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Players out
at 22:57 31 Jan 2020

Thought it would be best to put all in 1 thread. If I missed any just post below.

Baston - free transfer
Caroll - contract terminated
Nordvelt - transfer
Mackay - loan till end of season
Declan John - loan
Cian Harries to Bristol Rovers - Transfer
Peterson - loan
Jack Evans to Mansfield (loan)

also.. are we able to sign anyone? and if they have no club, what is the deadline for that?
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NSR - Asia Trophy Tour
at 17:08 8 Oct 2019

Hey everyone!

most people don't know, but I live in South Korea. Sadly my swansea experience the last 2 and a half years has been mainly watching through streams etc. Last week Manchester City had a little trophy tour in Korea and Shaun Wright Phillips was also there. I know some of you possibly might be interested... so I made a video about it. Let me know what you think!

First Choice Team??
at 17:08 27 Jul 2019

So after seeing all the friendlies... how would you start for the first team?? I think we have looked better with 2 strikers on.. and Borja looks like he can do some good things this time around..


If the game against Atlanta is anything to go by.. we looked too slow on our attacking build up. But as soon as we had 2 strikers on.. we looked so much better.
January Transfer
at 08:58 19 Nov 2018

looks like we are being linked with a winger from Kilmarnock called Jordan Jones
and Scottish forward Lawrence Shankland.. I don't know anything about them.. but we sure do like the scottish league.. thoughts?

I think a winger and Striker is a good shout as that is our main problem.
Your Final selection?
at 03:04 11 Nov 2018

Ok we have seen quite a few football games now... people in different positions, coming back from injury etc.... so who is your final team.. the go to team that should be our strongest team?

for me it's:


For me this is the team.. with Bony and Montero injury prone.. I think they are perfect impact subs but obviously for tiredness they can replace Mcburnie and james to freshen up the team.

I prefer to see grimes in CM than Fulton.. I feel grimes just makes better passes forward. And yes I know I chose Mackay even though he hasn't been too great this season (but did score the winner yesterday) but I feel having an attacking player on RW and having an attacking RB with Roberts would be best for us.
at 11:18 7 Nov 2018

Am I the only one here who doesn't want Roberts as a winger? yes he has been playing great there... but I would love us to try and have a player like asoro on the wing who is more attacking.

then have CRB as RB making runs. he has the stamina for it.

last game I was fed up of seeing naughton and CRB getting the ball and instead of making runs.. just passed it sideways or behind.

If we had a fast player on the other wing it would mean we wouldn't have to solely rely on D.James.

I have seen enough of Mackay to say no to him at the moment but I still feel like Asoro can be tried more.

or can montero play as RW.. I don't know if I have seen that... or D.James as RW
Jordi Govea
at 13:11 6 Nov 2018

pleased to see he is back to game fitness.. playing the last 13 mins of the win over tottenham. hopefully he can get some games and get back to fitness.

who knows if he plays well... he could come feature for the first team at some point this season if he has the potential or quality. Has already happened to many youth players.
Oli Mcburnie
at 14:26 31 Oct 2018

What do you think his best type of play in the team is?

for me I think he is the perfect player just behind a second striker... seeing Bony back in training in the video today... those 2 strikers together could solve our goalscoring problems.

sometimes I feel a player like Mcburnie has still not got his positioning worked out well... but a player like Bony if at the top might possibly be a bit better... when those crosses go flying in. so will be interesting to see if he makes any appearances and just what would his impact would be at CH level.
Youth Set Up
at 03:12 3 Oct 2018

genuine question. I remember before when we were in the PL, many complained that the youth set up was a waste of money and we didn't produce anyone good since the likes of Ben Davies and Joe Allen. I personally said that it is a long term thing and we weren't going to see short term results.

looking at our squads in the CH so far I believe there have been around 7 players who have featured for us who came from our youth set up (if anyone has the exact figure let me know). and most of them have showed to be good solid players for us at an early age.

This has helped us also get back to the "Swansea way" of playing because these youngsters were still playing that way even though the main squad lost its way for a while.

These youngsters are still young with lots of potential that could only grow with our winning way and many game time and who knows, could step up to the PL if we get promoted in the next couple of seasons.

So people who complained before, do you think the money going into the youth set up was worth it?
QPR Highlights
at 12:36 1 Oct 2018

if anyone wants to see again! I am shocked CBR did not a hat trick! and what a great passing play leading up to that shocking miss by CBR. between naughty, mcburnie, byers and Roberts before reaching CBR.
Nice To See
at 05:32 30 Aug 2018

Isn't it nice to see many young welsh players making their way into our first team and still able to play the football we used to love? I am not one for Wales first... but if we are able to play good attractive football with many players being young welsh footballers... then that can be only a good thing for Swansea and Wales football itself!!

also.. is this the most welsh players we have had in the first squad(first 11 and subs) in the past 10 years??
Class act by Barnsley!
at 14:28 15 Aug 2018

Mental health and depression is not a joking matter... so it's nice to see this from a club to their fan! And it's nice tgat we also have included the mind charity on the shirts!
Genuine Question About The Board...
at 05:00 12 Aug 2018

If we sign a couple of good loans and keep bringing in cheap players (mainly young).... do well in the league (promotion of close to it) whilst playing good football that resembles the old "Swansea Way" like we have in the first 2 games....... Would you still want the Americans and HJ gone????

genuinely interested in having a discussion about this (hopefully one without childish behaviour).

