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Tottenham Hotspur v Swansea City prediction logged
at 19:42 12 Sep 2017

PSG start their attempt to win or should that be buy the champions league tonight, first up for Mbappe, Cavani and Neymar is Celtic at Parkhead.
It should be an indicator of just how good Paris is.
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Swansea City v Newcastle United prediction logged
Headline transfers
at 15:43 5 Sep 2017

Has this been a good transfer window for Swans headline transfers ?

Out - Cork, Llorente and Siggy
In - Clucas, Bony and Sanches

The knockers will say where has Clucas been he is nearly 27 years of age.
Bony where has he been for the last 2 years, he was even struggling to get into Stoke City's team.
Sanches can't get in Portugal's senior squad, he has been relegated back to the U21's for quite some time now.

Cork really did not let anyone down and Llorente and Siggy are class players that both had excellent seasons last time out.

How good or bad had this window been for the Swans ?...can Bony do what he did first time round for the Swans, can Sanches find his Euro 2016 form and regain his wonder kid title and can Clucas continue with the good form he showed last season (he was good whenever I seen him anyway).....time will tell no doubt.
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at 09:14 2 Sep 2017

Didn't notice you posting on 5 out of the 6 Welsh teams in the pyramid winning last week and the other one drawing although only the Swans were away, apologies if I missed the post.
On Monday 3 of them played away and none of them lost again.
This weekend is looking tough, County (2nd in the league) are away to the league leaders, Wrexham are playing a team that is only 1 point behind them, Bay have a difficult away game in the FA Cup, Connahs and TNS are playing Championship teams in the Scottish Challenge cup.
Wales U21s have started the weekend with a fabulous 3-0 away win over Switzerland, let's hope the seniors can pull off a win against Austria.
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Crystal Palace v Swansea City prediction logged
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Swansea City v Manchester United prediction logged
Are land deeds a swizz ?
at 12:58 9 Jul 2017

Do people that own land, really own land, what about the rabbits that live there, has man more right to claim land over the animals ?
at 12:54 9 Jul 2017

Are there any Anarchist groups in Swansea ?
Do current OAP have it good ?
at 11:53 9 Jul 2017

Heard it said that current OAP (that voted Thatcher and Blair) done well out of society and continue to do well at the expense of younger generations.
Do State workers feel more important ?
at 11:49 9 Jul 2017

Do State workers feel they are more important than other workers ?, it does seem that way judging by what seems like lots of bleating by them.
Do poor people watch poverty porn ?
at 11:41 9 Jul 2017

Lots of TV programmes on these days referred to as poverty porn, is it the non poor that watch such programmes ?
How do you get a job working for the state ?
at 11:25 9 Jul 2017

Is it simply a case of applying to get a job working for the state or have you got a better chance if you went to state school and live in a council property ?

Can people really claim for everything ?
at 11:21 9 Jul 2017

How do people get to claim for everything ?, stories of people claiming, houses, cars, money etc off the state, can we all do it and if so how ?

Bring back
at 09:34 9 Jul 2017

Bring back standing, 2pts for a win, 22 teams in the top Division, offside is offside and handball is handball.
Abu Bakr
at 09:10 16 Jun 2017

Apparently Russians are claiming to have killed the leader of IS.
If that is so I wonder what the English and Americans will say ?
Cons and DUP
at 22:57 15 Jun 2017

Are the Cons really going to get in bed with the UDA ?….oops I mean DUP ?

I hear May has been told by the republicans that any deal with the DUP will put her in breach of the Good Friday Agreement.

Also if she tries to give NI extra money England, Scotland and Wales might kick off or should that be will kick off, apparently under the Barnett formula you can't give one area extra money with out giving to the rest.

The republic of Ireland a sovereign state that is signed up to the Good Friday Agreement might have something to say if the UK Government are seen to be favouring one side in NI.

May has 27 European countries on her case, issues in NI, possible issues with the republic of Ireland, issues with opposition parties, issues with her own party.

Will she get the chop in the coming months ?, will there even be another General Election this calendar year ?
Labour own goal
at 22:53 9 Jun 2017

Talk is Labour encouraged their voters in Scotland to vote Tory in SNP/Conservative seats, to keep the SNP out, this if true it has totally backfired as Labour tonight could be in charge of a coalition Government with the SNP (and possibly Lib-Dems, Plaid if required).
Would Labour fans support a 'progressive alliance' ?
at 15:03 9 Jun 2017

If there is to be an Autumn General Election would Labour party/Labour fans support a 'progressive alliance' with the SNP, Plaid, Lib-Dems and Greens before the election ? where they don't stand against each other just putting the strongest party up again the Conservatives in any particular seat.
If Labour go it alone again would they overturn the near 60 seat lead the Conservatives have ?, if they don't form an alliance and they are the largest party but don't have a majority will the other parties be reluctant to prop them up ?
If there is to be another election the Cons won't have May as leader, they would hand pick a leader to specifically fight a General Election.

I think if there is to be another election this year Labour should form an alliance with others to fight it.
Its On
at 13:11 31 May 2017

Talk is Corbyn is going to take part tonight in the nationwide leaders debate, a top move by Corbyn that could at a push win him the election or more likely than that force a hung Parliament.
If Corbyn doesn't turn up he loses, if he does its game on, it might be a case of if May then doesn't turn up she puts herself in danger of being on the wrong end of an upset result [could May be forced to turn up].

Corbyn might have worked out that Sturgeon a most accomplished and experienced operator of these debates is not there, Angus Robertson is very capable, perhaps Robertson and the lovely Leanne Wood and the Lib-Dem guy and Caroline Lucas should look at the big picture and go easy on Corbyn.

This could be a decisive moment that if it comes off will be remember for decades, Labour and the Conservatives were afraid to take on Plaid and the SNP etc, Labour leader then turns up for the last one, the Conservative Prime Minister doesn't turn up, the public punish the Conservatives at the ballot box resulting in a Labour led coalition with Celtic nationalist parties to the fore who then screw Labour and get a good deal for their countries and more devolution/independence, wow is it actually on ?
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