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The Swansea Way (Feature length special)
at 17:27 25 Jun 2019

An hour long documentary of last season.
Anyone seen it yet?
Cue DJ bidding war :)
at 17:22 4 Jun 2019

Monaco apparently interested
Parking a van near Llangennith/Rhosilli
at 16:02 25 May 2019

Right then ladies and gents...

Anyone know if there's anywhere within a mile or so of Llangennith where I can park a van? Maybe even a layby or free car park or bit of wasteland?
just checked the Hillend prices and I'm not paying £26 a night. That's crazy!

Thanks in advance you lovely buggers
Cheap Derby tickets wanted
at 14:32 30 Apr 2019

Anyone want rid of their tickets for tomorrow?
I'm a student, so get tickets cheap tickets anyway, but my mate wants to come so was looking for a couple of bargains.
Switch from zonal marking
at 00:40 30 Apr 2019

I didn't watch the game Saturday, as I was away, so this is the first I've seen of GPs change in tactics when it comes to defending corners.
Someone mentioned it to me and I may have seen something said in another thread, but not sure.

I think this shows how GP and the boys HAVE been working on things in training and most definitely are trying to learn from their mistakes.
I've heard a lot on here chastising how no-one is learning and Potter should be doing something about it.
Well they obviously have been working hard in training to plan how they can stop our crazy set piece stats and are trying something new. I know there will be plenty of "about effing time" posts, but really, what's the rush? It may seem like a simple change from zonal to man2man marking being professional footballers and all that, but to get this done right there must have been weeks, if not months of trial and error, testing and practice.
It seems like they are well drilled in who's got what job and I like the change.
The article only shows two corners, but they dealt with them (just). Time will tell if it works.

All in all, a very positive move, as many managers are hell bent on 'their' style and won't adapt. GP has shown all season that he's more than willing to change tact and try new things. Some say tinkering, I say testing.

GP and the players are all learning together. This is fuking great to see. Everything is always moving forward, small step by small step. And tbh, I've felt this from the very first game of the season. We are moving forward and we are improving. It would have been nice to get in the playoffs this year, but like I said before, what's the rush? As long as we continue to move forward it doesn't matter how long it takes. I can't wait for next season!
Swansea u23 players have played over 4000 minutes more than any other club...
at 19:19 25 Apr 2019

That's a big margin. Especially still being within a whisker of the playoffs. Plenty of potential. Feels good being top of the league for something else :)
Keep or sell? Poll
at 19:41 24 Apr 2019

I was actually quite surprised with how many of our squad I voted to keep. Be interesting to see these results. Get on it girls and boys.
Who are you voting for this year? I'm sure Grimes will be popular. I've gone Oli
at 14:05 23 Apr 2019

Who are you voting for this year? I'm sure Grimes will be popular. I've gone Oli

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[Post edited 23 Apr 14:07]
Positive sounds coming from within...
at 13:43 23 Apr 2019

Not sure if this is a ferdie, but can't find anything anywhere about these two articles anywhere on here, which is strange, as to me they are some of the most positive things I've heard for a while.
Personally I think they are both very important and at least show some of the loyalty and hope our manager and players have, and helps me look forward to next season with more hope.

In the first article may have gone a bit over the top about GP showing some emotion after Rotherham game, but I noticed it at the time and it was nice to see. I also like the quotes Potter has previously said in the press which help me feel some security around keeping him at the helm for as long as possible and creating some stability at this club.
"He appears to be here for the project he constantly refers to. About building a future and being here for the long term, he said this week: “Well, it’s better than being sacked!
“I think that’s how you should be. I enjoyed my time in Sweden. It was stable and we made progress and I’m looking forward to doing the same here.
“I’m happy here and I’ll do my best as long as I’m here.”

The second article encapsulates my opinion the importance of keeping Oli at the club. Not only is he a key player on the pitch, but he's outspoken, loyal, hard-working and hopefully influential among the younger players. I hope the Yanks take note of his words about the academy also. Some massive comments from him imo.
"But McBurnie - who took his goal tally to 21 for the season with a brace against Rotherham - says it's vital that the Swans keep hold of their talented youngsters.
"I’ve told the boys they have to stay here," said the Scot.
"When you have good young players who are performing well there is going to be interest and rumours, but all the boys are focused on finishing this season as strong as possible."
"We all love the gaffer, the staff, and the way we play. In the last few games you can see how attractive the football we’ve been playing is. As a player that’s what you want and it’s an attractive proposition to stay.
"It’s vital we keep our players. The whole point of the club spending so much money on the academy is to bring players through.
"We have countless players in our team who have come through the academy and that’s the point of it."
"There are clubs going to be sniffing around, but the players want the security of staying here.
"If the club wants to keep going forward it has to keep its best young players. That’s vital at any club.
"There are boys who have been performing outstandingly which means they will naturally attract interest.
"If you look at the way DJ (James) has been playing he’s been untouchable which will always get noticed. It’s down to the club."
Jordan Ayew nominated for Crystal Palace Player of the Year award
at 23:21 19 Apr 2019

Is it April 1st?
They must be seeing something I'm not. Get ewe chequebook out Woy boy!
PIA VPN and this site
at 10:57 18 Apr 2019

Anyone else have problems getting on this site with a VPN running.
I have been trying to load fansnetwork, but it's just been showing a blank screen for days. Didn't think it was my VPN, as I have used it plenty before with it turned on. Turned it off now and hey presto.
WTF gents?
Ryan Woods or Matt Grimes?
at 18:26 15 Apr 2019

Nice article here.
If Woods had arrived, we'd have lost £7mil and possibly Matt Grimes, as he most definitely would have started off the season at left back and we wouldn't have seen his best football.
Pozuelo - Heck of a debut bois bach
at 05:10 31 Mar 2019
What's up with McBurnie?
at 00:23 13 Mar 2019

So it's the fourth time he's been unavailable because of illness this season so far. I've never known that to happen to a player before, has it? Or any fit human being for that matter.
Potter on summer transfers...
at 08:17 1 Mar 2019

GP being honest about his job again...
How people can call this man a liar is beyond me. One of the most honest and sensible managers we've had imo.
The boxing
at 21:56 23 Feb 2019

Stiverne is poor.

Degale Eubank should be a better fight.
Not sure which one of the annoying fuks I want to lose more.
The Jews have got some cash aye...
at 08:42 22 Feb 2019
Any streams gentlemen?
at 20:15 13 Feb 2019

Thank you :)
Daily Mail on the Trust and mediation...WTF?
at 00:40 13 Feb 2019

Surely they have this all mixed up?
They reckon the Trust have pulled out of the medition planned for th end of the month. But they also say that this is the 2nd time it's happened.
WTF are they talking about? Shit journalism getting things the wrong way round?
Other SCFC forums
at 14:47 7 Feb 2019

I just so happen to be on this forum, as it's one I've been using for yonks and has always been interesting, easy to use (apart from when they changed the format for a while a few year back), with some sound characters.

Just wondering if anyone has anything good/bad to say about the other SCFC forums?
Which is the busiest?
Which is the best?
Pros and cons?
Anyone see any reason to use others more than this one?

The ones I know of are:
The Jack Army

Cheers fellows...
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