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Amber Heard
at 05:35 17 Jun 2022

What an absolutely terrifying lunatic.

In her latest ‘foot in mouth’ interview, she backtracks on her pledge/donation stuff by saying “I shouldn’t have to donate the entirety”.

She says she has no bad feeling towards Depp - she clearly forgot she accused him of raping and beating her literally a week ago.

Called all of the witnesses including police, her own staff, her own sister, mutual friends, business owners, doctors, psychologists, flight attendants, TMZ employers and Kate Moss - liars.

She says that he is such a good actor he convinced the world he had scissors for fingers (presumably meaning Edward Scissorhands).

Not sure about anyone else but I was pretty sure Depp didn’t really have scissors for fingers when I watched it

A frightening, frightening woman that should be in jail.
Commentator thread
at 01:05 15 Jun 2022

I cannot stand them in football.

For some reason in football they feel they have to be poetic and every sentence has to be word play or Shakespearean. No other sport seems to have commentators that do this.

I just watched the England vs Hungary highlights. Just bizarre the stuff he was coming out with. If you watch this and pretend its your mate talking with the game on silent in a pub, you or someone else would certainly have told him to shut up within 5 mins.

''For Hungary it becomes a special night indeed... FOR HIM it becomes a MORE than special night''

''They are 20 minutes just more, away from a victory of historic note''.

''He has thumped that in gloriously, and a glorious night it surely is for Hungary now, who have ripped up England on their own turf. What a hit... what a problem''.

''For England, horror upon Hungarian horror, for Hungary... the night of their fantasies''

''These are magical, magical magyars''

Who on earth speaks like this??

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Bale to Getafe?
at 02:16 9 Jun 2022

Looks like Bale and his agent have offered themselves to them.

Cardiff would be sick after what they have been told about “if Wales qualify he has said he will come and play for us, already agreed”.
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Nottingham Forest 100/1 for promotion
at 12:30 29 May 2022

When Cooper took over. I wonder if many Forest fans took it? Will Cooper pull off the miracle season?

Very interesting Play Off Final later on.

Let’s get your predictions.

Steve Cooper loses out to Jurgen Klopp for LMA manager of the Year.
at 05:55 26 May 2022

Klopp wins LMA manager of the year (best manager in all 4 divisions) although singled out Steve Cooper for praise in his acceptance speech describing what he has done at Forest as “crazy”.

After picking up midlands manager of the year there was speculation he was in line for the ultimate accolade, however Liverpool’s run to the Champions League Final looks to have secured it for the German.

Ricky Gervais new stand up on Netflix
at 17:35 25 May 2022

His best stand up work in my opinion, really exposing the absurdity of modern culture.

Not one for the woke brigade that’s for sure.
Raducanu update - French Open
at 15:34 25 May 2022

Second Grand Slam of the year.

She was very fortunate to navigate past 184 rank Linda Noskova in the first round, who was a set and a break up before choking completely… she today gets obliterated by Aliaksandra Sasnovich in round 2 who is only just in the top 50.

Losing 6-1 6-1 after winning the first 6-3. Wasn’t even a contest after Sasnovich settled.

She was also knocked out of the first round of Rome in the last tournament.

I wonder if there is anyone left still claiming she is the second coming of Serena…
The Season Long Charity Bet Thread
at 00:27 15 May 2022

There seems to be a desire to help the site charity from it's users by placing friendly wagers with each other, with the proceeds being donated to the site charity.

Below is what has been done so far.


YouBackJastard £20 - Cooper vs Martin PPG

Current Wagers

If promoted automatically in the coming season:

- Dr P has pledged £100
- OHL has pledged £100

If promoted via play-offs in the coming season:

- Dr P has pledged £10
- OHL has pledged £10
- Nantywatcher has pledged £10

If we fail to get promoted in the coming season:

- STID has pledged £30
- GixerJack has pledged £30
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Eurovision Song Contest
at 02:33 9 May 2022

Anyone want to predict the winner?

I’ll take a wild guess looking at the odds today…. Ukraine.

On a serious note, does anyone actually agree with things like this type of pandering? There was something not so long ago with the narrative that Wales should step aside and allow Ukraine free pass into the World Cup.

