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at 07:57 12 May 2018

In addition to the usual, came across this beauty ...

Jenkins was our hero, but now he’s just a tw*t, he sold out to the Yanks, the dirty lying rat!

Martin saw the pound signs and sh*gged a players wife, he used to love the swans but chose a richer life!

F*ck off Jenkins and Martin, you are f*cking c*nts, get out of our club, you f*cking scum.

at 17:08 5 May 2018

What an absolutely abject performance ...

Other teams are ripping the world up to stay in this league, the bunch of kents out on that park today should be ashamed of themselves !!

Carlos’s tactics were awful, hoofball is not how you win a PL game or how we play football.

Carlos has got to go, Bignose needs to go. Half the team need to go ...

Only way that will all happen is the magical ‘R’ word - RELEGATION.

I can’t see us beating Southampton on Tuesday either, they actually have something called Team Spirit and ‘Fight’ in times of adversity. Take us down Carlos and rid us of this f*cking mess !
1x Ticket in the NE Corner wanted for Everton
at 10:52 8 Apr 2018


Does anyone have a ticket for sale in the NE corner for Everton on Saturday ?

Been out of the country for weeks on business so have been unable to get my usual seat with my JA membership - Would be highly appreciated.

1x Burnley Ticket for Sale
at 09:13 3 Feb 2018

Got 1 Burnley ticket for sale for next Saturday - Can’t attend this one unfortunately.

Notts County FA Cup Tickets for Sale
at 20:02 20 Jan 2018

Hi everyone,

Bought two JA Adult Notts County Tickets this morning, and i’ve just found out i’m working.

If anyone wants them i can sell them for £20 each (Saves the new booking fee of £1.50 per ticket ...) !
1x Liverpool Ticket Please ...
at 14:45 19 Jan 2018

Hi Everyone,

I’m going down to the game on Monday night already but require an additional ticket for a colleague.

If anyone can help please PM me !!

Thanks in advance !
Matchday Parking
at 16:07 1 Jan 2018

Happy New Year All.

Taking the car down tomorrow after work for the Spurs game, anyone know where to park ? Haven't taken the car down for years so pretty clueless ... I usually walk.

Cheers !
I’ve had enough of supporting this Club...
at 20:00 4 Dec 2017

So it’s Season Ticket renewal time of year yet again (Feels like it gets sooner and sooner every year now)- Time’s getting on.

I’ve supported this club through thick and thin, back from the old Vetch days of Petty and Co, the days of near Bankruptcy, and now look at us, soaring high in the great Premier League.

If i’m honest it feels like there’s nothing left of MY club, OUR club. It’s gone, dead, buried ... And pillaged for all its worth by the now Yanks - If some of our supporters who unfortunately can’t be with us (RIP YJB’s), see us in this sorry, sorry mess they’d be turning in their graves - I know of many who would.

Why are we all just so accepting of this fate ? We have a clueless manager, a clueless board, clueless owners who sacked Guido for some American wannabe on his birthday by text ? No, no, no.

This club is no longer MY club, OUR club. We don’t play anything close to the ‘Swansea Way’ of old or more recent times at the Liberty. As a fan i’ve never felt more disconnected from my club, with the feeling that we’re just ‘Customers’ now, not fans supporting our club, but supporting this regime of incompetent idiots who have stripped and ruined our club.

Whoever said the PL was the Be All and End All ? How many of us would have opted to have stayed in the Championship or even League 1 had we known what would become or our beloved Swansea at the time ? I would have for sure ... And i’m sure many of you would join me.

Gone are the days of players who actually know/respect/work for this club, and the great fans we once had who supported this club come rain nor shine. These days we have players who work for the business, fans who sell out at any given opportunity, season ticket holders who only hold season tickets for watching Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

I’m ashamed to call this MY club. This is the first time in a very long time where i won’t be renewing. I’m not lining the yanks pockets any further or supporting this awful regime.

