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PIA VPN and this site
at 10:57 18 Apr 2019

Anyone else have problems getting on this site with a VPN running.
I have been trying to load fansnetwork, but it's just been showing a blank screen for days. Didn't think it was my VPN, as I have used it plenty before with it turned on. Turned it off now and hey presto.
WTF gents?
Ryan Woods or Matt Grimes?
at 18:26 15 Apr 2019

Nice article here.
If Woods had arrived, we'd have lost £7mil and possibly Matt Grimes, as he most definitely would have started off the season at left back and we wouldn't have seen his best football.
Pozuelo - Heck of a debut bois bach
at 05:10 31 Mar 2019
What's up with McBurnie?
at 00:23 13 Mar 2019

So it's the fourth time he's been unavailable because of illness this season so far. I've never known that to happen to a player before, has it? Or any fit human being for that matter.
Potter on summer transfers...
at 08:17 1 Mar 2019

GP being honest about his job again...
How people can call this man a liar is beyond me. One of the most honest and sensible managers we've had imo.
The boxing
at 21:56 23 Feb 2019

Stiverne is poor.

Degale Eubank should be a better fight.
Not sure which one of the annoying fuks I want to lose more.
The Jews have got some cash aye...
at 08:42 22 Feb 2019
Any streams gentlemen?
at 20:15 13 Feb 2019

Thank you :)
Daily Mail on the Trust and mediation...WTF?
at 00:40 13 Feb 2019

Surely they have this all mixed up?
They reckon the Trust have pulled out of the medition planned for th end of the month. But they also say that this is the 2nd time it's happened.
WTF are they talking about? Shit journalism getting things the wrong way round?
Other SCFC forums
at 14:47 7 Feb 2019

I just so happen to be on this forum, as it's one I've been using for yonks and has always been interesting, easy to use (apart from when they changed the format for a while a few year back), with some sound characters.

Just wondering if anyone has anything good/bad to say about the other SCFC forums?
Which is the busiest?
Which is the best?
Pros and cons?
Anyone see any reason to use others more than this one?

The ones I know of are:
The Jack Army

Cheers fellows...
3 tickets for Birmingham home needed
at 14:58 23 Jan 2019

Long shot I know, but looking for 3 tickets next to eachother for Birmingham Tuesday if poss please :)
Choose our new manager.
at 12:27 2 Dec 2018

So most of you are not happy with how GP is working at our club.

Lets say, for instance, GP doesn't listen to you all and he continues playing how he is now and we aren't improving as quickly as all you top managers would be able to...

Lets say (playing devils advocate) that he gets sacked, due to fan's discontent.

I know you guys believe that you could do a better job, but unfortunately I'm guessing your CV wouldn't be enough to get you in the hot seat.
Let's say, although you guys didn't get the managers job yourselves, the board thought you were great and noticed how passionate your posts were on here and thought you talked so much sense that they decided that you would be the one to choose the replacement.

Who would you fuking pick? Who would you put as our new manager?
And why would he do a better job than GP?

Lets have some names then...
How to watch Wilder/Fury on Android phone?
at 00:14 2 Dec 2018

Anyone know? Cheers
We only got £3mil for Fede?
at 00:26 29 Nov 2018
DC Utd signing Rangel...
at 11:29 21 Nov 2018

OK, a bit premature, but they are in talks. Shows to me that Potter is in charge when it comes to transfers. Why, otherwise would the Yanks not want him at Swansea, yet would want to take him across the pond?

Norwich and Forest want him as well.
Gutted he's not still with us tbh.
Andre Ayew
at 08:27 16 Nov 2018

Doesn't want to come back, Fener are happy with him and want to keep him but can't afford the 15mil.
They want him for another season on loan.

How much are we getting for these loans do you reckon?
Dan James to Leeds?
at 22:32 13 Nov 2018

Don't know who "Football Insider" is, but I hope to fuk he's a joker...
u23s vs Charlton avai;lable for viewing?
at 23:51 12 Nov 2018

Any idea if this will be shown anywhere fellows?
Connor and DJ get call-ups, but Rodon and John don't.
at 12:23 5 Nov 2018

Great news and reward for DJ's recent form.
Connor obviously the main man there already.

Cue the moaners who will start saying that it's not good for James to be travelling with Wales. He is better off at home in case GP forgets about him
Want to feel good? Read this...
at 21:49 2 Nov 2018

What a great article!
Proper feel good post.
Make sure you watch the videos. These u23s linking up together. They are fuking loving it!! Fantastic to see.

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