Not that I care about the Eurovision or even watch it, but it’s the principal behind it which I disagree with that can cross into various areas that I actually do care about.

Question for everyone:-
at 00:48 9 May 2022

Do you ever envisage a time where Russell Martin says:-

“Right, time to judge me now. This is what I’ve built…”.

My take:

The criticism I levelled at him early on is that he tends to use these “building”, “process”, “judge me in the future” phrases as a way of blocking out criticism to his style that doesn’t appear to work.

I think he does that because he has no technical answers for the questions being asked - I don’t think he has the footballing nous or intelligence to answer them, or even the knowledge how to correct his ‘style’.

In the meantime he uses phrases like “dominate” over and over again like some sort of mantra to set a stage and trick those people listening into thinking we “should” be winning or that his style is working, without truly looking at it and understanding why.

It’s a facade, a millimetre thin layer of nonsense that falls at the merest scratch of scrutiny - but also thick enough for people to have the option to ignore it and pretend all is well.

At MK, for two seasons running refused to accept responsibility, said his way is the right way and they are building something and not to judge now….

He left that job before ever being in a position to be criticised, then suggested it was down to him when the new manager came in and turned it around and that they were then miraculously “ready”.

So here we are again, we have written off a whole season essentially at his request - as per his pattern. Does anyone truly think we will be going into next season where his ideas can finally be questioned, or will he still be saying “judge us in the future, not now” and “this is still a process, we are building”?

If so, that will be his FOURTH season out of four where he has said people shouldn’t judge his performance. How much time does this guy need?!

I will make a bold prediction that Martin will be gone before he puts himself in a position to be criticised without having the retort that we shouldn’t judge him now.

If the new manager comes in and turns his mess around, he will then claim credit.

Feel free to bookmark for those inclined to do those things.

[Post edited 9 May 7:01]
The Ryan Bennett conundrum
at 00:36 8 May 2022

Been an odd omission really, clearly the type of defender we have been missing. Yes he is limited in terms of technical ability but we have been beaten for physicality time and time again this season.

Martin has hinted it was for footballing reasons, I am not so sure after I have spoken with a few people this week.

49 games under his belt... someone sure didn't want him to get to 50.

Wonder why....
Martin blames the fans, the players and the officials
at 17:39 7 May 2022

No issues with himself however. No further scrutiny needed.

“A few too many players in self preservation mode.”

“A few players who are unsure of their future here maybe.”

“We score a goal that's onside, it gets given offside.”

“I was surprised by the feeling around the place in the first-half.”

“disappointed in the performance and that transmitted to the supporters as well.”

Do you still have faith in Russell Martin’s system?
at 15:25 7 May 2022

Simple one here. Yes or no.

If it’s an undecided then best sit this one out.

Do you still trust the process and have faith in Russell’s system or has that faith disappeared. Interesting discussion on the match day thread so this is the overspill.

I’d like to gauge where the views sit after experiencing a whole season of it.

Do you still have faith in Russell Martin’s system?

Your Vote:

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The league without deductions
at 03:24 1 May 2022

Had Cardiff not got their late penalty to steal a point and deny Birmingham all 3, Cardiff would be looking over their shoulder going into the last game of the season against Derby.

Massive trouble for them next season, the teams coming up look decent. Potentially Sunderland/Sheff Wed added through the playoffs.

Teams coming down look strong, or at least historical yo-yo clubs.

Everton looking to be one of them of course which you would imagine has the champions tag wrapped up with their resources and what they can attract.

To think how bad we have been and we are still 11 points ahead of them is staggering.

1. Fulham 87
2. Bournemouth 82
3. Nottingham Forest 79
4. Huddersfield Town 79
5. Luton Town 72
6. Sheffield United 72
7. Middlesbrough 70
8. Millwall 69
9. Blackburn Rovers 66
10. West Bromwich Albion 64
11. Coventry City 63
12. Queens Park Rangers 63
13. Stoke City 61
14. Preston North End 61
15. Swansea City 61
16. Blackpool 60
17. Derby County 55
18. Bristol City 55
19. Hull City 50
20. Cardiff City 50
21. Birmingham City 47
22. Reading 47
23. Peterborough United 34
24. Barnsley 30
Cardiff relegation 22/23
at 18:15 15 Apr 2022

Is this a distinct possibility?

