Here they are:-

Our 4 wins this season:-

Possession: 62.7%
Long ball %: 12.5%

Our 9 winless games this season:-

Possession: 67.2%
Long ball %: 8.1%

Doing these stats it was actually striking how poorly we perform when restricted to short passing.

That’s a 35% decrease in short passes in our wins vs the games we don’t win. That’s gigantic. Our possession also noticeably less in our wins.

It’s very interesting from a statistical stand point that our wins correlate with a more direct approach and I wonder if the Swansea analysts are earning their money and fed that to Martin. There does seem a distinct change.

I’m very grateful that despite what we were told by some, Martin is adaptable and can absolutely bin his plan A when it clearly isn’t bearing fruit.

Deserves credit for that, without question.
at 13:53 17 Oct 2021

Can’t fault that performance. A little bit of work to do defensively but that would be nitpicking.

I really hope this is the performance that kicks us on as we have stalled after our last two occasions we got a league win. This result could be massive for confidence and mentality.

But we were excellent from the back to the very top today. Patterson was sublime, Piroe was just sheer class. They were the two star men for me but wasn’t a bad performance amongst them.

I know the opposition was horrendous, not seen a side as bad as that for a long long time, they pass to areas not to players, whether their players are in those areas is an after thought. Just embarrassing… but we did a number on them and did exactly what we should do against teams like that.

We know now we can put in performances like this, are capable of doing it for 90 mins so we have to expect more from this group of players going forward. We really are an excellent side with some very good players indeed. We need to be competing in the top half of this league and there is nothing stopping us doing that relatively soon.

Final mention to Russ, some criticism sent his way for the season so far, but it’s important in any critique to also give praise when deserved and it’s fully deserved today. Good team selection, sensible tactics at the different stages of the game, frustrating them when we went ahead was a joy to watch.

Just an excellent all round performance BUT we need to build on this now. There is no reason why we can’t or shouldn’t.
Emma Raducanu
at 05:00 9 Oct 2021

Loses in the first round of Indian Wells (well technically 2nd round, received a bye in the first) in straight sets to world number 100 Aliaksandra Sasnovich 6-2, 6-4.

Stick with me folks.
Russell Martin's post match comments
at 23:49 29 Sep 2021

Let's try and keep this one civil, but what are the general thoughts?

He said he thought we were ''great''. And said we ''went toe to toe with one of the best teams in the league'' (1 shot on target). He seemed completely content and proud.

I said on the matchday thread, as a fanbase we will happily take errors, learning from mistakes, accountability, admitting they got something wrong and stating they will learn, correct it and be better... but this lack of accountability is frightening at times.

We aren't idiots.

Immediately after the game I was 'sort of' disappointed, not too much though as wasn't expecting anything out of the game. The way we set up annoyed me a little but assumed he could see what we all did and realise the errors there and we move on to the next game...

However comments like this make me feel he doesn't realise what went wrong and is still perfectly happy with the fact he made such decisions as pitting Mitrovic against Naughton as the center of a 3 man central defence (?!)

People talk about ''time'', but time is only relevant if you see your mistakes and learn from them. If you keep making the same errors over and over again, no amount of time will fix that, to not recognise what went wrong and be happy with that I find quite astounding.

That's my view anyway.
Long ball and possession shackles finally coming off?
at 16:03 26 Sep 2021

Something I touched upon last week was that we are getting our best results when we are not instructed to only look for the short ball and not told to keep the ball at all costs.

We moved away from that against Bristol City against RM’s wishes according to him, but secured our first win. Of course many of us had been calling for that mixed style for weeks prior and thought that may be the catalyst to him learning that even the best tiki taka style has long balls when required.

Unfortunately he/we reverted back to type and we put in the same displays as we saw prior to that. We started the Luton game like that too, until halftime. We came out of that tunnel far more direct and were more than happy to smash the ball away, ping a long pass or direct one into the channels.

I think Russ needed that second game to show that maybe his short passing at all costs way was not the best way to go and we completely changed against Huddersfield. Still didn’t create as much as I would like a side as talented as us to create, I am addressing the second half in the main, but there was far less focus on meaningless possession, far less focus on short passing and we certainly seemed to control the game more.

In our only two league wins this season, they rank as our highest and second highest in terms of long ball % of any league games we have played this season and rank alongside (and often higher than) what we have been seeing for the last couple of seasons. I will put the 2 lowest also for comparison…

Bristol City WIN - 66 long balls (14% of our pass composition)
Huddersfield WIN - 70 long balls (13.8% of our pass composition)

Stoke LOSS - 51 long balls (6.7% of our pass composition)
Hull DRAW - 29 long balls (4.1% of our pass composition)

In terms of possession, both two league wins also rank as our lowest and second lowest possession % in any league match this season. Again I will put the highest two for comparison.

