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Keep saying the same thing till the cows come home
at 21:38 15 Aug 2022

Chaps and chapesses

Kindly refrain from posting conspiracy posts on this here site. It’s simply not cricket.

Pip pip
Angela Rayners interview
at 21:39 14 Aug 2022

I’ve heard quite differing opinions about her on this forum. I listened to this interview on the way up to Blackpool on Saturday. If you don’t like her, can I ask you at least have a listen to see of this changes your mind ?

To me she has a lot in common with the way a lot of my mates were brought up I knew back home.
Please no vaccine posts
at 15:17 10 Aug 2022

Keith has asked everyone not to post vaccine related posts. Can people please respect his request ?
Ticket for Blackpool
at 21:16 8 Aug 2022

Anyone’s arrived yet ? Bought mine about a week ago, normally come in a couple of days, no sign yet. Anyone had theirs ?
Giggs Trial
at 17:49 1 Aug 2022

If I was a betting man, I'd say his trial is likely to be adjourned again. The court in which it is due to be held has been shut due to finding asbestos, all cases being moved to other courts in the area which are already heaving.

If it does go off likely to be around June next year (I had one of my trials adjourned today to next May) (Goes back to 2016 !)

I've got a drugs supply case which has already been adjourned twice scheduled to start on Monday in Bolton. Giggs' trial won't take priority over that
Please post respectfully
at 07:19 25 Jul 2022

I’ve been away for the weekend and come to a load of reported posts about various people. Everyone knows Keith has far more important things to deal with than babysitting a forum. Can I respectfully ask that everyone just posts in a respectful way, and don’t respond to someone who posts abuse, just report it.

I don’t want to ban anyone, but from here on in, I will. It may not be immediate, as like everyone, I’m busy, but If nothing else, the personal squabbles, are just boring. Take your argument privately or sort it out over a beer or two.

Have a great week everyone
Freddie’s Field Of Dreams
at 19:00 20 Jul 2022

Wonderful programme, especially re the young Afghan lad, Adnan. Asylum seeker, young lad, learnt English in months, incredibly humble and a brilliant player.

This shows why we must fight against the policies of hatred.

Watching this young man being desperate to live here and his wonderful foster mum and dad is humbling
No 10 debate
at 20:09 15 Jul 2022

What’s your thoughts folks ?
My early take, Truss and Sunak very wooden and overly rehearsed.

Tugenhat very impressive as is Badenoch, (is Johnson honest ? No (even before question was finished )
Mordaunt struggling after a good start.
Matt Grimes long interview
at 07:47 9 Jul 2022

What a brilliant insight. Our social media team are fantastic
Starmer is cleared over lockdown allegations
at 12:37 8 Jul 2022

Police are not to take any action over the alleged 'beergate' affair.

'Let's move on'
Apologies to Britferry re thread
at 18:40 24 Jun 2022

A few people askers me to remove the thread both publicly and privately. It’s a very difficult topic with people having very deeply personal views on each side. It was starting to get a bit nasty so I removed it. Blame me if anyone wants to, it was my decision but the tone was getting a bit ott
Barrister Strikes
at 11:00 20 Jun 2022

Following the rail workers and possibly teachers. The Criminal Bar Association has today voted to strike also starting next Monday

Years of cuts to fees, closure of courts, numbers in the cps, the police have resulted in the court system grinding to a halt. Victims and defendants waiting years for trials.

The government have attacked the rail workers, they’ll go full throttle for us. By the end of the day, Daily Mail and telegraph will have ‘fat cat lawyer ‘ stories. Beware what you read and look for alternative views

We stand with the Rail Workers
Netflix docs and shows
at 13:58 19 Jun 2022

Just watched two documentaries. One about Liam Gallagher and the second Adam Lambert and Queen. Both really good. Surprised as to how good a voice Lambert has got. He acknowledges he’ll never be a match for Freddie but he’s a great voice.

Also just started watching Luther, surprisingly funny.
Evils of hate.
at 19:44 17 Jun 2022

When you hear Peter Bone and Priti Patel, watch this….

Matt Lucas, Who Do You Think You Are.

It could so easily happen here

As it says in the Holocaust Museum in Berlin

‘It happened before it can happen again ‘
Canada trials decriminalising small amounts of drugs
at 12:11 1 Jun 2022

Be fascinating to see what happens.

They've not gone as far as the State supplying to addicts but they are focussing on rehabilitation.

Next step is state sanctioned supply which could devastate criminal gangs, make it safer for users etc.

Katie Price
at 20:18 25 May 2022

Elected Croen Court trial then pleaded guilty. Also in breach of a suspended sentence only a month after it was imposed. She’s toast
Connor Roberts
at 18:16 22 May 2022

What chance Connor coming home if we sell Priore ?
Tory MP arrested for rape
at 13:40 18 May 2022

Very worrying situation that he has been told not to come to Parliament but hasn't had the whip removed. Presumably this means that he can still see constituents in his surgery, including lone females.

Of course, he may be innocent, but surely there is a duty of care to those he represents ?
Jake Daniels, first active football to come out (Blackpool 17 year old)
at 17:24 16 May 2022

This is so important, hopefully it will give other people the confidence to come out. He’s timed it perfectly. Young so not in the first team, end of season so won’t be such a hot topic. Let’s hope any abuse will be as intolerable as racism
[Post edited 16 May 17:47]
Invictus Games
at 20:48 21 Apr 2022

Anyone watching this ? On BBC IPlayer, fantastic sport. Brilliant people. This is what sport is about,
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