They are horrendous.

No money, heap of players out of contract, court cases worth millions hanging over their heads, loan players due to go back, no doubt an even emptier echoing stadium next season and a manager that doesn’t seem to inspire anyone.

They are a bit cockroach like so not sure it will come to fruition, but they seem primed to be the best free fall club.
Female F1 drivers
at 13:52 12 Apr 2022

Following on a few F1 threads recently, it got me thinking.

As many of you may know, I’m as far away from a modern day feminist as you can get. Which thankfully also means I have at least a modicum of sense in social issues.

So my question is why isn’t there any F1 women drivers? And does anyone who knows more about the sport think there will be?

I’m a big advocate of equal opportunities if the talent is deserving. Really enjoy it when they get one up on the men in darts and snooker etc

For me, F1 feels like a sport where there wouldn’t be too much (if any) physical advantages to being male? I know there needs to be a certain amount of strength and fitness to withstand and fight the G forces, but no more than a woman can train to achieve, and of course many are already there in their various sports.

I was surprised how many women were at the F1, seemed a pretty even split. So if the interest is there, what are the barriers to entry currently and what team is most likely to be the first to employ a female in the modern era?

I think it would be a stroke of genius personally, would instantly get my support as someone who doesn’t really have a team as it were.

Views welcome.
[Post edited 12 Apr 14:12]
Formula One
at 11:41 30 Mar 2022

Decided to see first hand what the fuss is about.

Picked up a couple of 4 day passes. Anyone been? How is it as a spectator sport?
Will Smith attacks host on stage
at 05:51 28 Mar 2022

What I find incredible is he was able to then go and sit back down and even get up to collect an award later on in the night.

There was security and police at the event that just witnessed an assault and did nothing.

Why are these people above the law? Why does the fact they are in a movie mean they are allowed to behave this way without consequence, and often with understanding and even praise.

These things hosted by comedians will pick on a random celebrity in the audience and tell a joke at their expense. If you don’t think you will react well to those jokes and be compelled to attack the comedian, just don’t go.

He should have been led away in handcuffs.

Biden: is it time for a decision to be made now?
at 15:00 27 Mar 2022

Let’s try to not have a Republican v Democrat thing on this topic. Let’s try and view this without any bias.

The White House have had to walk back a statement he made about removing Putin from power. These are extremely dangerous words that can start wars and kill thousands of people.

These aren’t thought out, meaningful and considered words, he clearly has no idea what he’s saying. To me, it appears to be extremely dangerous to allow him to talk in public about matters regarding the war, it’s far too complex and sensitive to have someone like that talk on behalf of a superpower nation.

Macron felt he had to distance himself from Biden’s comments today, there appears to be a pretty large backlash and White House PR scrambled to diffuse the situation pretending he meant “he can’t continue exercising power over Ukraine”.

So ideologies, political allegiances and world views to one side - this is becoming a situation where congress may have to act and his own party may have to step in and make a decision, it cannot continue, right? It’s dangerous.

[Post edited 27 Mar 15:05]
Raducanu update
at 02:59 25 Mar 2022

Big debate on here a while back regarding her ability as one of the games best female players, a suggestion that staggered me.

Today she goes out in the first round of Miami losing to Siniakova, a decent but all in all pretty average Czech player who won’t be pulling up any trees any time soon.

This after last week losing in her second round to Petra Martic at Indian Wells, again another decent but pretty average player.

Since the US Open:-

Indian Wells - First round exit
Transylvania Open - Third round exit
Linz Open - First round exit
Sydney International - First round exit
Australian Open - Second round exit
Guadalajara- First round exit
Indian Wells - Second round exit
Miami - First round exit

Going to dominate the game like Serena is what some said.

I maintain she will never get to another Grand Slam final in her career, let alone win dozens. Bookmark it.

A freak week, but it has set her up for life and afforded her the best of the best when it comes to being able to put a team together and develop physically.

I do expect improvement over the coming years as a result, but nothing dramatic. Late this year and next year her ranking should tumble as she won’t be able to defend the points she has earned, and I suspect she will stay around the top 25-40 for years to come.

A nice career for herself but not even in the conversation when we are talking about the best players, and I’m talking present day… let alone of all time.
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