Sorry guys, but as Duncan Bannatyne once put it I’m Out.

It’s been a pleasure.
Much, much improved, possible tide turning, let’s not get ahead of ourselves .
at 17:05 25 Nov 2017

Much better performance from the majority of the team today.

Should have won, Fer should have scored, Ref ripped us off for 95 minutes.

PC and the whole team will take a huge amount of confidence from that, even though it wasn’t a much needed win and 3 points - It feels like a win from events of late !

Can we restore our pride please ?
at 08:55 23 Nov 2017

I remember the days where Petty was practically chased out of Swansea back in the Vetch days.

These idiots running our club have stripped us for all we have, all whilst HJ and Dineen and others have stood back and watched.

The key reason for our struggles so far this season is that our two key players from last season were sold without trace - Money which has lined the pockets of Kaplan, Levien and others at the club.

Only reason they’ve signed the new Lease deal is to bring more cash into the club that can further line their pockets.

I ask you all, how far has this got to go before we all, as a collective do something about it ?

It’s our Club - Let’s get these fools out !
Gutless, No Direction, No Pace, No Tempo, Zero Threat, Zero Creativity ...
at 19:11 30 Sep 2017

Now by this WHU game, i thought we’d have an official starting 11 if you like, and starting to churn out reasonably decent performances.

However, fact is, we’re absolutely crap.

I do think that we have bought too many ‘similar’ players, and in fact we are a victim of ourselves here once again through poor decisions at Board level, which could once again cost another one of our managers their job here.

Paul is looking increasingly lost out there, and this system is not working at all - As per my thread title - Very, very poor at the moment. Another performance like that after the international break and we could very well be seeing the end of Clement here - Far too pedestrian, Far too defensive, Very, very little creativity and zero movement. Don’t think i saw one of our players making a decent run into a good position off the ball today. Very, very poor.
£12 Million bid accepted for Bony
at 19:25 22 Aug 2017

Hearing that a bid of £12 million has been accepted by City from us, and the deal with the player is now 'close'.

McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway and numerous Thai/Chinese Restaurants have all applied for licenses with Swansea City Council in anticipation of the 'additional demand'.
Prospect of Tammy and Fernando Up-Top
at 19:22 14 Aug 2017

Just read this on WalesOnline after thinking a similar thing myself over the weekend.

Put Ayew in the No. 10 role for now, Tammy and Fernando up front ?

Sounds excellent in theory, two physical players. Tammy the fastest player in the squad too (and probably most skillful) so would be an excellent partnership i think.

Discuss ...
Spurs Tickets Released to JA
at 14:10 14 Aug 2017

Spurs tickets went on sale this morning.

Snapped up a couple, get on it guys. Need the support, and an experience at Wembley too.
I Commend Paul Clement, Claude Makelele and Co.
at 09:38 13 Aug 2017

Watching that game yesterday i thought the defensive shape was well decent, in an underwhelming afternoon.

I commend the back room staff on their work with this squad, imagine if we played like that under the FG or BB reigns, it could have easily been 3 or 4-0 on another day.

The game was a cry to the board for investment. That starting XI was weaker than the XI we finished last season with, with Gylfi and Llorente absent. Something i'd never thought i'd be saying was that we'd go into the first game with a diminished starting XI on last season. Also that bench is possibly one of the weakest benches i've ever seen in the PL, another cry for help.

PC seems to be getting increasingly p*ssed off about this Gylfi situation now, and after seeing that awful team performance primarily from a lack of quality which should have been brought in weeks ago with GS leaving, the board will probably now concede to Everton's offer of £45 million. Take it and run because this squad needs investment and quick.

We absolutely mugged Southampton to get a point there yesterday afternoon. Properly had their pants down.
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Swans_16's Pre-Season Evaluation Thread
at 17:03 29 Jul 2017

So with one more fixture to go just a few bits and pieces i've picked up on in the games that i've seen.

