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The Generation Game
at 09:04 20 Mar 2018

This is the 21st century not the 1970s. Who on Earth commissioned this pile of cr@p?
G'wan England!
at 14:29 17 Mar 2018

Stick it up the Irish this afternoon.
at 11:42 17 Mar 2018

Is there definitely no replay if it's a draw today.

Sky Sports pundit saying now that neither team want a replay and not corrected, in fact host agreed???
at 15:18 14 Mar 2018

Wonder if he'll be expelled as part if the Russian retaliation.

First on the plane I'd say😄
at 14:42 11 Mar 2018

Maybe be one up against Watford but second best in just about every other aspect of the game.

Can't rely on them for any favours for the rest of the season if they continue like this.
Eli Walker Ospreys
at 18:14 2 Mar 2018

Retires at age 25 due to persistent back problems.

I thought this guy would have gone all the way. One of the most exciting players I'd seen for a long time if a bit raw.

Shame for him.
Ref For Saturday
at 21:57 20 Feb 2018

Great news

Bloody Muslims eh?
at 18:56 19 Feb 2018

Coming over here, saving our people from drowning in freezing water. Go home!

Hats off to PC Mohmmod Nadeem in Bury. Not a strong swimmer but dived in to save someone from certain death. That's a hero for you.
Gabby and Gareth
at 19:05 8 Feb 2018

Now why do I think this programme is going to be toe-curlingly embarrassing with one contributing to that more than the other.

The pool of talent the TV companies have to draw from is incredibly shallow.
at 17:22 1 Feb 2018

Don't forget that the SCSA is holding an open meeting tonight at The Cwmfelin Club starting at 7-00 pm.

Please try and make it if you can and support the cause.

We are expecting ITV Wales to be there and broadcasting live from 6-30 I believe. Also we are expecting some local political presence.

The future of our club is important and the SCSA are working hard to ensure it is a prosperous one.

Please come along if you can.

Hopefully see some of you there.
(Anti) Welsh Joke
at 22:14 20 Jan 2018

Heard this joke a few minutes ago from a stand-up comic on R4 Extra.

"I've got a friend, he's Welsh. Well actually he was Welsh but he died.

Yes, it was very sad but he choked to death in the local pub, a peanut stuck in his throat.

It took him 5 minutes to die and we all just stood there and watched. We all thought he was reciting a poem in his own language"

Thought it was really funny😄
Penalty Denied
at 12:49 20 Jan 2018

At Brighton. Stone wall again.

Who are they playing?


I'm glad of course but it's the same thing every single week!
OFAH Racist
at 09:42 20 Jan 2018

Have a read of this. The comments below are worth looking at too.
Fighter Jet At Fairwood Airport
at 17:33 18 Jan 2018

Anyone know what that is about. Been there for a while, don't know what it is though.
Oh Dear!
at 18:16 8 Jan 2018

How on earth did this get to where it is (was)???
WBA v Arsenal
at 16:27 31 Dec 2017

Anyone got the same feeling as me?
Leighton James
at 20:37 20 Dec 2017

Blaming non football people for wrong recruitment.

Get into them Leighton
at 17:35 14 Dec 2017

What a Mickey Mouse company
Independent Supporters' Group - Saturday's Meeting Feedback
at 11:59 11 Dec 2017

I have already posted briefly about this on the 'Jenkins Petition' thread but I'd like to encourage others to be aware of what the group' s fundamental aims are and hopefully get more people involved.

Four of us attended at The Landore Club before the WBA game just to get a feel for what we should be doing. It was clear from the start that there is a need for a group and that the attendees (Vetchfielder, ATFV, myself and Phil) were all enthusiastic to see it happen.

We agreed early on that this should group should not be seen as a discrete group going off on its own without involving other similar minded groups. This of course meant The Trust in the main but also amongst others The Union. This will give us a collective strength and will not work if there is in-fighting. I have read on the aforementioned thread today that The Union's aim of ousting 'the regime' regardless of our league position is in complete harmony with ours. And that is the first and most fundamental raison d'être of the ISG (I'll call it that for now but touch on it later).

The Trust are undoubtedly hamstrung in what they can say publically. Whether we agree with that or not is a matter of debate but if we take that as a given then it gives the ISG the opportunity to go public and voice fans' opinions legitimately. For that to be successful we will need to use every available communication source available to us. Nigel is committed to using ATFV as one vessel and there are other similar publications but we also need to get the press and media to listen.

With regards to the latter, there is very much a 'hunting with the foxes, running with the hares' approach from the local press / media which means the real problems at SCFC are not being aired publically. We talked about how many in the ground on Saturday are aware of the goings on both past and present. If I took a punt at 40% of the crowd, that may be optimistic I reckon. Only by making people aware can we open their eyes and in turn create a mass large enough to make the present sell-out members of the board so uncomfortable they will contemplate their own futures. The message must come out loud and clear and to be more successful we mustn't restrict ourselves to local media. We need to get out to a wider audience via national TV and newspapers who have no axe to grind.

For this to happen the ISG will need to be respected and have gravitas. That can only be achieved with a well known respected head of the group and that will be Phil Sumbler. Phil has an unrivalled working knowledge of The Trust, the club itself and connections with the media.

Now, the name of the group is something we need to get sorted asap because then we can get a website up and running and do whatever we need to do with social media.

I am sure Phil will give free, lifetime membership to Planet Swans (unless you are banned or the site ceases to exist, T&Cs apply) for anyone coming up with a catchy title that isn't coarse or uncouth!!! My creative juices have run dry.

I know there were others planning to come on the day but for a number of reasons were unable to attend. However, if anyone is enthusiastic enough to want to attend and get involved just pm Phil and he'll put you on the email list. Alternatively, put your suggestions, ideas or views on here so we can all discuss.

Just to conclude, although the primary aim is to cleanse the club of its core problems, it will have a number of other objectives as time goes on. These could include ticket pricing, disabled parking, Vice Presidents seating and / or any other issues that fans may see as ruining their match day experience.

I hope we all get behind it.


And The Ospreys......
at 20:39 4 Nov 2017

.....lost again.

Liberty fever is very contagious it seems.
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