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Car Drivers Sneaking Onto Buses
at 19:40 1 Mar 2018

How ironic: despite the severe weather up here, the buses on the main routes have been, largely, going like clockwork.

For two days I've been getting to work on time - by bus.

And why?

Because the useless school-runners and commuters who insist - usually without good reason - on selfishly clogging the roads with their tin cans at rush hour, now find their cars are stranded in snow-choked side streets.

Some of these people, rather than lower themselves by using public transport, cry off work, and claim a "snow day".

Others, with more gumption, sneak up to the local bus stop, and, probably for the first time in years, take a chance with the bus. On they get, red-faced, awkward & unsure of the procedure.

At first I couldn't work out who all these new faces were yesterday morning.

Been fabulous here for two days - rush hour traffic must be at 1/20th of what it normally is. Easy run into and out of the city.

So, all those who claim they don't use public transport because it's unreliable and slow, just get the eff out of your cars & do one.

Of course, it's not going to happen - largely because most of them are too selfish, terrified, vain & snobbish to mix with the pensioners, the poor, the chavs & the "estate people" who they perceive as being the main users of buses.
RIP Mark E Smith
at 21:19 24 Jan 2018

Well, I was expecting it.

Years of heavy drinking and smoking, and fighting.

As some may have noticed, my user name is a Fall song and my avatar an image of the man himself. Bit of a hero to me since the age of 17.

His 'music' was unlistenable to most people, understandably, but that was kind of the point.

But no British lyric writer can come anywhere near him.

Whacky genius - RIP

Dyer our best player today
at 20:07 18 Nov 2017

Says something when one of our old boys - a diminutive lightweight - should be head and shoulders above the rest of the team - the only one with the balls & creativity to have a go at Burnley, to the point where they often had two or even three closing him down - they knew he was a tricky threat. Most of our "attacking" midfield looked clueless and terrified going forwards.

Unfortunately, whenever he passed it on the next Swans player would inevitably f up in one way or other.

Got back from this game an hour and a half ago and it'll soon be time to go out and get trashed.

50 or 70 Swans fans walked out when their second goal went in on 40 mins.

Poor old Clement, leading the players off at half time to boos from the swans fans and chants of "Sacked in the morning" from the Burnley to**ers.

Utterly dismal day out & Christ knows how we'll turn this around.

But 10 out of 10 for Dyer.
Is Romanian "Hero" a secret villain?
at 22:32 5 Jun 2017

If you can prove he is, the editors of the Mail, Express, Times, Telegraph etc. will be eternally grateful for your story.

After all, they've been demonising Romanians and Bulgarians for the last 2 years, and it must get right up their noses to find this East European baker behaving in such a brave manner.

No doubt his actions will go unreported in their rags or will be relegated to a small paragraph at the bottom of Page 5.

Such a shame he wasn't a privately-educated, off duty SAS Officer called Tristram with a glossy-haired wife and two pretty children (boy and girl, preferably), living in a converted farmhouse in Oxfordshire.

Full front page story then.

FAO: Any fans of the Small Faces or Mod music
at 20:05 23 May 2017

Saw a great stage show last saturday night at the Alhambra in Bradford last saturday.

A production called "All or Nothing".

I'm not exactly a huge mod fan, but it was brilliant, so for any old mods out there its a "must see" & is playing at the Grand Theatre this coming Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

The actors who played the band were brilliant musicians.

For the more childish among you, there'll be a Lambretta or Vespa in reception, complete with multiple lights and mirrors, for you to sit on and have your other half take your photo with their smartphone.

You might even get a few bizarre-looking Ron Wood or Rod Stewart lookalikes turning up.

Do I need to become a Jack Army member
at 17:08 30 Jul 2016

In order to buy tickets for away matches?

I will be going to the first game at Burnley, but possibly not any others. Looking at the official Swansea City website it appears as if I have to become a member before I can get a ticket - unless I'm missing something.

Don't get me wrong - I think it's a great deal, getting tickets for £20 to away games, but still seems a bit odd you can't just get a ticket for the one away game you might attend in any one season.
Will Welsh fans be attacked by Russian thugs in Toulouse?
at 18:16 12 Jun 2016

Russian thugs, despite being outnumbered by the English in Marseille, were ruthless, well-organized, powerfully-built, swift and brutal (almost like a "special forces" unit), and inflicted a severe and pretty sickening beating on the ragged, half-drunken, disorganized rag-bag "army" of English fans.

The military references are apt: many wore black T-shirts, or black hoodies, had gumshields in their gobs and carried retractable truncheons. And, like an army intent on conquest, they made a point of seizing and ripping up English flags, as well as grabbing "booty": they thieved wallets, iPhones and even trainers from their unconscious victims. They bring hooliganism to another more frightening and ugly level.

Considering that most of these Russian blokes appear to spend the other half of their lives working out in gyms, would it not be a good idea to protect the Welsh fans from being similarly attacked by getting the WRU to send out, all expenses paid, 300 of the biggest, meanest, ugliest rugby players on their books, to Toulouse so that our fans can get some sort of protection, because the French security forces don't seem up to it. And there's no way we can defend ourselves against that lot.

Hopefully, these Russians can distinguish between the English and Welsh, but I honestly don't think they care a damn, and will attack anyone.

Akinfenwa to replace Gomis
at 19:30 9 Apr 2016

Akinfenwa scored a winning goal today, for Wimbledon, thereby ensuring that Northampton - one of his 14 ex-clubs, which also include Barry Town(!) - were the first club to gain promotion this season.

Clearly, "The Beast" as he's known, won't be coming back, but he'd probably be more nuisance value up front than poor old Gomis is proving to be. More comedy value, too.
Bony's RIP vest
at 14:09 26 Oct 2014

When Bony scored his first goal against Leicester he raised his shirt and pointed at his vest which, from the glimpse I got, seemed to show a photo of a woman with the words RIP above it.

Does anyone know what this was about, or who the woman was?
Are all Livestreams blocked?
at 18:57 24 Aug 2013

Have only just noticed that the FirstRow website is now blocked.

Was hoping to watch a live stream of the game against Spurs tomorrow.

I'm not a season ticket holder and live in the north of England, so I depend upon live streams to watch the Swans.

Does anyone know of any other reliable sites I might use?
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