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Cofiwch nuclear mud?
at 13:13 12 Sep 2018

So a French company is dumping mildly radioactive material from an English power station, a mile off the coast of Wales. Just doesn’t sit well with me to be honest. Was this approved by the WAG? My guess is that it wouldn’t have to be, it would be a UK gov matter.

Shades of Tryweryn/Capel Celyn? Thoughts?
Woy having a winge
at 11:31 28 Aug 2018

“I think we will have to use our squad,” said the ex-England manager.
“Swansea have very kindly insisted on the game being played on Tuesday despite us playing on Sunday.
“They have also insisted that we can’t play a player [Ayew] that we have paid money to loan. That’s another player we can’t use.
“So we won’t have too much option unless we are prepared to play Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday and I don’t think there will be too many Premier League teams looking forward to playing their first teams in those situations.”

Getting his excuses in before the game is a new tactic!

Isn’t not allowing a loaned player to play against you absolutely standard practice (and common sense!). Two words Woy, second one is “off”!
Well........that went well!
at 17:45 9 Aug 2018

Worst transfer window ever?
Lagoon officially binned
at 18:09 25 Jun 2018

Well there’s another kick in the nads for Swansea. Another broken manifesto promise. Just waiting for them to pull out of the “city deal” now. They’ll announce the cull of the firstborn next week, just after the plague of locusts they’ve got planned!

By the way, waiting until the day of the Heathrow 3rd runway debate, to try to bury it under “bigger news” is so brazen it’s f*****g disgraceful. Shows exactly what they think of us.
DfT leaks
at 17:13 20 Jun 2018

“Wigan MP Lisa Nandy said she had been handed Department for Transport (DfT) emails in which officials discuss "propagating myths" to divert attention from route closures.”

“officials describe key Northern routes as valueless, discuss classic handling strategies for members of Parliament, discuss whether to throw a sop to Northern passenger groups and debate whether to propagate myths in order to divert public attention from agreed planned route closures."

This is an absolute disgrace. DfT basically screwing over everyone outside London and discussing how to put the blame on someone else! After the broken promises on electrification for Swansea and now this, Frankly Grayling should resign if he has any integrity, so I won’t be holding my breath!
Squad - who stays, who goes
at 23:40 9 May 2018

Okay who will almost certainly go is easy:-

A Ayew
J Ayew

However who will stay is harder. Who the hell would buy:-


18/19 season
at 18:52 9 May 2018

Huge clearout/reorganisation needed whether we stay up or go down.

1. Jenkins and other ex owners gone (I think this is on the cards anyway)
2. Complete overhaul of footballing department, from a new DOF to a new scouting setup
3. New squad/team structure based upon our erstwhile cherished principles
4. Huge effort needs to be made on re-engaging fans and community. Regardless of on the field achievement, this growing detachment a lot of us feel for what was once “our” club, and something we were so proud of is the most damaging in the long run.
“Jase & Steve”
at 00:22 9 May 2018

Would be interesting to know exactly what due diligence was done on these two.

Jason Levien is co-owner/director of 3 sports teams:-

Memphis Grizzlies - bottom of their league
DC United - bottom of their league
Swansea city - circling the drain

They don’t sound like a safe pair of hands to sell my “beloved” football club to me. It looks to me like they have found a way of making money from sporting ineptitude.

Any arguement Huw and co put forward for selling to these guys other than £££ is blatant lies.
Couple of points from Swans vs Spurs
at 16:51 3 Jan 2018

1. Canned crowd noise during the game - depressingly, this actually happened. Either as a cynical attempt to drown out "jenkins out" and other similar dissenting chants, or to try to falsely boost the match atmosphere. Either way, pathetic and utterly embarrassing.

2. Unless my programme was missing a few pages, there was no notes at all from our "esteemed" chairman for the first time I can remember ...... ever?

Draw whatever conclusions you will from this. To me, at the very least, it certainly seems indicative of the current climate surrounding the club leadership.
5 - 3 - 2
at 23:49 27 Jun 2016

With Wales overachieving, Italy excelling (despite not exactly having their greatest squad), and Chile winning 2 successive Copa Americas, all mostly using 3 centre backs with genuine wing backs to provide the width. Is it time we should re-visit this? Especially as Guidolin has huge experience of this formation, famously overachieving with Udinese in Serie A and Europe. It seems to me that as a smaller team in the prem, this might suit us well!
Diving apologists
at 12:59 21 Oct 2014

In the words of Darran "f**k my eyes"

Why are people defending Moses and berating Monk? Just bizarre! Even in Stokes own defence of Moses issued by assistant manager Mark Bowen, they admit he dived an that it wasn't a penalty!

"Is Moses trying to make the best of a situation? Yes. Was it harsh on Swansea? Yes. Was the decision a poor one? Possibly yes." (Mark Bowen)

So in other words Moses cheated the ref into giving a penalty, correct?

Garry Monk gave his honest opinion to a reporter on the subject, in which he correctly states that Moses dived and cheated the ref into giving a penalty, and is threatened with legal action and criticised by many on this board for being naive and unprofessional! What for? Giving an honest opinion and correctly interpreting the events that took place?

I think this cringeworthy defence of Moses because (a) everybody does it, it's part of he modern game. (b) there was tiny contact/shirt pull, and he was running at pace, is completely pathetic as football is a contact sport and none of this excuses flopping to the floor like a fish to cheat the ref into giving a penalty! That's like saying because there was very minimal "contact" between Andy Carrolls elbow and Chicos head/hair, he was correct to leap to the floor and roll around like a bad amateur dramatic society member! And the difference between Stoke and Swansea is we did not defend Chico's bulls**t, we were duly embarrassed and quietly reprimanded him, dropped him for the next game, and didn't come out with a pathetic defence of our player, while quietly patting him on the back behind closed doors for winning them a crucial penalty.

This behaviour is ruining football, and defending it frankly inexplicable! Unless of course it fits into some pre-held anti-monk agenda.
Disrespect from Montpellier
at 09:45 25 Aug 2014

More quotes today from Montpellier, this time from the chairman saying Stambouli shouldn't go to Swansea but Marseilles instead! After their manager has mouthed off about us in the press last week and mocked our interest in their player! Anyone else think it is really disrespectful for a club to comment on another club in this way, and try and persuade the player that Swansea is a bad career move. Not saying they should kiss our a**e, just show a little integrity!
Victor Moses?
at 18:05 23 Jun 2014

Any takers?
Itv4 coverage
at 17:51 28 Nov 2013

Fair play, watching Mendieta's face when Strachan speaks is hilarious! Blatantly obvious he can't understand a word he is saying! Christ even I struggle to get every word!
Alan Hansen
at 23:39 6 Oct 2013

Hansen showing his ignorance on MOTD2, claiming swans should play Michu upfront on his own as he is a archetypal target man, and that playing in the hole behind the striker is "not his game". Well done Alan, brilliant insight as usual...........cretin!
Kev in rat cliff!
at 21:34 25 Sep 2013

Is it just me, or is he the worlds worst commentator? He can't string together a coherent sentence! Anyone know the word for the opposite of eloquence? How does he get work as a commentator/pundit, when he has no insight to give, and couldn't even articulate it if he did?
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