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BBC Headline Was False Today
at 22:37 17 Apr 2020

Someone has taken the BBC for a ride today, their headline feature was not verified. This was run on the Web, TV and Radio all morning.

We pay £3.7 Billion and they can't verify their sources. It would take a 1 minute phone call to verify this source.
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EU Apology to Italy
at 12:09 16 Apr 2020
USA needs COBOL Programmers
at 22:35 15 Apr 2020

They are not dinosaurs after all, some US States need help to help update their legacy systems to respond to the Pandemic.

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Meanwhile in Michigan
at 22:07 15 Apr 2020

They have nearly 30,000 cases already in Michigan, so they take to the streets to protest against social contact restrictions.
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£3.7Bn for the BBC
at 22:42 11 Apr 2020

Not good value imo. Too much opinion and subjectivity in the Worldwide Pandemic, other channels much better on what's happening internationally.

The week of constant pictures of empty supermarket shelves on the front pages of websites and news bulletins at the start of March was far from what a public service broadcaster should be doing, coverage is fine promoting issues is another.

I think it is time for the luvvies to earn their money and scrap the licence fee

Edit to give free to view link.
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Firms that are Hiring
at 22:53 25 Mar 2020
How to identify stockpilers
at 13:55 20 Mar 2020

My banking app reports my monthly spend by type, my bank knows exactly how much I normally spend in supermarkets. The data should not go to the Government but the banks could text/email/message those who have drastically increased their spend requesting that they cease immediately.
My Friends' Road Trip To Greece This Week!!!!
at 22:00 17 Mar 2020

08:25 14th March Gloucestershire
13:27 14th France
18:00 14th Belgium
15:08 15th March Germany
16:31 15th Austria: border closing
16th refused entry to Serbia
16th stuck on Hungary Border with Romania
16th 23:00 let into Romania heading for Sophia
17th from Romania into Bulgaria waved through at the border!!
17th 20:00 cross into Greece.

Fantastic Stuff. They sold everything to move to Crete and left on Saturday and drove like the wind. You can beat the virus!!!
Journalists and the Press in the Crisis
at 19:16 17 Mar 2020

Some of the emotive, inaccurate and opinion based reporting is probably undermining the national effort and costing lives, some of them need to quickly understand their public information role in a crisis.
Dark Waters - Good Film on Du Pont C8 Scandal
at 17:59 4 Mar 2020

99% of us have this stuff in us.

[Post edited 4 Mar 18:01]
Corona virus Response in Seattle
at 15:06 3 Mar 2020
MLS on FreeSports Now
at 17:40 1 Mar 2020

Commentary should be fun!
Meanwhile in The White House
at 17:11 28 Feb 2020

'They think this is going to bring down Trump' - White House chief of staff

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has accused the media of stoking a coronavirus panic because they hope it will "take down" President Trump.

"We took extraordinary steps four or five weeks ago. Why didn't we hear about it? What was going on four or five weeks ago? Impeachment. And that's all the press wanted to talk about," he told a gathering of conservatives on Friday.

He said the press covered impeachment - which saw Mr Trump acquitted earlier in February - because they thought "it would bring down the president".

"The reason they are paying so much attention to it today is that they think this is going to bring down the president, that's what this is all about," he continued.

His advice for the markets, which have been tanking worldwide over virus fears: "Turn off your televisions for 24 hours."
BBC v ITV News
at 22:38 26 Feb 2020

Unusually for me I watched the BBC News at Six and was struck by the political commentary alongside news articles, so I watched ITV News at 10 and found pretty objective and well balanced reporting.

More inclined to use ITV in future if I bother to watch the news.
It's Official - You Can Have an Opinion
at 13:11 14 Feb 2020

[Post edited 14 Feb 13:11]
Trans Activists Threatening People.
at 22:02 25 Jan 2020

Supposedly people advocating freedom of expression threatening people who advocate freedom of expression.
Just Mercy - Bryan Stevenson Film
at 18:56 22 Jan 2020

A very good film about the early work of Bryan Stevenson, includes some remarkable facts and stories, worth seeing.
Top Teacher - Whole Class gets A*
at 13:39 21 Jan 2020

Steven Benda at Swindon
at 14:34 15 Dec 2019

My Swindon supporting friends inform me that he is playing particularly well for top of the table Swindon Town.

Well done sir.

PS they still have the funny roundabout.
Ron Saunders RIP
at 20:26 7 Dec 2019

My cousins are big Villa fans, went to a few games with them when Ron was in charge in the 70s, a packed Holt End was an experience.

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