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Cardiff's red shirts 00:12 - Sep 16 with 2548 viewshamptonhillhoop

Considering the fuss they've made, there's loads of them wearing it.
If I was them I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole
Cardiff's red shirts on 00:21 - Sep 16 with 2537 viewseastside_r

From an aesthetic point of view I would love that as our away kit this season. It's like an updated version of the '82 Cup Final shirt.

(Obviously with a good version of our badge and our Malaysian sponsors, as opposed to theirs.)
Cardiff's red shirts on 00:37 - Sep 16 with 2524 viewskarl

Watching it on the FL show i thought it looked like the young fans were wearing red and the older fans seemed to be wearing blue. No idea if that was the case but i was looking to see what they were wearing
Cardiff's red shirts on 00:47 - Sep 16 with 2513 viewsqprxtc

Blimey. I said those exact words to my wife while the game was on, with rather more colourful language. She told me to shut the feck up. Apparently I just bang on about the same things all the bloody time and she went to bed. Doesn't mean I'm wrong though, does it. Hello......hello...
Cardiff's red shirts on 00:49 - Sep 16 with 2510 viewsLewes_r

Dunno about the shirts, I'm just confused why they and Swansea get to play in the English leagues.. They should be entertaining TNS in their lovely red shirts

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