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Standing on the platform, watching you go — Report
at 14:11:29

Never mistake a manager who's taken you as far as he can for a manager who's taken you as far as you can go.

I am definitely going to use those wise words.
But she just smiled and turned away — Report
at 23:32:39

They hadn't, haven't, and shouldn't.
Spot on.
Familiar refereeing complaints struggle to mask QPR shortcomings — Report
at 20:03:30

"Paul Hart isn’t in charge here any more chaps, the manager knows what he’s doing"

That will do me.
Hull horror show from Holloway's Rangers - Report
at 21:50:42

Sorry but for me the Onuoha incident is not that bad.
The Hull player shoves Scowen with two hands then puts the shoulder in, two offences?
Onuoha puts the shoulder in, does not send the Hull player flying, and maybe at four nothing down he shouldn't have bothered but the Hull player twice had a go at one of his own and as skipper Onuoha decided to step in.
I didn't see it as a straight red and too many times this season we have seen players lunge and push opponents with two hands and and get away with a talking to. For me yellows all round.
Four star QPR sweep aside Norwich - Report
at 20:58:22


Yes Loungo fouled Husband but his reaction was slightly delayed which normally means something was said or there was a bit of afters, and raising your hands, face or not, used to be a straight red.
Sinton on QPR goals, memories, and the trauma of his first game back - Interview
at 19:22:28

An extremely honest and refreshing interview.

I adored Andy Sinton as a player, 100% and bloody good as well.
Hated him for leaving for money and no more England Caps.

After this interview, I understand, and it makes sense.

Gorkss' presidential ambition - Interview
at 19:19:55

Kaspars was a 100% player week in week out. We used to joke that if he did not go home with a couple of stitches and his head bandaged, his wife would think he hadn't been at work.
Clive Wilson’s last-minute penalty — History
at 19:35:18

The Millwall game for me lives long in my memory. When the penalty was awarded I was shaking (never happened before or since, at football)
And also for someones comment on Loft For Words, that person may still be on here, and they said that their Father said, when the appeal went up.... "It hasn't been given yet"... When it was ..."It hasn't gone in yet"......... And last but not least, once it had been scored...... "Its not over yet"..... Pure comedy Gold.
Brentford dump woeful Rangers out cup - Report
at 23:36:40

Myke. You have nailed it, spot on.
Holloway may not give a monkeys but we (us) do.

At the end of last season, I listened to the Brentford boss talk, on radio, about their season and he mentioned more than once, how important, special and rewarding it was that they beat QPR home and away.

When we drew Brentord at home, I thought that given our respective starts to the season, and what happened last season, we could give them a seeing to and stamp our authority for the rest of the campaign......

QPR finally safe after hollow Forest victory - Report
at 10:12:46

Middle aged men running on the pitch, sliding on their knees and imploring the remaining, sensible fans, to join them on the pitch?

FFS! Grow up!
Henry signs off with surprise strike — Report
at 16:53:05

The pitch invasion: It is getting embarrassing, please give it up.
Grown men dancing in front of the stand is ridiculous, as are the stewards or whatever we call them nowadays. They stop no one getting on the pitch, on Saturday a guy made it on in a wheelchair
Hull profit from Green’s latest catastrophic calamity — report
at 20:38:49

I despair at the comments and shouts that I hear from QPR "Supporters" at the game.
Phillips was booed, before he touched the ball, Henry was booed off, Fer booed on.
Henry was probably, in my opinion, our best player against Huddersfield, apart from when he was playing as our forward, he wasn't great against Hull but he will never be great, just effective, hopefully.
Fer may have given the ball away cheaply which led to the Hull winner but he also won the header for Poulter to start the move which led to our equaliser.
The pratt who sits behind me, confidentially predicts when the opposition will take the lead or equalise, week in and week out - Law of averages says that he will be right eventually, and boy does he enjoy it when he is.

Moan of the day was a shout of you're rubbish, 9 seconds from the kick off!

We are QPR, we wish and hope for better and should expect better but FFS, give the players a break, get off their backs and give them a lift.

