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Friday 29th of March - Day defining songs...
at 18:01 29 Mar 2024

Watered Down Version of New Swimming Pool at Loftus Road
at 19:47 27 Mar 2024

Well done to the club for their quick response to Fulham's Swimming Pool press release.

There are several locations to choose from along Loftus Road and there's no planning permission required and all at no additional cost.

Rangers going in the same direction as Dykes
at 12:00 25 Mar 2024

I'm saying nothing.
Hi Teq
at 02:48 15 Mar 2024

Well it's news to me but then so was planking, which I discovered about 5 years after it became fashionable. So this could well be the same.

I present to you Teqball! Not seen any threads on it although I've recently read it's 6 years old!

But, typically being late to the party, I've only just discovered it.

But fcùk me what an original idea for a new football derivative which showcases a ridiculously high level of skill and general entertainment.

[Post edited 15 Mar 2:50]
It's going to be a long week so....
at 02:22 11 Mar 2024

Random things you've never done, which may surprise some, QPR game related...

Never driven to a game, or got a lift to one.
Never taken a girl up the R's.
etc, etc...

[Post edited 11 Mar 2:26]
Tesla for Spaceman
at 17:06 9 Mar 2024

Only joking, mate.

It's been a great run but was never gonna last.
The most deserved equaliser in the history of football.
at 23:48 6 Mar 2024

I'll admit to having resigned myself to defeat at about the 75 minute mark. Many reasons, penalty miss, the "two keeper" situation, unable to convert from 173 corners, that ref and lino, etc, etc.

Just felt like it was going to be one of those days where we actually played excellent football, were clearly the better, more offensive, resolute team on the pitch (admittedly there were only 2) yet we were losing and I'd convinced myself we were unjustifiably going to lose.

And then came the most deserved equaliser in the history of football!

Oh me of little faith.
I'm expecting no less than 20,000 words
at 23:41 6 Mar 2024

Clive, that humdinger of a game will write itself, with some help from you and I'm expecting nothing less than 20,000 words.

I've already booked tomorrow afternoon off work...
at 00:46 4 Mar 2024

Can you do us a favour, mate.

Can you infiltrate the Chef Weds, Waaal, and Sjoke message boards and start their next few match threads.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Apologies if I got the name wrong. To avoid any confusion, you were the guy that started the match thread when we last lost. Can't even remember when that was, feels like it was years ago now, but you know who you are.

If you've got a spare 32 minutes....
at 22:52 3 Mar 2024

Well worth a watch.......

In Other News...
at 20:37 23 Feb 2024

All of the below have today, publicly stated that they are staunch supporters of QPR and everything we stand for:

Kim Jong Wrong Un

Just another day...
We're never Lost For Words
at 20:32 21 Feb 2024

The shattered shower glass thread and subsequent knowledgable replies being just one example of hundreds of posts that look for help and ALWAYS get helpful, informative responses from the font of all knowledge, that is LFW, made me ask myself the question;

Is there any random question that would have team LFW lost for words, unable to answer?!
[Post edited 21 Feb 20:33]
Songs to look forward to...
at 00:57 9 Jan 2024


QPR, QPR, We're the famous Queens Park Rangers and we're off to Wembley

EE-II-EE-II-EE-IO, it's up the football league we'll go.
When we get promoted this is what we'll sing
Marti CiFuentes, Marti Cifuentes, CiFuentes is our King (Rey).

3-0 and you still don't sing...
Bristol City vs Norwich
at 09:40 3 Dec 2023

I guess we want a draw today so we can pass them both in the table by Jan.

Marti's a Genius, Whoop, Whoop
Marti's a Genius, Hoops, Hoops
Marti's a Genius, Ole, Ole

In the current serenade, what are the actual words serenaded after Marti Cifuentes?

Never been able to make them out on the TV.
[Post edited 3 Dec 2023 9:40]
You know when you've been well and truly QPR'd
at 22:36 24 Oct 2023

Faster Pussycat - Faster Pussycat
at 02:24 21 Sep 2023

I think it's fair to say that if he does ever pop on here he isn't checking out the Frankie Thread!
The Cook, The Fox, The Smyth and Our Ginger
at 13:54 6 Sep 2023

Said it quite a bit recently, but I'll say it again, the almost immediate effect that this awesome foursome have had on the pitch has surely been better than anybody could have hoped for especially when taking into account their cumulative effect.

Still reading lots about the worry of strength in depth and whilst it's undoubtedly a concern, the flip side is that the longer we have the new recruits on the pitch, the longer the youngsters will gain valuable knowledge from watching (and training!) with them.

In addition, over the last 3/4 games we've been able to bring on the youngsters towards the end of games, enabling them to get valuable first team experience and, hopefully, confidence.

It's been a surprise the way things have started so far this season and could we really, genuinely have expected things to be so, relatively, positive, so soon?

sofa, so good.

Just need to give Willock a run in the team now! Just look at what it's done to the AFKAD!
[Post edited 6 Sep 2023 13:59]
MOM from todays Teasing at Teesside?
at 17:35 2 Sep 2023

MOM from todays Teasing at Teesside?

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So that was the surprise!
at 17:11 12 Aug 2023

And Sinton mentioned a big signing coming in during the week...

Watford Schmatford.
Any donations from LFWers greatly appreciated
at 22:39 21 Jul 2023

There is a guy in my team that I work with remotely who is currently living in a completely tragic, unimaginable situation.

So, I'm reaching out to LFW'ers by posting a link to my colleagues gogetfunding page below;

These are his words from my last chat with him online a week ago;

"I never knew that the hardest question to answer is "Are you Ok?" and I'm a media buyer. I'm still zoning in and out on a daily basis and in a rollercoaster of anxiety regarding my son in intensive care. We still don't have a definitive yes or no on his survivability but I am still hoping as a father that he would at least be my one miracle in this life, otherwise, none of this make sense. To preserve my mental capacity, i take things day by day, plan day by day and no more than that, I'm just afraid that if the worst happens, I won't have enough mental, emotional and spiritual energy to handle things and I still have my Jarreth to take care of.

Yesterday, I had to find blood donors for him and I'm hoping to complete this funding campaign, this should at least cover his hospital and doctors bill. I've already paid 600K pesos (rougly 11k USD) to the hospital"

I realise it's a bit random as I don't post much these days and it's not actually for a family member, as would usually be the case, but his situation just hit a nerve and is so tragic I just wanted to share on here . 1 donation will have made it worthwhile.

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