Huddersfield WIN - 54% possession
Bristol City WIN - 55% possession

Blackburn LOSS - 72% possession
Luton Town DRAW - 73% possession

So it’s pretty undeniable that our two best league results have come when we have adapted a more pragmatic approach, where we have less meaningless possession and aren’t afraid to mix the style with long balls. Our only two league wins have come when we have had our least possession and most long balls, that’s stark.

So in summary, my hope is that Martin is indeed learning and is adaptable contrary to what we were told and we haven’t completely thrown the baby out with the bath water and there is a greater focus on substance than style than there was at the start.

Positive signs if we can keep moving forward with this.
[Post edited 26 Sep 16:22]
at 22:24 23 Sep 2021

Is this the end of an era with them? Watching them against Cadiz, they look so average.

Slow, ponderous passing. No cutting edge, players playing in positions that aren't suited to them.

Very little cut and thrust, no energy.

They may not even get a Champions League spot on this evidence if this is what they are serving up these days.
Ntcham and Piroe
at 01:55 19 Sep 2021

These are the two superstars of our side. Absolute quality oozing out of both.

These, in my opinion, could be playing Premier League football.

Ntchams eye for the ball is something highly desirable, always trying to make himself available and the technical quality he has is off the scale. Today’s goal was world class.

Piroe has movement that I don’t think I have seen here in a long time, a natural striker. I would have to go back to Tammy Abraham as the last striker we had with a similar eye for the runs he has to make and again doesn’t need to many chances to put one away.

Neither of these two have any business being in a side that can’t win games. If we are to really build, really push forward - we cannot accept the “don’t mind where we finish” line, and we must start winning games.

Football careers are short, if these lads have a great season and we finish 20th. As soon as a bit of interest comes in from bigger and more successful sides then their heads will be turned. Then we will be in another state of rebuilding where we are trying to replace our goal scorer and midfield driving force (Ntcham is the only one with a bit of midfield attacking spark).

So while it’s noble to keep saying that it’s fine wherever we finish, it really isn’t. League position is so important for a variety of reasons. Ability to attract players, ability to retain players and overall confidence.

This squad must be up there with one of the best I have seen us have in the football league (Brendan team aside). Make no mistake this is a high top half squad without question, which it should be after spending millions on it.

This is no slight on the manager (who I am still behind despite people desperate to suggest otherwise), but we can’t keep making excuses to why it’s okay that we are where we are, or indeed that we may finish anywhere above the drop zone (some even saying relegation is fine which I find staggering).

Mistakes cannot be repeated that we saw today. The second half saw a more direct approach and of course the correct personnel, which I noted at the time when we were still trailing 3-0/3-1 and said we may just get something out of it, which we did…. It’s not a coincidence.

This fan vs fan infighting has to stop though, accept people see things differently. It’s clearly not beyond the pale to say 1 win from 8 league games isn’t good enough, it would be more beneficial to have a more open and honest dialogue surrounding the current events rather than pretend there are any agendas at play and that any concerns are an attack on the club or manager.

We are 21st for crying out loud, the concerns are absolutely in keeping with events. That’s not to say future events cant dispel those concerns, but those events have to come first.
[Post edited 19 Sep 3:38]
Shots attempted and shots conceded league tables
at 01:23 30 Aug 2021

- We are rock bottom of the league in shots attempted.

- We are third from bottom of the league in shots conceded… 67 in 5 games.

- This despite being second in the league for most possession.

This shows that playing possession football and playing effective possession football are wildly different. One is something that anyone can do, the other is something only extremely technical sides can do.

Both areas are going to have to see some good improvements from here on in. Creating the least in the league whilst giving up that amount of opportunities every game is not going to end well.

5 more games I think, if there is no improvement then we need to start thinking about adapting and making it more fit for purpose. These trends simply cannot continue for too much longer unchecked and not addressed.
Ronaldo to Man City
at 18:23 26 Aug 2021

Looks a distinct possibility at the moment.

United fans will be furious.
New Zealand consider changing their name
at 15:21 26 Aug 2021

This is the kind of thing that makes me roll my eyes and I think it’s this over analysing of literally everything that people get tired of.

New Zealand football team are called the All Whites, because they play in an all white kit. Just as the All Blacks are called that for their all black strip.

However after a review the football team is considering renaming themselves.


It has nothing to do with race, it’s a kit colour. Since when has the color or word ‘white’ been offensive?

All the common sense has drained from this planet recently.
Tammy Abraham
at 04:49 23 Aug 2021

Looks like he is already loved by Roma fans after his debut, standing ovation when he was subbed at 2-1 up.

His run got their keeper sent off who had to lunge at him as he was breaking clear.

He then got an assist to go 1-0 up.

Hit the bar with an excellent header.

Then got the assist to go 2-1 up.

Always liked him when he was here, good on him.

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