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Catering verdict
at 10:41 4 Aug 2019

Following the club’s announcement that the catering provider had changed for this season, we decided to try it out and asked for 3 pints of lager from the scores stacked up behind the counter. Three of us virtually spat out the foul offering at the same time. It was truly vile and we immediately made representations that something was clearly wrong with what was being served up. The manageress appeared and offered us something else and we chose the inoffensive liquid they describe as ‘beer’ instead. This bladder wash was acceptable only as a benign alternative to the ‘lager’ but we were then amazed to see the manageress and her staff refilling each plastic cup and replacing them back for resale!
Draw your own conclusions, but as far as we are concerned, the catering provision has slumped to new depths- and we will not be using it again.
Next Season
at 14:53 4 Apr 2019

The Academy is being cut back to Tier 3
All Youth coaches will be part-time
The kids will be back at Llandarcy or the Elba and the First team back at Landore
Fairwood is being offloaded back to the University....or another buyer like a Health Club chain
They can’t afford to pay McBurnie’s bonus for scoring so he’s being used sparingly
Most of the young players who have come through this season are being lined up for transfers
If Potter gets an offer, he will be off because it will involve a compensation payment.

We are in a battle for survival. I am depressed. Shades of 1982 all over again.

How on earth did it come to this?

[Post edited 4 Apr 14:55]
at 17:56 31 Jan 2019

I admit I was naive but I actually believed the garbage about relying on the kids to rejuvenate the club and I stupidly renewed my season ticket early. Now that I have experienced another painful dose of reality I really don't feel like I want to give my money straight to some hedge fund and want a refund. Am I as deluded as Jenkins and the sellouts. Have I been royally shafted but without the multi-million pound cuddle in the morning?
Collapse outside the ground
at 19:44 29 Dec 2018

Anyone know if the fella who collapsed on his way home is ok?
He was being well attended to, and a lady was giving CPR until a doctor stopped to help.
Terrible thing to see and during the Xmas break gotta feel for his family.
More points needlessly dropped
at 19:12 22 Dec 2018

Seriously how bad was that defensive performance? How bad was Fer? Did he do anything positive tonight? Has Mackay got ANY desire and killer instinct? So frustrating. This club is desperate for some GENUINE LEADERS. Rant over. Gutted.
Recruitment staff handed their P45’s
at 12:17 28 Jun 2018

About time!
Trust calls for Jenkins’ resignation
at 13:02 14 May 2018

We don’t want additional resources we want the existing team out!
The Way Forward?
at 08:07 10 May 2018

1. Jenkins’s resignation as DOF with immediate effect and the Trust to be co-opted by the owners to work with them to oversee the transition
2. Carlos, his staff and all the Recruitment people P45’s today
3.Curt and Leon take the team for the last game in the PL
4. John Toshack appointed DOF to become a member of the Board, oversee the Academy, player recruitment and development and to mentor a young ambitious British Manager
5. Alternative choices as DOF- Glen Hoddle, Graham Jones, Brian Flynn,
6. DOF to draw up shortlist of young, ambitious British candidates for the Manager job- suggested possibles- Craig Bellamy, Frank Lampard, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes duo
7. The Board in association with the Trust to conduct a PUBLIC review to understand the causes of our relegation and publish a strategy for the regeneration of the football club and an objective to return to the PL within three years.
8. Appointment of a new Recruitment team by the DOF to prioritise assembling a squad able to effectively compete in the Championship.
Obviously, this is far from perfect and only initial thoughts for the way forward, but it’s good therapy and anger management. Hopefully it will be seen as a positive addition to a public conversation that is sure to run and run.
No subject
at 18:48 28 Jan 2018

Welsh Labour to give the vote to 16 year olds.

As a Labour voter, I think this smacks of opportunism. I understand this generation are more apathetic than ever but are young people are more likely to vote for parties of the Left?
Kyle Naughton
at 12:22 4 Jan 2018

Although I understand Naughton has been suspended by the FA over his conduct in the Watford game, seeing as it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the club, will he also be disciplined by the club or does a PL suspension disqualify that?
at 21:34 3 Jan 2018

Michael Calvin and Jim White ( not the SCFC2 variety) on Talkshite now- but actually got the reasons for our plight spot on:
Football philosophy sacrificed to the God of money
Trust and support from the fans to the Board blown apart by American dollars
Abysmal recruitment and no strategy - leaving Paul Clement, an excellent coach with an IMPOSSIBLE JOB

Now- it’s properly out there.

Hope someone can sort a link out.
Anyone experiencing problems with this site?
at 13:32 1 Jan 2018

Over the past few days I’ve had a notification come up on the site telling me the page was being reloaded because there are problems with the site. Has anyone else had this?
Clear out starts January
at 19:35 26 Dec 2017

Ki, Fer, Mawson, Narsingh, Routledge, Mesa, Carroll, Ayew, McBurnie, Fede and Fabianski gone in May.
Leaves us- Naughton, Olson, VDH and Bartley
Clucas, Fulton, Dyer and Bony.
Keeper and a ‘10’ a start.
Leroy Fer- oxygen thief
at 18:57 26 Dec 2017

Total waste of space- clearly doesn’t like getting out of breath, sweating or passing to his team mates. If he is the most creative midfielder we have.....God Help Us!
at 18:34 2 Dec 2017

1. Mass demonstration organised by the Trust prior to kick off- unlikely as the Trust appear to be paralysed with indecision. Now is the time for some leadership from them and they are silent. If they remain upstairs taking fares, and avoid the issues, they’re definitely finished.
2. Fans voice their anger with the Board throughout the game- unlikely and damaging to the team
3. Mass walk down to the bar area at say, 66 mins- not advisable due to safety
4. Crowd to remain silent throughout the game- unachievable
5. Everyone to do the ‘Poznan’ and repeat ‘We want Jenkins Out’ for one minute only. ?????

Some protest needs to happen, but something safe and half-dignified. There is no pride left in this club, but we have to have it in the Stands- and I can’t bear to go down like a Lamb.
Clement has lost it
at 12:44 1 Dec 2017

Another striker? Surely a few creative midfielders who can also chip in with a few goals is the priority. Our midfield have scarcely got a goal in them ffs!
How much money is this mug on? On current performance my Nana could have done a better job.
More patronising guff from Clement
at 09:54 24 Nov 2017

Very interesting timing in relation to the comments on ‘Roque Mesa’ and ‘Wilfried’ and why does he feel the need to state the blindingly obvious?
Carl Sergeant apparently commits suicide
at 13:28 7 Nov 2017

Just being reported by BBC Wales political correspondent Nick Servini that Carl Sergeant has committed suicide after being sacked following allegations of misconduct by various women. Very sad.
Midfield for Man Utd
at 23:27 22 Oct 2017

As we’ve been pitiful in midfield, why not go with Dyer, Mesa, Ki and Clucas?
Keep the back 4 and Ayew and Tammy up front. Fede gets the armband.
Freddie and the armband
at 21:24 26 Aug 2017

So how does everyone think Freddie is doing now he's got the captaincy? I reckon it's an inspired choice by PC.
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