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Any streams gentlemen?
at 20:15 13 Feb 2019

Thank you :)
Daily Mail on the Trust and mediation...WTF?
at 00:40 13 Feb 2019

Surely they have this all mixed up?
They reckon the Trust have pulled out of the medition planned for th end of the month. But they also say that this is the 2nd time it's happened.
WTF are they talking about? Shit journalism getting things the wrong way round?
Other SCFC forums
at 14:47 7 Feb 2019

I just so happen to be on this forum, as it's one I've been using for yonks and has always been interesting, easy to use (apart from when they changed the format for a while a few year back), with some sound characters.

Just wondering if anyone has anything good/bad to say about the other SCFC forums?
Which is the busiest?
Which is the best?
Pros and cons?
Anyone see any reason to use others more than this one?

The ones I know of are:
The Jack Army

Cheers fellows...
3 tickets for Birmingham home needed
at 14:58 23 Jan 2019

Long shot I know, but looking for 3 tickets next to eachother for Birmingham Tuesday if poss please :)
Choose our new manager.
at 12:27 2 Dec 2018

So most of you are not happy with how GP is working at our club.

Lets say, for instance, GP doesn't listen to you all and he continues playing how he is now and we aren't improving as quickly as all you top managers would be able to...

Lets say (playing devils advocate) that he gets sacked, due to fan's discontent.

I know you guys believe that you could do a better job, but unfortunately I'm guessing your CV wouldn't be enough to get you in the hot seat.
Let's say, although you guys didn't get the managers job yourselves, the board thought you were great and noticed how passionate your posts were on here and thought you talked so much sense that they decided that you would be the one to choose the replacement.

Who would you fuking pick? Who would you put as our new manager?
And why would he do a better job than GP?

Lets have some names then...
How to watch Wilder/Fury on Android phone?
at 00:14 2 Dec 2018

Anyone know? Cheers
We only got £3mil for Fede?
at 00:26 29 Nov 2018
DC Utd signing Rangel...
at 11:29 21 Nov 2018

OK, a bit premature, but they are in talks. Shows to me that Potter is in charge when it comes to transfers. Why, otherwise would the Yanks not want him at Swansea, yet would want to take him across the pond?

Norwich and Forest want him as well.
Gutted he's not still with us tbh.
Andre Ayew
at 08:27 16 Nov 2018

Doesn't want to come back, Fener are happy with him and want to keep him but can't afford the 15mil.
They want him for another season on loan.

How much are we getting for these loans do you reckon?
Dan James to Leeds?
at 22:32 13 Nov 2018

Don't know who "Football Insider" is, but I hope to fuk he's a joker...
u23s vs Charlton avai;lable for viewing?
at 23:51 12 Nov 2018

Any idea if this will be shown anywhere fellows?
Connor and DJ get call-ups, but Rodon and John don't.
at 12:23 5 Nov 2018

Great news and reward for DJ's recent form.
Connor obviously the main man there already.

Cue the moaners who will start saying that it's not good for James to be travelling with Wales. He is better off at home in case GP forgets about him
Want to feel good? Read this...
at 21:49 2 Nov 2018

What a great article!
Proper feel good post.
Make sure you watch the videos. These u23s linking up together. They are fuking loving it!! Fantastic to see.

Potter on the January transfer window.
at 22:06 1 Nov 2018

Positive things coming out of the horses mouth. Please don't start calling him a liar again please boys...

On the planning for the January window, he said: "It’s good, the main planning is the information from this squad as to what we need. How much can we improve them? How can they help us? It’s all linked. We want to be stronger at the end of the window than the start.
There have been early discussions (with the owners), is it quite fluid. But there is no panic from my perspective, this group has not reached its potential. That’s my responsibility and that’s what is exciting. But you always look to see how we can tweak."
Bony and Jeff back for Bolton game!!!!!!!!
at 22:03 1 Nov 2018

Fuk me this is awesome!
Hoping to see them both on the bench.
EFL Shirt sponsors are shocking...
at 08:52 30 Oct 2018

I've been noticing shirt sponsors recently and although they have banned tobacco advertising, almost all of them are for things that are bad for us or will be detrimental to our lives.
I reckon clubs should be more aware of what they are advertising to their young fans.
And before you say that it's all about who pays most, I am aware of that, but for a few pounds it is not morally correct. And as Emrys the farmer once said "somebody should be fuking strung up for it!"