JET-powered Rangers secure last second victory - report
at 22:00:22

The ref was poor, three yellows, one of which I thought might have been but none for Bolton.
Davies bitched and whined about anything and everything, and a few Bolton players were up for a Bafta.
I wasn't happy with JET for the first 10 minutes, I wasn't sure he was going to compete, jump or run but from then on, I couldn't fault his commitment effort and input.

Also how nervous were we that we didn't sing "Two nil and you F'd it up" at 3-2?

Aguero rescues City from jaws of Austin-inspired QPR — report
at 22:16:13

I am not one for conspiracy theories. - Kennedy was shot by one man, Diana's car was going too fast and twin towers will fall down if huge planes are flown straight into them but I am absolutely convinced that the ref was "At it" in the first half.
Not because of the disallowed goals but because of the bookings. CITY started it with a sliding challenge, man upended and free kick given, a trip and a free kick given. A pull back and a free kick given. The next three fouls, all normal were given against QPR along with three yellow cards.
When you see how sharp the ref was with the Joe Hart two touch rule, you know that he isn't a Dumbo, but how could he be that one sided with the yellow cards?

A way to win - report
at 11:20:39

The greatest night of my life was the Oldham semi final win, the atmosphere, the roar, the beldam and the joy. I honestly thought it would never be equalled let alone surpassed.
When I walked up the steps to my seat, the massed blue and white took my breath away and I said, out loud, Feckin Hell.
I was with my two sons, both were too young to attend the Oldham game, one a baby the other not allowed to go to midweek games.
Saturday 24th was the proudest day of my life and I am still bouncing around and signing QPR songs.
Quirkiest moment: Was when the bloke I was talking to before the game said to me, "No worries today mate, its our time, this is our day"
"Zamora, give him a contract, he'll come on and score today, no problem"
And the icing on the cake was "Even if we go down to 10 men, we will win"
"Its our day, don't worry"

Right time right place moment: Was when a Derby fan verbally abused an elderly couple walking home after the game, they were both in their QPR colours and slowly walking home when the Derby moron approached them aggressively and delivered a volley of abuse at them, causing the lady to flinch and them both to stop walking. The prat didn't see me behind the couple but he soon shut up when I told him what a mug he was being.
I guess his bravery drained away when he realised that the OAPS were not alone, he was a real tough guy!

Morley's Musings: What A Horrible Feeling - But Proud To Be A Ram!
at 18:10:36

I am still in shock, things like this and days like this tend to happen to others, not QPR.

Over the 90 minutes Derby were the better side but you should have scored in the last 30 minutes when you had Rangers on the ropes, we were hanging on and desperate.

Keogh had a fine game and my heart goes out to him, he didn't deserve that and he should hold his head high.
Had McClaren joined you at the start of the season, it could have been a very different story.
Best of luck got next season and I hope we see each other in the premiere league.
Austin's Wembley ghost could hold key to QPR success — preview
at 21:33:10

Sometimes I think, whoever writes this rubbish wasn't watching that game or this game or whatever game that I was at ............. then there are other times when I think, whoever writes this prose must have been sitting next to me and holding my hand.

Very good and thank you.
New boys shine in pulsating six goal thriller — report
at 20:22:37

I enjoyed the game, wanted three points but was pleased with one.

Trippier was slaughtered by Traore for most of the first half and his only contribution was the cross for Burnleys first.
Onuoha looked good in the first half and to be fair to him, his job is to support the two central defenders while Hoilett attacks wide and should defend wide - for Burnleys second Hoilett jogged back.
Perhaps BAE has so much ability (control wise) that he tends to switch off - At the worst moments.
Vokes and Ings were very impressive, apart form Ings screaming for Barton to be booked.
Burnley are a good team but they did spend a lot of time whinging and whining to the ref.
Johnson shines as QPR roll back the years — report
at 00:13:26

francisbowles:Yeah right!!
Johnson shines as QPR roll back the years — report
at 15:24:07

Tom Carroll deserved more than a 5.
QPR Deserved more than 3 goals.

Antti Heinola: I don't know where you sit but Andy Johson did more than just hack the ball into the box.

Myke: What game were you watching?
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