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Kevin Johns
at 20:28 4 Aug 2020

Can’t believe this news I’m gobsmacked ....

Met him on numerous occasions in the Grand & at the Swans I’m quite simply stunned ....😳😳😫😫
Cheerio 😉👍
at 20:31 2 Jul 2020

[Post edited 3 Jul 9:12]
Wales U20 Rugby
at 21:28 6 Mar 2020

Beating England away 23-22 with 2 mins to go .....🤞
JA Memberships for Leeds home
at 17:58 4 Mar 2020

I’ve got friends coming down for Easter and looking for five tickets together so if any Memberships are not being used it would be much appreciated 👍

Cheers All.
Thank You Swansea City
at 20:50 27 Feb 2020

Thankfully a positive news story for a change .

My partner’s sister has been disabled since birth but absolutely loves the Swans so when she was hospitalised recently (she’s still in Morriston Hospital but improving every day) I emailed the Club asking if they could possibly arrange a card for her.

Fair play to the Club, they sent a personal ‘Get Well’ Swans card signed by the whole squad which I gave her today it absolutely transformed her mood she was so delighted it was a pleasure to see her face light up !!

So a big thank you to Gill, Sophie & the others at the Club for arranging this ; it may be just a simple gesture but it means the absolute world to her !!

STID .......Together Stronger 💪💪💪

John Van Zweden
at 22:44 18 Feb 2020

Once a Sellout ALWAYS a Sellout .....

Do us all a favour & Go back to your inferior Dutch football team and NEVER come back !!!

You Greedy B@stard, Get out of OUR Club 💪💪💪

Gower (The Gower ??)
at 00:47 13 Dec 2019

Is it going Blue 🔵🔵🔵 tonight ?

My constituency & I hope so 💪💪 It’s a landslide anyway nationally even if Labour retains it.
Anybody spotted the ‘Special Skewen One’ recently ? (AKA Judas Jenkins - JJ)
at 22:57 10 Dec 2019

Given that it’s been some time now since our former Chairman and ‘self proclaimed’ DoF left OUR Club (after outstaying his welcome by some stretch at that) I presume that he has now finally ‘ridden off into the sunset’ to spend his ill gotten gains along with Messrs Morgan, Dineen , The Clog et al and they are sipping their cocktails poolside together with clear consciences ??? ...🤮🤮

I’ll kick this off by saying that the last time I saw JJ was Boxing Day last season against Villa at home when he was in the next Box to me at the Liberty. He had his family with him but looked mightily uneasy and I wondered whether he had any regrets whatsoever about selling out his soul to the Yanks in exchange for being a multi millionaire but at the same time alienating himself from the Club, the fans and the Community.

So basically I do wonder whether he still thinks now that selling out to the highest bidder with ZERO due diligence sits comfortably with him by ;

1) Leaving the Club in ‘safe hands’ 🤣🤣🤣🤮🤮🤮
2) Selling out for top dollar and not giving a shit who takes over ✔️✔️✔️

Answers on a postcard ladies & gentlemen ....
Game in doubt on Saturday
at 21:16 7 Nov 2019

Hope the weather improves overnight or my weekend away is OFF !!
Best 1980’s Sunday Night Out in Town
at 22:06 10 Oct 2019

One for the oldies on here no particular order ;

Bay View

All offered a great night out any juicy stories out there lads & lasses ? 😉👍

The ‘Mush Song’
at 21:52 8 Oct 2019

Anybody remember this or got any links to it thought it was hilarious at the time ? 🤣🤣👏👏
Sheffield Wednesday away
at 21:47 8 Oct 2019

Five of us going up looking for 3 JA Memberships to Link with if any going lads & lasses, would be greatly appreciated ?

Also, looking to book a hotel for the Friday night just wondering if anybody else is doing similar/any recommendations ?

Cheers All 👍
Top 10 VETCH Moments seen LIVE !!
at 00:45 2 Aug 2019

Here’s my random list (in no particular order) from 1975 - 2005 ... I’ll probably remember another 10 by tomorrow 😂😂 !!
Start thinking/reminiscing you old JB’s 👍😉

Swans 5 Leeds 1
Tosh header v Chesterfield
Tommy Smith tackle on Ardiles
Swans 4-4 Rotherham (Dai Gwyther hat trick)
Gary Stanley goal v Man City
Max Thompson goal v Arsenal
Shrewsbury last ever game
Hull game to stay in Football League
Lee Trundle ‘shoulder roll’ v Huddersfield
Sliema Wanderers 12-0 in Europe

Carwyn Jones
at 23:09 8 Jul 2019

Vile, slimy human being .....just my opinion of course !
Man City JA Membership
at 19:33 25 Feb 2019

Hi Lads

Anybody got one Membership not being used I’ve got 2 but just need a 3rd ?

Thanks in advance 👍
Jordan Ayew
at 19:59 15 Feb 2019

Ah bless what a romantic old chap Jordan is must have cost him at least 1% of the wages we’re paying him .....
Don Keefe & Steve Penny
at 21:56 11 Feb 2019

Why is it that these two central figures in securing our existence/future are so often forgotten and ridiculed (indeed absent if you ‘believe’ HJ our former leader ....)

Phuk Off Jenkins, We’re on our way back ..........

This post has been edited by an administrator
Asset Stripping at its Best
at 23:01 28 Jan 2019

Anybody who couldn’t see this sh1tstorm hitting us eventually as soon as the Yanks’ ‘true intentions’ and ZERO investment since 2016 became abundantly clear, coupled with Judas Jenkins remaining in situ on his £600k pa salary PLUS Pearlman on £500k+ was either incredibly naive and taken in by the bullsh1t which was served up by both the Sellouts and the Yanks or who simply ‘chose’ to ignore it.

It was a really, really difficult decision for me, my two sons and my old man in March 2018 for us NOT to renew our Season Tickets for this current season given that me & my old man have been season ticket holders since the late 1970’s and I took both my sons to the Vetch as soon as they could walk !

It now appears to be that the current ‘Regime’ will strip bare all available assets with any sort of intrinsic value and eventually ‘move on’ once every last $$$$ has been screwed out of OUR Club.

Sad times all around, I was there in 1985 with the High Court winding up order etc and again in 2003 with our successful stand against Petty.

Yet this time around I believe we have been screwed over both from the outside (the Yanks) as well as a cute ‘inside job’ on behalf of the (By the Fans for the Fans ) Sellouts who lined their own pockets without a second thought for the consequences for ‘the Club they loved’

Simply repulsive yet they have skins like Rhinos and absolutely ZERO conscience whatsoever ....

You Greedy B@stards Get Out Of OUR Club.

Together Stronger 💪💪💪
Thick/Witty Football Fans ??
at 20:10 16 Jan 2019

During last night’s Cup replay between Blackburn & Newcastle the Geordies sang these two songs consecutively (one after the other that is boys 👍😉)....


I wanna go home,
I wanna go home,
Blackburn’s a sh1thole I wanna go home ......


Don’t take me home,
please don’t take me home,
I just don’t wanna go to work,
I wanna stay here,
Drink all your beer,
Please don’t, please don’t take me home !!

Is it either clever humour from the Geordies or are they simply thick as Phuk ? 🤣🤣
Football Betting Law
at 21:02 14 Jan 2019

Personally I think it’s disgraceful how these big companies can take advantage of the vulnerable and something needs to be done sharpish ....
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