Birmingham City - 888 Sport (Betting site)
Bolton Wanderers - Betfred (Betting site)
Brentford - Leovegas (Online casino)
Bristol City - Dunder (Online casino)
Derby County - 32 Red (Betting site)
Hull City - Sportpesa (Betting site)
Ipswich Town - Magical Vegas (Online casino)
Middlesborough - 32 Red (Betting site)
Preston North End - 32 Red (Betting site)
QPR - Royal Panda (Online casino)
Stoke City - Bet365 (Betting site)
Swans - BetUK (Betting site)
Leeds - 32 Red (Betting site)
Norwich City - Leovegas (Online casino)
Notts Forest - Betbright (Betting site)
Blackburn - 10Bet (Betting site)
Aston Villa - 32 Red (Betting site)
Reading - Carabao Energy Drink (killing kids)

The only clubs to have a bit of decorum (although that is arguable) are:
Rotherham - Hodge Clemco (Industrial sales)
Sheff Utd - Ramsdens Currency (Travel money company)
West Brom - Ideal Boilers
Wigan - DW Fitness (Owner's firm)
Sheff Weds - Chansiri (Owner's name)
Millwall - TW Drainage
U23/Womens fixtures.
at 18:37 29 Oct 2018

Anyone know where I can find the fixtures for the u23 and the womens games?
Real Madrid after Roberto?
at 10:50 28 Oct 2018

Stranger things have happened...
I'd love him to take over there. And then the world!
Dear forum full of top flight managers, please give GP more time.
at 10:34 25 Oct 2018

Firstly, excuse the long OP, but I have a few points to make...

I'm getting quite frustrated with this forum, as there is constant bickering and it really seems like everyone hates eachother. It's mental mun.
I'm sure this isn't the only forum whose posters think they know better than the manager, but alas, we do not. And in fact, after beating Blackburn (as Jasper stated) "the Blackburn fans mostly think they've been robbed by a shockingly poor side due to their own manager's bad tactical changes (took Graham off, put a striker on the wing and their best midfielder up front)."...So it's clearly not just us.

GP is not going to stop his tinkering, as he has stated post Blackburn match. IMO he is justified to do so. He has many quality young players at his disposal now, due to him being brave and knowledgeable enough to give them their first chance in senior football, and I guess not having many other alternatives, but either way this has worked wonders. But he says that he needs to bring them in slowly, even if they are in form, so they can't play week in week out, hence Rodon being dropped to the bench (not because he's being forced by the board to keep him fresh for prospective buyers in January as some posters have mentioned ).
This is what he said when questioned after the game about the tinkering...
(Q)The subs worked well today, but with changes made over games fans have wondered what is behind them, especially something like the change of goalkeeper between Kristoffer Nordfeldt and Erwin Mulder. Can you explain the thinking behind the changes from game to game?
(A)"From game to game it depends on the players, it’s a 20 minute answer if I’m being honest.
Leroy Fer wasn’t ready to play 90 minutes from the start, Tom Carroll only had two days training before the Villa game and we had boys coming back from international duty.
Dan James is unable to play at the level he did today three times a week at his age, so there’s a complexity about how you want to play in the game and maintain your own idea.
I understand the mantra is to keep a settled team which might be easier for me, but my responsibility is to do what I think is right, then I know that if we lose I’m wrong. I’d rather take that responsibility than take the easy way out. The supporters can disagree and that's their right to do so. They can have a different point of view but that’s the beauty of football.
If we don't get results, anything I do is wrong. So I have to stick to my principles and what I think is right, I’ve done that since I started at Swansea City and I will continue to do that."

