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Kasey Palmer - Aye
at 23:20 3 Jan 2020

Kasey Palmer looks like he’s making his way to join us on loan until the end of the season.

Any thoughts ?
Now ... It’s time for the Americans !
at 20:43 2 Feb 2019

Now Jenks has kindly left our club.

We should now be making every effort to get this american hedge fund out of our club.

Hedge funds don’t like bad publicity, the reason it’s a hedge fund in the first place is such that those within it can hide behind the ‘Consortium’.

We/The Trust, and everyone else with the best interests of this club should now be calling out every single member of that Consortium - Giving them bad publicity for what they’re collectively doing to our club, and inevitably ... Kaplan and Levien.

Now is our time.
[Post edited 2 Feb 2019 20:45]
1 ST Holder Ticket for Bristol
at 10:18 2 Feb 2019

I’m in Bristol for the day anyway - Anyone have a spare ticket for me ?

PM me please !!
Leroy Fer - Landed in Lille
at 16:45 31 Jan 2019

WalesOnline reporting Leroy’s landed in France ahead of Lille move.

Strap in guys we’re in for a rough few hours ...
If Dan James gets sold ...
at 19:48 24 Jan 2019

... I will not be renewing my Season Ticket.

The full intent of the owners will be visible for all to see if it goes through.
at 20:12 10 Aug 2018

No chants for ‘Get out of our club’ etc tomorrow !

Support the boys on the pitch through thick and thin and they need our help as 12th man now more than ever. Same goes with Potter, let’s lift the roof off the place and support them with all we’ve got !
Trust/Fan Buyout
at 12:09 10 Aug 2018

Following on from another thread, this could have legs ...

The Trust already hold a decent portion of shares. Fans and Trust members alike can facilitate a buyout of the club through the Trust to take control from these idiots - It can't be run any worse than at present !!!
Graham Potter has NOT Resigned
at 19:47 9 Aug 2018

[Post edited 9 Aug 2018 20:40]
The End Is Nigh
at 18:38 9 Aug 2018

I for one am absolutely fuming about the business that has been undertaken at OUR club today.

At the weekend we could all see just how threadbare the squad was ... It’s now even more wafer thin ... 1 senior CB, a lightweight/poor centre midfield, 1 fit striker ...

However, it’s brought something home for me. This club is in a far worse financial situation than we all know/think, with a fire sale of all our assets (Doesn’t really come as a shock does it).

Those responsible for this mess are still to leave the club (Jenkins, Morgan and most of all the Americans - Just get lost). I feel so sorry for Potter, he could not have possibly signed upto this.

However ... Rodon now has big boots to fill at CB, and here’s hoping some loan deals can be secured in the coming days to bulk this squad up, we’re the thinnest i’ve ever seen a squad.
Now these are exciting times ...
at 19:53 4 Aug 2018

Yes, one game, but i think most will agree there were definitely some great, encouraging signs there. New signings looked great, hats off to the new Management Team - Got it spot on so far.

One touch passing, fine touches, players in the box - Haven’t seen that level for years, and i feel as though we’re just getting started. Ryan Woods, if you were watching you are an absolute perfect fit in that midfield ... Get him in !

Return of the Swansea Way is on.

Lukas Nmecha
at 13:43 3 Aug 2018

Alan Nixon reporting that there's a late new-entry to the Lukas Nmecha saga ...

Rumours are it's Leeds - So that's us, Blackburn, WBA and now Leeds all in for him.

Would love to see him here, and i'm sure Potter could do some sweet talking (Goes without saying his fellow city pal Celina is here now too).

Be a great one to get over the line for this season.
at 07:57 12 May 2018

In addition to the usual, came across this beauty ...

Jenkins was our hero, but now he’s just a tw*t, he sold out to the Yanks, the dirty lying rat!

Martin saw the pound signs and sh*gged a players wife, he used to love the swans but chose a richer life!

F*ck off Jenkins and Martin, you are f*cking c*nts, get out of our club, you f*cking scum.

at 17:08 5 May 2018

What an absolutely abject performance ...

