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Serious Warning - Beware The Sun
at 07:07 22 Jun 2018

I implore you all to read this and think about how you look after yourself in the sun.
Three years ago we returned from a holiday in Cyprus and my wife noticed a tiny spot on her ear. She saw her GP and was referred to Singleton outpatients where it was removed. They confirmed it was a melanoma.
Two years later she was discharged from the clinic.
Five months later, in February this year, she had numbness on the left side of her face.
Various tests showed that she had developed secondary brain cancer from that tiny spot, as well as cancer in other parts of the body.
In a few short months she has gone from a normal functioning person to someone her friends and family hardly recognise.
The most basic functions are becoming harder day by day.
She is still my beautiful intelligent wife, but in spite of having treatment, we are fearing the worst whilst praying for a positive outcome.
The condition she has could have been avoided if we had been more sensible in the sun.

Until March this year I had never heard of metastisis of the brain, but it is very common after melanomas and there is no cure and survival rates are not great.

Please friends, make sure you protect yourself from the sun, as whilst a little bit is good, even what we think is a small amount is a killer.
If you have to be out in the sun, slap on the highest protection possible by the handful, especially on the extremities (ears, nose, arms and legs), reapply it every couple of hours and if you go into the water and generally please be careful.

What Chance of Getting More Deals ?
at 11:16 16 Jan 2017

We can't even get deals over the line that we supposedly identified yonks ago.
If a player suddenly comes on our radar, by the time we move you can guarantee they'll be scooped up by someone else whilst we procrastinate
The two own goals and the penalty
at 08:54 15 Jan 2017

Having seen then in the flesh i thought "lucky Arsenal again" and the penalty looked a stonewaller.
Having watched MOTD a few times, TBH Cork should have booted the ball and Iwobi over the goalline, whilst Naughton should have booted the ball into the back of the North Stand, rather than passing it into his own net.
Whilst Ki took a touch, he should have stayed on his feet and buried it in the net.
at 08:11 13 Jan 2017

I know it's old ground, he probably wouldn't come, some don't want him back, etc.
For me he seems to be a perfect fit for us and whether on loan or permanent he'd be a what we need
Please go get him HJ - you know it makes sense
Latest Episode of Crossing Lines
at 06:51 13 Jan 2017

Enjoyed it - all about Right Wing Conference in Berlin.
Made me laugh though that three quarters of the "supporters" were skinhead types.
Very naive of the makers to assume that supporters of Fascist groups all go around with stereotypical hair and clothing styles and growl like Neanderthals
Like every other "political" group I would expect them to come in all shapes, sizes and from all walks of life.

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PC - "Narsingh Can Make An Impact"
at 06:15 13 Jan 2017
Not feckin tomorrow he can't !!
Who signs a player who is already injured when he has his medical FFS ?
May turn out to be a brilliant signing (and I hope he does) but not a good start
All Quiet with Llorente
at 06:05 13 Jan 2017

ATM looking good for him to still be with us tomorrow and could be that Chelsea are looking elsewhere.
Unless we get a better striker in, then hope he stays until the end of the season at least
Can Any Loan Players Play ?
at 06:02 13 Jan 2017

If we sign anyone on loan today, are they eligible to play tomorrow ?
Also on the flip side, although it's gone quiet, if Llorente went to Chelsea on loan would he be eligible for tomorrow ?
Makele a Boy compared to this Man
at 09:10 12 Jan 2017
get Makele stripped and ready to play on Saturday I say !
Tickets For Saturday Available ...... att The Resurrection
at 08:44 12 Jan 2017

at this site
Anywhere from £126 to £267
Now that is scandalous Resurrection !
Southampton - All the Best in The Cups
at 06:48 12 Jan 2017

They've already got three games more than us two play this month, plus if they beat Norwich they'll have what will hopefully be an energy sapping Fourth Round Tie.
I know we play Arsenal & Liverpool but hopefully we'll gain some confidence and maybe points from those fixtures plus we've plenty of time to rest injuries, etc
If We Sign These Three Today .
at 06:29 12 Jan 2017

Olson, Carroll and Narsingh.
Would you start with them on Saturday, one or two of them, or put all three on the bench to start ?
Personally I'd love to the team that beat Palace given a chance (forgot that Taylor looks a non-starter), but if it looks as if we are not succeeding, then make changes quickly
[Post edited 12 Jan 2017 7:08]
Rushden's Burgess Is Swans Next Target?
at 06:53 10 Jan 2017

It was on this site so it must be true !
Okay it was an article from 2005 ....
Go to the Top of Page 3 for previous posts
at 06:50 10 Jan 2017

Hopefully one of our whizz kids can delete the rogue messages in between
Peter Sarstedt Dies
at 05:09 9 Jan 2017
A Curtis Memory - Just for Jackfath
at 12:17 8 Jan 2017

I remember we were playing Crewe late Nov 1977 at the Vetch and coasting to a comfortable 2 - 0 win.
Towards the end many of the approx 3000 + crowd as per usual started to drift off to get home or catch a pint.
With 5 minutes to go Alan does his magic and scores three times.
Those of us who witnessed that knew we were privileged to see a superstar even then.
As for those who ent early, well there wasn't even Soccer Sunday then
Can't wait for next Saturday
at 07:25 8 Jan 2017

Clement's tenure will begin in earnest, hopefully with a few new players to introduce, a cracking atmosphere against a big team.
I feel we'll win and continue our climb up the table.
Also Stoke, Watford and West Ham will both win and do us a favour.
[Post edited 8 Jan 2017 7:29]
Just watching Rerun of Palace Match
at 09:22 7 Jan 2017

However no MOTD on Tuesday or Wedneday ?
No Matchday Streams Today ?
at 09:19 7 Jan 2017

Back to Swansea Sound / Radio Wales then is it ?
Who is the man who calls himself The Resurrection ?
at 21:53 1 Jan 2017

He seems an angry fellow and intent on having a go at fellow posters.
Anyone think he was maybe bullied in school, as that seems to be the excuse for all life's ills nowadays ...
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