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You can stick your ph*cking Chariots up your arse .....
at 18:41 24 Feb 2018

Just smile Barry ......😉
at 19:37 3 Feb 2018

Why not show your hand at last from the ‘Vivs in Sketty’ or wherever you profess to be from and meet up to have a chat ?

You constantly say how you know who I am and what my domestic circumstances are so why not back it up and put in a ‘personal appearance’ at long last ?

At least then I can enlighten my fellow posters on here as to who you are and what you stand for ????? Be a man and front up or be a mouse and duck out ?

Nos Da Butt 👍
[Post edited 4 Feb 2:39]
Got to be a New Ayew Brothers Song in the making ......
at 16:24 31 Jan 2018

To replace the old Yaya/Kolo Toure song.....👍

Karen Carpenter
at 21:25 20 Jan 2018

Amazing music ....... ,
Taking Dogs Abroad
at 19:47 20 Jan 2018

Apart from the obvious ‘silly answers’ I am looking at possibly taking my pet dog to Spain for 3/4 months during the winter period.

Any personal experiences around Pet Passport & logistics etc would be greatly appreciated ?

Same Club different Grounds visited
at 21:16 7 Jan 2018

Just thinking about the different away grounds I’ve watched the Swans play at over the years against the same Club ;

Scum Onion Park & CCS
Newport Somerton Park & Yspytty Park ? (Now at Rodney Parade)
Bristol Rovers Eastville Twerton Park & Memorial Ground
Man City Maine Road & Etihad
Arsenal Highbury & Emirates
Spurs WHL & Wembley
Reading Elm Park & Madjeski Stadium
Stoke Victoria Ground & Bet365/Britannia or whatever it’s called this season !

Lots more out there let’s have ‘em ...???

Edit ; Bournemouth Dean Court & Vitality Stadium
[Post edited 7 Jan 21:17]
Chairman’s Matchday Notes v Crystal Palace
at 18:46 22 Dec 2017

Sorry all...couldn’t resist ; dug that one up earlier on ......

You Greedy B@stards, Get Out Of OUR Club

[Post edited 22 Dec 2017 18:49]
Huw Jenkins MBE
at 23:04 14 Dec 2017

Given the various threads and comments against this man’s name I felt it only fair to create a thread whereby we can all post our comments about this person .....

By the way Huwbert, MBE doesn’t stand for Member of the British Empire it means .....

Must Be Eliminated ......

So why don’t you please go to Spain with your millions and ‘enjoy’ your life there ...YOU ARE NEVER WELCOME HERE ANY MORE !!

Goodbye Judas and Good Riddance ....

STID. Together Stronger 💪💪💪
We Want Our Club Back .......
at 21:06 12 Dec 2017

You Greedy B*$tards Get out of Our Club .....

American Bullshit = Swansea Judas

You are ALL culpable ......greedy slimy, bastards .....
The ‘Toshack’ Liverpool Link .....
at 19:43 12 Dec 2017

These players made our ‘ORIGINAL’ dream happen Ladies & Gentlemen all those years back after Harry Griffiths had passed away who I knew so well from the Heathcliffe Club ....they all ‘contributed’ in one way or another and I had the pleasure of watching them ALL represent OUR football Club at some time ;

John Toshack
Tommy Smith
Ian Callaghan
Alan Waddle
Phil Boersma
Colin Irwin
Max Thompson

Fantastic memories of those halcyon days .... never to be repeated ...

Until 2011 at Wembley when my son was captain of Swansea City U11 on the hallowed Wembley turf the day that we were promoted to the Premier League.

STID. Together Stronger 💪💪💪

Also appearing were ,,,,, ; .

Wyndham Evans
Dzemal Hadzuabdic
Danny Bartley
Wyndham Evans
Eddie May
Dave Burton
George Smith
Nigel Stevenson
Mickey Conway
Gary Moore
Alan Curtis
Robbie James

[Post edited 12 Dec 2017 20:25]
November Shots on Target Stat sums it up ......
at 07:55 4 Dec 2017

Are you sitting down ?

Stoke defender KURT ZOUMA had more shots on target in November than SWANSEA CITY ........can it get any more embarrassing than that ?…....

Enjoy the festive season ‘football’ (I use that word loosely) one and all 🙈 🙈🙈
[Post edited 4 Dec 2017 7:56]
Lorraine Corbett
at 21:53 30 Nov 2017

Apologies Lorr to name you outright but I feel that there is no better person to sum up the absolute shambles which now behold our Club ...

Tomorrow’s chant ; WE WANT JENKINS OUT
at 22:45 24 Nov 2017

Forget all the ‘Greedy Bastards’ chants now and just focus the vitriol towards our ‘Chairman/DOF/Big Nosed Tw@t) as above......

Much simpler chant for the East Stand faithfull .....

STID. Together Stronger 💪💪💪
Clement Body Language Tonight
at 22:26 24 Oct 2017

To me tonight it said he’s had enough and is a beaten man searching for the relief of a way out ...
anybody else feel the same ?

Scum v Brum
at 20:09 13 Oct 2017

Warnock do the ‘Ayatollah’ .....

How about instead : Colin ‘you’re a w⚓️r’ .....

They’re coming for us, they’re coming for us, bindipping Scummers they’re coming for us .... 😂😂

Bring it on (Again) !!!
[Post edited 13 Oct 2017 20:14]
Best 11 Swans ; NON Premier League ........
at 22:00 4 Oct 2017

Dave Stewart
Wyndham Evans, Ante Rajkovic, Nigel Stevenson, Dzemal Hadziabdic
Robbie James, Jeremy Charles, Alan Curtis,
David Giles, Leighton James Mickey Conway
Big Bobby Latchford

STID ...Together Stronger 💪💪💪. 😉😉😉😂😂😂
Why don't Darran & Perchy just make up FFS ....???
at 18:37 29 Sep 2017

What a pair of tw@ts slagging off Liverpool & Swansea just to get one up?????

Life is too short to bicker about small indiscretions you childish pair of tw@ts ??

Answers on a postcard ???

Possible Jonjo Shelvey Chants tomorrow
at 16:55 9 Sep 2017

Possible Jonjo Shelvey Chants tomorrow

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Everton v Spurs
at 15:07 9 Sep 2017

Ash yellow card in first 5 mins ... like the QE2 turning pulled down Kane 😂😂

Ex -Swans watch ; Ash & Siggy v Ben & Fernando (I make that about £82M in transfers fees?) 😳

Didn't include Vorm as not likely to get on plus he was part of the infamous Ben Davies/Siggy deal ? 😉
[Post edited 9 Sep 2017 15:24]
This season's main escaped goat
at 01:06 3 Aug 2017

For the thread below my post has been removed for some reason ??

Transparency is supposed to be clear sight open and honest ?? 😂😂 .....apart from when it involves SCFC and the hangers on who infest OUR CLUB ??

You Greedy B*stards get out of OUR CLUB .....

STID. Together Stronger 💪💪💪
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