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Things To Take From...
at 02:25 11 Jul 2018

The first friendly.

looks like we played a 5 3 2 formation? with Naughton being a CB in the first half. Atleast that is what I think happened. Then after conceding we changed to 4 at the back.. hope that means GP will try 4 at the back and have wingers more often.

1 - GP used Amat as a Midfielder apparently. Interesting choice, did he do it for us before??

2 - Some of the youngsters seemed to have a good game - Grimes, Dan James, Dhanda etc.

3 - No Bartley as he should be gone soon apparently... interesting to see A.Ayew though.. if there is interest probably at early stages or maybe nothing is happening yet, otherwise I thought he would have been like Bartley.

obviously it will take some time, fitness and just teamwork to get better...wonder if next game we will get to see Jordi play some games?

Anyone Excited?
at 12:18 9 Jul 2018

To see how we play tomorrow... yes I know it's against Yeovil and only pre season..... I'm just curious what shape we play, who GP sees as the go to players. Few things I hope happen in this first game:

1 - we have wingers..... I really hate us not playing with wingers and going so narrow and through the middle.

2 - How Jordi gets on.. guessing he is pretty much the only player that will definitely start surely.. with olsson not back.

3 - Where he will play J.Ayew.. would GP think of him as a winger... AM or Striker..

4 - Will Mcburnie feature.... and what type of striker would GP want him to be for us.

I am actually really happy to see it going again, Hope GP does well for us.. plays nice football and even though transfers have not happened... I am stil feeling positive about the squad that we have at the moment..

Also during this game... would HJ and others try to sign the Yeovil RB or get a deal sorted if we are interested.... I am pretty sure we have done that before in a pre season game.
Player Outgoings Thread
at 02:12 27 Jun 2018

Do we have one? hard to Keep track of everything sometimes so would be nice if we can put reports and completed transfers in a thread:

Fabianski - WHU - 6-7 mill
Mesa - Sevilla - near completion - 7mill??
Ki - contract
Britton - retired
Rangel - out of contract
Kenji Gorre - free

Bony - Beskitas (looks like a loan)
Narsingh - Fenerbache (knows the manager so makes sense)
Mawson - WH (don't know what is happening with that one)

write below if there are any other likely runours/reports.

Signing The Next Eden Hazard??
at 16:36 17 Jun 2018

dubbed the next eden hazard. some class him as a midfielder some as a striker... looks like he plays the number 10 role so finally a replacement for Siggy???

14 goals in 60 games is ok and at 24 it is a good age.. also contract runs out in December so we can get him for a reduced price. looks quite a skillfull players.
Will An Ex Player Join The Club This Season?
at 10:21 29 May 2018

Should make a bet on it haha

Just read that Ashley Williams is interested in a move so he can get more game time.

Also read Fabio Borini will be sold by AC Milan this window (after playing 40 games with them and getting 5 goals and 7 assists)

anymore ex players making noise on moving club? and will we get any..
at 01:21 20 May 2018

Who do we have out on loan that could make the team again next season?

Mesa (probably sell)

Amat (probably sell)

Jay Fulton (probably can do a job for us in the championship. Looked decent for us before)

Mcburnie (again could do a job for us in the championship... if we don't sell him)

Matt Grimes - 4 goals and 10 assists in League one (in 40games) still young and looked close to breaking into the team a couple of seasons ago... possibly a decent squad player for us.

Borja Baston - would you keep or would you try to ged rid? Maybe he can get his goals and better performances in the Championship if good wingers are brought in.
Laudrup To Arsenal?
at 15:27 17 May 2018

Well that is a random rumour coming out... wonder if that is why his agent was talking more about us again explaining that it was the club and players and not Laudrups fault... it is being reported in France. bit of cleaning up his reputation before trying it with Arsenal..
Sell Mawson and.....
at 16:07 15 May 2018

If possible would you sell mawson for 20-25mill and use most of that money to try and bring Joe Allen back?? He is also in the championship and maybe Stoke would be willing to use that money for other players..... would you pay a high price (possibly a risk) to bring Joe back? would show intent on us trying to play the old way... also would have Bartley, VDH, Amat (if comes back) and FF(or replacement if he leaves) I think that is a decent defence.. especially for the Championship.
New signing...
at 11:46 15 May 2018

That was fast an AM from Liverpool... wonder if he can step up from the u23's... and I wonder if this is a squad buy.. or a youth buy.. could be either
Time for a formation change?
at 08:42 8 Apr 2018

I think our defending is good enough but we need more in midfield. that was our problem yesterday.. there was hardly no link up with the strikers until dyer came on... I really do think CC was looking for a point yesterday which is a shame as 3 points could have been possible.


Have dyer(or narsingh) and ayew on the wings but also J.Ayew coming in almost like a second striker with his brother. Have A.Ayew come a bit deeper to help play the balls to dyer and J.ayew. and have Ki make more of the forward passes with clucas and king playing the shorter possession type passes.

if we had wingers and also use our fbs for crosses and making the teams wider.. would give us more space to pass the ball and we could do possession plays much better whilst also linking up midfield with attack. and during the game if the crosses seem to be doing well Bring Tammy on for Ki (moving A. Ayew deeper) as he is the striker who needs more passes/crosses and link up play for him to work well.
If CC stays and...
at 00:53 25 Mar 2018

We are still a PL team next season... what formation is likely going to be used..?

