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Spotify Wrapped 11:58 - Dec 1 with 1637 viewsslmrstid

Its that time of year again for Spotify users where the app tells us all how much we've listened to and who we've been listening to this year...

So for those with Spotify, who are your top artists of the year, top podcasts and top song? Share us your tastes?

According to mine I had:-

45 genres

My mornings supposedly start with "Raver Angst Feel Good", I seize the day with "Relaxing Love Chill" and I enhance the night with "Theatre Kids Mayhem Popheads". Make of that what you will.

41,481 minutes of listening.

My top played song is Pompeii by Bastille (blame that bloody pre-match video at LR for me loving that song so much...)

I played 3,991 songs apparently, and 1,932 artists, with Chvrches being my top artist of the year.

My listening personality is "The Time Traveller".

I seemingly haven't done enough podcast listening on Spotify this year to get any podcast stats although I do listen to Atomic Hobo quite a bit.
Spotify Wrapped on 18:00 - Dec 1 with 1449 viewsTonto

Despite having a family account, my phone get used to play whatever the 3 year old wants in the car. She is into Ed Shweran and Taylor Swift, so they are the top played tracks.

Taking our those my top.track was KLF (3 am Etwrnal) followed How Not to Drown by Chvrches.

Why stop now, just when I'm hating it
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Spotify Wrapped on 18:01 - Dec 1 with 1443 viewsMrSheen

All the cool kids are on Idagio now.
Spotify Wrapped on 18:33 - Dec 1 with 1401 viewsaston_hoop

I'm a lover of 'Brill Building Pop' as my 4th favourite genre apparently. No idea what that is

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Spotify Wrapped on 19:35 - Dec 1 with 1329 viewsWilkinswatercarrier

Thanks to my 12 year old daughter (and wife) I am now in the top 5% in the world for listening to Harry Styles. The worrying thing is I find myself humming his songs at work.
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