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Swansea City v Nottingham Forest prediction logged
Cooper officially named August Championship Manager of the Month
at 06:13 13 Sep 2019

Pretty much a formality IMO, who else besides the Charlton dude even had an argument?

Yeah I know, who cares/it's a curse...whatever. Congrats Steve!
3rd kit
at 06:48 6 Sep 2019

Announced today.

Would be cool if this is it.

at 17:02 31 Aug 2019

Wyndham has started the catch phrase of the season.
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Leeds United v Swansea City prediction logged
Man U supporters on Dan James
at 16:56 24 Aug 2019

Read the comments below. What a bunch of douchebags. So glad they lost today in spite of his heroics.

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Swansea City v Birmingham City prediction logged
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Queens Park Rangers v Swansea City prediction logged
The economic consequences of paying Ayew 80K a week all season
at 09:08 18 Aug 2019

No doubt, I am not quite arrogant or delusional enough to think I know crap about managing big time professional football finances, even compared to the average supporter who has followed football throughout their adult life. I'm 50, and didn't follow any kind of professional football before I personally discovered Swansea about 6 years ago (I only followed international football, obviously a completely different animal). So most of my adult life, I had no clues and developed no opinions how this is done right, unlike how I'm sure I would if I had grown up in Wales and been a JB all my life.

So I'm not going to pretend I have any kind of intelligent insight, and I'd merely like to hear where the logic in my head has its flaws...

Swansea City was claimed to be 30 million in the hole at one point. Yes, I know, mostly Jenkins' fault or whatever. But here is how that has been mitigated:

* Summer, 2017: the club has (FAR AND AWAY) the biggest net transfer surplus in the Premier League, probably larger any other club in the entire Football League.
* Summer, 2018: the club has (FAR AND AWAY) the biggest net transfer surplus in the Championship, once again probably larger any other club in the entire Football League.
* Summer, 2019: club sells three guys for more than 40 million, while dumping two of our big wage earners in McBurnie and Jordan Ayew. Ultimately, it appears we replaced them (very efficiently, granted) at a tiny fraction off all that profit via loans and very frugal player purchases.

40 million or so for McBurnie, James, and the lesser Ayew. At 80K per week, a whole year of paying Andre's wage takes away roughly 10% of that massive windfall (4.16 million).

Meanwhile, I think there is a rational argument that being a Top 6 club this entire season, versus another season like 18/19 in mid table looking up wistfully at half the Championship, is worth a significant amount of revenue, promoted or not. Both this season and long term.

To that extent, the attendance these first two fixtures vs Hull and PNE (15,000 or so average) is the icing on the cake that should be SCREAMING at the Dickhead Duo (my fellow Yanks Levien and Kaplan) to keep Ayew, the ENTIRE season, and show some ambition. Just for the sake of their own bottom line, even if the blood sucking assholes don't really give a crap about Swansea City.

Another midtable club will end up averaging 13-14,000 at the gate this season, I'm convinced, based on the fact attendance has been trending downward. But an EXCITING club, clearly contending for at least a top 6 spot could/would/should reverse that trend no doubt. Let's say conservatively, 2,000 per match. And, if things REALLY go well and we are in the top 3-4 at least all season with a realistic shot at top 2, the Liberty could almost look like we were still in the Premier League, and in a frenzy.

So I'm thinking a good-to-great season is worth 2-5,000 tickets sold X 21 (remaining) league fixtures. Let's say the net profit to Swansea City Football Club of every ticket sold is 15 pounds. Then that, by ITSELF, pays 15-38% of Ayew's wages for a year.

And that doesn't even factor in the logical acknowledgement they need to make that - even if this season is very good (top 6) but doesn't result in promotion - a strong season helps Swansea City beyond 2020 in maintaining supporter excitement and overall momentum as a club.

In summary, showing some ambition isn't as risky as we've been conditioned to think, in my opinion.

Maybe there is something I am missing, so I welcome anyone to torpedo my theories, you Jack Bastards.
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HIGHLIGHTS: Swans v Northampton
at 03:15 14 Aug 2019

Send him off on loan? Ayew freakin nuts?

