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Gareth Bale gives 500k to Welsh NHS charity.
at 20:11 22 Apr 2020

What a top bloke.
Dan James, genuine guy
at 07:34 4 Feb 2020

Just seen this on the BBC news, Dan James, spent hours with this group of lads, who’ve formed a football team made of people who have suffered depressions following accidents, death of family members etc. Dan attended as he related to it due to the death of his dad.

It’s ok not to be ok. Especially men, remember to talk to someone, even if it’s a message on this site.

Look out for each other, ladies and gents
[Post edited 4 Feb 7:45]
Cardiff’s tribute to Sala
at 18:29 25 Jan 2019

Just seen this on Twitter, is this something we could do to offer support ?

Cardiff will wear yellow daffodils on their shirts at Arsenal on Tuesday in respect of Emiliano Sala - the daffodil being a symbol of Wales and yellow being the colour of @FCNantes.

Woods on Bench today
at 14:52 19 Aug 2018

It’ll be very interesting to see if or when he comes on. That may give an indication as to whether there’s any likelihood of his moving on loan. Saying that Fernandez played for us before he went to Newcastle
Sit down Protest after the game
at 21:08 11 May 2018

What would happen if apart from a protest during the match, Swansea supporters refused to leave after the game ? Remain in your seats and continue the chanting after the game ?

Whilst a protest chants during the match will not make many headlines, thousands of people refusing to leave after the finals whistle may be a different story,

No violence, no threats, but protest chants and not leaving the ground.

Could it be effective ?
This is football.
at 23:30 8 May 2018

Ladies and gents, forget about a bunch of overpaid prima donnas, at a Premiership football club, maybe or maybe not, playing in a different league next year, this gentleman is what football is about.

Joe Thompson. Rochdale’s two time cancer survivor, scoring the goal that keeps Rochdale up.
Perfect way to protest
at 21:50 2 Feb 2018

Ladies and gents. I’ve read with interest the many and varied version of how the supporters can show their displeasure of the current ownership and the advantages and disadvantages of them from fears of not supporting the team to letting the powers that be know the issues and to bring it to the attention of a greater audience.

I’m not sure if it’s been discussed but have the seen the way that the Newcastle supporters did this ? Superb, calm, dignified, and getting the point across.

Another thing I have noticed if amongst all the animosity between some posters, it’s clear you all love the club. Remember that. Divide and rule
Thoughts from a plastic
at 19:26 22 Dec 2017