I hope we go back to 4-5-1/ 4-3-3 style and use wingers again (will have to buy wingers). he has used that formation in cup games and if we sign the right players (like schurlle who was going to come last time, and a striker like Doumbia) it could work well for us again.


we would need to sign atleast 7-8 players next season if we stay up.. I think we need to improve on our central midfield also. I would love to see Joe Allen back as he is kind of wasted at stoke.. and would help us go back to the way we want to play.
How To Represent A Country..
at 13:33 22 Mar 2018

can anyone tell me exactly how a player can become eligible for a country in football??? i'm not sure if the rules have changed or not.

like is it still if you live in the country long enough you can become eligible... like for instance can 1 of our layers such as Kenji Gorre become a wales player? (he has been with swansea for 5 years)
Transfer Values... this season..
at 10:55 20 Feb 2018

With all this talk of how the club has wasted so much money on failed transfers.. i want to put a list of players in our current team who are good deals or bargains:

Fabianski - Free transfer- probably one of our best deals in the past few seasons.

Olsson - £4mill.... for so long we have seemed to have a LB problem.. and I would argue that olsson has been one of our best LB's for a long time. that money meant he was a straight swap for Taylor so I think this is one of our good deals.

Van de Hoorn - £2.5 mill - works well in our system now and I think he is PL quality and could be even better for us... so £2.5 mill again a great deal.

Mawson - 5 mill I think... don't think we will ever be able to get a deal for a young english CB ever again. has done well in our side... will benefit the team greatly if he stays or goes(big transfer fee if he goes).

Jordan Ayew - £5mill again I think? I think one of our best players this season and has been vital in our wins to stay out of relagation

honourable mentions:

Ki - bought for 5.5million I believe. inconsistent but I think he has been good enough for me to think that the money was worth it. played out of position alot, was player of the season.. and in this team looks like one of our better players at times with his passing and making space.

Dyer - seems to be having a bit of a comeback under carvahal.. if he keeps it up just adds to his legacy here at the club (pretty sure he has proved the 500k we spent for him has been more than a steal)
How Many Players...
at 12:33 9 Feb 2018

Do we need next season if we stay up...

Tammy (loan)
Sanches (loan)
King (loan)
Leon (should be replaced)
Rangel (should be replaced)

We need a LB (I actually think Roberts looks like a decent RB cover at the moment)
A creative AM should still be looked at.
I would say 2-3 wingers should be brought on

this doesn't include a replacement for Ki if he doesn't stay and extend his contract.... and if Bony leaves or injuries just make it impossible for him to play for us properly again.

so In my head I have worked out a possible 8-10 players needing to be brought in next transfer window if we stay up... either that is crazily bad calculations from me.. or that is just a scary realistic number...
Interesting little PR
at 13:29 7 Feb 2018

Actually nice to see the club doing a little more PR stuff to try and improve their fanbase and awareness in other countries... and hell China is a decent place to start, alot of potential money to be made. between shirt sales.. Chinese media showing Swans games, wish they would do that here in Korea aswell though. Koreans follow their players in other leagues and this could easily be an opportunity to promote the team in Korea and sell shirts here... missing out.
Still a chance to get a full back?
at 10:08 5 Feb 2018

interesting story. if it is true... could have been good business to bring him here... too bad the 25 named squad has already been submitted. think the club would have liked this deal.. a defender they have been lookng at for a little while suddenly becoming a free agent.
Team for Notts
at 08:09 4 Feb 2018

would like to see us try a new formation, like a 433 see if we can try a more attacking formation.


ok strange selection I know.... but I think now would be a good time to rest Ayew... he does so much in a game so having him rest for a pl game might be best. I think this would be a good time for Tammy to try and prove himself.. with Bony coming on second half or Ayew if we are not doing well.

I wouldn't usually say sanches... but might be good for him to try aswell.. also would be good to rest our cm's we don't really have many anymore. also if britton is back.. might be worth having him play again to make sure we rest our players.
Teams copying our style?
at 07:46 4 Feb 2018

funny to read...... Everton trying to copy Swansea's game plan and losing terribly...
Creative AM problem sorted?
at 22:40 30 Jan 2018

just stick Alfie mawson up there.... hahaahaha

this is the one time I couldn't stay awake to watch a game (I live in South Korea and it was 5am start for me) and I have just woken up to see the result. Thought I was actually still asleep when I saw it at first!! saw a small highlight video and some of the passes and positioning Mawson made were amazing.... the exact thing we have been needing. Don't exactly know how he was up in the Arsenal box as much as he was because I only saw highlights.. but was also unlucky not scoring when Ramsey made that tackle against him.

Now the important thing... does anyone know any websites that show full match highlights... this is a game I really want to watch the whole thing this weekend... so if anyone know please tell me!
Mcburnie off to Sunderland?
at 16:18 30 Jan 2018

I guess this would make sense if we did sign Ayew. On loan by the way.
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