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Good News - What we don't get told
at 14:00 26 May 2024

Between 2000 and today, one billion people (one-eighth of the world’s population) escaped poverty.
The life span of the average global citizen has doubled in the past century.
In developed countries, the proportion of government spending on social projects such as education and relief for the poor rose from under 2% at the start of the 20th century to an average of 22% today.
While deforestation makes headlines, 36 countries, including India and China, had more trees in 2022 than they did in 2002.
The world’s wealth has tripled in the past 33 years.
From 1921 to today, US traffic accident fatalities have fallen twenty-four fold. Accidental deaths from all other causes have fallen as well.
For the world as a whole, human rights have improved over the past 70 years.
Google searches for homophobic, racist, and misogynistic terms have decreased by at least 80% since 2004.
Despite horrific wars, each of the past 5 centuries has been more peaceful than the one that preceded it.
Since 1909, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) scores have been rising in all parts of the world by an average of 3 points per decade.
From 1960 through today, the American poverty rate, measured by income, has fallen by more than half.
World carbon emissions per dollar of GDP have dropped by over 50% in the past 50 years.
Child labor, infant mortality, maternal mortality, and domestic violence have all been declining globally.
The proportion of the world’s people without access to clean air and water has roughly halved in a decade
Welsh NHS Quiz
at 12:55 18 May 2024

Sadly my elderly neighbour fell over last night and broke a hip. The question is, if you live in Swansea where does the paramedic come from to attend to you in such circumstances?
A Victory For Common Sense
at 18:31 16 Apr 2024

Can you imagine trying to organise a school day around multiple faith practices. If people want to send their children to a faith school that's fine but don't impose your practice in a way that affects others.
Contracts Motivation and Relegation
at 08:55 7 Apr 2024

The contractual strategy with our squad is difficult to decipher. No real sign of a core of players that create stability more of a patchwork of abilities and contract status. The biggest indictment of our owners is that we find ourselves in a position where these is a risk of relegation with large numbers of players looking over their shoulder at next season. I'm not surprised they look demotivated.
Today's Nursery Rhymes
at 12:18 3 Apr 2024

Baa Baa Sheep
The Grand Person of York
Three Mice
Jack and Jack
Average Sized Muffet
Someone sat on a wall
Leicester Guilty of Financial Rule Breaking
at 18:35 21 Mar 2024

What a mess the game is getting itself into. At this rate we will have a televised meeting after the season to decide who gets promoted and relegated.
[Post edited 21 Mar 18:38]
Grimes More Aggressive Today
at 20:16 16 Mar 2024

Winning headers, wrestling for the ball and playing forward more often.
Looked a different player than the passive sideways and backwards stuff.
The War in the Democratic Republic of Congo
at 19:27 11 Mar 2024

Today on a site visit, I met a client employee who originates from the DRC.
I asked him if his family was safe, most managed to cross into Congo but the war continues to rage in the DRC.
There have been Six Million deaths there, the worst in a war since WW2.
For whatever reason this war is hugely under reported, why?

[Post edited 11 Mar 19:28]
Oh for a tall (ish) Centre Forward
at 08:38 3 Mar 2024

Time and time again when Rushworth had to clear upfield we could not win a single header. With two fast wingers not being able to knock the ball on is such an obvious gap in our play.
Birmingham City Council Punishment
at 22:49 6 Feb 2024

So the council tax payers are taking a 10 percent hit in Birmingham principally for mismanagement of equal pay and a big IT cock up.
Meanwhile there is no sign of any action against those fcuking up.
Electric cars not charging in US cold weather.
at 08:13 16 Jan 2024

Not charging.
[Post edited 16 Jan 8:14]
Rochdale CSE Failings
at 14:07 15 Jan 2024

What the fumble was going on?

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Coleman's Programme Notes Arrive
at 07:47 1 Jan 2024

" I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. It was fantastic to see the players and officials working in the community in the lead up to Christmas, helping those less fortunate than ourselves. The players were grateful to be able to provide presents to those children who needed to be in hospital at this time of year. I'd like to thank the players for their efforts and for their present to me which reminds me of home every time I look at my Mickey Mouse watch.
Our relentless pursuit of a new manager continues at pace and I know that the exacting process that we are using is the right one. We have taken advice and everyone has said our selection criteria are correct, and as Jase and Stevie say they can't all be right. Thank you for your patience and support, finding the money to support us can be difficult for poor people at this time of year I am told, but the great thing about football is the loyalty that keeps the business afloat no matter how things are going that's why I invested my five hundred dollars.
On the pitch I'd like to thank Brian Sheehan and his staff. I visited Fairwood at Christmas, Brian is an innovative coach it was great to see Peter Parker get a game, I've nicknamed him 'Spiderman'. I was impressed by the training routine that saw all our strikers chasing cows across Fairwood Common with a banjo. Brian assured me that no cows were hurt or are likely to be hurt in the future.
Today we welcome, West Bromwich Albion. I love Bromwich which is a fine city. West Brom have a great history and have been long time supporters of women's football for many years who can forget when they selected the Three Degrees for their first team.
Try and enjoy part of the game at least."

Education in Wales Slumps
at 10:38 5 Dec 2023

Is anything going in the right direction for us?
Retirement Hobbies and Interests
at 13:02 3 Dec 2023

I was stuck in traffic on the M25 on Thursday and rang a colleague who by coincidence was stuck on the M6, he talked about having enough of the travelling and was looking forward to retiring. I asked what he would do in retirement, he didn't have a clue!
I have a bit of an eclectic mix of things to do when I have more time, but I know there will be loads of things I have not thought about, what do you have planned or are doing in retirement?
Dull Idiots
at 17:00 1 Nov 2023
Social Media Stupidity
at 08:51 20 Oct 2023

Last weekend one of our Project Managers at work, used his Twitter accounts that identifies his employer and several of our clients to post some links to some distasteful stuff from Hamas.
We now have a vacancy and he'll no doubt be in for a visit as we do some MOD work.
Exposed -The Lies of Johnson, Blair, Sunak and Starmer
at 15:06 9 Oct 2023

As the man says at the end, we are in trouble.
Biden Extends US/Mexico Border Wall
at 11:15 6 Oct 2023
Sheff Wed Playing Out From The Back
at 19:19 23 Sep 2023

Why persist?
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