Looking at what has happened to Swansea during the past 5-6 years is both heart breaking and against logic. To be transformed from a club held up as the way in which a team should play and be run to the shambles both on and off the pitch is unbelievable both from a fan’s point of view and a purely business sense.
We, none of us will ever know what happened behind the scenes a la Laudrup and the ‘unrest’ that is said to have taken place between him and the players, ultimately resulting is leaving the club but that in itself is where the problems started. In what other sphere would the workers (the players) have the power to remove a manager simply because they did not like him ? What was it about Laudrup that caused such derision ? Has this every been properly explained ? Likewise, I am always slightly bemused when a manager is said to have ‘lost the dressing room’. Really ? Surely if there are signs that this is happening, then the senior players would sit down with the manager and talk it through ? If you are on the pitch as a top professional player and do not like the way the game is going, then, (especially if you are a senior player) you can use you professional footballing brain to instigate whatever tactics need employing at that time and not simply blame it all on the manager ? Staggers me that it is always the manager that gets the bullet and never a player. If you can sack a manager, why not a player ? If they are both on contracts, and need to be paid off, what is the difference ? If players know that they can be sacked, maybe they’ll start giving a damn about what is going on.
I’ve not been as against the takeover as many on here and I have been proven to be wrong. When they took over, I understood as, from a business point of view, why this could take a club to the next step. To me it made no sense why investors would take over a club with no intention to build upon it and invest. They had an attractive club in a unique position (only Welsh club in the league) that would appeal massively to the US audience. My brother lives in the States and they love that type of thing. It made sense to slowly build and ensure that the club is established in the league before expanded the stadium and bringing in more crowds and further expanding etc. What also made sense is selling assets at their peak to top clubs meaning that future prospects would see us as a stepping stone for a couple of seasons before going onto ‘better things’. Annoying, frustrating, but in a business sense perfectly logical.
It would also inevitable that we would suffer a bad season every now and then, which happened and we survived. I could even, possibly, from a completely cold business perspective see why (however loathsome) the shares were sold behind the back of the trust. (not condoning) but maybe why they thought it would be in the best interests of the club to do it. Disgrace, unethical, but again, maybe they were acting in the best interests.
What does not make sense is what has happened since. What does not make sense is why, upon selling the main assets, they have not been replaced with something resembling a player which is approaching a similar standard. May be, they thought that they could ride it out ? Well no, this doesn’t make sense, they may have been new to the game and unsure of how the Premiership works but they also had people within the club who did know how it worked. The Americans would not have been naming the players who were to come in, but probably providing the cash. At least that is what should have been happening. Surely, parts of the negotiating would have been how and what the investment would have been spent on ? The strategy about selling and buying players ? The business plan for the next couple years ? It may be a football club but a business plan is a business plan irrespective of the sector ?
It is dazzlingly short sighted not to protect your assets by not replacing your main players for short term financial gain which will inevitably result in your business losing millions of pounds year upon year. Also the style of football that was part of your brand, part of what will help you sell your product to the US market has been casually tossed away. We have become ‘just another football club’, which is desperately sad.
At the moment, I think we are in a very difficult position when it comes to managers, I’ve seen many messages on the forum decrying every manager that is suggested. Unfortunately, ladies and gents we are in a position where we may not be able to be that choosy. Not many managers are going to want to come here in the current position in which we find ourselves, not just due to the league position but the overall mess in which we find ourselves.
It seems inevitable that Huw Jenkins’ days are numbered, the press have now seem have cottoned onto what has been happening and they, as we know, love a car wreck, the end, I think is nigh.
I don’t think that it is all doom and gloom, even if we are relegated. You can only rebuild a project that has collapsed, you can only put together something that has fallen apart. We have done it before, what is to stop us doing it again ?
I love the forum and I read It every day, I hardly contribute as my knowledge of football is not particularly strong but thought I’d pen my thoughts, such as they are.
Football is fun and a roller coaster, be it bit boring if we finished every year, safe and secure in 12th place wouldn’t it, with no threat of relegation or hopes of Europe ?
Remember you lot are the lifeblood of the club whoever the Owners are and whichever which Division we are in.
Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Bradley Lowery Passes Away
at 15:59 7 Jul 2017

Mum has confirmed it today.

Poor little lad. At least now his pain had passed
[Post edited 7 Jul 2017 16:00]
Fair Play Table
at 19:26 22 May 2017

We finished second to Liverpool in the Fair Play Table, with Liverpool getting into Europe, would this mean that we have a somewhat bizarre chance of getting into the UEFA Cup ?

Hope the link works.
Season Starts Again
at 10:38 6 Jan 2017

I continue to read these forums with avid interest and note, as a true plastic, the contrasting emotions of proper fans when Swansea win or lose. They are either destined for Non League Football or easily capable of surviving this season with ease.

However, I am optimistic of Swansea surviving the drop this year. If we forget about what has happened in the appalling first half of the season and simply look at the league table, what do we have ?

A new manager who has a solid foundation of turning teams into defensively sound units and who has served his apprenticeship under excellent tutorledge.

He has, we are told money, to spend to freshen the team in areas which are woefully lacking

He will take no nonsense and get rid of anyone that he does not think will assist the team, shown by the way that Alan Curtis was moved out. (He may see it as business, sentiment is not needed)

Quite incredibly, we are not adrift at the bottom of the table. More by luck than judgment, we find ourselves only (effectively) 2 points from safety. We have 18 games to better our position by 2 places.

The teams around us are equally as poor

The fact that we have a difficult run of games coming up is irrelevant as the teams around us also have to play the same team.

We have a very kind run in.

If you think about it like this, there is every reason to be optimistic about this season and those to come.

The fact that Swansea have

Gary Rowett
at 15:49 17 Dec 2016

Whilst it appears as if our impending slip and slide towards Championship football is fast becoming a reality, what do people think about Gary Rowett as a possible replacement ? The general consensus is that he was doing a great job at Birmingham before his sacking and seems to know what he's doing with a team that needs rebuilding. Chances are probably slim that he'll be appointed think that he could be a decent appointment
Stream for the boxing tonight
at 19:13 10 Dec 2016

Does anyone have a stream for the fight tonight ? Ideally one that you don't have to sign up for ?

