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at 00:44 25 Apr 2024

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Harri Ryan @HarriRy... • 5h
Hope Terry Cole's not in London today
Sky News
@Sky... • 7h
BREAKING: 'Number of horses' on the loose in central London - as one appears to be covered in blood....

Not being as tech savvy as some, this is a screenshot of a twitter comment posted by a c**rdiff supporter who plays for Church Village FC. Words fail me.
🔴 Paula Vennells CBE
at 09:12 4 Jan 2024

Apologies first as this is a non football thread, but I feel so strongly about this that I wanted to share this with people who don’t browse the non football forum.
This woman should be in jail, not being honoured for services to the Post Office. Link to the petition to remove her award below. Thank you.

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Driving in country lanes
at 16:31 28 Jun 2023

People who use narrow country lanes should only do so if they can reverse. I came across one yesterday who didn’t have the first idea how to go backwards ten yards. She ended up hitting plastic bollards and nearly hit a wall. How do these people get a licence?
Russian missile strike in Poland
at 19:21 15 Nov 2022

Polish security council meeting as we speak. This is an attack on NATO.

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at 19:39 5 Nov 2022

Tries his best, but, unfortunately, not good enough at this level. Poor again today, can’t believe he wasn’t taken off.
Welsh Assembly at the World Cup
at 21:50 22 Oct 2022

Drakeford, Gething and Dawn Bowden are attending to help educate the Qatar state on LGBGT issues. Guess who’s paying for it?
Where are all the Mcburnie knockers?
at 23:07 21 Aug 2018

There are some clueless f***kers on here, but they do make me chortle.
Can’t track back Montero
at 21:19 4 Aug 2018

Where are all the Montero knockers? There are quite a few, who mysteriously have disappeared! People with huge football knowledge, some have even allegedly played ‘Welsh league’.
Great passion but, quote, ‘facking clueless’. You couldn’t make it up.
All the best Guidolin
at 20:46 24 Sep 2016

Thanks for coming, my five year old niece could have done a better job. Tactility inept & defeatist, please go before we have a cold snap.
Next season
at 21:50 26 Apr 2016

Guidolin is the most bizarre manager we have had since Kevin Cullis. His formations, on times (most of the time), baffle me.
He is playing people out of position/shit formation and when he hasn't had big chunks of luck, that we've enjoyed in the last few months, he's got no idea what to do.
We've got the players to do the job, but not with this clown in charge. Apart from the last few years I've run teams, all be it on a Welsh League level, so I have some idea what is needed.
Get back to the style we know and love, with wingers & a centre forward that can head the ball in the opposition area.
Every time Gomis comes on we are normally struggling, he is not the most industrious but give the man a chance, give him a chance with TWO wingers slinging a few in. After all, him and Bony before him were our best defenders at set pieces, which we are in dire need.
Play Ayew & Siggy in a dual ten role behind, using their industry behind. Out wide we need Monty & Barrow, pace is terrifying.
Apart from that fill in as you will.
And after my last reasonable topic if you don't like f**k off.
Ditch the diamond
at 18:04 7 Feb 2016

If we carry on with this formation we will be relegated. I can understand, in certain games, to keep it tight and to accommodate players, but this is now the norm.
Take out Siggy & Ayew the rest of yesterday's team have scored one goal between them. The next highest scorer was on the bench - Gomis. From Bony's departure until the start of September Gomis was scoring goals regularly, but what's happened since? Has Gomis changed his style of play? No, what's changed is the service, or lack of it, which he's had to deal with in the bad spell we had under Monk.
We need to get back to playing wingers - Montero & Barrow preferably, sorry Routledge definitely second choice, & get Gomis back in - give him proper service & he will score.
If we don't do this soon we're up sh*t creek
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