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Mexico - Sicario was basically a documentary!
at 15:23 18 Oct 2019


Shows how desperate the situation is out there when Government forces are out-gunned by the Cartels into releasing a prisoner...it used to be on my holiday destination short-list, not any more!
Which players on loan are due back at the club today?
at 14:18 31 Jan 2019


Are these guys due back in training at Fairwood (if we don't extend the deals or ship them elsewhere)?
Acid attacks - the Mark Van Dongen case
at 10:09 18 May 2018

With all the dreadful stuff going on in the world it takes a lot to shock me, but this story did. Surely the most devilish act and quite frankly, though I don't believe in capital punishment, I would not shed a tear if this evil woman was just removed from existence.


(Warning: not a nice read)
Who could be captain next season?
at 13:26 14 May 2018

With Britton and Rangel gone and the rumour that Fede is off, Fabianski and Mawson likely off too...who would be on the list for next captain?

It's rare that a player bought in is parachuted straight in as captain so who in our squad currently could step up?

I think a lack of leadership on the pitch has been a real issue with Fede not exactly being the rallying sort.

Space X / Elon Musk
at 10:12 6 Feb 2018

Anyone follow Space X developments? I only recently started learning about what they are now capable of and it's pretty fascinating and exciting.

Tonight they plan to launch the largest unmanned rocket into orbit, delivering a Tesla sports car into space. All three rocket boosters will then automatically return home and (hopefully) land on their pads, to be reused at a later date.

Cool animation video below:

Edwin Gyasi
at 15:20 5 Jan 2018

Article linking us to Ghanaian Right Wing / Forward Edwin Gyasi, currently plying his trade in the heady heights of the Norwegian League.


12 goals and 8 assists in 53 appearances in the last 2 seasons...

Sounds like a HJ bargain buy.
Article on Dan the Man and his "analytics"
at 11:11 21 Dec 2017

Another complete b*llock drop?

Steam for game tonight
at 10:37 29 Nov 2017

Haven't streamed for a while and have an opportunity to sit down and watch the game tonight - are there still decent quality ones out there after the latest round of clamp down?
Clems Press-Conf
at 15:22 2 Nov 2017


I know you have to have one eye on the what the oppo might do but this says it all about Clements approach:

"It depends on opposition and how they set up, they are organised, they do not press high. They set up in a block like Leicester and Newcastle did and I will pick the formation to counter that.”

We are the home team! Why are we trying to counter what Brighton might do - we should be looking to play our own game, with some knowledge of how Brighton might set up and adapt on the field.

Worry less about what our opponent might do and more about what we want to do.
Bringing a disabled fan to a match
at 13:39 13 Jul 2017

Hi all, I sadly discovered recently that my father has advanced glioblastoma which clearly in itself is devastating but to add insult to injury the pressure on his brain has resulted in loss of feeling in his left side.

To cut a long story short, he is wheelchair bound and I am looking to take him to a home game at some point this year as a treat when I come to visit him in September / October.

He has been a Swans fan since he moved to Brynmill in 1979, and although he hasn't seen a game for a while I know he would enjoy it one last time.

So really my question is how best to approach this as it's all new to me - contact the club? Source some tickets first? What are the practicalities at the Liberty?

Any advice much appreciated.
Labour manifesto - discuss
at 12:29 16 May 2017

It would be funny if it wasn't so scary.

- Raping business which will just regressively impact the poor he is supposedly saving
- Un-funded intention to nationalise rail and utilities ("oh, we'll just borrow")
- Income tax hike on £80k plus earners (conveniently above the wage of an MP)
- Ministry of Labour (very Orwellian)
- Nationalisation of Royal Mail...how if it is a publicly owned entity? State appropriation??
- Billions for this, that and the other
- £46.8bn of taxes raised!
Goalkeeper training video
at 12:37 16 Mar 2017

It's no wonder Fab is so uneasy claiming balls in the air when training it seems on the face of it, is as straightforward as this.

How is it useful to practice claiming balls against non-moving obstacles? Why don't the other keepers challenge while waiting their turn and make it hard for the one catching?

Why is Tony Roberts on the payroll?
LFC Tunnel Cam v Swansea
at 16:55 26 Jan 2017

Liverpool do a similar video to the Match Day Cam we have in the Official Site - worth a look given we are the oppo and it was a good day for us :)

L'Equipe linking us with Yoric Ravet
at 11:47 18 Jan 2017


Another winger?

Surely priority should be shoring up the defence.
That Ayew bloke's a bit shiite / that Gomis lad can play a bit
at 16:12 3 Jan 2017

[Post edited 3 Jan 2017 16:13]
Barrow off in Jan?
at 15:43 29 Nov 2016

Speculation/in-the-know on another site that Barrow is being sold against his wishes in Jan.

Good or bad?

Given our history of replacing players with lesser quality, we'll be bringing Gorre back from Northampton...
George Byers
at 11:48 21 Oct 2016

Interesting article about this lad on the Official site but noticed he is already 20 years old. He had many years spent at Watford, trained with their first team and made one Championship appearance when he was 18.

Anyone who watches the U23s have a view on where he is in his development?

Feels like another who should be pushing for first team action at this stage in his career (and we could do with a box-to-box midfielder who can actually get from box to box!).
Panorama: Aleppo - Life Under Siege
at 10:49 27 Sep 2016

Did anyone catch this last night? What a bloody mess. Certainly made me stop and think how fortunate I am and that in reality, as much as everything Swans related is frustrating at the moment, in the grand scheme of things it's not important.

Final update on the Yeovil lads...
at 17:09 9 May 2016

"A brief reportage of the loans you loaned us...

Liam Shephard - 6/10. Played in centre midfield upon his return to Huish Park and obviously struggled a little as its not his favoured position. Nice lad, very quiet and I wish him well for the future. Can't see him being invited back though.

Connor Roberts - 9/10. Superb player and this lad will be in your first team in 12-18 months if he continues to develop. He won "Player Of The Year" awards on Saturday from the Away Travel Club, the local paper vote and the Community Trust; won the "Young Player Of The Year" award and runner up in the official Supporters Club and won the Disabled Supporters Group one.

Brilliant lad, great sense of humour, great to do the media stuff with and fitted in like a glove (pun intended!). Missed just one game all season due to an under-21 call up for Wales so made 54 appearances for us. We over-use the loan system, having had over a hundred loan deals in the last 12 years but I'd say Connor would get in most people's all time best loan XI.

I have it on authority that we will be having someone else on loan from you next year. Given that the emergency loan system is getting an overhaul in the summer, it would have to be for a half-season or a full-season so any ideas??"
Barrow - such potential!
at 13:09 9 May 2016

Hadn't seen much talk of it but I personally thought the bit of skill Barrow used to leave Antonio in his dust was worthy of its own thread.

If Ronaldo or Messi had done that it would be all over SSN.

The cross wasn't half bad either!

A gem of a player who could become a huge asset for the Swans (both on the pitch and value-wise).

Keep up boyo!
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