Snowdonia Marathon. 2nd Marathon of Month
at 22:08 26 Oct 2016

I'm not that regular a poster so mods please remove if needsbe.

I'm running Snowdonia on Saturday, second marathon of the month, to raise money for the MS Rehab centre in Swansea as they helped my mum a lot over the years. I'll not say much on here as everything I'd talk about is contained in the attached.

They do a hell of a lot of good and get no funding unfortunately so they're all self funded.

Much obliged.

If Russia are thrown out...what happens re points ?
at 23:36 12 Jun 2016

Will be a difficult one, I'd presume, Eng would lose their point and it would be a 3 team group, with all teams getting an extra 3 points just in case they finish 3rd.

Problem with that is, of course, teams in other groups would, quite rightly complain as they would be at a disadvantage.

View from outside
at 17:36 23 Jan 2016

I love this forum, I read it every day but rarely contribute. Brought up in Neath, love the Swans, went down the Vetch as often as a could, but rugby was my game. I don't have an Indepth knowledge of football and I live up North these days, certainly not to the level of the ladies and gents on here, hence why I don't contribute, very often, but here's my take...

Around 10 years ago, we were faced with being relegated out of the league completely. Our attendance was extremely poor, our finances were woeful, we were in a ground that was falling apart and the situation was dire. We managed to stay up and through careful, deliberate, slow and sensible planning, we gradually invested and made our way up through the leagues.

When we won promotion, everyone tipped us to go down, every year we were in the group that were looking at relegation. We defied the odds, impressed the world with our football, won a major trophy and competed in Europe.

We bought a player no one had heard of and sold him for nearly £30 million to Man City, another who fell apart after leaving and virtually other player who left has not performed any near where he did when he was with us.

This year, with respect, we are at a place where everyone has always expected us to be and where, in super hard reality, we, theoretically should have been. We are not in Villa's postion, we are not in the bottom three and out goal difference is better those beneath us.

We are in a difficult position regarding buying players. Forget about players not wanting to come to a club near the bottom in a dog fight, the Board have to avoid buying players on big wages who we may still have to finance if we are relegated. This has to be balanced against the need of getting players in with enough fire power to score goals and keep us up. It's a very fine balancing act. Do you honestly think the Board have been sat on their hands doing nothing, or working feverishly trying to find people without announcing it to the public ?

I used to watch Swansea in the days of Torpey, Roger Freestone, and Super Johnny Cornforth. Watching them when I get the chance to go home and see mum and dad, really is living the dream. We are in the Premiership playing the likes of Man U and Arsenal, how crazy is that ?

Before people bemoan the Board calling for heads to roll, remember, where we came from, what we have achieved and what will be going on behind the scenes that we, none of us are aware of.

I may be talking a load of nonsense, I most certainly do not know what I'm talking about, I'm not even a plastic Swansea fan, (don't get the chance to watch them enough to be that). But I do love the football club, and thought I would give a relatively unbiased view from Cheshire way.

View from the outside
at 10:55 8 Feb 2015

Hi. I'm a long time reader, 1st time poster on the forum. I grew up in Neath, and spent my formative years following the rugby as a season ticket supporter all over the country (days of Kevin Phillips, Thorburn et al) whilst keeping a close eye on the fortunes of the Swans.

I'm in no way on the level of a supporter anyway on here, I'm now living up in Cheshire and obviously don't get the chance to see the Swans as much as I could, but have loved the team from an early age.

I read in constant astonishment at some of the criticism of team on the forum. The way in which the team has developed over the past decade and especially since promotion is extraordinary. The consistency in the team's finishing position since promotion goes against what normally happens when a team (especially as unfashionable and small as ours) gets promoted.

Ours is a ten year plan, increasing the stadium capacity, increasing our training facilities, increasing our bank balance, and attracting better and better players.

Are we really moaning about being virtually safe again this year, being only in February ?

We've got a superb chairman, a manager who loves the club and a team who is surely marching upwards and upwards.

Ladies and gentlemen, be very happy.
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