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at 19:21 11 Jan 2018

From The Trust
at 09:59 6 Jan 2018

News from the Trust

Discussions on sale of Trust shares put on hold.
Dear Phil

We have been advised by the majority owners of Swansea City that they intend to put discussions around the sale of some of the Trust's shares to the owners of the club on hold. When informing us of this, the owners of the club cited the ongoing concerns among some Trust and Trust Board members about aspects of the share sale and also the majority owners own desire to concentrate on on-field matters.

As the mandate from Trust members to sell shares was given in July 2017 and there will now be a further delay in fulfilling that mandate, the Trust Board can confirm that a further members’ consultation will take place to ensure the Trust Board is acting on the current views of its membership on how we proceed from this point.

We will provide a further update to members as soon as possible.

Best wishes

The Swans Trust Team
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Merry Christmas All
at 17:19 24 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas to one and all - hope you have a particularly good one.

Thanks everyone for their support of Planet Swans once again this year
The Jack Army Forum
at 22:35 20 Dec 2017

There have been many posts on here about the Jack Army forum over the years, many of them derogatory.

Over the course of the last few days, I have been in discussion with the main admin of the site via text and email and we have agreed that the best way is for the forum "wars" to stop as it is key at the moment that all supporters are united behind the football club and focused on ensuing we get #backtojack

I will ask that all posters here respect that and any derogatory comments made will be removed and consideration given to the banning of the posters making them.

On a similar vein is it possible please that the petty squabbles that appear here (I'm sure we all know the ones) are pushed to one side.

We have seen some good additions to the Trust board in recent weeks and I know as well that these guys are supportive of the work being done by the SCSA as well which is good news.

What I see in the main guy I have been speaking to is someone who shares the same passion for the Swans that we all have and a desire to work towards getting the club back o where we want it to be!

For anyone that wants to be involved in SCSA please PM me your email address and I will get you added to the list - you can follow SCSA on Twitter @the_scsa

Together we will get our club back


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Independent Supporters Group
at 16:42 3 Dec 2017

OK been some discussion on this but who thinks this is the way to go

Details are really on this thread
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Chris Coleman
at 19:52 17 Nov 2017

New Sunderland manager...
Dele Ali
at 13:44 30 Sep 2017

Booked for simulation

In other news, bear sh*ts in the woods
Aguero In Car Crash
at 08:59 29 Sep 2017
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at 20:33 12 Sep 2017

Taken from BBC text Commentary
Fan aims kick at Mbappe
Celtic 0-3 Paris St-Germain
A fan comes on to the park and aims a kick at PSG's Kylian Mbappe.

The man is dragged away before he can do any damage, but Celtic, who have already had a series of fines from Uefa, could find themselves in big trouble.
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20 Years Ago Today
at 10:01 29 Aug 2017

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Sorry To Ask On Here
at 21:22 31 Jul 2017

OK today I think I officially lost my mind but I need the help of my Facebook friends. I have entered the Cardiff Half Marathon and pledged to raise at least £250 for the Alzheimers Society - a cause very close to my heart. I don't ask for money very often but please can you guys please see fit to help me on the way to my goal.

All donations gratefully accepted
My Facebook Post
at 19:19 9 Jul 2017

I posted this on Facebook earlier and will make no apologies for the self praise in it :D

OK so it is time for a self praising post but one I write with a massive degree of pride at what I have achieved this year and with no apologies for the length of it

At the back end of 2016, I got on a flight from Glasgow to Bristol and the seat belt barely did up. It was at that moment that I decided things needed to change so as soon as Christmas was out of the way I set myself some key goals to lose weight and a plan and started on what has been an incredible journey filled with self pride.

When I weighed in on 2nd January, I weighed 143.2kg with a BMI that was 44.2. At no point did anyone know that weight, it was a secret between me and the scales and a secret that I was ashamed of. My body fat was 53.4%.

I lost weight gradually during January and at the end of the month bought a Fitbit that was to totally change my life for the better. One Sunday evening just 2 weeks later I elected to change my focus and went for a walk to burn off the effects of a Sunday roast dinner. It was gone 7pm at night and never something I would have contemplated prior to that point.

On the 19th February, I did 18,000 steps and even today that is the last time I failed to do at least 20,000 steps a day or to put that into perspective, today will be the 140th consecutive day I have managed at least 20,000 steps as many of my Fitbit friends will testify.

Since buying the Fitbit I have managed 4.7 million steps at an average of over 29,000 per day and it has recorded over 600 hours of exercise and completely changed my body shape. In the main it has been walking, the only level of exercise I have taken until this week when I ran 7km on Wednesday, 8km on Friday and 10km this morning.

As I have got smaller and lost weight I have ensured that all the clothes I became too big for have departed the wardrobe and only kept the suit I wore to work on the 4th January just as a realisation of how much change I have gone through.

I had an initial target weight of losing 6 stone by the time we go on holiday in August, a figure I managed to beat in the 2nd week of May.

I weighed in this morning and had a weight figure of 92.3kg (total loss of 50.9 kg or 112 lbs (8 stone), body fat of 23.5% and a BMI down to 28.5. I have lost 35% of my total starting body weight - Lucy got on the scales after me and weighed 53Kg so I have pretty much lost the weight of one of my daughters.

Yesterday I bought Levis jeans with a 34inc waist, if I was lucky I used to get into 48 inch waist jeans and could never find them in the shops.

In September I will attempt a 26 mile walk in London and will also enter the Swansea half marathon for next year now the running has started. My walking will slow down and I don't want to lose more weight - I am happy with my body and my fitness is so much better. My challenge now is to maintain my weight and turn some of my remaining fat into muscle

My diet is still good but I eat what I want. Last night I had some chips and a bit of pizza and I still eat my greatest sin which is chocolate but in moderation.

My wardrobe is new (losing weight is expensive) but this is the greatest achievement I have ever done - far exceeding when I gave up smoking - and I feel so much better for it.

Below I show two pictures, one was me on 31st July last year with my great nephew Ethan - the one on the right is me last Tuesday in the suit I wore in January. I'm sure you can work out which is which :D

Today I sit here in my 34 inch jeans and my medium sized T-shirt writing this knowing that it was one hell of a journey but worth every step.

And if I can do it, anyone can. Good diet, exercise and discipline and this is the dramatic results. No fads such as shakes, powders or restricted diets. Bye bye 8 stone, I won't be seeing you again nor will I miss you.

at 17:12 30 Jun 2017

Just had a conversation with Tatey and he is happy for this detail to appear here

The Alan Tate testimonial match will take place at the Liberty on 9th August

Swansea City Legends XI v Manchester United Legends XI

Two sides let by Tatey and Darren Fletcher will battle it out with a 7pm kick off

Ticket prices will be £12 adults/£6 juniors - ticket arrangements to be released next week

Please support Tatey in his testimonial
Ugo Ehiogu
at 09:07 21 Apr 2017

RIP - way too soon
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