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Swansea City v Preston North End prediction logged
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Derby County v Swansea City prediction logged
New striker arriving this week. Any speculation who it is?
at 17:48 3 Aug 2019

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Swansea City v Hull City prediction logged
@SwansOfficial hits 1 million Twitter followers
at 17:22 30 Jul 2019

Yeah, I know the anti-social media types will snicker, but this is a huge indication of the worldwide following the club has developed.

Compared to every other Championship club:

1T. Swansea City: 1,000,000
1T. Stoke (@stokecity): 1,000,000
3. WBA (@WBA): 969,000
4. Fulham (@FulhamFC): 498,000
5. Hull City (@HullCity): 438,000
6. Leeds (@LUFC): 427,900
7. QPR (@QPR): 421,400
8. Reading (@ReadingFC): 329,300
9. Cardiff Town (@CardiffCity): 320,100
10. Nottingham Forest (@NFFC): 317,000
11. Middlesbrough (@Boro): 314,000
12. Birmingham City (@BCFC): 306,700
13. Shef Wednesday (@swfc): 287,800
14. Wigan (@LaticsOfficial): 287,500
15. Derby Co (@dcfcofficial): 282,900
16. Blackburn (@Rovers): 226,700
17. Huddersfield (@htafc): 191,600
18. Bristol City (@BristonCity): 169,700
19. Charlton (@CAFCofficial): 153,200
20. Brentford (@BrentfordFC): 123,700
21. Barnsley (@BarnsleyFC): 122,200
22. Millwall (@MillwallFC): 111,200 (nobody follows them, they don't care)
23. PNE: (@pnefc): 97,700
24. Luton Town (@LutonTown): 88,500

We even have more followers than 40% of the PL:

(PL rank)
13. Crystal Pal (@CPFC): 857,300
14. Norwich City (@NorwichCityFC): 641,600
15. Watford (@WatfordFC): 613,400
16. Bournemouth (@afcbournemouth): 454,600
17. Wolverhampton (@Wolves): 441,800
18. Burnley (@BurnleyOfficial): 422,800
19. Shef U (@SheffieldUnitedFC): 240,600
20. BHA (@OfficialBHAFC): 237,000

I give no credit at all to the club's social media efforts; this has really nothing to do with it. This is all about how many people around the world care about your club, not the content of your twitter feed. Giants Barcelona (30 million) and ManU (20 million) have the most followers for that simple reason.
CONCACAF Gold Cup (Kenji Gorre sighting)
at 03:46 1 Jul 2019

USA just finished limping into the semifinals tonight past a gritty little underdog island called Curacao 1-0.

Curacao qualified as the Caribbean Cup Champs and then shocked a lot of people by making it out of the Group Stage of this Gold Cup.

Curacao's left wing tonight was none other than Kenji Gorre. To be honest, even after all those seasons in the under 21's, I never knew his name is pronounced "Hurrah." Was a really active attacker, but perhaps didn't make the most of his opportunities.

Their best player (and #10) is current Cardiff City/ex Villa man Leonardo Bacuna. He's pretty dang good, to be fair; at least he was impressive tonight.

As for Curacao - this is actually a nice story in itself - they didn't even exist until 2010. Until then, Curacao competed as the "Dutch Antilles" on a team comprised of 6 neighboring islands.

Now they (population 160K) seem to be intent on becoming the Iceland of the Caribbean. A couple of really good players from the Netherlands that qualify via their ancestry are reported to be interested in joining these upstarts, as they are clearly building something. Here's hoping they keep improving to the point of maybe making some waves by the time WC qualifying starts.
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Jonny Williams
at 22:23 3 Jun 2019

Sorry if ferdy.

Central figure in the USA college bribery scam is a Swans investor
at 18:22 15 Mar 2019

This has been big news over here all week, partly because two minor TV celebrities (Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman) were among the rich people who were arrested for bribing this guy to get their dumb kids into colleges.

Now it turns out that Singer is one of the investors Levien and Kaplan brought in.
[Post edited 15 Mar 18:29]
American pilgrimage in April
at 15:26 8 Feb 2019

Don't worry...for a change, these Americans aren't coming to destroy the club. Wish I could join them.

100 year old photo of Welsh coal miners triggers Arizona columnist
at 23:09 30 Jan 2019

This reads like an Onion article, but this guy is completely serious. And the largest newspaper in Arizona printed this:

Turns out, these miners were at a pub in Cwmbach, Aberdare.
[Post edited 30 Jan 23:10]
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