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World Cup every 2 years. Discussions begin.
at 08:30 21 Sep 2021

Discussions have begun to make the World Cup a biennial tournament.

Personally I like the format of Euros and then World Cup every two years and wouldn't like to see the World Cup come round sooner.
U23s 3-1 up after 23mins vs Crewe....
at 14:24 20 Sep 2021

Any streams this season?
Steve Cooper to raid Swansea City for midfielder....
at 09:15 19 Sep 2021

According to a couple of reports, Stevie wants Jay.
Pick our team until January...
at 09:39 1 Sep 2021

Now the window is over, barring free agents, we won't be improving our squad until January.
No point crying over spilt milk. Let's hope RM can get a tune out of these players and that one or 2 of the squad surprises us in what they have in their locker.

I'm not ecstatic about how the window went, but I am still optimistic we can do Ok and be in the top half easily.

Here's the team I think will play, with sub in each position. Looks pretty solid to me, albeit not perfect yet.

.................................... BENDA/Hamer................................





...................... PIROE/OBAFEMI/Whittaker.........................

Defreitas-Hansen - speaks for itself.
Cooper - will play games and may even move ahead of Ben for me.
Smith - decent backup when he's not injured.
Williams.D - hopefully can get games. We are lucky he's still here.
Dhanda - nothing really to say, has some creativity to give.
Cullen - RM seems to like him. Can definitely do a job off the bench.

GK -
I think should be fine. Benda just needs confidence, training and practice. I don't think anyone wanted a change there. Give him a season to show what he can do in the #1 jersey.

CBs -
We have plenty of these and a lot of experience. With 7 players who have shown they can play at CB, surely there's 3 there who will adapt do what RM wants them to do and will be solid there. Whether it's the 3 I picked is yet to be seen. Not worried about CB and I wouldn't have advocated getting another one in just now.

WBs -
Right side is Laird's, with backup of Lati or Kyle. They can do a job defensively if Laird gets injured, but lets hope that doesn't happen, as they don't have the pace or attacking nous needed to play RMs game fully. I would look for a permanent RWB for Jan.
Left side is not ideal. RM clearly wanted to replace Bidwell, but even though it never happened, I still think he's done OK so far and is better going forward than many think. His crosses will make some goals. Manning is in the same ilk. Not perfect. Strengthen in January.

DM -
We have loads of strong options. Grimes and Downes will start I think. Williams needed a loan really, but he's here, so that's great for the club, not so great for him. So, Fulton, Dan, Ntcham, Smith can all do a job there apparently, so we are well stocked there to say the least.

AM - At the moment Paterson has been doing a decent job. Still not up to speed, but seen glimpses of a quality and I think he was a good signing. When Walsh is back I think he'll get this spot, as he looks top quality. Ntcham will have to work hard, which apparently he doesn't like to do, but still a good player if we can get him to work. We even have Dhanda who is creative and can be a sub. Solid in this position.

STR - Piroe and Oba look like a perfect partnership to me. Speed and finishing together. I can see a lot of goals being scored tbh. Cullen and Whittaker both still here as backup. Many didn't want Whittaker to go on loan, so they have their wish. If Oba is good, I think we have a very good strike force.

ALL IN ALL A GOOD SQUAD UNTIL JANUARY. WBs will need strengthening, but apart from that I think we have a very decent squad.

[Post edited 1 Sep 2021 9:42]
Could standing places be implemented at our stadium?
at 19:06 31 Aug 2021

Standing will be allowed in the Prem and Championship.

Is it possible at our ground?
If so, how might it work?
Season tickets/Half season tickets
at 17:38 30 Aug 2021

Do the club do half season tickets every year?

If not, is the only time I can buy a season ticket at the end of the season?

Football Index. Anyone used it?
at 10:11 26 Aug 2021

So Football Index went bust. They were doing something dodgy and are now in administration.

I had a couple of hundred quid in there.
I can get my cash balance refunded, but not sure what happens with all the futures I've invested in players.
Anyone else got any money stuck in there?
Which players are not good enough to play for RM?
at 16:10 19 Aug 2021

So we have some people stating that we are not able to play the type of football RM wants.
We should not attempt to play this way until we have players who are able to do it.
They players we have are unable to adapt to this, as they are simply not goo enough.

Can we make a list of players that need to be shipped out?

I'll start by saying that I agree with Bidwell going, even though I really like him as a player, but only if we can replace him with a flying WB that RM wants.

I would like a top striker in order to improve but would still keep Lowe and Piroe.

I'd loan some of the young players out for experience.
Oli Cooper.
Dan James still starting at Utd
at 12:31 14 Aug 2021

Fair play to the boy.
I can't see it lasting much longer, but to still be in that team, he must be working hard.
Dhanda named in Carabao Cup "Team of the Round".
at 16:52 12 Aug 2021

Just found this....

