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A message from Oli McBurnie's Dad...
at 10:39 18 Apr 2018

A message on Swansea City Supporters Trust Facebook page, from Neil McBurnie, Oli's dad

"My son Oli has made a big impact since going on loan at Barnsley all good for his development, hopefully the Swans will get behind him and when you get a spare minute go to the Barnsley website and vote for him as their player of the year."
VAR penalty madness: Chaos in Germany
at 12:52 17 Apr 2018

A penalty was awarded after players had already left the pitch for half-time in Mainz's Bundesliga win over relegation rivals Freiburg on Monday.
Full Metal Jacket Drill Sergeant's Rant
at 11:03 16 Apr 2018

R Lee Ermey who played Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the film Full Metal Jacket has died.

A brilliant film, he had some of the best verbal scenes I've seen in a war film.

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'He's lucky he didn't have a blow out'
at 10:44 15 Apr 2018

"He's lucky he didn't have a blow out': Cops catch Mercedes driver receiving sex act while doing 103mph"

When police drew level with the car, in Eastbourne, East Sussex, they were "surprised" to find the driver and passenger "busily engaged" in an act not mentioned in the Highway Code.

Traffic police spotted a woman performing a sex act on a driver as he sped along in a Mercedes at 103mph.

A surprised officer did a double take when he drew alongside in an unmarked car.

He forced the driver to pull over and nicked him for speeding before seizing the car in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Traffic cops confirmed a colleague followed the Merc after clocking it at 103mph.

They tweeted: “Imagine our officer’s surprise upon drawing level with it, still at high speed, to find the driver & his lady passenger busily engaged in an act not mentioned anywhere in the Highway Code.”

It said of the driver: “He’s been reported for his speed, as well as driving without due care & attention. Plus it turned out he wasn’t insured to drive the car, so we’ve seized it.
He’s probably had better nights.”

I wonder if the lady swallowed the evidence??
Fresh fury over The Real Full Monty
at 11:16 13 Apr 2018

"Fresh fury over The Real Full Monty as it is revealed the men and women were paid £10,000 each. - as charity event raised just £4,000"

There were some great stories written on this forum when these 2 Full Monty shows were shown live on ITV..

What are your views now that it has been divulged that each celebrity was paid £10K each to take part??

This means that the ITV paid out £160K to the celebs, but 6 cancer charities only shared £4218 between them.

ITV have said the shows were not about money and charity, but Cancer Awareness, eventhough it was advertised on their website as charity.

So, is it about Money, Or Awareness, Or Both??

Do you think these 16 celebs should donate their £10K to charity?? ( or a portion of it)

OR... if ITV have messed up on their advertising, they donate £160K to the 6 cancer charities and the celebs keep their money.
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RAF....Happy 100th Birthday
at 12:37 1 Apr 2018

The life expectancy of pilots in action in WW1 including those in the Royal Flying Corps was only 18 hours, and they were unfortunate members of the "Suicide Club"

Fast forward to WW2 and life expectancy flying Spitfires in the Battle of Britain had risen to 4 days!!

Happy birthday brave men, one and all

"Per Ardua Ad Astra"

"Through Adversity To The Stars"
Reports Emerge Of 'Snus' Use Among Premier League Players
at 10:27 31 Mar 2018

I saw a report on Sky last night about the use of Snus, and that some players are using up to 3 pouches of Snus a game. A nicotine intake the equivalent of smoking 9 cigarettes in 90 minutes!!

One manager said, "It's absolutely rife, it's a disaster. It gives you a buzz and you've got players putting it in before and during games. Next time you're watching a game, look at how many players look like they have something behind their top lips. That's a tell-tale sign."

i must admit I had noticed this top lip protrusion lately but thought that these players were wearing gumshields, as did Sean McCarthy when he played for the Swans in the 1980's
at 23:56 28 Mar 2018

Well done guys.

That took some balls !!


Flavoured Condoms for OAP's
at 19:21 28 Mar 2018

What are your suggestions for flavoured condoms for old age pensioners.???

I’ll start it off with.... "Fisherman's Friend"...!!
Oli McBurnie isn't good enough to lead Scotland's line
at 19:43 26 Mar 2018

"It’s time for honesty – the task of getting the goals in our European Championship
campaign shouldn’t rest with a guy with his socks at his ankles."
Robbie James
at 10:30 26 Mar 2018

A few days late...

23rd March 2018 Robbie would have been 61

Happy Birthday Mate..... YJB
Trebes: One dead in France supermarket hostage situation
at 11:56 23 Mar 2018

It's reported that the attack appeared to be "ISIS-inspired," citing a local prosecutor.
[Post edited 23 Mar 11:58]
at 11:15 6 Mar 2018

We've all complained about the lack of penalties awarded to the Swans in recent years......

BUT....on Saturday when Jordan Ayew put away his penalty against West Ham, the Swans became Penalty Kings in the Premier League.

It was the 20th penalty the Swans had scored in the Premier League from 21 them a conversion rate of 95%......the best conversion rate in Premier League history.

Scott Sinclair was the only one to miss when Joe Hart saved his pen against Man City in 2012
Sir Roger Bannister
at 11:30 4 Mar 2018

Sir Roger Bannister has died aged 88

"Keep on running Roger"

at 18:21 1 Mar 2018

Successive governments 'failed to protect child migrants sent abroad from sex abuse'
Swansea City reports £13.4m pre-tax profit for 2017
at 16:14 28 Feb 2018

The club's chairman Huw Jenkins said: "Running a financially sound football operation remains of paramount importance to the club.

"We will continue to work hard to find the right balance between growth, success on the field and prudent financial management."
Bobby Madley
at 00:15 25 Feb 2018


Bobby Madley does us over, even when he's not refereeing our match...!!
[Post edited 25 Feb 0:16]
Jefferson Montero
at 12:35 19 Feb 2018

"Jefferson Montero has revealed that Getafe have told him he does not feature in their plans for the rest of season."

Is it time to offload Montero back to his home country Ecuador??....which he seems to want

AS....."The transfer window does not close until March 26 in Ecuador, meaning Montero could still yet move clubs. "
[Post edited 19 Feb 12:51]
Carlos Carvalhal's Win Mentality
at 18:09 12 Feb 2018

Carlos Carvalhal Explains Why Winning Mentality Has Increased 'Respect' for Swansea

This says it all about the guy!!
[Post edited 12 Feb 18:10]
Jordan Gardner....28th Investor
at 09:30 2 Feb 2018

Looking at his Twitter he part of the consortium at Bournemouth??....who now have a stake in Dundalk FC.

If he is our 28th Investor and has a stake in Bournemouth, then surely this is a conflict of interest!!!

He's allegedly blocking people on Twitter who are asking him questions!!

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