Bartley - Looks to be playing more at CB than Fernandez, the latter didn't even feature today at all, guessing he'll start next week though. Bartley on the whole hasn't been too shabby and would personally keep him as a back-up CB over VDH (Van Der Horsesh*t).

Mawson - Hasn't been too impressive so far really, seems like he's putting a few of our players under pressure with dodgy-ish passes. Perhaps still has a U21 Euro hangover.

Mesa - Seems to be integrating quite well, looking more involved each game and his passing accuracy seems decent (Reason why he signed).

Ayew - A little disappointing playing as a striker, doesn't really seem to test the keeper enough. Pace is good though and likes to take on defenders as we found out towards the latter games of last season.

Abraham - Looked really good so far, probably the stand out player of this pre-season to date. Good on the ball and dangerous in the box and in the air. Pretty quick too, he could be starting quite a lot for us this year. Looks sharp.

With one game to go i'm still convinced that we need the following positions strengthening with first team players (Improvements and not £5 million Bignose token signings):
- RB (Naughton has improved, but Rangel at 34 is not a PL RB and Kyle needs to be replaced with a better alternative).

- CB cover is required i'd say. Badstuber would be a great signing, quiet on that front though. Pep's also interested.

- CM - I'm convinced we could do with another CM (Mesa - Carroll - Fer/Ki) isn't too shabby but could be improved.

- ST Think we need to sign another out-and-out striker since we only really have Abraham and Llorente on the books, assuming that Oli is off out on loan again (He isn't PL yet, and not sure if he will be).

On the whole not too bad in pre-season so far, which is mainly about fitness and trying out new things, but our current batch of players look far better and more composed on the ball than this time last year, and a little more creative too with Carroll, Abraham etc.

Can't see us signing 4 players as mentioned above, but a couple of those are probably required before even looking at potential Sig/Llorente replacements.

And oh yes, more binning of dead wood please - Barrow, Routs, Grimes, VDH etc etc.
[Post edited 29 Jul 2017 17:05]
New Contract for Leon
at 17:04 28 Jun 2017

Well deserved mate.
Paul Clement is a Hero
at 19:34 21 May 2017

All this season, everyone said this team was poor, had no character and no ability.

How wrong were they ? PC has truly turned this club around, and the playing squad for that matter. PC, Gibbs, Karl and Claude have done a fantastic job and this 15th place finish truly proves that.

Hoping for a successful Summer, and providing we can keep Gylfi and Fernando, and strengthen in a few areas, we'll be looking good next season.

Have a great Summer !
An Optimists Approach To Our Current Situation
at 18:37 9 Apr 2017

As we've all gathered by now, yes we're in the crap.

However, some people on this site love attributing blame to the Managers, where in fact the flaws go far, far deeper.

This season, and arguably parts of other recent seasons, 'The Swansea Way' now ceases to exist in any way, shape or form with severe mis-management at board-level with growing the club whilst in the PL, and of course the quality of our squad.

This season is a culmination of the last 4 seasons mis-management, where our star players have been sold for cheap alternatives, or completely rubbish ones (Borja for example, although he has not at all had a fair chance).

Now this season for all the doom-spreaders, we're still in with a chance of beating the drop, but the players and PC need to treat every game like a cup final from here on in.

However, from the mis-management we've seen i don't think it would be such a bad thing to being Championship football next season (Apart from the obvious Financial and stature reasons). We need to build our squad, we need some kind of identity back, and various other things to get our club back to where we all want it to be. Historically those teams lacking in the necessary PL infrastructure tend to struggle as a function of time in the PL. Unfortunately, Swansea are one of those clubs where we have a relatively small stadium and other commercial income streams. The club needs building back up, and this wafer thin squad we have need to muster some might and courage to attempt to beat the drop, but from a lifelong Swansea fan ... It's not the end of the world, it may even be better for the longer term.

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