January transfer thread?
at 10:20 14 Jan 2021

I came back on the forum to have a gweld for a transfer thread, seen as it's January.

I am aware that there usually is one here, but can't seem to find one.
Could someone link me up with one please? Or we could use this thread if there isn't one.

I haven't seen much in the papers, but have been linked with a few players as seen on previous threads. I just thought we could have all the transfer rumours in one place?


So far, I'm aware of rumours for:
Max Watters.
Folarin Balogun.
Jack CLarke.
Keinan Davis.
Michael Obafemi.
Kasper Junker.
Millwall away tickets needed
at 16:23 26 Jan 2020

How does it work with getting away tickets?
I'm not a JA member, or ST holder.

at 09:06 21 Jan 2020

may be only 19 and still a little raw, but his energy, hunger, skill and desire seems second to none, compared to other strikers we've played this season. When I saw his goal against Wigan, I assumed he was left footed due to the composure and technique he used in the finish. Absolutely not. Going to be a massive signing for us I'm sure. Well done Coopie!

His individual performance against the scum. Don't forget this is a debut and in a massive derby match. Very, very good start for him.

This video is from when he was 17. Ahead of his time and with 2 more years under his belt since this, I think we could be in for some exciting times with this lad from now until the end of the season.
at 10:21 16 Jan 2020

Searching for a squash racquet this morn and somehow, randomly came across this amongst the google results. Strange, but very interesting.

It's a university study/journal paper about the South Wales dialects.
Very long read (which I haven't finished yet), but nice. Quite a bit of history of the area.
January Transfer Thread
at 16:31 3 Jan 2020

Can't find one of these this year. Probably because nothing will happen, but there rumours etc. so be nice to see them all in one place.

Official approach made for Kasey Palmer

More clubs in for Brewster
9/11 again
at 12:46 1 Jan 2020

I haven't posted here for a while, so sorry if this annoys you, but i was debating with some of you about this previously, but I can't find the thread to repost in.

Here is a 5 hour film using clips of official hearings and a conference in Canada, 10 years after the event.
Looks at NIST's and the 9/11 Commission's reports and asks questions about their validity.
Not really up for arguing and abuse today, but thought you guys might like a look at this, as it really unpicks the official narrative and also some of the things people were arguing with me about ie. the molten steel, the eye witnesses who heard explosions (over 150 of them), the pancake effect on the floors, Thermite, blah blah blah.

Don't expect any breathtaking visuals and excitement, like some other documentaries. This is videos of the official hearings, but extremely interesting.

Part 1.
Amazon Prime -
YouTube -

Part 2.
Amazon Prime -
YouTube -

Part 3.
Amazon Prime -
YouTube -

Part 4.
Amazon Prime -
YouTube -
Best place to sit in ground.
at 10:24 21 Sep 2019

So I'm finally able to purchase my own season ticket, so have a couple of questions.

I always loved the North Bank as a kid and the only place that gives me anywhere near that feeling in The Liberty is the NE corner.

I have been trying out all stands and am really torn between three spots (now reduced to 2, as there are no seats left in one).

1) East - Half way line, back.
I like this position, as it has a very good view of the field of play. Not too far from the singing, but maybe a little too far from the pitch.
2) East - NE corner.
I like this because it's near the away fans, the atmosphere is better and it gives me a buzz from when I was younger. View isn't the best though and can't see passages of play very well, although close to our goal chances for one half.
3) West - right behind dugout.
Now I wasn't too keen on this position when I first sat here, as it's quite low so you can't see the play very well, plus theres little or no singing, but I absolutely loved being able to hear what everyone was saying on the benches and being close to that action. (unfortunately, there's no ST left which are close enough the dugout for me, so this option is gone for this year).

My questions are...

a) Can you swap seats once you've purchased the ST if you don't like where you are?
b) Are there any pros or cons that you guys think I should consider before choosing one of these areas?

Thanks in advance :)
Declan John to Sunderland?
at 09:51 2 Sep 2019

HITC are pretty poor I know, but here's the article...
Premier League thread
at 12:30 10 Aug 2019

I'll kick this off by saying how shit that "Blowing Bubbles" song is and I thank God I'm not a West Ham fan ffs.
AFCON qualifiers
at 18:34 3 Aug 2019

SO I notice the African qualifiers have started already.
I've never noticed any of the premier league players being released for qualifiers and they aren't usually the same time as our international breaks.

Not really fair to the players who play and get to the finals, only for Mane, Salah and co to take their places and hog the limelight is it?

Is that really how it works?
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