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Mark Clattenburg Notts Forest Referee Anyalyst
at 17:06 29 Feb 2024

Clatts was a good ref but he did love a camera.

I thought Stirchley had his name written all over it, it may still.
Marathon Walk
at 10:47 23 Feb 2024

My sister in-law is a pancreatic cancer survivor.
For her it was a last minute referral that saved her life and she is in the 1% of people with pancreatic cancer who have survived more than 10 years, which is an appalling statistic.
Because of this, she set up the Pancreatic Cancer Action charity, which campaigns and lobbies for faster and earlier diagnosis of this dreadful disease.
Anyone living with, diagnosed with, or being treated for Pancreatic Cancer, it could be very worthwhile contacting the charity, they are there to help and your story may help others.

Good luck with the walk, please let us know how it goes.
at 13:55 16 Feb 2024

Same as me.
at 19:08 13 Feb 2024

I think he went off the boil when he found out he was being called JoJo.
Fecking awful nickname.
ITK Big boys it's time to OUT yourselves!!!
at 12:22 27 Jan 2024

I do some work for a football agent, who is a good friend of Mark Warburton, also knows Mr Beale and a few of our players, mostly ex players.
He told me a few interesting things about the goings on at QPR during the Warbs leaving and Beale joining period.

My partner is an ex of somebody very high up at Chelsea. I used to hear a lot of interesting stuff from there, mainly about how precious and pathetically behaved the players were.
Ivan Toney w@nk fest
at 11:14 22 Jan 2024

They were charged with match fixing, rather than gambling on matches, as in Toney's case.

However the match fixing was directly related to the betting on the matches. Some players took a fee, while others also placed a bet.
You could legally bet on football, from the early 1960s onwards.
Before it was legal there was still gambling taking place on matches.
Ivan Toney w@nk fest
at 13:43 21 Jan 2024

Some players were jailed in the 1960s for match fixing.
Jonathan Pearce
at 12:32 17 Jan 2024

JP is a bit Marmite.

He can dismiss a brutal challenge, saying the offender isn't that type of player. Five minutes later he is screaming for another player to walk for a lesser offence.

I honestly thought last nights co-commentary was by Tom Kerridge.
Ravel's totally wasted career...
at 12:25 7 Dec 2023

The club actually tell their players to park as close to where they are going as possible, regardless of parking restrictions.
A disabled bay is very low, and a decent human being would find a double yellow instead.
Tis the season....... whats your favourite Christmas film? and why?
at 10:10 5 Dec 2023

Glove watch.
at 22:32 3 Dec 2023

I never felt the cold, home or away. Jeans T shirt, light jacket and that was it, never bothered me.
Now I dress like an Eskimo when I take the bins out.
Shane McGowan dead
at 17:55 30 Nov 2023

My top ten songs change and change often but Fairytale of New York is always in there.
An amazingly beautiful love song, that is also an amazingly beautiful Christmas song.

Shane wrote some wonderful words.
Garnacho or Trevor Sinclair
at 16:33 27 Nov 2023

Same here
He’s Not The Messiah He’s A Very Naughty Boy XI
at 20:12 6 Nov 2023

Tony Scully
at 21:45 22 Oct 2023

Tough titties.

Its where we are and who we are.
We have been good, nearly great, but often poor.

No one is buying us and taking on a debt

We support QPR, so we kind of get used to getting a short straw or the shitty end of a stick.
I come to the games, leave gutted but don't boo, because the players are wearing a blue and white hooped shirt, they play for my team.

I want things to get better and they probably will, but it may take some time.
What Manager Would Wan't To Come Here?
at 12:08 8 Oct 2023

I agree with Ted, beggars cant be choosers, but Pardew would be a massive no from me.

As are the list of ex players who were playing legends, we currently have one of them.

Warburton didn't see eye to eye with Les, they had different agendas, perhaps with Les gone, he may consider it.
Bacon sandwich
at 14:47 2 Oct 2023

I am the opposite.
Ladbroke grove, Shepherds bush or northolt.
at 13:18 26 Sep 2023

Dad Portobello Road, Mum Southam Street, me The Avenues W10. So I had no choice in the matter.
[Post edited 26 Sep 2023 13:19]
Non QPR Sheffield United manager
at 14:17 17 Sep 2023

My opinion is that once again the refs or the governing body or whoever.
Have bottled tackling the problem, which is time wasting, gamesmanship or whatever it is called.
Rather than deal with the problem, by clamping down and punishing it, they are adding on a stupid amount of time and hoping the players decide to stop doing it, which they wont.
A team wining by one goal or drawing away from home will gamble that they can hold out or on for however long is added.
If they were playing with 10 men or less, they would want the game to end as soon as.
Barracking ref and assistants
at 11:01 17 Sep 2023

Something was said to the lino on the Ellerslie Road side in the second half, and he reacted to it, with a look of shock and or disgust. The linos usually ignore the shouts and abuse. Sometimes they give a head shake or a wry smile but whatever was said, really got to him.
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