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Employment Law question
at 08:27 21 Feb 2018

"Asking for a friend...."

Looking for insight if anyone knows a bit.

Person A was suspended by their employer and put through disciplinary procedures. During this they resigned when it became clear the reports etc were not balanced. The hearing went ahead and found that they would have been dismissed.

As the person is registered with a regulatory body they then have to investigate the person.

In their findings they firstly close the case but also raise concern about the way the investigation was conducted and that there were systemic failings that were not Person A's responsibility.

Anybody have an idea if there's any point trying to get the disciplinary wiped off the persons record pr taking legal action?

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Wales Women Rugby
at 19:50 2 Feb 2018

Anyone else watching this? Have watched it intermittently a friend's daughter is in the Welsh team.

Anyone noticed how many times the commentator has used men or man instead of woman/women?

Musical memories Morriston
at 20:58 23 Jan 2018

Thought I'd put this out there for anyone who can make use of it. Mods, if not allowed please delete.

There's is a musical Memories Choir run on a Tuesday from 13:30 -15:30 at the Memorial hall in Morriston. There are three in total across Swansea, one in West Cross and one in Manselton. Aimed especially for those with Alzheimers or Dememntia we get together to have a singalong, a cuppa and a chat.

Anyone interested can pop along or PM me for more details
Couch to 5k
at 19:18 19 Sep 2017

So my cycling has come to an end for the winter as the dark mornings set in. Weight loss is going well so wanted to keep the activity going. Decided to try some running. Downloaded a C25k app with Michael Johnson as the voice/coach. Can probably do a bit more, but on our first run today, but this morning managed to get me my wife and our boy out at 6am!
Enjooyed doing it together and if they don't come out can do a longer run.

Anybody done a C25k?
Anybody near Manchester, help needed
at 16:36 18 Sep 2017

Our Church is heading out to Nepal soon to spend a week with a Children's home in Kathmandu. In the process of working out things to take we have had contact from the Manchester United foundation who have said they will give us some kit.

It's a long way to go from Swansea to OT so we're seeing if there's an alternative to driving up there.

If there is anyone on here who might be able to help us out in picking the stuff up and sending it down here (costs covered obviously) it would be great to hear from someone.

NSR: Unorthodox teams
at 21:50 11 Mar 2017

Just out of interest does anyone have any unusual teams that they follow in other countries?

In the rare occasion I have my own time i have the odd game of fifa 16. Had a careecareer started with Wycombe and got offered the job at De Graafschap. Never heard of them but now looked them up etc. Anyone else have an interest in weird teams, maybe through fm etc?
Anyone know much about vinyl?
at 13:56 7 Feb 2017

Mother-in-law was a big music fan, especially Il Divo, Katherine Jenkins, Aled Jones and Cliff Richard.

She died last year and we have a flight case with about 40 Cliff 12", a couple of Aled but mainly Cliff.

Can't work out whether to bin the lot or try and find a buyer. The case alone is wortha couple of quid. Also got a small box of '45s of Cliff singles.

Advice welcome (apart from burn the lot....!!)
Great Story
at 17:13 30 Nov 2016

I think this is the family that were on the Forgotten Children program a few weeks back. Great gestures by the club and the new owners.
Call Rob
at 18:27 24 Sep 2016

I've never listened to this show. Just driven from Morriston to Sketty and had the pleasure of listening to Ryan.

Advocating the New Saints manager to replace FG, I was highly amused by the bewildered presenters figuring out what to say!!
Everything you wanted to know about Planet Swans, but were afraid to ask
at 20:02 4 Sep 2016

So, even though I've been part of the forum for a good while, there's still lots of things i get puzzled over or don't know, so I thought I would put this up, so if you feel in the sAme boat you too can ask a question and if someone wants to answer they can.

I'll kick off.

Why does Wayne Kerr hate straight lines?
Morris Castle
at 21:28 30 Aug 2016

Has anyone here been up there? Have been twice, once about 5 years ago, then revisited tonight. A lot harder to get up than I remembered, think the path has been overgrown. But we found this online, anyone know where these steps are? We came up from Trewyddfa Road,-3.9388425,3a,75y,
Referee Blunders against the Swans
at 18:42 16 Aug 2016

With the recent talk of referees, it's raised a couple of historic questions that I wouldn't be able to answer.

