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Has any one seen ....
at 11:04 30 Nov 2019

The Ballad of Swansea Kingsway on Youtube
Absolutely brilliant ,and spot on ,have a look ,so well done
Red button Tuesday ?
at 13:09 30 Mar 2019

Anyone know if we are on the red button for the Brentford game ?
Got to be honest dont finish work till 7 ,its a right pain to get there in time .
Looking for a RELIABLE handyman,...anyone ?
at 10:45 16 Mar 2019

Apologies not football stuff ,but i see similar posts on here from time to time .
Urgently looking for someone capable of putting up a false ceiling ,timber frame with plasterboard or ply ,its only to help with heat loss in a light industrial unit ,its 50 sq m approx.
Location is a stones throw from the entrance to the Liberty .
Its the cup all over again !!
at 17:15 22 Apr 2018

Its a repeat of the Spurs FA cup all over again,too much respect ,too much space ,zero tackles ,cowing down to the Champs !
I really dont care what the score is,just show some passion FFS !
Really frustrating watching ,i KNOW M City are an excellent football team ,and are a joy to watch ,but we are just rolling over ,GRRR !!
How can i listen ??
at 09:06 23 Feb 2018

Hi folks ,for the away games i usually listen to BBC Wales radio commentry ,but this week i am sure they are covering the rugby ,so ,is there any other channel /way i can listen "live" ?
I have a simple battery radio ,not a DAB one,i have a simple laptop ,which is prehistoric ,,have no add ons ,firesticks,gizmos or gadgets,cant [ dont know how] download all the various streaming options .
So how,apart from the live text services from various outlets ,which are miles behind and so frustrating to read ,am i able to follow the match ?
Anyone ?
BT Sport pubs ?
at 19:01 17 Mar 2017

Hi ,what ,if any Swansea pubs show BT sport games ,any help would be appreciated .
Alan Pardew
at 11:45 29 Dec 2016

NO,NO,and thrice NO .
Not just Leon,but also...
at 18:14 10 Dec 2016

Another Swansea leg -end ,step forward Angel Rangel ,what a difference football wise he made today he gives the whole team a better balance ,his first touch is usually excellent and 9 times out of 10 its forward ,or maybe a clever little inside pass ,but nearly always it adds to the flow of the game,great engine on him as well ,never blessed with real pace but has more than managed without it .
Yes,yes,yes i know he also makes mistakes ,but as for pure football brains go ,well i just wish he was 10yrs younger ,how much did he cost 10k ?????
Completely agree about Leon today ,simply outstanding ,honourable mention also for the usual escaped goats ,Routs and Taylor ,both worked their socks off.
Ticket exchange
at 19:14 2 Oct 2014

How does this work ?
Am i able to buy one from the ticket office ?,if available of course.
Is it a record ??
at 17:17 22 Mar 2014

The smallest midfield five ...ever ??
1 Adult ticket needed
at 09:55 2 Mar 2014

Hi,anyone out there got a spare adult ticket for today ?
Was supposed to be working ,but change of plan means i can get to the match IF i can get a ticket
Is the ticket office open pre match tomorrow ?
at 18:29 1 Mar 2014

Before the abuse starts
I have checked on the official site ,it says its closed on Sundays ,but as its a match day ,was hoping that they might be open ,i am wondering if there was any chance of unsold tickets returned ,does that happen ?
Went there today ,they said its sold out ,but forgot to ask about possible returns,unless of course any good soul out there has 1 adult ticket wanting a good home
There is only 1 Alan Godrich
at 16:01 21 Feb 2014

Hi Al,just wondering if you can work out ,cryptic like ,who might be posting this
Deep bank ,not the one by the overflow
Meadow bank 1,2 or 3
Fir bank 25,26 or 27 ,
And of course the Willow,who could forget the willow eh,
Ahh good days

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Breath of fresh air
at 20:39 27 Jan 2014

Been watching the Scunny Vs Fleetwood game ,and i thought somethings missing ?
What could it be ,not to much in the way of outstanding skill ,or free flowing football ,having said that i have seen a lot worse
Then it dawned on me
Players actually going into challenges 50/50 tackles,and just getting on with it ,no slight nudge and over you go thing ,shirt pulling here there and everywhere ,and of course the rugby scrum at corner kicks ,forgotten what it used to be like in the old days
Not saying i would swap where we are for a second ,but it dont half get on my nerves these days with all the play acting [yes i know all about Chico]
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