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Please don’t be the new Tinkerman Graham ....
at 18:45 20 Oct 2018

My thoughts here ;

Mulder should be No1 no need to rotate your keepers Nordfelt had his chance although he did do well today .....

Massive faux pas giving Cian Harries his League debut at Villa Park in front on 42,000 fans ....the lad is a great talent but giving him his debut at Villa Park is a HUGE ask on for any player ....

I understand that squad rotation given the number of games must be central to team selection this season, however, balance and quality MUST certainly come into it as well !! Why on Earth didn’t Grimes & Naughton start today ?

I appreciate he’s got a difficult job but some decisions are bewildering ....

STID. Together Stronger 💪💪💪
The Grand Theatre Meltdown.........
at 23:44 12 Oct 2018

The Politics of what is going on behind the scenes here is quite scary, long serving staff are being made redundant at the expense of incompetent management (PH) ...

Kevin Johns knows the score we await his voice to support the boys ........

Roberts & Rodon Contracts
at 23:34 5 Oct 2018

We’d better make it an absolute priority to get new contracts sorted for these two whose current deals expire at the end of the current season.

I sincerely hope that the Yanks can see beyond selling them both in January to generate a few million which would be well under ‘true value’ rather than tying them both into improved contracts which will serve to both ;

1) Increase each player’s market value given their age and performance levels
2) Hopefully keep them at the Club for years to come
3) Worst case scenario, increase/maximise the transfer fee we would receive should they be sold

On paper it sounds like a ‘no brainer’ but with Pearlman & Judas at the helm heaven knows what will actually be the outcome here and for a combined salary > £1M between them it’s more like the Chuckle Brothers ‘in control’ ....

Sort it out FFS !!!
Ten Years Ago Today
at 10:10 30 Sep 2018

A midweek overnight away trip to Preston with a few mates was well rewarded as we were right behind the goal into which Ferrie unleashed ‘that’ monster shot ......we had quite a few to celebrate afterwards !!

Great memories.
Kids going to Uni ....
at 21:15 20 Sep 2018

For the first time in my life I feel helpless as to what happens from here on ........

Good Luck to everybody ..
Monks v Bonner
at 20:13 14 Sep 2018

Monks 1 up so far
at 20:37 13 Sep 2018

The definition .......’intense desire for something, especially wealth, power or food’......

And that one word alone can wholly sum up the demise of OUR Football Club over the past 3/4 years I believe.

And I can relate to the actions of Messrs Jenkins, Morgan, Dineen, Van Zweden et al in ‘selling out’ on their individual stake in OUR Club (notwithstanding their previous boasts about being involved ‘by the fans for the fans’ ) .....say no more.

The similarities between the overriding, perpetual greed of the Sellouts as the gravy train known as the Premier League riches became more and more the ‘norm’ can be compared in my eyes to my recent divorce and the greed of my soon to be ex-wife.

We were married for 21 years yet in that time we moved from a 3 bedroom semi detached house to a 4 bedroom detached and ultimately to a 4 bedroom executive detached house in a small gated community. Yet she still she sought to seek further materialistic gains through adding on an indoor swimming pool and an orangery !!!

So coming back on topic here the question is posed.....’how much is enough’ in terms of monetary and materialistic values in life ??

It seems to me that the trappings of the PL and it’s incessant monetary riches ‘changed’ the personalities of the ‘former’ Swans fans on our Board and almost overnight they became money grabbing, power crazy people who had forgotten their roots ?? .....

Each to their own I guess but just my own observations.

Bony off to Galatasaray ?
at 20:22 29 Aug 2018

‘Swansea willing to sell and will accept between £1.5/2M ..’ 😳😳😳

Fukc we must be in the sh1t if we accept such a low offer just to get his wages off the books ...
Ten ‘Notorius’ Swansea Pubs
at 16:16 27 Aug 2018

I’ve been to six of them over the years, colourful places with colourful chatacters, great experiences and an eye opener for me throughout my younger days !! Happy times 👍😂🍻

Great to see John the Bank yesterday outside the Riverside had some cracking days/nights at the Gari with him & Sian over the years 👍🍻

Look forward to any anecdotes lads ? Got to be quite a few surely ?
Geordies v Chelsea
at 15:41 26 Aug 2018

Ki & Fernandez start, Shelvey Out....lump on Chelsea big time 💸💸💸
Bobby Madley quits...
at 20:45 16 Aug 2018

Shame he couldn’t have done it a couple of years back we’d have gained a few more points then ....👍😂
Prediction Logged by at 07:56:18
Sheffield United v Swansea City prediction logged
David Gates & the best of Bread
at 00:19 20 Jun 2018

Amazing listening just so soothing ........relax !!!
Exchange of messages with ‘Leigh Dineen’. 😂😂😂 (n/t)
at 20:01 2 Jun 2018

Been deleted already !!

He said he couldn’t recommend a nice cheesecake to eat but was enjoying his pint of Gower Gold but said ‘Shipwreck’ was better.

I told him the sooner him, HJ, MM & the Clog Get Out Of OUR Club the better for us all ...I do the best for my family too but not by Ill gotten gains like he did the Sell Out scumbags....
[Post edited 2 Jun 20:07]
Where will we finish next season in the Championship ?
at 18:55 2 Jun 2018

Where will we finish next season in the Championship ?

Your Vote:

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Gary Moore/Borja Baston/Alberto Paloschi
at 20:07 1 Jun 2018

Does anybody remember back in the 1970’s when our ‘striker’ Gary Moore was going through a very barren spell I bought a lapel badge which proclaimed ‘I saw Gary Moore score’.....😂😂

In more recent years I am proud to profess that ‘I saw Borja score’ his ONE AND ONLY goal away at Arsenal in Brad Bobbley’s first game in charge .....£16M for ONE GOAL fantastic business Huw butt 👍😉

Finally, when I was at White Hart Lane a couple of years back to witness Alberto Paloschi scoring his first ever goal for us (in total he scored 2 goals in 10 appearances before being sold) I couldn’t help but join in with the ‘Alberto Paloschi, he scores when he wants’ chant ....😂😂

12 months ago this yet the silence is still deafening ???
at 20:37 28 May 2018

Quite simple really .......

You Greedy B@stard Get Out Of OUR Club...

STID ......Together Stronger 💪💪💪
[Post edited 28 May 20:42]
No subject
at 10:34 13 May 2018

[Post edited 19 May 13:52]
F* ck ‘em all, F*ck ‘em all ....
at 21:24 9 May 2018

The Cardiff and Bristol, Millwall...
Cos we are the Swansea and we are the best
We are the Swansea so F*ck all the rest.......

Happy memories of singing this in the good ole days in the Harry Griffiths Bar with Tracy Necrews, Max, Wallis etc and Suzanne Eames was working behind the bar in those days 😂😂.....those were the great days lads never to be forgotten or repeated ......👍👍
Shoot FFS ....
at 21:18 4 May 2018

I get so frustrated when we get into threatening positions on the edge of the opponents box week after week yet we seem reluctant to ‘have a go’ and opt for the ‘safer’ pass option inside or outside instead.

I have now come across these PL season stats which show us to be BOTTOM of the PL ‘shots’ table this season with 288 shots in total but worse still we are 47 shots behind West Ham in 19th place one place above us .....shocking and most concerning aspect of our play. Man City are top with 618 shots ....full table here ;

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