Other teams are ripping the world up to stay in this league, the bunch of kents out on that park today should be ashamed of themselves !!

Carlos’s tactics were awful, hoofball is not how you win a PL game or how we play football.

Carlos has got to go, Bignose needs to go. Half the team need to go ...

Only way that will all happen is the magical ‘R’ word - RELEGATION.

I can’t see us beating Southampton on Tuesday either, they actually have something called Team Spirit and ‘Fight’ in times of adversity. Take us down Carlos and rid us of this f*cking mess !
1x Ticket in the NE Corner wanted for Everton
at 10:52 8 Apr 2018


Does anyone have a ticket for sale in the NE corner for Everton on Saturday ?

Been out of the country for weeks on business so have been unable to get my usual seat with my JA membership - Would be highly appreciated.

1x Burnley Ticket for Sale
at 09:13 3 Feb 2018

Got 1 Burnley ticket for sale for next Saturday - Can’t attend this one unfortunately.

Notts County FA Cup Tickets for Sale
at 20:02 20 Jan 2018

Hi everyone,

Bought two JA Adult Notts County Tickets this morning, and i’ve just found out i’m working.

If anyone wants them i can sell them for £20 each (Saves the new booking fee of £1.50 per ticket ...) !
1x Liverpool Ticket Please ...
at 14:45 19 Jan 2018

Hi Everyone,

I’m going down to the game on Monday night already but require an additional ticket for a colleague.

If anyone can help please PM me !!

Thanks in advance !
Matchday Parking
at 16:07 1 Jan 2018

Happy New Year All.

Taking the car down tomorrow after work for the Spurs game, anyone know where to park ? Haven't taken the car down for years so pretty clueless ... I usually walk.

Cheers !
I’ve had enough of supporting this Club...
at 20:00 4 Dec 2017

So it’s Season Ticket renewal time of year yet again (Feels like it gets sooner and sooner every year now)- Time’s getting on.

I’ve supported this club through thick and thin, back from the old Vetch days of Petty and Co, the days of near Bankruptcy, and now look at us, soaring high in the great Premier League.

If i’m honest it feels like there’s nothing left of MY club, OUR club. It’s gone, dead, buried ... And pillaged for all its worth by the now Yanks - If some of our supporters who unfortunately can’t be with us (RIP YJB’s), see us in this sorry, sorry mess they’d be turning in their graves - I know of many who would.

Why are we all just so accepting of this fate ? We have a clueless manager, a clueless board, clueless owners who sacked Guido for some American wannabe on his birthday by text ? No, no, no.

This club is no longer MY club, OUR club. We don’t play anything close to the ‘Swansea Way’ of old or more recent times at the Liberty. As a fan i’ve never felt more disconnected from my club, with the feeling that we’re just ‘Customers’ now, not fans supporting our club, but supporting this regime of incompetent idiots who have stripped and ruined our club.

Whoever said the PL was the Be All and End All ? How many of us would have opted to have stayed in the Championship or even League 1 had we known what would become or our beloved Swansea at the time ? I would have for sure ... And i’m sure many of you would join me.

Gone are the days of players who actually know/respect/work for this club, and the great fans we once had who supported this club come rain nor shine. These days we have players who work for the business, fans who sell out at any given opportunity, season ticket holders who only hold season tickets for watching Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

I’m ashamed to call this MY club. This is the first time in a very long time where i won’t be renewing. I’m not lining the yanks pockets any further or supporting this awful regime.

Sorry guys, but as Duncan Bannatyne once put it I’m Out.

It’s been a pleasure.
Much, much improved, possible tide turning, let’s not get ahead of ourselves .
at 17:05 25 Nov 2017

Much better performance from the majority of the team today.

Should have won, Fer should have scored, Ref ripped us off for 95 minutes.

PC and the whole team will take a huge amount of confidence from that, even though it wasn’t a much needed win and 3 points - It feels like a win from events of late !

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