I applaud the guy for his honesty and his assertiveness. He is doing his own thing and has confidence in himself. There must be a lot of pressure to bow to fans expectations, especially when hearing boos from the stands and having questions like that fired at you, but he has confidence in himself and his team.
I for one can see that he knows better than I, even though I don't agree with many of his decisions initially (mainly the keeper situation), but I will still stand by him and it actually excites me to see what happens next, as I believe it will be positive.
He even admitted that he confused the players on Tuesday, but it's early days and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It helps GP learn where the boys are mentally and tactically and what they are ready to implement. He soon realised this wasn't the right time and he is able to change things quickly and got the win quite emphatically ffs. If/when our players do finally learn all GP's tactics and ideas they can go on to be world beaters, and this division will have no answers or clues to what's going on when they play us.
It's a case of patience I believe. Something fans on here seem to have little of.
Would you prefer to have a manager who doesn't try new things? Who sticks to the same thing every week, so other teams know what to expect from us?

Maybe when we are able to get some players back fully fit from injury (Bony,Fer), a few new players in and get shot of the higher earners (Dyer, Routs, Narsingh), he will be more able to field a more settled side, as we will have more experienced players in those positions.
However, I am slightly fearful that will come at the expense of seeing our upcoming young stars play less. But again, a manager of Potter's ilk seems to know more about blooding youngsters and looking after their well-being than I, so I trust him to bring them through as stars in the best way possible.

A couple of quotes from posters I'd like to comment on:

T2C - "Our squad is as good as anyone in this league. We're short here and there but overall we've got the talent in abundance."
*I do agree with this somewhat...we do have talent in abundance, however there are teams who have much better squads on paper.
With Bony back and Fer back to full strength and able to play regular 90s I'd be really happy with our squad, as GP is creating depth with his ability to get players to perform in other positions.
I do however also agree with other posters who've said we need a solid, ballplaying CDM from somewhere. Another Leon if you will. But where are we going to find one for free? This is another reason I agree totally with GP's tinkering. We need to find one of our squad who can do that job. Unfortunately, this is one position we haven't been able to do that to any great extent.
We do have players who can do a decent job there, but none to the high enough standard we really need, or ones that are able to play better in other positions so are more important there ie. Celina, Fer, Naughton, Grimes.
Hopefully we can rectify this in January. Or maybe Bony can be redeployed as a solid CDM

Brynmill_Jack - "If anyone could have got inside Mesa's head it would have been Potter. But CDM wasn't Mesa's position , apparently he liked to play further forward."
*I totally agree with your first sentence, but I think that's what GP is all about. I'm sure most of our players now would initially have preferred to play elsewhere, but he is installing a different mindset. Even the older heads like Naughton and Olsson are playing out of their pre-ordained positions and are seeming to be better, more equipped players for it. I'd love to see Mesa in that CDM position and I'm sure he'd enjoy playing there under Potter's free flowing style.

T2C - "Potter in the first half confused the life out of his own players, he said this himself.
He was trying to be a bit too clever, simple as that. His thinking was we'd be able to push our full backs as far forward as possible and have Naughton and Grimes slotting back in depending on which side we may have been attacking from."
"He's constantly moving players around and they haven't got a facking clue where they're supposed to be or or what their roles are."
*Yes GP did say that himself. He did try to be a bit too clever, but why is that bad when we eventually won convincingly? In a few months time, when they boys have learned more in training, have more experience and are able to grasp GPs ideas better, would you not love to see that tactic work? It's a fresh and new idea, using attacking nous and would bamboozle opponents in this division and above even if played correctly dont you think?
Personally I love it when I see new things on the football field. When I watch MOTD and someone comes out with a training ground plan for a direct free kick or corner which looks good and confuses the other team I love it! Even if it doesn't come off.
OK, maybe a little early for this type of game, but surely worth a try and surely we should be excited to see that again in future?

Cooperman - "If he doesn’t start for Reading as he started the second half last night (against Blackburn) then I will be concerned."
*Please don't be concerned, as I really don't think he's going to start with that 2nd half team. We need to trust in what he's trying to do and not be so concerned about getting back into the prem this year. Really don't think that's going to happen, but am supremely confident we won't be near relegation either, so what's the concern for? We should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Enjoy learning about our young squad alongside GP. We are there with him, finding out what players can do and watching them adapt and grow into our new free flowing system that people are going to be talking about again when we get back to the prem. I for one was the proudest man on earth when we first started playing in the most difficult and challenging league in world football and the whole world were talking about us. It was the best feeling ever and we can get back to that. I truly believe GP is the man to take us there. But it will take time.
Team vs Blackburn
at 18:54 23 Oct 2018

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