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"Super computer" puts us 8th
at 20:13 9 Oct 2018
Find a stream thread
at 19:09 2 Oct 2018

If this has been done before, please tell me to eff off.
I was thinking we could have a thread people can help others out with on matchdays.
Looking for a stream? Look no further type of vibe.

ps. any streams for tonight lads?
Trust meeting
at 22:52 5 Sep 2018

Attended my first Trust meeting tonight.

Extremely interesting and it answered a lot of questions I had about the takeover and the issue the Trust has with the board etc.
Also helped me work out a bit about how shareholding works (I think). Glad I went.

Left me with a lot of questions though. More than I had in the first place probably haha.

I always thought that it would make business sense to buy more shares in order to increase your stake in a business/club, but realised tonight that it means the same if you have 5% or if you have 21.1%. Mad that.

That leads me to my first question...
Is there any point in keeping the 21% if the trust were offered a fair price for them, or is 5-7% basically the same?

Question 2)
What is the best case scenario from the Trust's point of view?, that they get a good price for their shares and they can sell them and keep 5-7% in order to keep a person on the board?
Or is the board position so pathetic and meaningless that they may as well sell the whole fcking shamonka?

Question 3)
Seems that we have 2 hopes...
a) We hope the club does well and have to put up with the Yanks stay as profiteering owners.
b) We hope the club goes downhill and the club's value falls enough for the Trust to buy more of a stake with the money they get from selling the shares, if/when the Yanks decide to cut their losses.
Is that sickeningly the case?
Creating equity?
at 22:23 4 Sep 2018

What the hell does that mean and how is it done?
I read about Tan doing it for the scummers and now there's talk of the (alleged) moneysnatchers doing it for us.
Statement from The Moneysnatchers in Washington.
at 21:46 3 Sep 2018

1) "Swansea City's majority shareholders did not sanction the signing of Ryan Woods during the summer transfer window due to reservations over whether he was the right fit for the club."
*So it seems they don't trust GP to be able to know what players he needs?

2) "I think it is pretty clear Huw has changed his role this summer and we have brought someone like Kyle in to make our recruitment stronger and we have changed our strategy and personnel."
*So they bring in Kyle with GP, but don't listen to anything he says?

[Post edited 3 Sep 21:55]
Put up, or shut up...
at 09:19 2 Sep 2018

I reckon it's time to stop going on about the board and start breeding positive thoughts and emotions round the place...

OK, so the board have fckd us and the club over, but there's nothing more they can do now until January, so can't we just forget about it until then, and start supporting the team and backing the players we have now?
I don't see how moaning can help at all. And I don't see how anything more than moaning can help either now the window is shut.

Unless there is some sort of plan to boycott or how to hurt the board AND a plan to actually follow through with it, then what is the point in talking about it, as that just breeds negativity and that will spread through the club.

I hope the players don't look at these forums, because if I was a player reading these, I'd be mostly disappointed and it would be hard for it to not impact on my fight for the club and for us, the people who seem so negative.

Unless someone has a good idea in order to really make the board wake up to their actions, and have an idea how to get all the fans involved, surely it's time to shut up and enjoy the season? At least until they start fiddling and lying again in January.
Bit of positivity...
at 20:34 31 Aug 2018

OK, so no-one came in, but we kept some high earners who "want to play for the club", so fvck saving the yanks any more cash and let these boys earn their wages...

Now we know the lads are staying until January at least, here's the squad (and I for one am quite happy with it on paper and when fully fit).

GK - Mulder / Nordfeldt
RB - Roberts / Naughton
LB - Olsson / John
CB - VDH / Carter Vickers
CB - Rodon / Harries
DM - Fer / Carroll
DM - Fulton / Dhanda
AM - Celina / Routs
RW - James / Dyer
LW - Montero / McKay
ST - McBurnie / Bony

GP can change them around as he pleases, as a lot of them are quite versatile as we know. There are still others to cover injuries/form etc too...
Grimes, Byers, Narsingh, Asoro, Baker-Richardson, plus the U23s.

There can't be many of you who reckon that's a sh!t team Shirley?
How long (realistically) til the money snatchers leave the club?
at 10:46 31 Aug 2018

So how long do you educated fellows reckon the Yanks need to keep selling for, until they are happy with their profit and can greedily move on?

And what will happen next? Will they want to flog to one of their cronies for as much bunsen as possible, or will there be a chance for someone who actually cares to take the club forward?
*Forgive my ignorance in this type of thing, but might there be a chance of thine Trust increasing their 21.1% when the snatchers decide to sell?
at 00:04 19 Feb 2017

Hello fellows...

Does onyone know "mancjack"?
I paid him for Season Tickets, but they haven't arrived and he hasn't even read my recent PMs.

Here's the thread he posted.
Is Jordan Ayew a pussy?
at 09:01 3 Feb 2017

I'm just reading the pointless piece in Wales Online about Ayew squad number.
The number means nothing these days mun.

What I did notice was this photo though...

Andre in short sleeves...
Jordan wrapped up to the nines.
Says a lot more to me than the actual story. Hmmm.
Are we actually gonna get a CB?
at 14:57 30 Jan 2017

After months of moaning that CB is our most desperate position, are we actually going to sign one?

Alfie/FF partnership has looked somewhat promising, but surely we need to bag someone quality NOW?

We've been heavily linked with the likes of Ranocchia, Lopez, Marc Roberts, Sakho, Terry, and we still haven't had a sniff. All either fizzled out without a bid, or turned us down.
Surely one of them must be up for a real chance at regular prem football?
My heads fcking gone with this forum!! AND DON'T TELL ME TO POST THIS ELSEWHERE
at 21:40 31 Aug 2013

No offence to the guy that made this but it's fcking mental.
I have nearly headbutted my screen through on numerous occasions in the last half hour.

I know this thread should be in the "Site issues" bit, but I can't work out how to fckin post in there and my head is so cooked that there's no way I'm reading through pages and pages of random questions.

All my profile is gone. All the old threads are gone. There is no options on this thread, such as "add photo", "quote", blah blah fcking blah, like I see on every other forum I've used.
On top of all that, I've just had to go through this "correcting" my spelling as it apparently contains "unacceptable language". Strewth!!!

Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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