I honestly am not that much of a fan of the board... I appreciate what HJ did for the club before.... but also realise he majorly messed it up post Laudrup. Now there is a whole costcutting and pretty much a big reset happening this season. I will always have the annoyance of what happened for the past 4 seasons... but at the same time.. this season has made me excited about the club and the team again... and I genuinely feel happy and excited when seeing the team play so far this season.

Pros - We have got rid of nearly all of the mercenary type players who were on big wages. This I think has been the best move by us.. not afraid to get rid of anyone who doesn't have the attitude to play for us.

We have also mixed in youth in the first team. I feel this might give us more loyal players in the first team. Players who have been here since young, are used to the old way of how we liked to play and have a connection to the team.

Manager - Have to say GP has had a great start.. him and his team have brought great players in (who don't really look like the mercenary type). And he is getting us to play good football again. And the fact that GP and hist team have a bigger part in recruiting players this window is a big plus.

Cons - We are pretty light with players...this is very dangerous but could all be solved with 2 loan signings.

what are your thoughts??
Our Fixtures....?
at 16:02 11 Aug 2018

Sheff Utd - 2-1 win
Preston North End - 1-0 win
Bristol City

These our first month fixtures.... can anyone tell me if this is a decent start for us? or is this classed as a tough start?

I think my idea of these teams and what they are actually like now is different. haven't seen championship games since we were last in the championship.

edited as I should have included the first 2 games.
[Post edited 11 Aug 2018 17:00]
Swansea japan Twitter
at 13:48 8 Aug 2018

Take a look at スウォンジー・シティJAPAN🇯🇵 (@SwanseaJapan):

Interesting to see an account for swansea city in japan. Didn't think we had a following there... haha what is one of the weirder countries you have seen fans and followings of the swansea fc team?
Leroy Fer
at 21:22 4 Aug 2018

Just been announced that Leroy Fer is now Captain with VDH as number 2.

GP still expecting Fernandez to leave??
Swansea's Team Age
at 21:01 4 Aug 2018

Just noticed in todays game we had:

7 - 23 and under players who played a part in today's game

9 - 25 and under players who played a part in today's game

with 1 more player under the age of 23 on the bench.

also had no players aged 30 or over playing... with Nordvelt and Fernandez being the oldest who played at the age of 29.......

Amazing we can have a team that young and still manage a win against a team who are usually a tough team to play against in the championship.
Interesting About Potter...
at 21:19 31 Jul 2018

Seems like he used pre season exactly how it should be used.... played the games with the squad he was given... tried different formations played players in different positions. Found out the problems then signed players to fix the pre season problems (with 3 more looking like they will possibly be coming aswell)

I think many fans (especially on here) are too impatient.. and that is also the main problems.. GP looks like he can be the manager to bring us back to the football we used to love watching (use of wingers with passing play) but as he said.. it is not going to be a quick fix, it will take time and these days in football that is hard to come by because of many fans.

So far I think this transfer window has been excellent, signing 4 young plays with big potential in positions we were looking for to improve and for decent prices. with possibly another 3 young high potential players coming in.
Swansea VS SC Freiburg
at 14:55 27 Jul 2018

Will be interesting to see what the team is like. I am guessing:


Maybe Naughton instead of Roberts... and maybe Narsingh instead of Montero. I hope routledge isn't starting and we try attacking wingers on both sides to start with! I think if J.Ayew doesn't feature this game then he is definitely going I guess.

Would also like to see Asoro play more as he was fatigued last game so didn't feature. I think we will look more attacking with him on aswell.
Swansea vs SD Eibar
at 15:11 24 Jul 2018

Game is tonight right??

now that we don't have to split the teams into 2 I would like to see this team starting:


subs: Mulder, Rodon, Grimes J.Ayew, A.Ayew, Narsingh, Routledge

Either Naughton (or maybe try Routledge) as LB.

I want to see Mcburnie feature more to help teamwork and getting used to working with the wingers. See if Monterro and Asoro can do decent crosses and passes for Mcburnie. Mayeb change Monterro for Narsingh.

If A.Ayew is anywhere near to leaving then he shouldn't feature.. but if it is just all speculation then I would like to see him come on in the second half.. and see how he links up with the wingers.
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