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Context for this Season
at 20:03 9 Jul 2020

Casting minds back 14 months, I wonder how in the cold light of day, this season does compare to people’s expectations.

I remember the doom and gloom on this website about the likelihood of a season of turgid trouble. There were plenty of threads with those long in the tooth woke posters expecting certain relegation; after all, how could the club shed playing staff and salary to such an extent to meet FFP restrictions and stand a fighting chance?

So, in the context of the major surgery, vast rebalancing of finance and the disruption to our momentum in March; and even in consideration of the crap that we have endured through July, on balance I am impressed that we have held our own this season and actually enjoyed most of it!

When you’re Hitting the breaks at 80mph to turn a juggernaut away from a cliff edge, the turning part takes the most effort (metaphorically speaking).

Well done Lee, Les and Mark - this season has been a strategic success. As Clive says, you can’t sell season tickets on a balance sheet, but the club has done the hard part - next year we can see the juggernaut driving in the right direction.
Re-distribution of fans at Loftus Road
at 20:46 24 Jun 2020

I have just asked the fans forum whether there is a possibility of relocating supporters within Loftus Road:

Away fans in (say) blocks T to X, accessed off of Ellerslie Road: Worse facilities (water pressure to name but one!!!).

Family Stand moved to School End: Accessed off of South Africa Road via the club shop entrance, player entrance etc - much more family orientated. Number of seats in the lower tier is probably suitably sized for our family season ticket uptake? Roof covers most of the seats as well.

Loftus Road and R block for home fans: R block accessed off of Loftus Road end.

Surely this makes sense?
closed doors - QPR advantage?
at 20:03 11 May 2020

If/when the season re-opens and if/when it is behind closed doors, QPR will be in the half of the division who would have had to play 5 or the remaining 9 games away from home; therefore there would be a small advantage to QPR in this arrangement - small margins.

A step further, three of the matches would have been London derbies, plus a trip to Lootown.

Our final match would have been a trip to the Hawthorns.

Finally, let’s be honest - has Loftus Road been a fortress this year? The Loft End has been dead (thanks to the family stand nonsense). hunch is that finishing the season behind closed doors could give QPR a bit of an advantage.

Wegerle v Sinclair v Ainsworth
at 07:41 7 May 2020

Just because I haven’t posted for a while. Which of the above ‘qpr goals of the season’ wins it for you?

1) Wegerle at Leeds (top flight opposition, but regardless of Wegerle’s brilliance - it was terrible defending!)?

2) Sinclair v Barnsley (unstoppable but lower quality opposition than Wegerle’s goal)

3) Ainsworth v Rushden & Diamonds (much poorer opposition, but he did it twice and there would have been little that Real Madrid could have done to stop them).
Ned Zelic: was he Australian? Did he actually play for us?
at 15:09 21 Apr 2020

Sorry, this might have been picked up in the other thread, but I haven’t gone through all five pages!
at 19:38 2 Apr 2020

It’s been asked before I’m sure; but...

Has anyone else had enough of pigbag after goals are scored. It’s just got a bit naff and stifles any celebrations as everyone defaults to clapping along with it like the audience to the theme tune of a 2nd rate BBC family show.

Get rid.

End of.

Premier Clubs could support EFL clubs
at 12:06 15 Mar 2020

How about Premier Clubs cancelling their over-seas tours this summer and playing pre-season fixtures with their first team at their local EFL / Non-league clubs... or better still hosting their lower league neighbours and allowing them to take the profit from the fixture.

Given the context, it wouldn’t be too hard to see Anfield sold out for a pre-season match between Liverpool and Tranmere; or similar for Man United v Oldham.

Premier Clubs could go one step further and set up a weekend long city/region-wide four club tournament with say:

- West Ham, Orient, Spurs, Dagenham
- Man U, Man City, Oldham, Rochdale

Would be a great gesture and also support the notion of not travelling too much in the light of current health concerns.

If these fixtures were arranged (in principle) ASAP; it would allow struggling clubs the opportunity to potentially borrow / cash flow the next few months.
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BOS as a striker
at 23:11 25 Feb 2020

Now he’s found his scoring boots from the wing, and after a good showing second half up front today, it would be interesting to see how he gets on as a striker against Birmingham and other teams this year. If it works and we could convert him to a striker; and given the price of an average Championship level attacker then give him a strikers salary for a new contract, play him there next year and watch his value rocket.
Academy Education
at 22:34 25 Feb 2020

Well played my team!

One observation - I think Jack Clarke has a lot of potential, but my goodness I lost my rag with him in the last few seconds of the match when BOS tried that stinging shot across goal, which ran towards R block. As Clarke stood moaning at BOS, rather than chasing the ball to the corner flag and holding possession for the team. if Derby had broken away and scored he would be totally responsible. Thankfully the whistle blew for full time, but I was livid.

Warburton needs to give him a severe talking to as talent aside, he could learn a lot from BOS’ character, who chased and harried lost causes all night and seemed to enjoy himself while he was at it!

Whinge over, but I hope Warbs saw that too and has a word for his own good.

Quality player - needs to work on his work rate and bite.
QPR Fan’s / Player’s Chants
at 20:30 17 Feb 2020

Is it just me that thinks this, or have the QPR fans on the whole got a pretty poor selection of chants for the players and generally for match days?

The odd limp rendition of ‘Come on you Rs’
Mixed with a couple of bursts of ‘QPR FC from white city’
The ironic ‘Finest football team...’
Haven’t heard ‘captain jack’ for a while

“Saturday night” for Eze doesn’t really cut it.

...just very aware that there isn’t much creativity or harmony at HQ (or on my one away day at Reading).

Maybe it’s just where I sit these days?
[Post edited 17 Feb 20:33]
Masterson and Oteh
at 18:28 15 Feb 2020

Absolutely no criticism of Hall, but I would be interested to see Barbet and Masterson paired up for the Derby match and the rest of the season. Barbet has shown his worth in terms of passing ability and vision so we do need to keep him in. I am keen to see the club really develop Masterson this spring for a big season next season.

No criticism of Hugill, but he has missed some sitters and the fact he has still scored plenty this season shows that strikers will score even if they are not particularly clinical. Oteh needs to be tested this season and there is no better time to do so. I genuinely think he could thrive with his former u23 colleagues laying on chance after chance for him (feed Oteh and he will score).

The above does also offer Warbs the chance to go 5-3-2 of course, to keep Hall in, play manning and Kane to their strengths and put Oteh up top with Hugill - giving BOS, Chair and Eze chance to rotate and rest.

[Post edited 15 Feb 18:29]
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Ebere Eze [Dennis Bailey] Hallelujah, Hallelujah
at 18:16 29 Jan 2020

...just hoisting the flag to see if anyone salutes.

Tried, tested and better than Saturday night.
Who should partner Masterson at CB?
at 11:10 19 Jan 2020

When fully fit, who should be Masterson’s CB partner?

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