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Spear of Destiny..
at 12:06 19 Jun 2024

I've got a playlist for when I'm in the kitchen cooking and their song, Never Take Me Alive, is on there and it's great.

My sister is mates with the singer apparently.
Joey Barton
at 16:42 18 Jun 2024

He's gone fully into the right-wing grifter mode now. Cultivate an audience 'gone on, Joey, you tell 'em' dickheads and then start selling them some nonsense. Athletic Greens, Crypto, dick pills, Trump Dollars, whatever.

It's like how Russell Brand went from being a hippy leftie to then selling out when he caught some of the Covid conspiracy knobhead audience and realised he could make a lot of money out of them.

You can put Farage in that pot too if you were buying into his bullshit and thinking of voting for him.

Also, allegedly headbutted a friend of a friend on a night out. A girl. (NOt Farage, obvs)
[Post edited 18 Jun 16:44]
Sad for Lyndon - But good luck to the jocks this evening
at 21:45 14 Jun 2024

What are Scotland actually for?
Non QPR help needed
at 19:48 13 Jun 2024

Whenever a job pulls some bullshit on me, I wait a month or two and take a reasonable amount of days of sick depending on their offence.

Either way, I'm not getting fked by corporate cock.
Football Cops Ch4
at 08:21 13 Jun 2024

It does seem that a lot of kids are c**ts these days to be fair.
Johnny Marr/James
at 22:16 12 Jun 2024

Marr is REALLY GOOD on the guitar but he's an arrogant prick with stupid hair also.
at 22:14 12 Jun 2024

Weired Things Seen In A Stadium
at 10:33 12 Jun 2024

Great QPR 'Taches
at 10:29 12 Jun 2024

Immediately thought of Penrice for this.
'Marquee' Rs signings who were (successful) 'statements of intent'
at 08:15 10 Jun 2024

If Gavin did pray for us he probably only do it when we are 3-0 up.
Think ive lost my mind D&B
at 19:09 9 Jun 2024

This is great. I love this moody style of D&B with the breaks just going mental. It's so old school and dark.

If I could be arsed learning a DAW, this is what I'd make.
'Marquee' Rs signings who were (successful) 'statements of intent'
at 19:04 9 Jun 2024

Gavin Peacock was SHIT.
I hope this is and stays just a rumour.
at 19:03 9 Jun 2024

If Marti goes to Burnley, I'll go to Burnley and kill myself and then go back to Loftus Road and SHIT ON THE WHOLE BOARD.

Yes, I know that makes no sense.

Burnley can quite literally drink from my dad's cock.
Leaving loftus road...
at 19:01 9 Jun 2024

It's all about pros and cons.

Loftus Road is TINY. I'm 6ft 1 and the leg room is NUMBER ONE BULLSHIT.

Also, it's been a MILLION YEARS since Ollie's 'this is our cave' era. Fortress? Fort-LESS mer like.

It's not even called Loftus Road anymore. Matrade or some shit? I don't even know what that is.

So, anyway, the reasons to stay really just boil down to tradition (LOL us with our MASSIVE TRADITION), it being a FAFF to move and, most importantly, if we move we'll find a way to F*CK IT ALL UP.

Just wake me up when it's done.
Life changing moments
at 16:33 7 Jun 2024

I have been suppressing my lowest ever moment but I trust you guys, this is a safe space. So here it is.

About 25 years ago I was walking around North London with my then girlfriend. We decided to go for a bit of a pub lunch. Found a place and that was a relief because I needed a cack like the rivers miss their rain or whatever.

Bogs were downstairs and by this time I can feel my guts churning up a Mr. Whippy. The stairs were a supreme exercise in patience and ab control.

I get in there and there are two cubicles. Neither has paper. F*CK!

And at this point there's NOTHING I CAN DO and have to just sit down and get to cacking.

Anyway, at the end I know it's time to pay the fiddler so to speak. And all I've got is one handkerchief. Who the f**k carries a handkerchief in 1999? Me, apparently. Anyway, it was woefully underequipped for the task.

Now I know that I've got to get from there to upstairs without creating EXXON VALDEZ IN MY PANTS and all I've got left is a PACKET OF REFRESHERS. So I ditch the sweets and use the paper wrapper to just take the edge off in terms of cack reduction.

THAT WAS MY LIFE CHANGING MOMENT. Who else has had to deal with shit anus armed only with a packet of Refreshers?!

Anyway, that's me. Leaving the cubicle with a 30% sorted arse. Horrific. But my plan is to get upstairs and ask the bartender (no doubt a pretty girl for compounded embarrassment) for untold amounts of bog paper.

BUT! As soon as I got up the stairs I saw a trolley with knives, forks, condiments and A LOT OF PAPER NAPKINS!!! JAH WILL PROVIDE!

So I grabbed ALL. Took them back down to the toilet. Split them between the two cubicles and proceeded to make my anus SPARKLE. Clean arse for me and BONUS KARMA.

I go upstairs, inform the bartender that they need toilet paper down there (which is fine as I'm not going back down there so I don't look like SHITLORD) and sit down at my table. Albeit with my gf wondering why I've taken 20 minutes.
[Post edited 7 Jun 16:35]
Yer favourite Mr Man
at 13:11 5 Jun 2024


He's practically QPR as well in terms of the blue/white/sort of hoops.
Man City - "Tryanny of the majority"
at 09:57 5 Jun 2024

It's rough but I wish Man City every success and hope they keep winning and avoid every charge. Mainly because they're the least offensive realistic option.

If City win things, it stops Liverpool and Chelsea winning them. I don't care about City or their happiness. If it wasn't them, I'd want someone else to be doing it. I dislike City a bit less than Arsenal/Spurs/Utd tho.

Utd used to hold this role for me. Stopping Chelsea back before I realised I hated Liverpool. But I do like the fact that United fans had 25 good years and then a bunch of mediocre ones. No one deserves that level of sustained success really so f**k United. Going nuts about an FA Cup win? The same competition they didn't enter one year because it was beneath them? Yeah, okay.

But yeah, keep going City and/or anyone but Liverpool/Chelsea. Keep cheating the system if you have to. Is it fair? No. Is it good for football? No. Is football c*nt? Yes. Do I give a f**k? Not much.
dominic free agent would you have him back (n/t)
at 09:19 4 Jun 2024

What is your second sport.
at 09:18 4 Jun 2024

MMA has been my favourite sport for the last 14 years but my fandom is waning a bit now.

Mainly because the UFC put on too many cards which means they've recruited a lot of very average fighters. So now there are a lot of events that I skip entirely because there's just zero star power to them. Also, they started doing events during Covid at a tiny venue called the UFC Apex and they still put on fights there and it's just so dead.

And when you do get a big PPV event, they keep wheeling out Donald Trump for some reason. Seeing his gormless face is really spoiling things for me.
Dykes injured?
at 17:18 3 Jun 2024

"Meanwhile we are going to have to get two new strikers, not just one for the start of the season."

Don't threaten me with a good time, Sax.
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