Are there specific refs that are disliked by Swans fans because of particular performances? I remember the Stoke game but other thanthat I'm not great at remembering specific incidents. Which incidents and refs stand out over the last say ten years??
For what it's worth
at 19:30 12 Jul 2016

Adding to the spate of parking ticket threads thought I would add one with a happy ending.

Parked on the strand couple of weeks back, bought a legit ticket from the machine. Went to Kaspas for an awesome waffle and came back to find a parking ticket from the council on the windscreen.

Looked in the car and the ticket I bought had flipped over so wasn't showing the right details. Rules and regs say ticket must be displayed correctly.

Wrote a letter, copied the ticket I bought and the penalty notice and explained what had happened. Asked to hear quickly so that if the penalty was upheld I could pay the cheapoer cost.

Had a letter this morning, they have cancelled the charge, obviously had a photo as they said it was back to front. Nice to see a bit of common sense prevail. But they did say that if it happened again they may not cancel it. No chance of that though, been double checking since!!
at 07:37 2 Jul 2016

I've lived all of my football loving life as a Wycombe Wanderers supporting Englishman. I have an understanding of life in the lower leagues and failure at International tournaments.

I have a Welsh step-son who is sixteen. He's had a Swansea Premier league season ticket since the age of 11 and the first major tournament his national team gets to they get to the semi's, dare I say exceeding expectation!!
How do I explain to him so he gets it, that he is being totally spoilt and needs to make the most of these great days because they may not happen again for a long time??!!
Curry in London
at 08:04 19 Jun 2016

Staying in London for three nights next week. Want to get a decent curry. Any recommendations. We are at the Barbican for a conference for three days but travelling in from Stonebirdge Park so it's got to be fairly easy to get to from those places.

Lost loved ones who have planned for death
at 15:19 19 May 2016

Going through a bit of an issue at the minute and was wondering if anyone on here could shed some light on our situation or has been through similar.

My mother in law has recently passed away. She wanted her daughters to not have to worry about funeral expenses etc so she took out a financial policy. When she started the plan nearly 20 years ago she put her then next door neighbour down as trustee and her two daughters as beneficiaries.

s time went by she moved and I believe the neighbour moved also. I understand that my mother in law was encouraged to sort out her affairs in later life but didn't.

Fast forward to now. My wife and her sister got in touch with the company holding the plan to work out how to get the money so the funeral can be paid for. They had to send off marriage certificates as their names were both wrong. They did that and then this is where it started to go south.

They have been informed that the money will not go to them but to the trustee (who they haven't seen for nearly twenty years) who they have found. They have also been told that legally they should receive the money but that that is down to the trustee. And that the company won't be giving the daughters details to the trustee.

The impression we are being given is that they are sending her the money and if it doesn't end up with the daughters there's nothing the company can or will do.

We have been told we can seek legal advice and seek legal help to take the trust off of the policy.

Has anyone been through anything similar or would know what to do here?

Thanks in advance!!
lunch in Swansea
at 20:22 15 Mar 2016

Any suggestions for a decent place for lunch? Day off tomorrow with my wife, have done la Parilla to death fro lunch, was thinking about Hansons but been there a few times too. Love the food there but variety is the spice of life and all that.
Internet Help
at 15:36 29 Feb 2016

I currently have wi-fi in the house but the computer that is in the same room as the router is connected to the router by a cable so connects to the internet through that.

Is there anyway of restricting the access to the internet through that cable, putting a password on it etc?? I've tried to do it through the Superhub (virgin) site but I can't seem to do it.

All help appreciated.

Breakfast in the City Centre
at 07:49 21 Dec 2015

Out for a spot of Christmas shopping this morning and taking the wife for breakfast. What places are decent in the City centre itself??
8 Years Today
at 17:08 11 Aug 2015

According to his Instagram, Angel Rangel made his debut for the Swans 8 years ago today.

As someone who has only been around Swansea since 2006, I'm interested to know where how people rate him? For obvious reasons the likes of Tate, Monk and Britton geta large amount of the along with the players from other times but his name doesn't seem to come up much Where does he stand in the bigger picture of the Swans?
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