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From The Annus site
at 12:26 10 Nov 2019

Perusing the Bin Dippers site and came across this beaut on one of their Swansea threads...(not too good at putting the actual photo up...someone might help..)
Fairly obvious problem...
at 21:53 5 Oct 2019

We've played pretty much the same team since the start of the season. I think they are a little jaded to say the least. They are also now predictable....because opposing teams know exactly what to expect.
Time for change. Drop a few....bring in a few....and start to be less predictable. Come on Cooper...your first real test as a manager..
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The Nigel Owens Show is on now on ITV...
at 09:24 5 Oct 2019

Can't abide the man....always wants to be centre of attention.
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Full Moon murder...
at 23:26 2 Oct 2019
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Walesonline headlines today...
at 08:03 1 Oct 2019

Kept scrolling down...and down...nothing on the Sala story. Funny that. Even on the football page...its near the bottom. Absolutely rancid organisation...
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Police statement on Swansea v Cardiff travel etc
at 15:01 16 Sep 2019

"We've been working with Swansea City Football Club and Cardiff City Football Club to plan the ticketing and transport of away fans for this season’s fixtures in the EFL Championship.

Match commander, Superintendent Steve Jones, said: “Over recent years, fans of both clubs have become well accustomed to the arrangements put in place to ensure the safety of supporters, which has included a full police escort for away fans.

“The good behaviour of fans as well as the effective stewarding and policing have all combined to create an enjoyable occasion and has given a very positive impression of the South Wales derby fixtures.

“Policing of football matches has changed over the six seasons since the clubs last met, with the number of banning orders and arrests at Swansea and Cardiff home matches much lower now than previously.

“We have held numerous meetings with representatives from both clubs and taken on board the views and concerns from previous fixtures.

“Learning from these experiences, the plan for the next fixture on October 27 will be less restrictive for visiting supporters but there will still be proportionate arrangements in place to ensure their safety.

“This will include a designated ticket collection point for away fans, managed by the clubs, which supporters will travel to on official coaches and exchange a voucher for a match ticket. There will then be a police escort from the collection point to the Liberty Stadium.

“A robust policing plan will be in place and while we continue our work to deliver a safe event for all, we now want the focus to be on the match itself.”
Japan are mad for us....
at 13:29 16 Sep 2019

Rugby World Cup 2019: Wales training attracts 15,000 in Japan

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The Troubles: A Secret history...
at 21:55 10 Sep 2019

BBC Four now. Very good....

Sorry meant to be on other forum
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Castles in South West Wales
at 21:25 5 Sep 2019

Two beauts.....

Llawhaden Castle.....a bit of a gem really..
Manorbier's everything I want from a castle ...magical
Watford match: Tuesday 24th or Wednesday 25th?
at 13:38 29 Aug 2019

I know it's a difficult one but any idea when they will make the decision and how will I know pretty pronto when said announcement is made. Advice will be appreciated...
Deano down....
at 11:57 28 Aug 2019
Article about Borja at the Grauniad...
at 11:17 28 Aug 2019

Trunds is absolutely right about the mindset...

Boris and Trump..
at 10:55 25 Aug 2019

You can see the rest of them thinking..."British and American c@nts...."

In trouble....
at 22:49 20 Aug 2019

Thought he used to be a news reader...
Agent Williams gone to the Wurzels...
at 23:13 18 Aug 2019

Nice....that'll hamper any promotion challenge...
The "comedians" on the Nat West adverts.....
at 19:48 18 Aug 2019

Anyone laughing? Not really....

Anybody see the Bob Monkhouse documentary when he was dying and did a sort of gig with well known comedians....the man really does have legendary status...on the comedy front.

Did a gag about being born in Kent....he goes on....I keep getting reminded all the time about it...I meet people and when I go to leave all I hear is "Kent"...a witty man
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Footballers/Headless Chickens....
at 18:19 18 Aug 2019

I'll start...Tammy Abraham
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Doc Martens boots
at 19:59 16 Aug 2019

Watching one of these 'how is it made' progs and it's DM's. Many of us of a certain age can remember having a pair...was into the skinhead/ska music scene. Can't for the life of me think how buttons I had...remember going to Wrexham and all of us getting told by some tw@t of a police super...that we all had to watch the match without our boots...picking them up after the match
Any good stories out there?

Jean Jacket
Ben Sherman Shirt
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New twist in the Sala plane crash
at 14:32 14 Aug 2019

Emiliano Sala 'exposed to carbon monoxide in plane crash'

Footballer Emiliano Sala, who died in a plane crash over the English Channel, had been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide, a report has revealed.

Sala and pilot David Ibbotson crashed on 21 January when travelling to Cardiff from the French city of Nantes.

Toxicology tests on Sala's body showed CO levels in his blood were so great it could have caused a seizure, unconsciousness or a heart attack.

Mr Ibbotson, from Crowle, North Lincolnshire, has still not been found.

But it is likely he would also have been exposed to carbon monoxide, the Air Accidents Investigations Branch (AAIB) report said.

Geraint Herbert, head of air accidents for the AAIB, said it is believed both men were exposed to the gas before the plane crashed.

"Symptoms at low exposure levels [to carbon monoxide] can be drowsiness and dizziness, but as the exposure level increases it can lead to unconsciousness and death," he added.

"The investigation continues to look into a wide range of areas in relation to this accident, but in particular we are looking at the potential ways in which carbon monoxide can enter the cabin in this type of aircraft."
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Media love in with Potter this morning...
at 12:43 11 Aug 2019

Making me retch.....
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